Report: McCarron passed on Senior Bowl because he thinks he’s a top-20 pick

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Former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron won’t be attending the college all-star game played each year in Alabama.

Officially, he’s focusing on other pre-draft activities.  Unofficially, according to John Middlekauff of 95.7 The Game in San Francisco, McCarron believes he doesn’t need to go to Mobile.

Per Middlekauff, McCarron already thinks he’ll be taken in the top 20.  As a result, playing in the Senior Bowl would be more likely to hurt his draft stock than help it — especially if he emerges from the game with an injury.

Under that reasoning, McCarron doesn’t need to throw at the Scouting Combine, either.  Plenty of top-tier quarterbacks choose to pass on the passing in Indianapolis, because they’re throwing to receivers with whom they have no familiarity.

The value of the Senior Bowl is debatable.  The practice sessions have more value than the game, which several years ago produced an MVP named Pat White.

65 responses to “Report: McCarron passed on Senior Bowl because he thinks he’s a top-20 pick

  1. Even with that tail on his side he will NOT be a first or second, or third round pick unless Robert Kraft splits with his young squeeze between now and then.

  2. Wow. If this is true then this kid’s agent is giving him terrible advice.

    I’m seeing him as a mid 3rd rounder… best case.

  3. The depth of delusion with this one is strong. Top twenty in the 4th round…….maybe.

    A leader he is but not nearly enough talent to play NFL ball effectively. Good luck.

  4. It cost Geno last year and catapulted Manuel into the first round. If he’s confident about his skills, why doesn’t McCarron take part?

  5. He is a right handed Matt Leinart who hid behind a talented core of offensive talent and an elite defense. This guy is delusional.

    Hes a 4th rounder at best.

  6. LOL . That guy lives in Mobile ……come to think of it so does Jemarcus Russell . Now really not seeing top 20 .

  7. With all due respect to AJ- 95% of the population does not think that he is a top 20 pick-most likely the third round according to most-but then again Tom Brady was a 6th rounder. If he sits out and is not taken in the first or second round, he may kick himself for not attempting to show his stuff. I doubt he will go lower than the third if he sits all of this out but a strong showing especially at the combine could move him higher. Roll the dice AJ!

  8. Remember when Ken Dorsey was the Miami Hurricanes BCS Champion QB? He ended up going in the 7th round and never made it in the NFL. McCarron may be marginally better than Dorsey.
    AJ, you need to get yourself an honest Agent not someone who blows smoke up your butt and tells you that you are the next Peyton Manning.

  9. Hopefully he gets a better reading on things before the green room invitations go out and he’s not on the list.

  10. He knows the Vikings took Ponder in the top 20 so makes sense to be confident when they pick there again.

  11. Bhaha top 20, that is fun.

    But seriously, the Senior Bowl has turned out a bunch of talented NFL QBs. He is missing a huge opportunity.

  12. “I’m not going to be able to play in the Senior Bowl this year because my girlfriend and I are going to the Bahamas to celebrate graduating college. She said that we could bring a few of her friends.”

    Raise your hand if you wouldn’t have accepted that excuse.

  13. So, this is the guy that will be filmed sitting in the ready room with a bummed expression on day two of the draft

  14. QBs in Nick Saban’s offense are a dime a dozen. Insert anyone in there and they will have inflated numbers. Go to the NFL and you become a 3rd string.

  15. i was thinking the same as the poster above about ken dorsey Mccarron rode the Coatails of a good team, Mccarron has a weak arm, accuracy issues and is flawed mechanicly, no way this guys is drafted in the top 75 picks, back lifer qb

  16. If the Vikings don’t land Bortles, Manziel, or Bridgewater they will panic and take this guy at 8. Bet on it. If the Vikings get one of the top three QBs he will fall to third, possibly fourth round. Bad agent. Nothing to lose by playing in Senior Bowl plus experience of working with a pro staff is nothing but positive.

  17. AJ is in for a reality check come the draft. He’s a third round pick at best, and it’s not like his performance in his final two college games was all that stellar.

    As far as SEC QBs are concerned, I think Johnny Manziel, Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger and Connor Shaw are all better NFL QB prospects than McCarron.

