Peterson is “watching” Minnesota’s moves


The Vikings have hired a new coach to lead the franchise.  And the reigning face of the franchise has a keen interest in the direction of the franchise.

Running back Adrian Peterson said in the aftermath of the hiring of Mike Zimmer that the 2012 NFL MVP is paying attention to what’s happening.

Trust me, I’m watching,” Peterson said, via Ben Goessling of  “I’m watching to see exactly what we’re doing, just to see exactly what direction we’re headed in.  I’ve been keeping my eyes open with the head coach; I knew he was probably the guy they were going to go with.  It wasn’t too much of a surprise.  I’ve been watching for the coordinators — are they going to keep Bill Musgrave around or what direction they’re going to go with.  With a new coach, that’s when things start happening, too, that’s all part of the process.”

Musgrave most likely will be gone, and he’ll most likely be replaced by Norv Turner.  Regardless of who’s running the offense, Peterson wants the team to be multi-dimensional when it has the ball.

“When I play offense, I want to be able to have you on your toes, where you’re not really expecting what’s coming,” Peterson said.  “Being versatile offensively [is the biggest thing I’m looking for].”

If the Vikings can’t become versatile offensive, the biggest thing Peterson may be looking for at some point is a trade.  Not long ago, he mused about playing for one of the Texas teams.  Those musings could at some point become demands, if the Vikings don’t become a team that can command more respect as a passing offense.

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  1. He watches a lot. From the sidelines, as his defense gives up loads of points, from the hospital bed because he’s injured so much, and he watches as his numerous fumbles get picked up by other teams.

    He also watches other people raise his kids.

    Top notch dude.


  2. I agree with Peterson everybody knows Vikings want to run it and then when they’re forced to pass it on single coverage most the time the QB can’t get it done. His career will be over sooner than it should be unless he is traded or they make some QB and WR moves in the draft. Too easy to load the box on Minnesota

  3. Firstly…I’m pretty geeked about our new hire(s) to our coaching staff. I really hope we finalize both Turner and Edwards. Yes. Zimmer will shape the Defense. I think this may coax Jared Allen to stay because he is a Zimmer-type player. So is Robison. They are both high-energy, no-excuses players. I think this bodes well for Audie Cole, Chad Greenway and Harrison Smith as well. With Norv Turner, I kept wondering about the fate of Ponder vs. Cassel and who we would draft at QB….then it hit me…we still have Josh Freeman. Is Freeman the kind of QB that Turner can work with? It’s interesting and it’s only if Josh ups his habits/attitude quickly…but it’s intriguing nonetheless.

  4. This Viking fan is ready to trade AP but the problem is there currently isn’t a great market for him. Im sure almost every team wants him, just not willing to part ways with draft picks it would require and pay his salary.

  5. Relax AP. The new coach is as driven as you are on the field. He wants the best out of every player that in turn will create good things for this team.

  6. I have a lot of respect for Peterson and I don’t mean this negatively towards the Vikings – but the Vikes are more in the rebuilding stage than contending stage. Shouldn’t the Vikings consider dealing Peterson to say… the Cowboys? You know Jerry would give up a ton of picks for that guy. Peterson only has a few years left and the Vikes should at least entertain the idea. Get your payback from that Walker trade!

  7. OC’s must be salivating at running this offense with AP and seeing 8-9 in the box on every play. Norv has the experience and we finally have the WR’s/TE.

    Adrian, get your arm loose…I’m predicting 4 TD passes a la LT……

    Can’t wait to see what happens in Free Agency.

  8. I wouldn’t mind trading Peterson.. at least I thought that way during the season. Musgrave’s unimaginative offense, coupled with Frazier’s clueless ways, combined for an offense that was to reliant on AP to try and break one for big yardage. I think I speak for all Vikings fans when I say that we’re tired of run, run, pass.

    But under Zimmer and Turner, who knows. I’m hoping they can bring in a new dimension to the offense and take some of the pressure off Peterson.

    Otherwise try and trade him for a grip of picks and try and rebuild into something better.. of course, anything is better than last year.

  9. Norv and “not really expecting what’s coming” don’t belong in the same sentence.

    Here Adrian, I’ll tell you exactly what’s coming. Run, run, a 4yrd pass on 3rd and 6, punt.

    Get the ball back and repeat.

  10. As much as I love AP on this team, he isn’t in charge of personnel. He needs to stop acting like it and worry about his own job.

  11. What could go wrong? You got the (likely) Offensive Coordinator bringing in his son as an Assistant Coach. The Head Coach will probably bring in his son as an Assistant Coach and daughter as a Sideline Reporter. The Defensive Coordinator has overseen some of the worst defenses on the worst teams, ever. The General Manager held up the announcement of the Head Coach until he agreed to keep on Mike “Sparklepony” Priefer. #Dynasty

  12. AP is not face of franchise. He is a was . Don’t know about the new coach. Gotta feeling he is a high driver of personnel but low on strategy…oh well, we shall see in two years.

  13. Trade AP for the first pick in the draft and get Manziel!!! AP can extend his career elsewhere saving to support all seven of his random offspring. Better off with a pro bowl QB over a an aging pro bowl running back!!!

