Carroll on Harbaugh: We’re not friends, but I respect him


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh haven’t seemed to like each other, going back to the time when Carroll asked Harbaugh, “What’s your deal?” after Harbaugh’s Stanford team ran up the score on Carroll’s USC team in 2009. But Carroll says he has respect for Harbaugh.

A reporter asked Carroll Thursday what’s the deal with his relationship with Harbaugh.

“What’s the deal, huh?” Carroll said. “We have not been friends over the years. We don’t know each other very well. It’s a very, very confined relationship in that regard. For whatever reason, you guys have had a field day with thinking that it’s something other than it is. I have great respect for what Jim’s done. I think he’s a tremendous football coach. So that’s it. That’s where it stops and starts. All the rest of this stuff, you guys have had a blast with it. But there’s nothing there, you know?”

The post-game handshake between Carroll and Harbaugh on Sunday probably won’t include another “What’s your deal?” moment. But it won’t be a warm embrace between two friends, either.

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  1. I don’t like either one of them. Carrol is sleazy and Harbaugh is a whiney crybaby… They are both obviously good at their craft, but I wish there was a way they both lose…

  2. Still waiting for a coach to slam his hand on Harbaugh’s back after beating him. Just want to see Harbaugh’s reaction.

  3. This is awesome, these guys have personality and they don’t apologize for disliking each other.
    I would be careful not to allow Harbaugh to pat you on the back.

  4. We at least need to give kudos to Carroll for being a man and saying that they aren’t friends, but he respects Harbaugh as a tremendous coach.

    Harbaugh would never say that.

  5. Here’s to hoping Carroll gets the chance to run the score up on Harbaughs 49ers as revenge. Would love to see a 49-6 kinda game!

  6. Both the Harbaugh brothers are the biggest whiners in the NFL. I get so tired of their sideline antics. It seems to trickle down to their players as well. Both teams have loud mouth punks with Crabtree being the worst of all.

  7. When Peyton won his superbowl Eli won his the next year. Same will happen for jim. And when that happened for Peyton and Eli they both had to face the pats either in the afc or superbowl, since pats played in afcc last year they make the superbowl this year and lose to them forty 9erz..

  8. Jim Harbaugh comes across as the rich kid, never grew up, spoiled brat.

    How come is brother John does not come across like that?

    Jim is a complete tool…

  9. I honestly hate three of the four teams left. Can’t stand the Seahawks banging their cheats after every damn play. Can’t stand the whining of the niners and hate manning for breaking a record by running up the score on teams. Just hope the patriots win for those reasons. I’m sure they’ll have all of the other teams practices on tape to give them an advantage

  10. Isn’t Harbaugh like 7-3 against Pete Carroll. Carroll was a big ex NFL fish in a small college pond until Harbaugh came along and resurrected old 1980’s Big 10 Michigan football in the form of the Stanford Cardinal and just demolished Pete Carroll’s program.

    Pete Carroll needs artificial crowd noise and his team needs to cut corners by doing things like holding WRs downfield to compete with Harbaugh.

    People thought Pete was running from USC because of the looming penalties. Nah, he was running from Harbaugh. There’s no where to run now. Happy Championship Sunday everybody.

  11. Funny. Carroll yeah he never ran the score up at USC. I cant believe Stanford did that to someone who never did that to anyone. How dare they!

  12. “Both the Harbaugh brothers are the biggest whiners in the NFL. I get so tired of their sideline antics. It seems to trickle down to their players as well. Both teams have loud mouth punks with Crabtree being the worst of all.”

    Really? I seem to remember Richard Sherman getting hit in the face by Trent Williams. Sherman was mouthing off to Williams during player handshakes after the game. I hope Williams appealed his “justifiable slappicide” fine from the NFL ’cause when Sherman’s mouth opens I’m reminded of John Leguizamo in The Pest.

  13. I love Harbaughs passion on the sideline. I would rather have his outbursts than a coach that shows no emotion (jim caldwell, Mike Munchak, Ron Rivera, etc)

  14. The longer this thing goes on, from “What’s your deal” until now, the more I respect Carroll and lose respect for Harbaugh.

    Hard to imagine 3-4 years ago for me personally. I really do hate how Carroll left USC in a dumpster fire.

  15. Harbaugh took over a talented team and coached them up. But his drafts and trades leave a bit to be desired.

    Carroll took over a bad team and restructured and re-talented it.

    Which do you think will do better over the long haul?

  16. Pete Carroll was run out of USC for cheating
    and has brought his legion of cheat to Seattle.
    I cant respect that.

    I would whine like Harbaugh to if the refs constantly made bogus calls and non-calls against the Niners starting in the last super bowl

  17. Pete Carroll – big time cheating at USC.

    Jim Harbaugh – small time cheating by getting guys like Richard Sherman into and through the academic program at Stanford.

  18. The Harbaughs are good coaches and their success proves it. If Madden were in football today, they’d call him a whiner. I can think of a few other “whiner” coaches that were Superbowl winners. I guess if you have a passion for the game and a passion for what is going on and a passion for your players, people can misconstrue your emotional involvement in the game as being a “whiner” and then they can come to a sports board like this and “whine” about it.


  19. The Seahawks have never been rivals to the 49ers yet Seattle fans seem to think this rivalry has been going on for years for both the city and teams (city, college, and pro). Seattle and the SF Bay Area are both cool areas with great culture and businesses. Husky fans are just nuts, and they have this delusion that their school (UW) is better than Stanford or UC Berkeley (CAL) academically and athletically. Not even close. People from Seattle seem to have this inferiority complex with San Francisco and California in general. Fans in SF are perplexed about this “hatred” from Seattle.

    I like this newfound rivalry. It’s good for both teams and good for football.

  20. I wasn’t aware Pete Carroll was a booster at USC.

    And if you think Pete is scum of the earth for turning a blind eye to players getting paid, you clearly haven’t paid enough attention to college football. It doesn’t make it right, but he’s not the only head college coach to turn a blind eye.

    I don’t see anyone scathing Chip Kelly for doing what he did at Oregon.

  21. Too bad they both can’t lose! Can’t stand either but dislike the obnoxious Harbaugh’s worse! Hopefully PM will have the chance to beat either in the SB!

  22. Funny how people think that Jim resurrected Stanford. Last I checked they haven’t won a national championship in a long while. Pete Carroll is a great coach, won two straight national championships at USC and has Seattle rooting for a great team. I’m pulling for Seattle. Fight on coach Carroll. Hope it’s a close and good game

  23. Harbaugh is a dramatic drama queen I can’t wait to see the Seahawks win and then the 49ers stupid players reaction … All the 49ers players are wannabe hip hop artists

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