  18. Next up on a long list of BAMA busts under Nick Saban..

    Mark Ingram
    Kareem Jackson
    Andre Smith
    Terence Cody
    Rolando McClain
    Trent Richardson
    Dre Kirikpatrick
    Courtney Upshaw

    Off the top of my head..

    Julio Jones is the only one worthy of his pick. Buyer beware on these BAMA players.

  19. Is he even going to be invited to New York? It might be fun if he was, we’d get to see another Brady Quinn situation.

  20. Hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahhaahaahaahahahahahahahahahaahahah. If I had to pee I doubt he could even lead me to the bathroom let alone my nfl team.

  21. He might sound delusional but the Vikings took Ponder at #12 overall and he’s much better than Ponder. Well, nearly everybody is better than Ponder so that’s not a good measuring stick.

    The point is that it only takes one idiot and with Spielman still in the GM position at Minnesota, he’s got a chance.

  22. If he believes this,and that is a fairly large if,he has to be hearing it from someone other than just his agent….This young man is not stupid and can clearly read the projections…I tend to believe he has made no such statement..but if he has,then a source beyond the usual draft prognosticators is informing his belief.

  23. Top 20 pick in the third or fourth round maybe.

    Although he is a better QB than Christian Ponder, so you never know, some team may be dumb enough to pull the trigger in Round 1, although there are probably 10 QBs that will go before him.

  24. what could he show them in a week that he has not shown them in 4 years? same thing with any other top player, if you have not shown that you are draft worthy in games that matter then what good will playing in some all star game do? he may not be top 20 but if winning all those games in college did not show that he is NFL ready then a week of practice at a all star game won’t prove anything.

  25. Anything is possible I guess. Especially when you have the hapless Browns and Raiders over-reaching for talent at the top of the draft every year.

  26. shaggytoodle says:
    Jan 17, 2014 2:39 PM
    If Christian Ponder can be a top 15 pick.

    Why can’t he?


    Ponder got the bump because of the Senior Bowl.
    (as did the one he was throwing to, Hankerson).

  27. I imagine maybe he has some type of minor injury, but doesnt want to say anything.

    The reality is, teams are desperate to find a franchise QB, so getting picked mid to late first round wouldnt be a shock.

  28. floridahawker says: Jan 17, 2014 3:56 PM

    Hey poet, it’s spelt B-U-S-T. A U not an E. very easy for someone with a 1st grade education to mistaken that.
    Yeah. There’s no mistaken your education.

    I don’t know what scouts think about McCarron, but I’d be surprised if they’re thinking he’s a top 20 guy. The Senior Bowl brings a lot of eyes. He should go, and he should throw.

  29. Projecting which college QB’s translate to NFL success is difficult in most cases…that is what the post-season evaluation process is for.

    To me, AJ has the leadership and smarts, but does he have the arm strength to complete the deep out, or thread the ball into a tight window over the middle? Or is he a limited Andy Dalton-type QB?

    Eventually AJ will get evaluated, which will determine his draft position. I can’t blame him for skipping the Senior Bowl.

  30. AJ can be a good pro QB. He reminds me of Alex Smith in a lot of ways. He also reminds me of some bad players in a lot of ways.

    The thing with AJ is he needs to be picked up by someone willing to let him learn the game before his is thrown into action. If he can go somewhere that has a good QB already, he can be a back-up and eventually take over the top job on the O. AJ knows football.

    If he were around in the 3rd round, and I were calling the picks in green bay, i’d take him for that kind of money. Let him learn from watching Rodgers and develop some arm strength while learning the pro game. If he doesn’t look like he is going to make it after year 2, there is still time to pick up someone else.

    That is how it will go for AJ on draft day.

  31. People here are really underestimating his potential at the next level. I used to think he was just another guy that looks good because of the team he’s on but after closely watching him this season I started thinking it might have been the other way around. He’s got just enough elusiveness to make plays with his feet, he makes big throws under pressure look routine, and he’s got good enough arm strength and size. He probably won’t get picked in the top 20 but he might. If he slips into the second round he’s a steal.

  32. You guys are being much too harsh on A.J. Hey, if your Mom looked anything like his, then you, too, might be confused.

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