Geno Smith involved in dispute with flight attendant on plane

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Jets quarterback Geno Smith was reminded today that when you’re not on your team’s chartered flight, air travel is a headache.

Smith reportedly left a plane and was escorted out of a Los Angeles International Airport terminal after a dispute with a flight attendant today.

Deadspin published a photo of Smith talking to police officers and quoted a witness as saying that Smith “continued to curse and be loud for about 5 minutes” in a dispute with a ticket agent.

According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Smith was questioned by police and released, with no arrest, after a dispute with a flight attendant who yanked Smith’s headphones away from him after he refused to take them off while he was on the plane before takeoff. Cimini’s report says Smith left the plane voluntarily and sought the police himself.

The Jets offered a brief statement saying, “We are aware of the report and are researching the facts. We will have no comment at this time.”

138 responses to “Geno Smith involved in dispute with flight attendant on plane

  1. And the jets thought they had problems with Sanchizes hair bands……lmfao Eveidently, lil miss diva Geno, doesn’t realize he was the worst QB in the NFL last year.

  2. This nonsense of taking your headphones off on a plane to listen to some FAA rubbish is BS. Geno should’ve asked if she wanted to be his Uncle Tom, and she better never touch the headphones again if she wants to breathe without the use of a hose.

  3. He is a turd..this jet fan really hopes they draft or sign a real quarterback next year. No more geno stiff..

  4. Really? Apparently nobody else in the comment section has ever flown because if some hack flight attendant ripped my headphones off my head I would go ballistic too.

  5. Pretty ballsy of the flight attendant to yank his headphones away. I’d probably be pissed too. I tell you, this 911 thing has made everyone associated with the government think they can do whatever they want in the name of “safety,” and they think they can make you pay for it all too. The government is out of control, and the current administration has accelerated government control over the people exponentially.

  6. At least he didnt kill 3 people like patriot players. I guess its the “patriot way” without the cameras

  7. “Mr Smith, may I remind you of how many interceptions you threw this season?” I bet that was the straw.

  8. This is not good because Kellen Winslow was supposed to pick him up when he arrived. He’s probably just sitting in his car now…waiting…..waiting….. what on earth is he going to do with all that time?

  9. I almost cut my hair
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  10. Not a good week for Gotham City with “ARoid”, “Toy Soldier” Winslow and Geno “Dud” Smith.

  11. My god, you people are acting as if he screamed”I have a bomb”. It’s a simple matter of he didn’t hear the attendant, she ripped his headphones out, if it were me, I’d probably be pissed off too.

  12. I want my mommie. cause i have no dad to teach me manners and rules but i’m newly rich and entitled now so let the team handle my sorry a..

  13. I’m with Geno. Ever since 9/11, these idiot glorified waitresses who work on airplanes think they’re Jack Bauer.
    Just calm down and go get me a ginger ale, toots.

  14. There are some so undisciplined and lacking self restraint that they cannot behave themselves in modern human society.

    They are shackled and removed.

  15. Yeah, some FAA regulations are ridiculous, but that’s the way it is. How many commenters on here could get away with “cursing” at a flight attendant and the airport police without it being CNN breaking news?

  16. wow. lots of negativity and high expectations on the rookie. Jets are such a distinguished franchise that they expect the ghost of joe namath. He didn’t cause any problems while he was in Morgantown. And flying always brings out the best in people.

  17. Why the animosity for Geno on this? If a flight attendant snatched any of my personal property away from me when I was on a plane, I would be livid too. Plus, he could have had his music turned off, but the headphones still on. I do that all the time. I think he got recognized, and some flight attendant tried to cash in by making Geno angry, hoping he would do something stupid they could sue him for.

  18. I think the guy is a total loser BUT nobody is going to pull off my headphones off either.

    That lady’s job is to escalate issues like this to the authorities, not take it upon herself to put her hands on someone.

    Aside from refusing to take them off to begin with it sounds like he handled the situation correctly.

