Wade Phillips wants a job, thinks age is working against him


Wade Phillips wasn’t kept on board when the Texans hired Bill O’Brien as their new head coach, and Phillips hasn’t found a new job with any of the NFL’s other 31 teams, either. Phillips is upset about that.

Phillips wrote on Twitter that he is “Disappointed” he hasn’t received so much as an opportunity to interview for a defensive coordinator position. Phillips noted that he has a wealth of experience in the NFL, and the last five times he was hired as a defensive coordinator, the team that hired him made the playoffs in his first year on the job.

So why isn’t anyone calling? Phillips said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he thinks his age may be working against him.

The 66-year-old Phillips isn’t the first to wonder if age is working against him in the NFL. Two Raiders scouts who were let go after the 2012 draft claimed age discrimination, and two former Rams employees claimed in 2012 that they were victims of age discrimination. Phillips doesn’t sound like he’s interested in filing a lawsuit, he’s just interested in getting an opportunity to show he can still be a good defensive coordinator.

If NFL teams are overlooking Phillips because of his age, they’re being shortsighted. And they’re also overlooking that the 76-year-old Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau has shown that coaches can succeed in the NFL long after they’re eligible for Social Security.

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  1. The team he was the DC for was supposed to be a super bowl contender and instead has the #1 draft pick, maybe that has a little more to do with it.

  2. Seems he conveniently left out how awful his defense was this past season.

    He can claim all he wants that they were a top 10 D all he wants. But that’s in yardage allowed, and that doesn’t mean anything when they were in the bottom 8 in points allowed per game and points overall allowed. Who would want to bring that in?

  3. Wade meet Michael. Michael meet Wade.

    Wade, Michael thinks he still can be a starting quarterback. Michael, Wade is having problems accepting he’s not head coaching material.

    It might be helpful if you two buddy up and help each other through your delusions. This process worked wonders for Mr. Billick and Mr. Culpepper. They’ve moved on with their lives and we think you guys probably should too.

  4. Wade Phillips has enjoyed a seven figure annual income for quite awhile. Additionally, retirement for NFL coaches with Wade’s tenure is quite generous. It might be time to kick back and head for the ranch.

  5. It is likely “The Curse of Doug Flutie” is the reason he can get another job.

    The Flutie Curse:
    Flutie fueled the Bills’ late-season charge to a wild-card spot with a series of last-second wins. He even got his own cereal. First playoff stop: Tennessee. Piece of cake. Flutie can handle these inexperienced chumps. But in a move that has cursed him to this day, then-Bills coach Wade Phillips benched a perfectly healthy Flutie in favor of pretty-boy Rob Johnson. The move almost worked — despite Johnson going 10-for-22, with zero TDs, and six sacks — as the Bills held a 16-15 lead with only seconds left. But thanks to the “Music City Miracle”, you know the rest. Phillips hasn’t won a playoff game since. And you know what they say about karma and female dogs.

  6. Or maybe their afraid to hire him because everywhere he goes his boss gets fired and he takes over ….. hmmmm

  7. Doesn’t he realize that when he moved up the ladder he pushed a more veteran coach out of the league? New head coaches tend fill their staff with coaches they have worked with on other teams. For example, they will hire a QB coach and make him his OC. Most of the coaches join the staff because they are climbing the coaching ladder. There are only 32 defensive coordinator jobs in the league. I’m guessing he didn’t mind this arrangement when his colleagues were the ones getting the jobs.

  8. Yeah, it couldn’t *possibly* be because the Texans D absolutely STUNK last year despite having an abundance of talent, Wade, you fat Bum!

    It makes me sick to my stomach every time someone reaches for the discrimination card when they don’t get something they want. “It’s because I’m old! It’s because of my political views! It’s because I’m whatever I can think of that ignores my glaring lack of success!!!”

    I hope nobody hires Wade due solely to the fact that he’s obviously a trouble making, discrimination card pulling whiner. THOSE are the types I discriminate against – people who whine about discrimination while ignoring their obvious shortcomings…

  9. How about you look down a rung before you start complaining. Too good to be a D line or Linebackers coach?

    Its the NFL & it is highly competitive.

    Oh, and whinning typically doesn’t help.

  10. If Kiffin can get a job Phillips can get a job. I’d rather have Phillips back in Dallas as DC.

  11. I have a gut feeling that teams feel that Wade Philips doesn’t give them as good of a chance to win as the guy they are hiring instead. Call me crazy.

    Also if you look around the NFL, a lot of teams are hiring cheaper options at D coordinator. My guess is that Wade commands top tier pay. So there is that too.

  12. I’ll be 46 this year. So I really do have an appreciation for those who legitimately feel they are being discriminated against because of their (old) age.

    Having said that, no one who ever complains about it ever stops to admit that their YOUTH worked for them back in the day when they were young.

    People want it both ways.

    And Phillips has also certainly been the beneficiary of simply being the son of Bum. He’d almost certainly never have gotten any shot at coaching in the NFL without that.

