Reggie McKenzie says Dennis Allen was never in jeopardy


The fact he went 4-12 again, and the fact he works for the Raiders, made it natural to think coach Dennis Allen was on the hot seat this year.

But Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie said that was never the case, even as speculation grew, telling Allen he had nothing to worrry about.

“I took it upon myself to just say, ‘Hey, man, all the stuff that’s out there, I don’t know where that’s coming from, but just coach these guys, let’s get going,'” McKenzie said, via Paul Gutierrez of “It was not an issue with me. I understand how things kind of go in different directions when it gets toward the end of the season throughout the league when [people are] predicting who’s going to be in, who’s going to be out. I understood all that. But I wasn’t going to play into that.

“I wasn’t going to . . . put out a fire that wasn’t there.”

The Raiders knew there was a degree of raze that had to come before the rebuild, but the speculation about Allen’s status was normal. But with another chance, and cap room for McKenize to add players this offseason, there will be a greater expectation on both of them.

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  1. It was just the losers who want to see a new HC every year or two.

    Stability is here, like it or not.

    Now the Raiders real season begins. 🙂

  2. Given that the Raiders have 60mil+ cap room and a full complement of draft picks there is absolutely no excuse for the team not to show major improvement on the field in 2014. We’ll now definitively see if Reggie is actually capable of competently making key player acquisition decisions.

    If the team does improve to at least 7-9/8-8 then the current regime should be retained. Otherwise, I think that BOTH McKenzie and Allen should be fired and a new GM & HC should be brought in.

    (and I think it was a mistake to blow the team up over 2 years. I think it ALL should’ve been done in McKenzie’s first year. In that way the improvements could’ve started in 2013 so it wouldn’t have been a wasted year)

  3. From 1963 to 1993 the Raiders had 5 losing seasons…5 head coaches

    From 1994 to present the Raiders have had 4 winning seasons…11 head coaches

    Since 1995 only 2 head coaches remained 2 seasons or longer; Jon Gruden…and now Dennis Allen

    Gruden is responsible for 2 of the 4 winning seasons since 1994.

    Callahan and Shell are the other 2….

  4. With the way my Raiders looked the second half of the season and with as many draft picks Reggie whiffed on both of their jobs should have been in jeopardy . I get the cap problems but they were not even competing after Thanksgiving . I saw no heart and that is inexcusable . I would have loved to have seen a Rob Ryan type come in if only to ignite some fire . But yes ….you both should get ONE more year .

  5. I agree with Steve Corkran…If anyone should have been fired after the last two seasons it was Reggie McKenzie more than D.A.

    1) Two sub-par drafts (with limited picks to begin with)

    2) Terrible end to the relationship with Carson Palmer (who the team invested A LOT in draft picks and money…Who by the way went to lead his new team to 10-6).

    3) Unwise trade (and contract) for Matt Flynn (in fact had done NOTHING for two years really to improve QB play…Which is CRITICAL in building a winner.

    Granted he has done well with some FAs (Woodsen, Jennings, Porter, Jenkins, etc.), but if he doesn’t have a good 2014 off-season (and DA has a better 2014 season) then they both are CANNED and Mark Davis will throw every penny he has at John Gruden!

  6. As a Raider fan, there are still so many holes in the roster. But the Raiders have to address the D line for the future. I have some misgivings with Clowney because I’m afraid he has a motor that runs only 30% of the time, but the team has to address the DT position and find another DE to go with Houston. (Secondary needs youth as well.)

    The only reason I wouldn’t say get a QB this year is because we’ve seen what happens to QBs that have no supporting cast. They turn into David Carr.

    Pick up a couple talented OLs. Building the line. Get a few O-weapons and then bring in your QB of the future.

  7. PS – Pryor deserves a shot at starting the entire season. He has the skill set to compensate for some of the weaknesses of the offense. And he’s been one of the few leaders – first one in and the last one out each day. The team needs player leadership and this kid is leading by example.

  8. It’s all about the quarterback in the NFL. ALL other positions come in tied for last. Dennis Allen doesn’t have one. Kudos to McKenzie for recognizing he has a good young coach that has both hands tied behind his back.

  9. I don’t know of one GM that has hit on every single decision…Ozzie drafted Kyle Boller….so I’m not gonna get on RM’s case for not hitting on everythng he’s tried.

    His first draft he didn’t pick until the 3rd round and got Bergstrom who’s been hurt more than he’s helped…I can’t blame RM for that. The rest of that draft got us some solid depth in Burris and Crawford. 2 solid depth guys from round 4-7? Cool with me.

    His second draft he got Hayden and Watson in the first 2 rounds…Hayden almost died a few months earlier and it’s not really that shocking that he’d hit a wall in his first season after having no offseason to get healthy. Watson was a reach but looks to be a solid player…again when healthy. He got Sio Moore in the 3rd who should be a terror this season and solid depth in Rivera and McGee. If Murray gets back healthy that draft could see 3 starters and 3 more rotational guys on the opening day roster.

    Roach, Woodson, Sims, Porter, Jenkins….

    I don’t get how we’ve been crying for continuity for YEARS and yet now we are dying to change it all back up after finally getting a clean deck…you know…like we’d been dying for for YEARS! We now have a real NFL salary cap situation, no more Al schollys and real options to build a team thru a single philosophy. I’ll take that.

