Steelers could cut preseason ticket prices, maybe this year


As much as the league struggles with how to balance the need for preseason games for team selection and preparation, fans have been struggling with having to pay full fare for a substandard product.

But Steelers president Art Rooney II said Wednesday that his team could cut the cost of preseason tickets, which would at least reflect what you’re seeing on the field.

“I can’t tell you that any decisions have been made yet, but we are looking at possibly having a different price on preseason tickets versus other games,” Rooney said, via Alan Robinson of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Whether that goes into effect for 2014 or not, I can’t promise you, but I can promise you it’s something we are looking at.

“We understand the fans’ perception of the value of the preseason games.”

Of course, as much as fans deserve a break on games played by future CFL stars in August, tweaking the price structure could also open the door for the kind of dynamic pricing other sports employ for better games.

If Steelers fans pay half price for a preseason game against the Panthers, they better be ready to make up the difference for a Ravens game in the regular season. The law of supply and demand works in both directions, and it’s hard to imagine the NFL as a whole would ignore a way to squeeze more money out of high-profile games.

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  1. One important fact that makes your point irrelevant for Pittsburgh: almost all Steelers tickets are sold as part of a season ticket package, so there is not much leverage for the Steelers to price some regular season games differently than others.

    The idea is still valid for other teams that sell a lot of tickets for individual games, but not for the teams that sell out via season ticket holders.

  2. Let’s be honest: Those empty, bright yellow seats are probably an embarrassment to the Rooneys, probably moreso during the regular season.
    Tomlin came to Pittsburgh, touting “The Standard,” and to the Steelers fans’ credit, they bought into Tomlin’s mantra and decided to stay away from home games by the thousands once they realized Tomlin’s new “standard” is mediocrity.
    After competing against weak schedules the past two seasons, things are about to get a little more difficult with the Chiefs, Colts, Panthers and Saints on the 2014 schedule. The Steelers also play Atlanta and Houston next season.
    Empty, bright yellow seats might be plentiful in coming seasons.

  3. Seats will be filled to capacity as usual once the season starts and Big Ben is playing up to his standard, which is the best, most accomplished QB in the modern-era, and leading his team to another winning season against division foes.

    It’s almost not fair the division they’re in – ravens are stuck with Flacco and his huge contract, and Dalton will get locked up for a big pile of cash. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben plays another 10 years with such a cake-walk division.

  4. Since i have three seats to pay for every year…right at tax time…I welcome any help in the matter. $8 to $10 for a beer..parking passes if you can get one are more than one game ticket…reg. parking $20 to 30 or more…Blue collar town…..NOT. It may be time to pass these ticket down to my kids… ya black n gold…we are closer than u think …haters

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