ProFootballTalk: Who is under the most pressure this weekend?

With the conference championship games just around the corner, the ProFootballTalk crew discuss the players and coaches who are under pressure.

2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Who is under the most pressure this weekend?

  1. I’m not a NE fan or a Denver fan…. but this is a very very easy question to answer: All the pressure is on Manning. After all, this is how this all plays out come Monday:

    If the Patriot’s lose: Most won’t be very surprised. Denver is the better team, the Patriots are hurting, and Manning has on-field weapons that Brady could only dream of right now. Manning is suppose to win this game, and the Patriots won’t take it on the chin if they lose (baring a late collapse or something).

    Not to mention Brady/Belichick’s legacies are already untouchable with three rings, and two more unsuccessful trips to the Super Bowl. Oh, and Brady has more playoff wins than any other QB in history, and Belichick is one win away from tying the coaching playoff win record. Their legacies don’t get damaged by a lose this weekend. At all.

    If Denver loses: Its far more bleak for Manning should he fail to win this game however. No matter how it happens, Manning would be annihilated by the football media for a loss. He’s the favorite. He had a record breaking, MVP season and anything short of a Super Bowl will be considered a huge failure at this point.

    The worst part? That’s a familiar story for Manning. He’s had a lot of really good seasons in which he got to the playoffs and failed to win, or worse, threw games away (literally at times). His playoff record is bellow .500 and he has several very memorable choke jobs over the years that have cost him that elusive second Super Bowl. Without said second SB, Manning will never be able to shake the notion (fair or not) that he can’t win the big games… and a failure to win this game, in which he is the favorite, will only add to that.

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