Davone Bess had previously unreported run-in with police


Browns receiver Davone Bess’s arrest this morning for allegedly assaulting a police officer was not his first run-in with police.

The Miami Herald reports today that 10 months ago, six police officers were needed to restrain Bess during an incident in his home that ended up with Bess being hospitalized against his will. It is unclear why that incident never previously became public, and it is also unclear whether the Browns knew about it when they acquired Bess in a trade with the Dolphins a month later.

According to a Broward Sheriff’s Office report, during that previous incident Bess was screaming, “Hide the guns,” “Where is my weed,” and “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football.”

The arrest report for the incident this morning said that Bess was seen in the airport “acting irrationally,” singing and dancing with his pants falling down, and that when he was confronted by a police officer, he took off his shirt and assumed a fighting stance.

The 28-year-old Bess had a rough upbringing and spent 15 months in a juvenile detention center as a teenager, but during his NFL career he has been lauded for turning his life around, and the Dolphins even made him their Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee in 2011. During the 2013 season, however, reports began to surface that he was having personal and family problems, and the Browns shut him down for the season with two games left, citing an unspecified “illness.” Whatever problems Bess is having, here’s hoping he gets the help he needs.

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  1. If he’s mentally ill, then he needs to get some serious help just like fellow Dolphin and now Bear Brandon Marshall.

  2. This goes beyond team loyalties. I hope he gets some help. Football is secondary, if that, at this point.

  3. It would be interesting to find out if Ireland knew about this psychological breakdown and traded him anyway. And why do people assume the Browns did not know about the incidents.

    In any event, Bess was a good guy in Miami and obviously is in need of psychiatric help. The commissioner will have to ponder a little more about the use of weed by athlete. Too many of these guys go off on the off season.

  4. If I’ve learned anything in my life it is that the police aren’t your friends.

    They’ll serve and protect you to death.

    If he had a run in with police and lived to tell the story he should be boasting about still being alive.

  5. It’s so easy to call these athletes idiots but nobody knows what kind of pressure is on them and what not.. It’s too easy to say what YOU would do

  6. Give him a break.

    Anyone coming into close contact with the Cleveland GM, Mike Dumbardturdi, will exhibit irrational behavior (see Joe Bummer and Jimmy Haslam).

  7. I was wondering which institute (pun intended) of higher (again, pun intended) learning was kind enough to overlook this rather slight glitch in his school transcript to accept him behind their ivy covered walls? One must only assume that his grades were exemplarily sufficient enough in order to override his flights of fancy. His university, as well as The NCAA need to be called to account for once again accepting someone who had no business being allowed to matriculate, sanctioning and perpetuating yet another sham of the “student athlete” and then passing him onward and upward to The NFL, thereby making an already unstable personality to be placed in an environment that places a premium on the acting out of violence on a daily basis, to say nothing about making someone like this wealthy, enabled and completely unstructured on his off hours. How wonderful of The Fins to pass Bess and his problems clandestinely on to The Browns who deployed the solution of shutting him down with an “unspecified” illness, leaving the highly scientific as well as frequently successful program referred to above as the “here’s hoping he gets the help he needs” treatment. Problem solved, “NFL-Style.”

  8. doggeatdogg says:

    The commissioner will have to ponder a little more about the use of weed by athlete. Too many of these guys go off on the off season.

    Weed doesn’t cause behavior like this. Serious chemical imbalance or ecstasy will, I’ve seen guys hammered on gin and a few other types of alcohol hallucinate like this, but not weed.

    Once the cops heard him yelling “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football” all they had to do was yell “Go deep Davon, post route 20 yards downfield” and he would have turned and run into the wall full speed and knocked himself out.

  9. I’m thinking the Browns knew about it and ignored it to make a splash with a signing. Hope so anyway, otherwise it’s just another example of the knee jerk decisions this front office is getting to be known for.

  10. He’s still one of my favorite players. He’s a solid consistent receiver. I’d want him on my team!

  11. He did a great job with the Dolphins and by all accounts, was a good guy.

    I hope he gets the help he needs.

  12. Bess is lucky he wasn’t jumped on by 5 cops and smashed to the ground like is see on the tv. What on earth has happened to him to make him go of the rails like this. The man needs help fast.

  13. I wish him well. Depression is horrible. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It just …. is horrible.
    At least he didn’t hurt anyone else.
    I also wish him well.

  14. First of all the “Ask Brandon Weeden” comment was the greatest thing I’ve ever heard.

    And secondly, I hate that everyone is so quick to yell “mental illness!” therefore excuse info him from all of his actions because he is “sick”.

    Is he sick? Maybe. Or he just likes to do drugs and has gotten caught. This isn’t CSI. Sounds to me like he was high A.F. in the airport and got caught. Anyone who is surprised by this or surprised that he does drugs must be on drugs themselves. The first time I saw the dude I knew he smoked a ton of weed. He was yelling “rastafari” coming out of jail for goodness sake.

