Tannenbaum admits trading for Tebow was a mistake

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As the old saying goes, would the last guy to leave turn the lights off?

When it comes to the question of whether the Jets screwed the pooch by trading for Tim Tebow, former Jets G.M. Mike Tannenbaum has turned the lights off.

Appearing recently on CBS Sports Radio, Tannenbaum discussed the mistakes the Jets made during his time there.  And he admitted that a certain ill-fated trade was one of the glaring ones.

“Obviously we made a couple mistakes -– trading for Tim Tebow most notably,” Tannenbaum said.

It was a horrible trade, to be sure.  Unless the overriding goal was to kill Tebowmania.  If that was the objective, mission accomplished.

Tannenbaum believes that Tebow will continue to make returning to the NFL his mission, until it is accomplished.

“I would never bet against Tim,” Tannenbaum said.  “We used to have an expression that Tim’s the type of guy who’s either going to be successful or die trying.  His relentlessness and passion — I would think he’ll get another opportunity.”

He may get another opportunity, but getting an opportunity and winning a roster spot are two different things.  If it didn’t happen in New England this year, it possibly never will.

47 responses to “Tannenbaum admits trading for Tebow was a mistake

  1. It won’t happen because the guy refuses to accept any role other than quarterback.

  2. Horrible trade? A 4th and a 6th for possible starting QB and a 7th round pick?

    What was horrible was trading for him when you didn’t know what to do with him.

    Meanwhile, the picks the Broncos got were for (4th rd) a center they waived and (6th rd) a pretty good backup LB.

  3. Denver decided that Tim couldn’t play. The Jets decided that Tim couldn’t play. The Pats decided that Tim couldn’t play. ziggystheansah has decided that Tim can play. Now, if only the zigster had a team, Tim would have a job.

  4. A couple of mistakes? How about ranking them Mr. T? Trading for Tebow, trading up for Sanchez, drafting Gholston #6, extending Sanchez, overpaying Sanchez, overpaying Holmes. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  5. 1. Trading for Tim Tebow
    2. Sanchez Extension
    3. Giant, Cap crippling contracts to mediocre players (David Harris, Antonio Cromartie, Sione Pouha)
    4. Moving up for Sanzhez (though it was a ‘steal’ in terms of trade value, Sanchez’s play made it a poor trade).

    It started off so well, drafting multiple pro bowlers Ferguson, Mangold, Leon Washington (one), and Revis.

    Revis was the last pro bowl player drafted by the Jets.

  6. I don’t see how someone can say “they only gave up a 4th and 6th round pick for him”.

    Someone more versed with lists could probably put together quite an All-Star team of players that were drafted in the 4th round or later, or not at all.

    The fact is the Jets gave up 2 draft picks for someone who was as suited to be an NFL Quarterback as I am to be the POTUS.

    Which along with many, MANY other stupid moves since 2010 is why the Jets have become irrelevant in the NFL.

  7. I like Tim Tebow, but when a future Hall-of-Famer, (Kurt Warner), tells you how to get back to the NFL by getting some snaps and reps by playing in the area league and you choose NOT to do that, I’m sorry, but your done.

  8. The Gholston pick occurred 1) in a draft year (2008) where there was not a lot of value in the first half of the first round, and under the old compensation system; knowing that, the Jets tried to trade down and there were no takers, and 2) the year before Johnson fired Mangini. I like to think Rex would have done his damndest to have the pick used on someone else if he had been there.

  9. He seems like a nice man, but it is sad to see him admit this now because he is not working in a front office and his plan to be an agent failed.

  10. Think of all the QBS who were on NFL rosters this year. Not one team thought Timmy was as good as them. Tebow cult members need to move on. By the way, he’s not the only religious guy in the league. He just uses it better for attention.

  11. If his name was Abdul Tebow…he’d be competing for a starting QB spot on a NFL team in 2014.

    That’s a fact but no “public” voice in the game or reporting on the game will dare say it….because they would then join Tebow in being blackballed.

