PFT on NBCSN: Kam Chancellor, Conference championship storylines


The Seahawks are preparing to face the 49ers for the third time this season and we’ll be spending some time with one key member of the Seattle defense on Thursday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN to get his thoughts on the matchup.

Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor will share his feelings about the 49ers a few days ahead of kickoff. We’ll find out how much he thinks familiarity helps in situations like this and how different he thinks the two teams are since their first meeting in Seattle early in the regular season.

Those storylines are just some of what we’ll be talking about regarding conference championship weekend. We’ll break down other aspects of the NFC matchup and spend plenty of time on the Patriots and Broncos as well as we bring you everything you need to know about the NFL right now.

It all gets started at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

9 responses to “PFT on NBCSN: Kam Chancellor, Conference championship storylines

  1. Gore on offense and Mad Dog Bowman, filthy hitting hitting Whittner, Crazy Eyes Willis, “what did you say about my mother I will knock the snot outta you Brooks and the Smith Twins on D, should be the recipe for a glorious 49er victory.

    Go Niners!!!!

  2. Um, Wilson won a road playoff game last year. This year it doesn’t matter because he has home field advantage and it’s a new season.

  3. Just so it’s said the Seahawks have made the playoffs 3 of the last 4 seasons and have won atleast a game every single time . The Seahawks are young yes but acting as if their inexperienced is misinformed and stupid

  4. The Seahawks fans think that home field is their ticket to the Super Bowl. As the Cardinals showed them, they still have to play the game and win it. The 12 man does not make any tackles or catches. Without Percy Harvin, who had more catches than any Seattle receiver in the Saints game despite leaving early, the weak Seahawk offense will be in bigger trouble than ever. The 49er goal line defense and their ability to hold Carolina pro ball fullback to 20 yards rushing spells trouble for Lynch. Marshawn will not be as fresh as he was coming off the bye week and he is going to be bruised coming into the game and he will be hurting even more after the Niners’ game. Good thing for him, he and Harvin can get plenty of rest after this Sunday’s game.

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