Peyton Manning called Lions to endorse Jim Caldwell


Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew talked to a lot of people during his coaching search.

But the unsolicited call he took from Peyton Manning helped convince him that Jim Caldwell was the right guy.

According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Mayhew almost didn’t pick up the call because he didn’t recognize the number, but did, and got a testimonial about how much Caldwell can help.

Now, that teaching power will be turned toward Matthew Stafford, in hopes of eliminating the mistakes that helped torpedo this season.

He’s going to be very hands-on,” Mayhew said. “He’s going to have a quarterback coach trained on the things that he wants done, and he’s still going to be very hands-on even though he’s the head coach in terms of developing Matthew. And that’s one thing that we talked about in the interview that really impressed me about him and one thing that I was excited about was that he’s not going to delegate that to somebody and step back and say, ‘I’m the head coach, I’m the overseer.’ ”

In preparation for his interview, Caldwell watched all of Stafford’s throws from last season, and met with his new quarterback during his interview with Lions officials.

“I’ve got to look at him further, I’ve got to dig down a little bit deeper, I’ve got to get a real good sense of things,” Caldwell said. “But for the most part, here’s what we know: We do have a set of parameters which we use in terms of teaching and coaching quarterbacks that we know works and I’m anxious and excited about giving him an opportunity to kind of work within those parameters and I think you’re going to see improvement from the onset.

“He’s a willing guy, he’s capable, he has an immense amount of talent and we’ve just got to bring that to the forefront.”

If that teaching was good enough for Manning, it ought to be good enough for Stafford.

18 responses to “Peyton Manning called Lions to endorse Jim Caldwell

  1. Sounds good, but different people like to learn and work in different ways. As long as Stafford fits into the system and these parameters then that sounds great. But what if he doesn’t? Is our season once again contingent on Stafford growing to the next level, or is there still a way to win if he fails at contributing a decent return in exchange for what we pay him?

    I don’t care about having a HC that is finally going to offer our players an “opporunity” to blah blah blah…..

    Are you going to get this team to win, or not? And how are you going to make sure we win? Just tell me that stuff!

  2. Peyton probably told Mayhew that Caldwell was the best scapegoat money could buy…

    I bet he also didn’t give Caldwell any credit for the 2010 Super Bowl run or the 14-2 regular season record… that was ALL Peyton, ya know.

  3. Really don’t care what the Lions do but if this guy is really good,why did he need these guys putting plugs in for him. Shouldn’t his credentials speak for themselves. He’s been around the game long enough.

  4. Good point, and that’s why I don’t care for the hire. I would be happy if they hired him because he had the best ideas and solutions for the team, and I haven’t heard anything of that sort, all I hear is generic talk that the last guy supplied, and it sounds to me like he and his references sold the team on this job instead of overly impressing us with having a brilliant plan to solve our problems and really take things into a different direction. It sounds like we are going in the same direction, if not maybe even taking a step backwards next season. I just don’t have a lot of confidence right now, and his length in the game and his impressive profile doesn’t justify to me why he’s here.

    He got the job because he and his associates said what the Lions wanted to hear, and I’m skeptical if that’s going to be enough. I thought we needed somebody to shake things up.

  5. Peyton’s endorsement of Caldwell is the reason I have no plans of owning a Buick anytime soon.

  6. Love how all the defenders the other day and couple today keep saying what a great O coordinator he was in Indy uh he was NEVER an O coordinator in Indy that would’ve been Tom Moore and later Clyde Christensen…nice try giving the Lions some hope though

  7. I believe the change from Jim Schwartz to Jim Caldwell is a definite upgrade. The Lions, with all their talent, were a disappointment under Schwartz. Mistake after mistake after mistake. Penalties on both sides of the ball, off field antics and a #1 QB floundering is just unacceptable.

    Schwartz allowed all of this to happen on his watch and I believe Detroit has been embarrassed about the product he put out on the field. I believe as of the hiring of Caldwell this all ends and we should see the Lions take their rightful place amongst the 10, 11 and 12 win teams in the NFL.

  8. I know that most people feel that Peyton Manning is the “GOLDEN CHILD” and his much ballyhooed DNA makes him a football savant but, there certainly has to be more to it. Obviously the guy that directly coached Manning must not be anything close to the “dullest tool in the shed”. I don’t think its merely a coincidence that he’s been OC/QB/Asst. Head Coach of 2 SuperBowl winning teams as well as the losing Head Coach of a SuperBowl team all within the last 5 seasons!!!! I dare anyone to name another coaching candidate with those credentials on their resume!!!!! I’ll wait…..Haha When Caldwell took over for Cam Cameron last season that is when Flacco found his groove and the Ravens went on their historic run. The guy clearly knows his stuff.

  9. So he’s qualified to be a QB coach……
    If that lucky bomb didn’t connect against Denver last year he doesn’t have any significant accomplishment as an OC on his resume.

  10. I guess if Manning the best player of the last 20 yr calls unsolicited to endorse a guy you have to hire him.
    You can’t be “thanks for your opinion Peyton but your opinion and 1.25 will get you a cup of coffee! Geez the nerve of that guy!”

  11. Not big on Caldwell, he and Stafford have a fresh start but they’re running out of excuses. I think Stafford will improve, he’s very talented, just not sure if it’ll be with the Lions looking down the road.

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