  12. Why is the GM responsible for using him effectively? Isn’t that the coach that decides that. Furthermore, he couldn’t beat out the other QB’s ahead of him on the roster. What’s the coach suppose to do? Rub a genie bottle?

  13. Question: Why do people think that if Tebow played a different position he would have a better shot at being on a team?

    As anyone seen the guy catch the football or block to play TE or FB. Maybe he’s just that bad that QB is the best position he can play. (that’s saying something)

  14. To be fair, even the epsn love child Belicheat couldn’t figure out a role for him. Of course it cost them nothing to try.

  15. There was no need for Tannenbum to come forward and admit the Tebow trade was a mistake. It was self evident. The bigger mistake was not giving him an opportunity to show what he could do.
    Why is there such intense vitriol at the mention of his name? He is a good looking, well spoken, committed Christian who happens to have been one of the greatest college footballers of all time. Tim’s time for future greatness is still ahead. He just needs someone to give him a chance and he will win.
    This is a modern day David and Goliath story and it is not over. Don’t give up Tim. You are a great role model for everyone.

  16. Why do so many delusional fans believe that St. Tim is being blackballed when, in fact, he has had multiple chances in the NFL and failed at all of them. In the NFL, the only religion that matters is the religion of winning and the high priests of that religion don’t want Tebow. You can admire his commitment to his faith all you want, but if anyone of significance in the league thought that Tim could play, he’d be employed. White and Christian has nothing to do with it. Lack of passing skills has everything to do with it.

  17. Tim Tebow has been blacklisted from the NFL. If you think he isn’t good enough to be a backup at the very least, your crazy. There is an endless list of backup qbs in the NFL that can’t win a game. At least Tebow proved he could. People say the Broncos defense played great, but where was the Broncos defense when they started 1-4 without him. Moreover, Tebow can’t switch positions. He doesn’t know how to run a route to be a the, or to block to be an h-back. He is a player who makes plays when things break down as a qb.

  18. Clearly Tebow was a mistake and that trade shows what a good executive John Elway has become.

    And for all the talk about Tebow changing positions, I thought he was already a switch-hitter.

  19. At the time the decision didn’t look so bad. Sanchez was doing poorly and they traded for QB who despite his mechanics was the definition of a gamer. He sparked a fire under another team, and won a playoff game. The biggest mistake was never giving him a chance when the Jets probably should have. Instead turning to McElroy and then Sanchez again. Ryan preferred to lose with those two then look like a fool if Tebow had won a game. Sanchez’s extension was a dumber transaction though. I know people will give a thumbs down for this but I’ll say I’d like to see Tebow get a shot with a team, I know he’s a horrific passer but you can’t argue he does win games (Are we really going to give credit to everyone but him for Denver’s success that year?) Don’t hate Tebow, he didn’t ask to be so damn marketable, it’s the freaking media.

  20. Anyone who watched Tim Tebow knows he is a subpar player and doesn’t play as a team leader but for his own attention an TV coverage. He played alone and was not a team players or leader. Now Mike saw Tim got a job and Mike needs all the friends he can get so why not say Tim is great. Look minor leagues did not want him and teams overseas did not want him. The current job with ESPN wont last long as Tim’s career is in preaching.

  21. Tim has been blacklisted because he is prepared to speak openly about his faith and love of the Lord. NFL GMs are more comfortable signing players with criminal backgrounds, drug addicts, violent rapists, etc than putting a Heisman trophy winner, BCS champion winning team captain and natural leader on their team. Tim has a big following among committed Christians (est over 300,000 followers). Just give him a chance.

  22. Well I went to my first Pro Football game in 1954 and many players stop for a silent prayer of thanks. Well Tim Tebow comes to the sport and makes it a financial marketing tool. Nothing good comes with using God for self profit as we see. Try watching a game or two Christians still give the moment of thanks without making it a show for profit and attention.

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