  13. Too bad the Cowboys weren’t looking for a 3-4 specialist as they don’t mind hiring older guys. Monte Kiffin was 72 when JJ hired him last season but that probably seems young to ol’ Jerruh.

  14. Ole Wade is a bridge burner.
    He says all manner of ill conceived and timed items.
    Burn enough bridges along the way and opportunities tend to get scarce.
    Just the way it is.

  15. The failure to start Flutie is so overdone. Go watch the game and tell me he could have done any better than R.J. The Bills were down both tackles in that game and a primary reason they were leading was because of RJ. I’m a life long Bills fan and have watched every game for many, many years and vividly remember that season and that game. The Flutie fantasy is the curse.

  16. Dallas, hire him back now! The Kiffin experiment has failed. Move on, quickly!

    Can’t believe no one’s hired Phillips yet. He’s not perfect, but no one is. His DC record is outstanding. If he doesn’t get picked up soon, I’ll be shocked.

  17. Anyone knocking Wade’s performance last season in Houston should consider this: When your QB throws interceptions, your defense has to go back on the field. The more time your defense spends on the field, the more statistics they give up.
    Simple rule of football.

  18. “Phillips noted that he has a wealth of experience in the NFL, and the last five times he was hired as a defensive coordinator, the team that hired him made the playoffs in his first year on the job.”

    I think it’s also a fact that every consecutive year that wade has been a DC, that his teams and players did worse and worse, as the years went by.

    History doesn’t bode ell for you Wade. Maybe it’s time to become history!

  19. mhm…nothing to do with the fact that he lacks competence and has a horrible track record as a head man. I hear when the Texans needed QB help, he suggested digging up Rob Johnson.

  20. He should get a job. He was awesome in losing a 24 point lead in the second half at home against the colts in week 8. He was embarrassing. He deserves nothing

  21. The Texans did suck this year, but I’d blame it far more on Schaub basically breaking down or whatever happened to him.

  22. I understand teams who are in a rebuilding phase not wanting to usher Phillips into the rebranding of their team. Though Phillips was fired by the cowboys it’s poignant to remember that his defenses are always in the top 10 and you can’t possibly blame him solely for his horrendous last season I. Dallas. Wade is a great defensive coordinator and deserves a coordinating job with a team competing for a championship next year because we all know a coordinator or two are departing to be head coaches elsewhere.

  23. I don’t think Wade is a great HC but as a DC the guy is nails.

    The Texans defense had better numbers this year than last… Still a top 10 defense even with the terrible losing streak.

    In fact if you look at the Texans season, the defense kept most of the games close and the Texans had too many chances to score at the end and win but the QB, no matter who it was, just couldn’t find the guys in the right color jerseys.

  24. stop it with the age discrimination….
    You are not getting a job bc you are a terrible HC who has had several chances….not because you are old.

  25. Wade, if you’re interested in college, come to CAL. We need a DC desperately (and a head coach).

  26. Wade’s a good man and a good coach. For all those Bills fans who wanted him out back in 2000 – you clowns deserve Williams-Mularky-Jauron-Gailey.

  27. Wade and Ted Thompson are tight. Thompson was a LB for the Texans when Wade was the LB coach there. Wonder if GB might be able to work him into some kind of role.

  28. Some of the greatest defensive coordinators have been senior citizens. Look at Dick LeBeau for example.

  29. maybe he can get a job with the Jets, another son of a former legendary HC. I cans stil picture Wade’s dad Bum wearing a cowboy hat and Texas sized belt buckle on the sidelines.

  30. I think he could be right, but it could also be that when the ride collapses some of it falls on him.

  31. ” Awwwww shucks, I made sure the Texans would get the first pick in the draft, and they STILL fired me!!”-Wade

  32. Maybe it’s not age. Maybe people remember this guy benching Doug Flutie for Rob Johnson after Flutie took the Bills to the playoffs. After all of these years STILL the worst coaching move I’ve ever seen.

  33. Stat Line for 1999:
    Doug Flutie 478 264 3171 55.2 19/16 75.1

    And Flutie was a turnover machine the year before in the playoffs in a loss to Miami.

    Wade Phillips was the best pure football coach the Bill have had since…Chuck Knox. The decision to start Rob Johnson was justified and didn’t cost the Bills the game. In fact, the widely disregarded “lost shoe play” will always be one of my favorite Bills moments. RJ did a good enough job to put the team in a position to win the game with seconds left, on the road. Kearse and company killed us that game. Wade Phillips did an amazing job with that 1999 team. I would take him on the Bills staff any day of the week.

  34. It’s crazy to me how these coaches and scouts cut 100’s of players every year because of age. Look at Dansby and John Abraham (I’m a Cardinals Fan). Both these players were cut for age reasons. But then when scouts or coaches get fired for age they complain that it is age discrimination. What a joke!

  35. Phillips really needs to shut his trap. He’s a yutz -that is why he isn’t getting consideration. His success rate is not impressive at all. Perhaps he could be a pet rock coordinator.

  36. Nothing wrong with the fact that he won’t head coach again. This guy gets a lot of disrespect by fans, every struggling defense should call him and there’s plenty.

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