Tom Brady no longer on Patriots’ injury report

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Indeed, it’s all systems go for Tom Brady.

Brady’s name does not appear on the Patriots’ updated injury report released Thursday. While Brady missed practice on Wednesday with an illness and a right shoulder ailment, the Patriots’ starting quarterback was back on the field today as New England prepared for Sunday’s AFC title game at Denver.

In other Patriots injury news, all 10 players listed on Thursday’s report practiced in some capacity.

Limited for a second straight day were punter Ryan Allen (shoulder), wide receiver Danny Amendola (groin), wide receiver Aaron Dobson (foot), linebacker Donta Hightower (ankle) and wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins (hip/concussion).

However, cornerback Alfonzo Dennard (knee/shoulder), linebacker Dane Fletcher (groin), guard Logan Mankins (ankle) and running back Shane Vereen (groin) practiced fully after being limited on Wednesday.

Finally, long-snapper Danny Aiken (illness) was removed from the New England injury report.

11 responses to “Tom Brady no longer on Patriots’ injury report

  1. Wheeeeeew! he and Ernie Adams finally finished watching all their illegal videotape yesterday.

  2. Wait……………so your saying he’s going to play in the AFC Championship game?

    I’m sure this is going to change the Broncos gameplan! I bet they were preparing to face Malett.

  3. Still waiting for The PFT article in which former Steeler coach Bill Cowher basically dismisses any advantage the Patriots got from Spygate. (Burying it in the one liners doesn’t count.). He further goes on to say that the only thing they were guilty of was arrogance as the Steelers themselves tries innovative ways to steal opponents signals. If anyone had an axe to grind one would think it would be a coach whose team was twice defeated in the AFC title game by the Pats during their dynasty period but not only did he not blame the spying for his team’s defeats, he also praised Belichick’s greatness again during the article, just as he did the other night on CBS. I’d personally like to thank the 2nd greatest coach in Steeler history for once and for all putting to rest any question about the legitimacy of the Patriots’ continued run of excellence.

  4. I wonder if the Broncos are done with their “creative” accounting. They dont want to get caught cheating again. i also hope they arent taping Pats practices like they were fined for doing.

  5. Spygate is an ESPN creation. No team has ever won a championship based on potential illegal substitution penalties.

  6. Teams like the Broncos and 49ers have won championships by cheating the salary cap rules though.

  7. This means Brady is really injured.

    He lives on the Patriots injury report as the biggest smoke screen of all time. Now that he’s suddenly off of it the odds are good the end is near.

  8. Good to see Dobson at practice. They’re gonna need him and/or Thompkins to be ready to go for this game. Gotta have someone to stretch the field and draw defenders away from the underneath routes. Hopefully one or both are up to the challenge

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