Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Josh Thomas each fined $7,875

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There was a lot of chippiness in last Sunday’s 49ers victory over the Panthers and three players have been fined for infractions during the game.

PFT has confirmed with the league that 49ers running back Frank Gore was fined $7,875 for grabbing Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis’ facemask while pass blocking during the second quarter of the game. The play was penalized during the game. 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin was not penalized for a head butt, but was fined the same amount as Gore.

Panthers cornerback Captain Munnerlyn was penalized for a head butt during the game, which helped the 49ers move into position for a field goal, but did not get fined by the league. Cornerback Josh Thomas did pick up a $7,875 fine for throwing a punch in the direction of 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton, however.

Panthers safety Mike Mitchell was not fined after getting penalized for hitting a defenseless Vernon Davis nor was 49ers linebacker Dan Skuta fined after being flagged for roughing the passer.

20 responses to “Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Josh Thomas each fined $7,875

  1. Crazy how Frank Gore gets fined but Mitchell doesn’t. Gore has to be one of the more classiest guys in the league and they get him for a face mask. Those things happen every game. Then everyone knows Mitchell is a fake tough guy, trying to be an enforcer but going about it all the wrong ways.

  2. Throwing a punch is the same fine as a penalty flag(Face Mask) unbelievable. Rather the punch landed or not he still took a swing.

  3. Penalty on Dan Skuta was one of the worst penalties all year. Cam Newton spun right into him and Skuta got a 15 yard penalty for roughing the passer. Terrible call.

  4. Why is a facemask penalty being fined? Are they going to start fining holding calls and PI’s too? WTF is going on? It almost sounds like its end of the month and the NFL has to meet their fines quota. geez luissss.

  5. That skuta penalty was terrible! Kaepernick hed the exact same thing happen to him against Atlanta and no flag(rightfully so).

  6. You know what Mitchell wasn’t fined- because it was a legal hit and one of the many garbage calls from that game.

  7. Kinda funny how the Panthers were getting flagged on the field for incidents the league did not deem worthy of a fine, yet the 9ers had similar infractions were the refs tucked the towels away and now the league fines them for these instances. But by all means it was called fair both ways.

  8. I understand boldin sorta since we was flagged but panther guy was. Panthers got flagged and not fined then why didn’t gore get same treatment. The attempted punch deserved the biggest fine.

  9. Just the NFL doing some house-keeping. The Niners beat the Panthers because they were better that day. It was about even before half-time. But the calls made in the first half were abysmal. If you call one team for an offense you must also call the other for the same. It puts the NFL in the neighbor-hood of professional wrestling.

  10. Tell me what would you rather have as a team a flag thrown on you and no fine or no flag and a fine. Easy huh. So who got the better of that deal?

  11. Boldin is a punk who gets away with Off. pass Int. way too much. Not to mention his little boy antics after plays. Should have been penalized at least 3 times against panthers. They say players take on their head coaches personality. I guess that’s true cause JH is a cry-baby.

  12. The officiating was wildly inconsistent. 49ers deserved to win, but neither side could keep up with the criteria for penalties because it changed every time the wind changed direction. As a follow-up, the NFL has issued wildly inconsistent fines.


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