Patriots rule one out with illness, to keep germs at bay

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The Patriots have already ruled one player out for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, likely to keep him away from the rest of the team on the long plane ride.

According to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, linebacker Steve Beauharnais has been ruled out with an illness. He probably got it from noted germ-carrier Tom Brady earlier this week.

Of course, Beauharnais has been a healthy inactive 13 times this year, so it’s not a major blow.

They listed wide receivers Aaron Dobson (foot) and Kenbrell Thompkins (concussion, hip) as questionable, along with punter Ryan Allen (shoulder). But since they didn’t sign another punter this week, it’s reasonable to conclude he’ll be available.

Otherwise, everyone else on the injury report is listed as probable. Wide receiver Danny Amendola (groin) was  a full particpant after being limited the previous two days.

18 responses to “Patriots rule one out with illness, to keep germs at bay

  1. I don’t care what anyone says, I really think the Patriots can keep it close this weekend and WILL NOT get blown out.

  2. Not that there’s ever a good time to get the flu, but if you’re on the roster of a team that’s still in the hunt, there’s no worse time to have it show up.

  3. It’s a shame because there would have been plenty of herbal medicines awaiting….get well Steve

  4. Denver will likely turn up the heat to 90 degrees in the Pats locker room like Indy did 7 years ago. Make those flu sufferers pay!

  5. He’s hardly been on the field this season when there’s been plenty of opportunities for the 2nd and 3rd string to get out there.

    Much rather lose him than most of the other defenders left.

  6. Ask Bill Cowher about Cheating you trolls. Still cannot figure out why pft did not mention that Cowher said everyone cheated and spygate meant nothing.

  7. Where is the mention of Broncos losing draft picks and being fined 1million back in the late 90’s when Elway won his superbolws?

    Turns out they were shaving their cap numbers – paying players X amount, and padding their books to say they only pay them Y. So they were circumventing the cash to make it look like it was legit. Funny how this one never gets brought up…Right Darin Gantt?

  8. Its funny how Donkeys by hiring a rented QB who will go in Hall of Fame as from Indy, are talking.

    It looks like Jets and the Fair weather fans have moved to the Mile still have not won anything yet..

  9. The Broncos were NOT fined once for cap circumvention. They were fined TWICE! Both times were in reference to Denver’s 2 SB champion teams of 97 and 98.

    Fined 968K and a 3rd rounder in the 2002 draft
    Fined 950K and a 3rd rounder in the 2005 draft
    Also, one of the agents “donated” 100K to charity for his involvement too.

    So, all the haters who say the Pats’ titles are tainted are just that–haters. They’re jealous hypocrites who pretend to be purveyors of justice yet turn a blind eye to other teams who have done far worse.

    Let’s not forget that the 49ers were also fined for cap circumvention in the 90s with team fines and agent “donations” totalling well over a million dollars. Let’s also not forget that the Cowboys of the 90s did the same thing the Patriots were doing. No one claims the Cowboys’ titles are tainted. Let’s not forget that Bill Cowher has recently come out and said Spygate was nothing. Also, he was an assistant coach on a team with Dungy and Herm Edwards (KC) where a top scout employed “Spygate” methods too. This guy showed Jimmy Johnson this method. This guy went to TB with Dungy and continued. Cowher and Dungy are on record as saying they never got anything from those tapes.

    And, it’s funny how the NFL has changed its policy regarding team cameras on the sideline now. Remember the guys in the lime green vests? Those guys are taping for “in house productions”.

    So in the end, it’s simple jealousy. That’s it.

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