Bill O’Brien will call offensive plays for Texans

Getty Images

The Texans haven’t hired an offensive coordinator for coach Bill O’Brien’s first staff in Houston, but whoever takes the job won’t be responsible for calling the offensive plays.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle spoke to O’Brien recently and the coach told him that he’d be calling the offensive plays for the Texans. That’s not a particularly shocking development since almost all of O’Brien’s coaching experience has been on the offensive side of the ball and he’s run offenses at both the pro and college level.

McClain believes that O’Brien will be calling plays for a quarterback that the Texans take with the first overall pick of the draft. McClain writes that the Texans won’t admit it, but that will be their choice although none of the possibilities for that pick have moved ahead of the others at this point.

That may be speculation, but it’s hardly out of left field for a team without a quarterback that’s now coached by someone who credits Tom Brady with helping him learn a lot that has helped him become an NFL head coach.