Dwayne Bowe thinks everyone is out to get him

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Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe saW his dollars go up but his numbers go down in 2013.  Even worse than the dip in on-field production was an off-field incident that resulted in a November arrest.

Bowe thinks it goes with his high-rent, five-year, $56 million territory.

“Everybody’s aiming for you and waiting on you to get into trouble,” Bowe recently told WHB 810 in Kansas City, via Adam Teicher of ESPN.com.  “People try to persuade you to do things to get you [in trouble].  That’s the only bad thing once you sign.  The world wants you to fail.  That’s the hard part about it.  When you sign that [contract] . . . you’ve got to live right.  That’s the hard part.  You’re trying to live right and the police [are] after you, everybody wants a piece of Dwayne Bowe and I had to learn that the hard way.  That’s how it is.”

Of course, plenty of other players have made plenty more money without feeling persecuted.  Bowe seems to think his geographic location is an issue, and not just for law enforcement.

“It’s not them, it’s everybody,” Bowe said of the police.  “When you’re in a town where there’s not a whole lot going on, bad media is good media.  You’ve just got to stay calm and stay collected like I [am] now and just move in silence.”

He wasn’t silent about his arrest for marijuana possession.

“The people close around me and my team and the organization know I had nothing to do with that,” Bowe said.  “I was being profiled.  It will all come to light in February.  It wasn’t a distraction because my teammates know and my family knows. I was being watched and being followed.

“Whoever knows Dwayne knows the truth about it and knows what kind of guy I am.  I just can’t wait until it’s all over so the world will know instead of [just] the people that are close to me what really happened.”

The Chiefs stood behind him, in part because they had no real choice.  His contract paid a $15 million signing bonus, and $4.5 million of his 2014 base salary is fully guaranteed.  The rest of it becomes fully guaranteed on March 14.

Next year, the Chiefs have a bit more flexibility.  For now, though, if there’s anyone in Kansas City not out to get Bowe, it’s the NFL team that plays there.

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  1. I think there is some truth to what he says. People love a good failure. However, if you are living the right way, there’s nothing to “catch” you on. You want to be a millionaire professional Dwayne, act like one.

  2. Dwayne:
    Here’s a thought…DON’T BREAK THE LAW! The job of the police is to uphold the law. You broke the law, you got arrested. Funny how that works. Stop blaming other people or society as a whole for your poor choices. Be a man, accept responsibility for your actions, learn from them and move on. This “nobody like me, everybody hates me” rant comes off as petulant and whiny. You broke the law, you’re facing the consequences for that choice, so man up and face them. Stay within the law and the police will be more than happy to leave you alone.

  3. As a former police officer who has arrested someone way more famous than Mr. Bowe, it is a process that sucks.

    The LAST thing I want is unnecessary scrutiny that comes with being involved in the arrest of a public figure. If that is something you want, you won’t be the police for very long.

    Get over yourself, Mr. Bowe.

  4. It’s hard to hide stupid when one opens his mouth.

    A wise man once said:

    “Better to be assumed stupid but silent, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt!”

    Dwayne, I understand that 6th grade logic-you can’t quite comprehend.

    I will dissect it for you: SHUT UP!

  5. Dwight: Michael, Why do you keep looking at the front door?
    Michael: No reason.
    Dwight: Is somebody after you?
    Oscar: Why do you always go to that? Has anyone ever been after anyone in this office?
    Dwight: Hey, it just takes one

  6. Dwayne needs to look in the mirror, quit blaming other people, and learn personal responsibility. Because that’s what really comes with signing a big contract.

  7. Dwayne has always been his own worst enemy when he gets in front of a microphone (search on Dwayne Bowe importing women for example) and this is no different. He just needs to be quiet.

    That said, the refusal to take ownership of his actions or even admit any wrongdoing isn’t because of the money. That attitude is all too pervasive at all levels of American society. He just gets more attention for it because he’s a public figure.

  8. Nothing to do with it? Well they found marijuana. I could say it if it was me because I am not dumb enough to HAVE MARIJUANA. Another thought, sometimes you should just stay home!!

  9. And be thankful for that contract. Most WR’s that get that contract dont drop 20 passes a year.

  10. The Chiefs don’t need this guy. There are better WR’s out there and he has been a disappointment for the last couple of seasons. He’s had some spectacular catches, but he’s not worth the money he is making and the way he’s talking about KC and the people let’s us know that he doesn’t like where he’s at. Get rid of him, KC. You can do much better for cheaper.

  11. Hes a clown , always been a clown …contract justified his clown ness so naturally its everybody else’s fault and the enabling of another pro athlete continues……

  12. The most entertaining part of his diatribe is when he speaks in the third person. Why do the particularly dumb athletes always do that?

  13. His argument in court next month:

    “Your honor, Dwayne Bowe was set up. I mean everybody who knows Dwayne Bowe knows that Dwayne Bowe doesn’t do things like that and it’s only because Dwayne Bowe got a big contract that Dwayne Bowe got framed. Dwayne Bowe is a good citizen. Dwayne Bowe is innocent. Dwayne Bowe could use a sandwich so can we hurry this along and acquit the charges against Dwayne Bowe already? I mean it’s clear that officer’s argument is full of Dwayne Bowe. You should just drop the charges like I drop passes.”

  14. Speaking on Dwayne’s behalf just let me say this. I think his lawyer planted the “profiling” issue in his head and that could very well be true.

    The other stuff about realtives, friends, ect wanting a piece of his money is true as well. He just didn’t verbalize it very well and it came off like everyone was out to get him.

    He’s a good guy, just doesn’t speak that well sometimes. It was just a small amount of pot anyway. Legal in Denver and no big deal.

  15. Hell come back to the Bayou State we could use an upgrade at the WR position. Plus you would have a way better QB getting you the football and you wouldn’t have to worry about the police. NOPD isn’t going to arrest you for simple possession of weed hell they got more murders to solve than they know what to do with.

  16. Perhaps he needs to go back to college and take a speech course on public speaking. However with the rap culture that most NFL players have come from it may be the only way he knows how to talk. Or perhaps like Mike Vick he needs to watch out the people he hangs out with. Bill

  17. When he says that people around him “know I had nothing to do with that,” I am not certain what he means. Is he saying he was falsely accused, as in he did not have any pot, or is he saying it was planted? I do not understand his point. It appears as though there are not too many ways to go here: either he had, and the police discovered weed, or he did not have pot and he is intimating the officers PLANTED it. The only other option would be his declaration that he is completely innocent in this instance, hence his remarks about things “coming to light.” On the other hand, he could simply be demonstrating his inability to take responsibility for his choices in life, or WORSE, thinks he is entitled to “special” treatment due to his “high rent” salary. I know which of the above option I have selected to believe.

  18. you people keep talking about “marijuana causes paranoia”,, i am over 60 and would like to tell all you armchair psychiatrists that this is true only if you are a paranoid person who is afraid of, say, death, in the first place. the REAL reason to equate marijuana with paranoia is: (get this now, say it with me) it is illegal. jail time/fines, etc follow. get that? marijuan effect people differently. there are NO absolutes

  19. there are NO absolutes
    Isn’t that statement an oxymoron?
    Here is an absolute…you are absolutely accusing everyone else of being an armchair psychiatrist, while you are practicing armchair psychiatry.

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