DeAngelo Hall tries to back away from Redskins remark


If you play cornerback for the Washington professional football team, at some point there must be mandatory training on how to backpedal on the team’s nickname.

Hall of Famer Darrell Green did it last summer, and now current cornerback DeAngelo Hall is the latest to step slowly away from suggesting his employer’s mascot might be considered offensive to some.

After saying Thursday they “probably should” change the Redskins to something else, he came back Friday to clarify his position, saying he was caught off guard by the question.

“I was definitely surprised and thought I answered it as best I could,” Hall said, via Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “I guess, going back reading it, I didn’t see the exact extent of it and if I said that through the course of the interview.”

Like most current players, he had tried to stay out of the controversy, but said he understood the sensitivity of the topic.

“Back in the day, people dropped the N-word just like they were saying, ‘Hey, bro.’ Now, it means a whole heck of a lot for us,” Hall said. “Is this the same thing? I’m not Native American. I have some in my background – my granddad was part – but I can’t claim to understand where they’re coming from or their viewpoint, so for me to say what’s right or wrong or what should be changed is out of my pay grade.

“That decision ultimately — you know me, all teammates and I have stayed away from this topic. It’s one where you really can’t be right. Somebody’s going to view it one way, and somebody’s going to view it the other way. So, it’s not my team, as far as owning the team to make a change. That burden falls on Dan Snyder and the rest of the ownership committee.”

Having talked in a few complete circles, he probably should have stopped then, but he kept going.

“I was just trying to say that, ‘Hey, things 50 years ago are not what they are now. Will it change? Who knows,’” Hall said. “But, I love the name. I love the name. I have a Redskins head tat on my leg. Me growing up a Redskins fan and having an opportunity to play for them was the best honor I could have.”

Of course, he’s also a free agent, and he might appreciate the opportunity to cash some more of Snyder’s checks, which might sway his opinion a bit as well.

14 responses to “DeAngelo Hall tries to back away from Redskins remark

  1. Actually I thought that was the most concise and honest assessment of the situation I’ve seen. D’ just talked his way around the track a couple of times to emphasize the point.

  2. “Back in the day, people dropped the N-word just like they were saying, ‘Hey, bro.’

    And you think this has changed why? If anything, it’s more prevalent.

  3. Look at American film history and you will see the evolution of racist type nicknames in our country. Watch any old westerns and you’ll learn throughout history in film and in real life the terms Chief, Kemosabe, and Tonto have been the main derogatory and race laden terms used in our country to degrade the Native Americans. Not Once did they ever use the term Redskin in any of those manners. You never even hear it in movies. The term Indian itself is a negative descriptor of the Native inhabitants of this continent. So if you want to compare derogatory terms that are on the same level as using the N word, you will find the closet runner up is the term “Chief” when referring to Native Americans. I have personally seen and heard Native americans here in San diego, which has the largest population of native americans in the entire country mind you, refer to on another very proudly as Skins and Red Skins.. So go bother Kansas City with this Crap!

  4. This is why players are told in the beginning of their careers, don’t talk about politics or social issues, you can never win and will always have to backtrack.

  5. He was simply trying to say the helmet would look nicer with his face on it instead of a random native American .

  6. Considering the “trail of tears” this team caused its fans last year, perhaps its slur of a name is appropriate.

  7. This is why football is so awesome… everyone is consumed by the name of a 3-13 team.

    The number one franchise in MLB uses an ethnic slur and no one cares.

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