    The dude is clearly into the rastafari deal and he loves weed. And has gotten caught a few times being stupid. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad dude. But let’s not be so quick to say he is mentally ill so that we can absolve him of every wrong doing. Let’s not make mental illness an excuse for acting stupid.

  15. “Hide the guns,” “Where is my weed,” and “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football.”

    Sounds like a Peyton Manning audible.

  16. Another FUMBLE by Lombardi even worse, than signing the WR from Greenbay, who was injured andwent on the is list. wasn’t Bess to be a mentor to Gordon?

  17. The guy is obviously dealing with a mental illness. And judging by his age and the incidents it’s very possibly schizophrenia which would be very sad and scary. Hopefully Devone gets the help he needs.

  18. It took 10 months for the arrest,which occurred before the trade, to become public and reported in Miami. Yet today’s arrest broke within hours.Then coincidentally, the details of the 10 month old arrest is reported? HUGE COVERUP IN MIAMI! Watergate-ish.

  19. Only in Cleveland would it take SIX cops to subdue a slot receiver!! Too bad those 6 cops arent in the secondary! What a train wreck!

    Were letting Norv Turner and Ray Horton WALK because he REHIRED this blow hard douche bag from the NFL Network! FOR THE 2ND TIME!! Lombardi got it right the first time for sure!!

  20. This guy should be traded to the Jets.

    Rex Ryan, Geno Smith, Kellen Winslow, and now, Davone Bess. A hit reality TV show.

    Super Bowl!

  21. Sadly, this is another example of Joe Banner’s judgement as President of the Browns.

    Previously, in Philly, Banner made a name for himself due to his ability to manage the Eagles salary cap and negotiating contracts. But, at NO POINT in Banner’s 18 years with the Eagles was Banner in charge of the “football side” of their franchise.

    Joe Banner helped Jimmy Haslam with the purchase of the Browns and in exchange for that help, all Banner wanted was to be put in charge of the football side of the Browns. After the NFL approved the purchase of the Browns, Haslam handed the job as President of the Browns over to Joe Banner.

    I’ve been a Browns fan for over 50 yrs and I have never witnessed this degree of ineptness by Browns management. If Banner had experience and connections on the football side, researching Devon Bess’ past would have likely turned up his irrational conduct with the Dolphins.

    The Dolphins knew about Bess’ behavior and either didn’t tell the inexperienced Joe Banner or the Dolphins did tell Banner about Bess’ conduct and Banner made the deal with full knowledge of Bess’ conduct with the Dolphins.

    Anyway you cut it, the Devon Bess fiasco becomes another example of the inexperience and poor judgement by Browns management…aka, Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam.

    The only way the Browns can get out of this mess is if Haslam sells the team…or Haslam shows some leadership by replacing Banner with someone experienced in managing “the football side” of a franchise.

  22. This is why society is in the crapper..

    Now when people are irresponsible fools, they are “sick” and need mental help. It’s not the fact that they are immature millionaires who think they can do whatever they want when under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.

    Give me a damn break.

  23. With receivers like Davone Bess and Greg Little… no wonder Brandon Weeden looked so bad.

    – Davone Bess = 3rd most dropped passes in the NFL

    – Greg Little caught 41% of the passes targeted to him

    You would think with a name like WEEDen…. Bess and Little would have been more attentive.

  24. Sounds like he’s coming off bath salts.. or angel dust.. lol

    Irrational behavior, hope he wants to get help he obviously needs..

    Bess of Luck my man, don’t throw away your life.

  25. Sounds like he is having a mental health crisis. He either developed them as he’s gotten older or he’s using PVP. Synthetic marijuana will mess you up pretty bad too. He needs help.

  26. Obviously there’s something in the past that has caused him to go off the deep end.

    He grew up in California, went to college in Hawaii, played pro ball in Miami; then without warning, within hours, ends up in Cleveland… Next question.

    BTW, it’s been documented the Browns were fully aware of the previous incident prior to the trade.

  27. @ jrcoop: He has been having family issues (in Oakland). He overcame some problems before college and joining the pros and was a good guy in Miami.

    I think may be going on here is most likely an athlete who is seeing his career at risk due to poor performance on top of not being able to successfully cope with issues outside football, such as family.

    They turn to illicit substances to numb themselves from the inevitable. It was a complete shocker when he was traded from Miami. You have to wonder how he felt even knowing this is just part of the business.

    I hope Cleveland tries to help him before cutting him. The off season hasn’t officially begun and the career self saboteurs are coming out en force.

  28. ceejayb says: Jan 18, 2014 8:23 AM

    This is why society is in the crapper..

    Give me a damn break.


    Or society could be in the crapper because there are obnoxious, outspoken cynics who ridicule anything that they don’t understand.

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