  19. Not a Jets fan but these flight attendants get more and more aggressive every year. They know that even if they start the problem they have carte blanche and the airline, TSA and air marshalls will cover for them.

    Ripping the dudes headphones off because he didn’t want to take them off before the flight had even left? Power tripping.

  20. Less than a year and he has a nude pic out by a scorned mistress, and getting booted off a flight! He’s year round entertainment! Just not on the field of course.

  21. When you fly on a schedule flight not a Jets charter, just do what they ask. Who the hell does Geno Smith think he is?? He sucks as a QB, and needs to quit thinking he’s important, because he isn’t.

  22. Perhaps he should have explained that he was removing his headphones but the flight attendant intercepted them.

    Coming from Geno, seems like a believable story.

  23. I hate the Jets, but this is crap. I flew this morning & probably 1/3 of the people had ear buds or headphones. I usually settle in with something to read & some music. You don’t have to turn off your handheld electronics before takeoff any more. This is idiotic. Anyone who flies on a regular basis had heard the speech plenty of times.

    He shouldn’t have cursed& been an ass, but it doesn’t make the airline right.

  24. It’s too bad he wasn’t this aggressive on the playing field, he looked like he was afraid for his life.

  25. I wear my headphones all the time during takeoff they are not plugged into to anything they are just blocking out everyone else until I hear the magic words its ok to turn on electronic devices, never had a problem.

  26. EJ Manuel has been far from perfect on the field, but you certainly don’t have to worry about him being an off field embarrassment like this. This Bills fan is very glad we got the right (or at least better) QB

  27. If he feels this much entitlement after having such a lackluster season, I don’t even want to imagine what he would have done to that flight attendant if he had a decent season.

  28. The flight attendant is out of bounds. Ask him to listen; request the headphones be removed; if it is just in his best interest and doesn’t jeopardize anyone else’s personal safety, then, keep your dang hands to yourself. And if such aggression is airline policy, rescind it and instead ask a waiver be signed. Who hasn’t flown and heard that speech countless time? Never invade anyone’s personal space!

  29. The flight attendant is out of bounds. Request he listen to the message; request he remove the headphones; if he chooses not to comply, and it only serves his best interest and doesn’t jeopardize anyone else’s personal safety, then, stifle your power tripping and keep your “dag on” hands to yourself. And if the aggression is company policy, it needs to rescinded; and, instead, have him sign a waiver. This was not a cause to violate his predilection or personal space! Who hasn’t flown and heard those set of instruction countless times!

  30. This from the same guy who fired his agent because he dropped to the second round in last year’s NFL Draft? Come on man!

    There’s a thing called FCC regulations and they apply to all passengers on commercial flights.

  31. He was probably in First Class, along with some fairly distinguished others. “Act like you’ve been there before.” comes to mind. Jeeze! Some people!

  32. I hate the Jets and think Geno blows, but if she grabbed them off his head, I don’t blame him for making a fuss. She’s lucky he didn’t clock her. That is an assault. I’m sure he’d be charged if he grabbed her hat off her head.

  33. First Kellen now Geno. That Jets PR department may feel a need for a raise. Why hasn’t the NFL figured out a way to keep these guys gainfully employed year round to help avoid problems.

  34. How do u spell cancer ?? Geno Smith !!..apologizes to any cancer patients..😢…no harm intended..🙈🙉🙊

  35. What do you expect from him? He’s been coached by Rex Ryan.
    Maybe he should ask Kellen Winslow, Jr for a ride next time. At least he’ll make it as far as the airport parking lot.

  36. I stopped feeling sorry for the Jets because they keep signing these idiots.

    When is enough enough?

  37. You have to have a big sack to rip the headphones off the head of a 6 foot 2 inch 220 lb black dude…

    To me, Geno would have been well within his rights to knock that person out. Nobody would do that to me and get away with it.