  10. All Raider fans do realize that if Reggie screws
    this up, you will be seeing 4-12 seasons for another decade. I love the Raiders but there no
    way I would let a rookie gm and coach do this type of tear down. The biggest decision reggie
    had to make was in regards to Palmer, he dumped him because he was 12 million…then
    he brings in matt Flynn and gives him eight……….
    that’s a major turd. Give him a break, as some
    would say,…sorry this year is a make or break
    for another decade…myself there is no way u give
    a green horn this type of job.

  11. This team is still a big question mark for 2014. No starting QB, no depth at just about every position, and really a lack of top notch talent. The only player was Marcel Reese to make the pro bowl as a second teamer, and he did not even touch the ball until the second half of the year (why?). This is not a team that a couple of nice free agent pick ups and the draft is going to catapult them to the playoffs.

    I hope the rebuilding process starts with the o-line and QB positions. John Madden always preached that you build a team starting with the O-line. Of course they have to bring back Veldheer, but I really hope they target center Alex Mack of the browns in FA and move Wiz back to guard which is his best fit. Bergstrom has to step up, and Watson has to stay healthy. Just a lot of what if’s for this team, and a brutal 2014 schedule and stacked division.

    It should be a better year, but the what if’s are just to to many to get excited, even with 70 million dollars to spend this year.

    2015 will be the year the Raiders break out, not this year.

  12. 3 coaches went 8-24 their first two years and kept their jobs. Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, and Dennis Allen.

    Walsh kept his job because he improved from 2 wins to 6 wins.

    Jimmy Johnson kept his job because he improves from 1 win to 7 wins.

    Dennis Allen inherited a team that was 8-8 that had no O Line problems, No QB problem, and DB/D Mac that averaged over 5 yards per carry.

    2012: under Dennis Allen the team regressed to 4-12
    2013: stayed 4-12 playing a considerably weaker schedule, and now the team has QB issues, O Line issues, No True starting RB.

    Look Man, as a GM you look for one of the Top 32 coaches in the country. The Elite, the best of the best. A coach that will make a significant impact on your franchise and affect change.Reggie Mckenzie could have hired any average run of the mill coach to give him the results that Dennis Allen has given him.

  13. Anyone who backs this headcoaching plebe needs their head examined or did not watch the games, especially in crunch time.

    Dennis “No-Concept” Allen

  14. I wish all these raiders fans yelling about all the cap money would listen to Reggie when he said countless.times he’s not going on the spending spree people act like he is he came from green bay where they have solid drafts every year and resign their players plus isn’t that nonsense what put Oakland in the spot they are currently in when the raiders finally make it back they will have staying power not just a playoff team one year with 30 free agents

  15. Tell me someone like Harbaugh would be 8-24 over his first two seasons in the same situation.

    I think he is borderline autistic, and completely annoying, but he can coach.

  16. Look Man, did it ever occur to you that one of the top coaches in the country probably didn’t want to come into a situation where the owner approved the GM’s plan of tearing the roster apart to get a handle on the salary cap? Or come into a situation where even if Palmer was a decent QB, because of his cap number prohibited the team to fill out the rest of the roster with any type of talent?

    To say the team had no QB problem before Allen makes you sound so ridiculous. Palmer racked up garbage yards because the D sucked. But you have that no where in you list of things Allen inherited. I’ll give you the Oline was solid then, but the rest of the stuff I can’t agree with you on.

    McFadden can’t put together a full healthy season and are you seeing that the backups have for the past two years running through the holes the line makes for them. Reece, Goodson, Jennings have all looked better that DMC the last two seasons, which isn’t hard when he’s never out there.

    It is easy to see why people bag on Raider fans when there is a bunch of them still calling for the Glory days of Tom Cable, saying Pryor just needs a full season as starter to figure things out, or believing that there is an S load of pro bowl talent hidden on the roster that this coaching staff isn’t using right. Wake up!!! This team lacks the talent all across the roster to compete with the big boys.

    We’ve seen what the other way is, we’ve been watching it for over the past decade. Let Reggie do his thing.

  17. The pressure is on Allen and to a lesser extent McKenzie. I don’t think McKenzie will get fired before his contract is completed (he’s entering the third year of a 5 year deal). Allen, on the other hand, needs probably at least 7 wins to come back in 2015. Fair or not the GM has a longer leash than the HC does.

  18. considering reggie dumped palmer, and the picks
    to pick up Flynn for four million less just to dump him gives me zero confidence the reg has
    real knowledge as to what he is doing. I have
    met a lot of nice people in this world…..doesn’t
    mean they have a clue when it comes to their job

  19. Ok…no blaming Dennis Allen. For now on…Reggie McKenzie gets all the blame.

    His bad drafts, his personnel decisions, even his Head Coaching hire.

    I am now of the belief that coach is not the Problem. Its the GM.

  20. Dennis Allen AND Reggie McKenzie…

    Should Start worrying NOW!

    OR BOTH should be GONE by the end of 2014!

  21. Dennis Allen and Reggie Mckenzie are the real deal.The Raiders have very little talent on either side of the ball. Give them time and watch them grow. As Reggie would say, Rome was not built in a day.

  22. The same people calling for Reggie and Dennis’s Jobs would tell you they could do a better job. Consider your sources. The Raiders didn’t improve this year but they didn’t regress either, something has to be said for consistency even if it’s subpar in the beginning. The culture has changed in Oakland and soon the wins will show it too. I believe in Dennis Allen and Reggie Mckenzie. Just Win Baby.

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