Ridley fined for his red shoes


The NFL may soon fine concussed players for returning to games, even if the players have no recollection of doing it.  No such excuse is available to the players who periodically are fined for wearing non-conforming shoes.

Last weekend, Patriots running back Stevan Ridley wore all red shoes during the divisional-round win over the Colts.  Via Nick Underhill of MassLive.com, Ridley loses $5,250 as a result of the violation.

It’s not an uncommon outcome, with players willingly donning shoes and other equipment that violates the rules and losing the corresponding chunk of change from their subsequent check.

If Ridley does it again this weekend, the fine will double.  Eventually, he’ll be prevented from playing with the shoes.

That’s right.  They’ll take responsibility for keeping a guy with the wrong shoes off the field, but not a guy who may have a concussion.

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  1. That’s right. They’ll take responsibility for keeping a guy with the wrong shoes off the field, but not a guy who may have a concussion.

    Really…What is easier to see, non conforming shoes or a concussion?

  2. They’ll resign Blount and trade Ridley on draft day. Ridley’s a good back, but I think the Pats are ready to move on. Maybe someone else can coach the fumbles outta him.

  3. I appreciate the juxtaposition, but one is objective and one is subjective (though the objective call involves something pretty petty)

    Of course it’s worth mentioning the more hefty fine Brandon Marshall had to pay for wearing green shoes to call attention to mental illness.

    Now THERE’S some hypocrisy for you!

    Meanwhile the NFL promotes players wearing corporate backed pink for breast cancer awareness (admittedly there are quite a few among 300 plus lb. players)

    Yet at a time when former players are committing suicide at alarming rates – as well as 39,000 people committing suicide in the US each year ( the same number as die of breast cancer and 3x that of drunk driving) it’s ironic that the NFL would come down so hard on Marshall for his green shoes for a good cause.

  4. Roger Goddell and his cronies are a bunch of losers! Follow the actions of stern and bud selig and retire you ignoramus!

  5. “They’ll take responsibility for keeping a guy with the wrong shoes off the field, but not a guy who may have a concussion.”

    Priorities, Mike. Priorities.

  6. He can’t wear whatever shoes he chooses and finds comfortable? Really? Maybe the dude has fallen arches.

    If my boss told me I couldn’t wear certain shoes to work, I would smack him in the head. And I wear Timberland boots to work.

  7. Have to wonder how much of it is about retaining overall wardrobe control for licensing purposes. $$$

  8. bcfalcon says:
    Follow the actions of stern and bud selig

    Yeah, those sports are much more popular than the NFL

  9. These guys knowingly break the rules. Don’t blame the league for enforcing the standards; blame the idiot who fails to comply with simple instructions. The fines were agreed upon by the league AND the union

  10. shoes are red
    heart is blue
    Blount took your job
    ‘cuz you couldn’t hang on to the foo ….tball

  11. The fact that a guy on both sidelines is paid to check all players equipment are with the rules and fine them is a joke

    In the middle of a game u have to worry about losing money cuz ur sock fell to low
    Maybe what’s next is full lower body one piece outfits that includes the sock now u don’t have to worry about this.

    This why I don’t blame nfl players for holding out for money

    The nfl owners are to blame for this so they don’t have to pay players why u think they don’t care

  12. The fines have gotten so out of hand the last few years. I would like to see someone tally up all of the fines that the NFL hands out during a year to see how much they are profiting off fining player.

    It is starting to seem like the NFL is just looking for any reason they can just to make a little extra change.

  13. What about players that pull their socks up to their knees making it one tone instead of two? I don’t know what idiot started that but technically that’s a uniform violation.

  14. I understand finning a guy like Chad Johnson for shoes like his gold ones, they didn’t match the uniform at all. But finning a guy for wearing shoes that match the rest of the uniform just blows my mind.

  15. This has been going on forever. Look up L.C. Greenwood. I don’t like it, but it’s not a new phenomena.

  16. Billy “White Shoes” Johnson must be laughing his head off. I don’t recall the league fining him for wearing different shoes, when he played for Houston; he did it all the time. Wear them again, Stevan!

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