  14. The level of obsession for all things Vikings that some of these Packer fans have is so sad. SMH … I don’t think I have ever seen something so pathetic. Do any of you have jobs, families, or lives? It’s always the same usernames too. Time to grow up boys.

  15. All the worries about AP’s kids is justifiable, Minnesota doesn’t have that same “all in the family” mentality that is present in Wisconsin.

    Maybe, “only in the family” is more accurate…

  16. It’s sad he is such a good running back and his talents were wasted with such a sad franchise.

  17. Another guy who reached that pinnacle in his mind that says, he is important.

    Why not give the guy a chance, and oh by the way, he is the boss too.

  18. I believe he should pay closer attention to his responsibilities OFF the field a bit more “closely,” as opposed to playing GM. His “player” role should be related to gridiron only. What is with these guys? Is it some kind of a fraternity initiation ceremony/tradition? If they have no regard for the little ones they bring into the world, you would think they would at least be worried about THEIR lives outside football, as most of the “frat boys” have no marketable job skills to go with their complete lack of formal education. Most of them will live another forty to sixty years after their extremely short careers are over, and the Monopoly-sized pay checks cease showing up twice monthly. Do they have NO concept of the future other than “now” and “not now?” Nobody cares about a former RB post career, even great ones. Baby mommas and scads of kids are sorry legacies for which to be remembered as the second of only two skills for which you are supremely talented…LORD!

  19. So Adrian Peterson was asked if he pays attention to who the Vikings are hiring. I bet if you asked the same question to anyone on the team they’ll be watching too. He gave very generic answers.. He answered them the same way a fan would.

  20. Other than the sad death of his son he only found out about, is there any proof that he has other kids besides Adrian Jr?

    I am wondering if any of you that are slamming his parenting skills have kids out of wedlock or that are living with their Mom.

    Show proof before spewing nonsense.

  21. Haha! gbtrolls trying to beat Peterson up personally because fattie lacy had a twinkle of an okay year. don’t worry cheesebay faithful, Vike fans don’t dwell your redundant comments. Be original, losers.

  22. Note to AP…….get the hell out of Mn….go to big D…..they are a helluva lot better than the Vikes and soon the Vikes fan base will start to bad mouth you. they will or are beginning to forget that YOU were all they had … hell with em…..

  23. Of course he’s watching. If all your bosses got fired you’d be curious who they are getting replaced with too.

  24. Peterson has put on weight and his ankles and knees can’t take the load. He’s fat. And slow. His career choice has caught up to him, and it will quickly pass him by . But give him a round of applause for a job well done. Hip hip hooray. Hip hip hooray.

  25. If I were GM and able to get a first for AD I’d do it because I think $17mm is too much for a RB in this day Ange when passing is king. Resign Toby, draft a starter for a position of need with the gained pick and you have money left over to sign a free agent. AD is great but …

  26. This is the same player that was on record stating he wanted Frazier to remain coach for the future LA Vikings.

  27. Green Bay’s fans make fun of AP’s parenting because they are jealous they cannot pull strange like he can. Don’t hate because you cant get any.

  28. What Peterson should be watching for is what the Vikings will do at QB. Otherwise its just another season of 8 or 9 in the box and another year removed from his prime and any chance at a playoff run.

    He should quietly demand a trade, otherwise, embrace the suck.

  29. Nobody is “making fun” of Adrian Peterson’s parenting. Dead kids aren’t funny. We denounce his irresponsible behavior and his role in his son’s death.

    Viking fans embarrass themselves making excuses for the guy.

  30. All of the people hating on AP shows exactly what they know. NOTHING! Prior to AP’s injury this year you do know he was leading the league in rushing, right? Oh yeah and the year before, he lead the league in rushing as well while taking a team on his back to the playoffs. But yeah, he stinks according to the haters. I’ll take that stink on my team every day of the week.

    That being said, at this point in his career if the Vikings did try and pull off a trade that can better the team in the long run it would not be a horrible thing to do. I would love to see what AP could do with a true starting QB. To me he’s the Barry Sanders of his time. Phenomenal player without the surrounding cast (QB and OLine).

  31. “Viking fans embarrass themselves making excuses for the guy.”

    No, I am just a terrible person.

  32. Ejmat, except for the category “first run from scrimmage,” Peterson never was the leagues leading rusher this year. He topped out at 4th, I think.

    Revisionist history doesn’t work.

  33. Well Mike the Super Bowl has been around since January 15, 1967 the first Super Bowl. Since that time the Minnesota nevers have just done that and have never won a Super Bowl and to tell you the truth I don’t see that happening any time soon. They once again will not be in the present Super Bowl 48.


    “I’m extremely excited to bring a championship to the state of Minnesota and to the great fan base of the Vikings”

    -Mike Zimmer

  34. I understand that everyone out there is a perfect parent and has never done anything wrong. I am not a fan of Petersons in any way but to speak ill of his family in any way especially considering the recent loses that he has gone through is very tasteless and anyone who does so should be very ashamed of themselves.

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