Reggie McKenzie on Johnny Manziel: He’s a playmaker, that’s what you shoot for

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The Raiders will be picking fifth overall in this year’s draft and their perceived need for a quarterback is going to lead to a lot of speculation about them coming away with one of the top collegiate signal callers. 

One of the players on that list is 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel and General Manager Reggie McKenzie was asked about him during a meeting with reporters on Thursday. McKenzie avoided ranking Manziel in relation to other possibilities, but said was the kind of quarterback you try to get. 

“He’s a playmaker,” McKenzie said, via Paul Gutierrez of “Whether it’s him or one of these other guys, when you can add a playmaker, that’s what you shoot for.”

McKenzie touched on other offseason decisions as well, identifying running back Rashad Jennings, left tackle Jared Veldheer, defensive lineman LaMarr Houston and safety Charles Woodson as impending free agents he will be trying to bring back to Oakland. McKenzie also said that he expects running back Darren McFadden to test the free agent market and the Raiders’ willingness to let him do so likely means the former first-round pick has played his last game for the team.

36 responses to “Reggie McKenzie on Johnny Manziel: He’s a playmaker, that’s what you shoot for

  1. He will more than likely be the white Pryor instead of the second coming of Farve or someone they envision this punk to be. Canada is a good landing spot for Manziel.

  2. How would Reggie Mac know what’s good for a football team? Commitment to excrement.

  3. Its great to know that Baby Davis” puppet master Mckenzie understands that the Raiders need a quarterback, he personally ran Carson off, and brought back in the Green Bay reject Flynn, and look how that worked out.
    If the Raiders want Johnny Football, then they are going to have to move up in the draft. ESPN

    reported that they were going to use their first pick on a receiver, and go after a QB in the second Round, by that time, all of top 4 QBs will be gone. Be proactive for once Reggie, or stay ignoranant. We need a good QB now

  4. Doesn’t anyone here remember Tebo? This guy is smaller, not blazing speed and mediocre arm strength. At best he could be a Poor Man’s Russell Wilson… And I mean broke poor. Wilson is a winner and has a very good throwing motion with accuracy. Johnny Football will be the 3rd Drafted QB maybe top still 5 pick and will sell tickets for a losing team, but will suffer ultimately be more like RGIII and have 6 bad games for every one good one in the NFL game.

  5. Yeah cuz ESPN is always right on point with those mock drafts especially in January! Get real bro

  6. The Raiders have a lot to fix.

    I mean they dump Palmer and he goes 10-6 in a very tough division.

    Flynn gets dumped, and then comes off the street to go 2-2-1 with an injury ravaged GB team.

  7. I think they should contact the Cardinals and see if they can trade their first and second round picks for Carson Palmer.

  8. if you don’t have an o-line, it does not matter who you have at qb. Just hoping that Matthews is there when raiders are on the clock with the 5th pick.

  9. Don’t you all know from now til draft day it’s all smokescreens? Don’t read much into it. Besides he says you aim for playmakers. Shouldn’t every team?

  10. Raiders better build OL and secondary. Boring when talking about a draft but it’s what wins. Johnny Football should stay at A & M.

  11. Playmaker in college just like the ohio st qb they got….odds are they make another Matt Flynn acquisition …only watched him everyday for 4 years in GB…..

  12. Build inside to out, ie, line first. No QB will last without a solid, at least B grade line. We have not had one. Same for Defensive side of ball….taking Haden was a poor risk, esp when DT was on board.

  13. This smokescreen is tough to see in….if manziel does indeed fall in their laps you can bet that reggie will ask for a kings ransom (like the rams) to move up in the draft.

  14. It’s alot of good QB’s N this draft… So basically what my RAIDERS need is a pass rusher… Perhaps Clowney , Barr Or Mack…we’re N the AFC where they bomb first, than ask questions later.. The AFC west R loaded with QB’s that will shred ur defense apart. So pass rush is what we need most…GO RAIDERS!!!!!

  15. They don’t need a qb with their first pick. Just look at How many 1st round qbs are playing this weekend. One!!! Fix the d Reggie. The o will be fine.

  16. The Raiders need a full year with a better roster to fully evaluate McGolin and Pryor. Putting a kid behind that line would be a wasted investment.

    Get Clowney, Matthews or one of the impact linemen (Kahlil is flying up the boards), and more cornerstone guys in rounds 2-3, and add a couple quality guys in free agency.

    By this time next year the Raiders WILL know if they truly need a new QB.

    Johnny Manziel in Oakland is a recipe for disaster. He has skill, but he’s a great COLLEGE QB, with off-field question marks.

    He’s a short JaMarcus Russell.

  17. LOL Manziel. Johnny Football is more like Johnny Rockets. This kid will be working for his daddy in 4 years.

  18. Resign Veldeer and Houston. Need pass rusher depth. We need Guards, plural. That offensive line is nothing without the V-Man. Either draft or get after free agents, but I want that opposing QB on his ass!

  19. Getting standout tackle Jared Veldheer back on the field will be a boost — he tore his triceps back in August and was placed on IR with a designation to return. He should reclaim his left tackle spot, pushing out Khalif Barnes. Tony Pashos, a surprisingly effective starter at right tackle, also missed time with an injury.

    The run totals and sack totals have been aided and hurt by QB Terrelle Pryor, respectively. Oakland is fifth in the league at 143 rushing yards per game, inflated by the 60-plus yards Pryor has averaged. Meanwhile, Pryor’s indecisiveness in the pocket has helped cause a healthy dose of the team’s 36 sacks allowed. Twenty-nine of those have come with Pryor at QB, including nine in a loss to Kansas City.

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