  38. “flight attendant who yanked Smith’s headphones away from him after he refused to take them off while he was on the plane before takeoff. ”

    Yeah,that’s called assault. As a Patriots fan and someone who flies about 80 times s year the only thing I hate more than the Jers are the airlines and ornery FAs. I’m siding with Geno here.

  39. This is more evidence that Geno just doesn’t understand what it means to be a leader and that he is a BUST.

  40. A flight attendant who yanked Smith’s headphones away from him after he refused to take them off ?


    Was he flying coach?

  41. Not sure where the source of this article was but Geno Smith was not on a plane, he was at the ticket counter awaiting a flight to Vegas. The ticket agent told him he needed to come back at 2:40 and he didn’t like the fact that he had to wait.

    Note to you travelers that don’t visit hel(L)AX often.
    That is not the facility you want to cause a ruckus at.

  42. Lest we forget we are dealing with children. Yes I know they are of legalize and are quite large but it is the maturity level I speak of. You may be a certain age chronologically but mentally 10 years younger. Sadly this is the case with not all but many professional athletes. They just seem to be digressing every year.

  43. So now Flight Attendants are now Correction Officers who snatch personal property from passengers. I wish someone would try to claim that Geno was wrong for being upset, and that the Airline was right putting their hands on him and removing him from the flight. That attendant did that looking for a lawsuit, they would not have done that to an ordinary passenger.

  44. they can’t follow rules or go one day without an incident. at least he wasn’t hammering it on the plane

  45. It doesn’t matter if the rules are stupid. It’s a rule and he is not exempt. But I guess bring a QB in the NFL makes him exempt from the rules! He is a loser!

  46. “It was because I was black.”

    What is it about Jet QBs who have their head up their ass?

    This guy really is dumb as he looks.

  47. I don’t really understand the problem here. I fly at least once a month and people wear their headphones all the time whether or not listening to music..some are just noise canceling. Also, since you’re allowed to have your phone on in airplane mode during takeoff you could be listening to music….whys everyone making such a big deal of this?

  48. Before we chasties this kid we need to know all the facts…He was throwing his peanuts to the guy in row 32 seat 6 and the lady in row 30 seat 2 intercepted them…..He was arguing with the flight attendant that the kid sitting next to him interfered with his throw…..The guy is a jackwagon

  49. “This nonsense of taking your headphones off on a plane to listen to some FAA rubbish is BS”

    If someone (an airline, for instance) is offering you a service but with rules attached, you have two choices: accept them or don’t use their service. How hard its that to understand? If you aren’t willing to follow an airline’s rules, don’t fly. You don’t want to wear a shirt or shoes? Don’t go into restaurants. You want to smoke? Stay out of public buildings.

    Don’t be that guy who says, “Sure they SAY not to bring a knife through security, but that’s for terrorists. I’m not going to hijack the plan so their rule is BS.” Unless you want to be someone’s “special friend” in jail…

  50. I predict that in the next few weeks, Rex will announce that the QB position is open competition, which includes Mark Sanchez. I predict that Rex will name Sanchez the starter going into pre-season.

  51. So a report from a different source (NY Daily News) states that he was asked three times to get off of his CELL PHONE, not remove his headphones. Makes a lot more sense (whether or not you believe the tripe that cell phones are a navigation hazard).

  52. He was listening to the following loop instruction:
    “Geno, breathe in….. breathe out……”

  53. I am always astounded by the battles people choose to fights. Of all things to dig in on, not wanting to take your headphones off before a flight takes off?

    Good lord.

  54. If a guy can’t follow simple instructions like ‘please turn your electronics off for a few minutes’ no wonder he can’t be coached up into a professional quarterback. This clown is not long for the league.

    Welcome your new QB, Hamilton Tiger Cats.

  55. How dare a mundane not listen to an official. Serves him right. This is a post 9/11 world. Your “rights” don’t exist any more. What don’t you understand? You’re with us or against us. Don’t ask questions.


  56. I bet he said”Do you know who I am?” Well, yes we know who you are just another spoiled brat, that is over paid and a loser.

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