Ryan Grigson: We don’t win 12 games without Trent Richardson

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Colts General Manager Ryan Grigson held his postseason press conference on Thursday and spent some time on running back Trent Richardson’s disappointing performance after the Colts sent a first-round pick to Cleveland to acquire him in a trade.

Grigson said, via Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, that Richardson fits everything that the Colts want to do on offense and that he played a valuable role for a team that wouldn’t have won 11 games in the regular season and advanced to the divisional round without him. That last point certainly goes against the conventional reaction to Richardson’s role on the team, especially with Donald Brown playing ahead of him down the stretch and into the playoffs.

Brown’s a free agent, though, and Richardson will definitely be back in 2014 so Grigson and the Colts don’t have much choice but to have patience and hope that a full offseason leads to better results from Richardson next year. The price paid to acquire him will guarantee him a long look at the starting spot in the backfield.

If a full 16 games in Indy look like the 14 he played in 2013, patience will be a tougher sell this time next year.

45 responses to “Ryan Grigson: We don’t win 12 games without Trent Richardson

  1. Say what?!

    Someone needs to be held responsible for Grigs not going through proper concussion protocol.

  2. That’s a ridiculous comment to make. If I was the Owner I would fire him for this tweet, that’s it you’re done. I just don’t have ANY patience for GMs that say stupid things. It’s just embarrassing and unprofessional, and hardly a defensible statement without smearing everybody else on the team that couldn’t win without his valuable 2.9 YPC.

    If he turns it around in the future, fine, but to say this is just not right. He needs to go away and the Colts need to get a great GM.

  3. Ryan,

    When the Factory of Sadness pulls one over on you it’s best to just be quiet and hope everyone forgets just how badly you were taken…

    One thing the City of Sorrow has is a serviceable offensive line with a couple of good pieces. If the bust can’t run for 3.5 ypc behind those guys, he’s probably not going to do any better behind your swiss cheese assembly of talent.

    Just saying…


  4. Trent Richardson telegraphs the hole he expects to go through before the snap by staring at the exact spot he’s going to take. This causes him to get hit in the backfield almost immediately most plays.

    Solution? Get him a mirrored visor for his helmet.

  5. Perhaps Richardson plays better next season, but, until he does, this appears to be whistling past the grave yard by Grigson.

  6. The Colts would be just as bad as their Peyton-less “Suck for Luck” season if it weren’t for Luck.

    Werner’s an ill fit for the 3-4 and appears to be a bust, DHB was/is a bust, Landry has the awareness of a month-old Labrador Retriever. Richardson.

    Grigson has swung and missed far too many times thus far. His seat is hot if I’m Jim Irsay.

  7. In todays NFL I think its safe to say don’t, draft a RB in the 1st round. With deeper backfields and specialists.

    Guys like Spiller, Johnson, Ingram and, Richardson. Have proven its nearly impossible to live up to the billing and get the solid value.

    AP one of the few guys that was worth the 1st round pick. Has proven that great RBs can’t dominate the game as well as they could 10 years ago.

  8. Emmitt, Payton, Dickerson, Jim Brown, etc…all were good/great runners from the get go. It’s the easiest position to play. Either you can run or can’t–Richardson can’t. Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane.

  9. Yeah, those 2.9 ypc were invaluable. Not every RB can achieve that kind of greatness. Grigson should make him the team MVP for all those gritty 1 yard runs. Actually, Grigson should make himself the team MVP for having the wisdom to trade away their 1st round pick for this franchise game-changing running back.

  10. I would again like to thank the fine people running the show in Indy. Now if the three stooges…I mean the guys running the show in Cleveland…can actually utilize the first round gift from Indy.

  11. Good thing luck is about as it gets because they ask so much of him by putting Richardson in the backfield that’s a huge obstacle to overcome but he will again and they will win 12 again and it will have absolutely nothing to do with the jamarcus Russell of rb trent bust

  12. Jim Irsay tweeted about the trade soon after the Colts were eliminated from the playoffs.

    ” Grig’s Rolled Dice! ……. damn, snake eyes “

  13. Wow, embarrassing and unfortunate comment. You have to admit to your mistakes before you can move forward. Has any player ever been a First round bust twice?

  14. Oh no, Grigson is a genius! Just ask the people who voted him executive of the year last year for drafting Andrew Luck. He’s much smarter than say, John Schneider in Seattle who only drafted Russell Wilson in the 3rd, Sherman in the 5th, Okung, Wagner, KJ Wright, Thomas, Irvin, and signed Bennett, Avril, Miller and got Marshawn Lynch for 2 5 ths. Yeah, Grigson is much more deserving.

  15. Can’t pin all the blame on Grigson. It might have been Irsay that wanted Richardson. So you can’t really expect Grigson to say anything else.

  16. Trent Richardson’s ability as a running back can be summed up by the play last week against the Pats. Jamie Collins was cut but still able to tackle Richardson solely because Richardson was too indecisive and stutter-stepped instead of planting his left foot and just plowing through the hole that was there.

  17. And the Browns are looking at making even more trades with Mr. Grigson…before his meds wear off and AA starts to kick in. What step is he on? Hasn’t even passed the 1st step – hasn’t admitted he’s powerless to make more bad trades with the Browns.

    Hey Grigson – we’ll give you Weeden for 2-#1’s !!!

    Go Browns.

  18. Who does he think he’s kidding? TRY has stunk like hot garbage. 1 carry for 0 yards and a lost fumble is not what you expect from your RB

  19. T-Rich should just be kept as depth and Vick Ballard should start next year.

    The ideal offense for Indy should be San Diego’s, Denver’s, or New England’s in 2012.

    However, They need a new YAC guy at WR, interior lineman, and a new left tackle.

    They also need new cornerbacks and defensive tackles. Their defense stinks.

  20. I even said that the T-Rich trade was a bad one, but apparently it’s okay to average 3.5 YPC when you’ve been the best back since Adrian Peterson to come out.

    Not to sound like a guy who speaks after the fact, but in 2012 I felt that he was at best the #20 pick player.

    With the injuries that delayed his pro day in 2012, along with his 40 time at the pro day, I did not like him as a Top 5 player.

    Plus, CJ Spiller was way more electrifying when he came out in 2010 than T-Rich was in 2012 and I felt okay with Spiller being picked #9 overall.

  21. Everyone piling on richardson, Stop It!
    He is a really good player… its not his fault he is playing behind future hof brown… noone can compete with that…

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