Mike Munchak meets with Steelers about offensive line job

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Former Titans coach Mike Munchak interviewed for the head coaching jobs in Detroit and at Penn State, but both of those jobs have gone to other candidates.

Munchak has also interviewed with the Browns, but they are waiting to speak to assistants from teams still in the playoffs so Munchak is looking at options for other positions as well. He reportedly interviewed for the Texans’ offensive line coach opening and now the Hall of Fame guard has lined up an interview with another team looking for a line coach.

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports reports that Munchak is expected to meet with the Steelers soon about becoming their offensive line coach. The Steelers fired Jack Bicknell Jr. after the end of the regular season, setting them up to have their third line coach in three years marked by inconsistent play along the offensive line.

Munchak was a highly position coach with the Oilers and Titans before getting bumped up to the top job in 2011 and it’s looking like his best chance to build up to another shot as a head coach is to move back to his old stomping grounds.

UPDATE 3:29 p.m. ET: The Steelers said they met with Munchak on Friday.

36 responses to “Mike Munchak meets with Steelers about offensive line job

  1. Don’t let him leave and sign him! This would be solid and a huge coup for the Steelers to get an HOF’er and former head coach coaching a young offensive line in need of direction.

  2. Would be a great short term fix. He is destined for another head coach opportunity, but we could use him. Should have fired Haley & brought in Norv!

  3. The Titans’ offensive lines under Munchak were consistently superior. Season in and season out. Sure, Eddie George and Chris Johnson had numerous 1,000+ rushing yard seasons behind his lines, but most telling? Even when those two weren’t in the picture, guys like Chris Brown, Travis Henry and LenDale White were putting up 1,000+ yards each year.

  4. I like Munch as an o-line coach. That offensive line hasn’t been the same since Grimm left. Another guy who spent time in the trenches could be just what the doctor ordered.

  5. Before Munchak takes the line coach job at Pitt, I’d advise him to get it engraved into his contract that he can overrule Tomlin on O line decisions. Otherwise, this job would be a millstone around Munchak’s neck and he would leave Pitt with little success, and the experience would certainly not help him back into being HC.

  6. The Steelers gave up only 7 sacks in the last 8 games. Leveon Bell is the best RB in the division. Big Ben had a PB caliber season. The arrow is pointing up haters.

    Ask the Ravens how they feel about their o-line.

  7. I give this guy a lot of props for being willing to take a demotion. Too many good coaches eliminate themselves from great opportunities by thinking that once they’ve been a HC that everything else is beneath them.

  8. Hiring Munchak sounds like a good idea. But I’ve often wondered why the Steelers have never considered Tunch Illkin for the job. Illkin has expressed interest numerous times, and he seems like he certainly has the credentials to be an effective O-line coach. He has worked privately with several players in the off-seasons.

  9. That would make 3 ex-coaches head coaches and 1 (hopefully) soon-to-be coach on the same staff. And, before you start talking about how Tomlin turned it around, answer how it got there in the first place!

  10. This is like going back home to Pa. for him, where he belongs. This would be a great hire, none better. Not as HC, just OL coach, that’s as high as he should go similar to Norv as OC or Wade as DC.

  11. Right on, brian. This is the most I have been excited about anything going on with the Steelers in some time. Don’t allow him to leave; make him OL and Asst HC and pay him top dollar. Then, I can look forward to probably going to another SB soon!!!

  12. I like it. A credible coach to work with the tackles, and be the integrator of the 2014 OLINE.
    Worx for me.

  13. Would rather join the Steelers as a position coach than wait around for a possible shot at the still open Browns head coaching position.

    Seems about right.

  14. Munchak will only make a difference if he brings all the Titans with him since they beat the stuffing out of the Steelers in week 1.

  15. The guy is at the point in his career that he’d like a few extra weeks of vacation. The Steelers are a great fit for that. The Bye, Ravens week x 2, Dalton twice, the first week of the playoffs, and the week before the SB. That’s 7 weeks right there!

  16. Sure crown, all the vacation time you listed is correct, that must be why the steelers had the best record versus division opponents in the AFC North in 2013 at 4-2 despite their 8-8 overall record. GO STEELERS!

  17. He’ll get plenty of vacation with the Steelers. Ever since Tebow sent them packing, which seems like eons ago, Steelers have consistently proven to the world that their only interest in the post season involves a large screen TV and a big bowl of chips.

  18. The 2013 Steelers beat two teams that finished the season with winning records: the fraudulent 11-5 Bengals and the 8-7-1, Aaron Rodgers-less Packers.
    I think I’ll hold my applause.

  19. I’m glad Steelers’ fans are comfortable with their little cherry picked “statistical” wins. Hopefully, that enthusiasm will be enough to keep the season ticket holders from giving up their seats when the team fails to break .500 for the third year in a row.

  20. Im glad to see 120 million spent on an average qb. Who cant even throw more touchdowns than ints in a win and you in game. I just keep seeing aj green going 65yrd td on elam.

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