Rogers, Tukuafu questionable for Niners


The San Francisco 49ers may be getting Carlos Rogers back for Sunday’s NFC title game.  Even if they don’t really need him.

Rogers has missed both playoff games with a hamstring injury suffered in Week 17 against the Cardinals.  He was questionable for the wild-card round and the divisional playoff, but he played in neither game.

Rogers also hadn’t practiced.  This week, he has — participating every day on a limited basis.  (It’s unclear what “limited” precisely means; the options are only “limited” and “full”.)

In his absence, Tramaine Brock, Tarell Brown, and nickel corner Perrish Cox (who jumped past Eric Wright on the depth chart) have been thriving.  So if Rogers can play, it’ll be interesting to see how much he’s used.

Also questionable for Sunday is fullback Will Tukuafu, who suffered a knee injury early in Sunday’s win over Carolina.

Several other players are probable, which means there’s a virtual certainty they’ll be available for normal duty:  linebacker Navorro Bowman (wrist), linebacker Ahmad Brooks (illness), receiver Michael Crabtree (wrist), defensive end Demarcus Dobbs (knee, shoulder), center Jonathan Goodwin (foot), running back Frank Gore (knee), linebacker Dan Skuta (foot), and defensive tackle Justin Smith (shoulder).

If you hadn’t heard, the 49ers travel to Seattle on Sunday.  The winner earns the right to fly cross-country and play outdoors in New Jersey on Groundhog’s Day.

18 responses to “Rogers, Tukuafu questionable for Niners

  1. I heard Rogers was playing but in the nickel. Which is good, no reason to force him into action this week since Seattle isn’t a spread it out pass team. Plus if they win and Denver win then he will be much needed and with a extra 2 weeks of rest he should be more than ready for the biggest game of the season.

  2. Seahawk fans voted 80% to 20% that it’s the 49’ers they want to play.

    Seahawk fans all want good weather and they are going to have it.

    No excuses this Sunday. It’s going to be a war!

  3. This is so funny….49ers have been to 3 nfc championship games and 1 superbowl…kapp has only won 4 playoff games on the road which by the way is better than steve young and joe Montana..and for some reason he has so many haters…. kapp has started how many games??? but yet has more playoff wins on the road than any other qb…maybe that’s why THEY PLAY THE GAMES!!!! and just don’t hand out trophys….49ers are comin seattle and yes u did lose when u played the 49ers 5 weeks ago at home!!!!! if the cards can beat u after throwing 4 ints ….49ers can toooooo

  4. I love this… You gotta love this if your from Seattle or SF. Here in Austin, there is a huge 49er group and we are going to enjoy a few malted beverage and enjoy this Slobber Nocker!

    Cowboys step aside as the 49ers Nemesis we got a new one up in the great wet North! BooYa!!!

  5. Can’t wait until next year when we really even things up… No more baseball stadium. We will have two home stadiums that will both rock.

    You think you nerds are the ultimate 12th man? Meet the new Silicon Valley 12th Man. We can pump the noise in as well…

    Go Niners!

  6. They can bring him, Deion Sanders and Merton hanks if they want, it won’t matter the Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl.

  7. I’ve been flip-flopping on this game all week because I think it will be determined by how well SF will be able to run the ball and Frank Gore has been nicked-up. Both teams play great D, SF has better passing and Seattle has The Beast. If SF can run it, they will win, but, if Gore is ineffective, Hawks win. I’d like to see Seattle go to the SB, for a change.

  8. 9ers arrived in Seattle Fri nite. Its a good idea to come a day early unpack ur bags get the emotions focused. The intensity will keep building. Ready to rip it up come Sunday. This is “the Super Bowl”.
    Whatever team wins,they will beat the AFC.
    go NINERS!


    Dear 49ers faithful,

    In case you didn’t know, our beloved 49ers are playing in the NFC Championship Sunday. This is an important game as the winner goes to the Superbowl to determine the best team in the NFL.

    Unfortunately this game will not be played at Candlestick, but instead will be played in Seattle, with mostly Seahawk fans in the stands.

    However, this doesn’t mean we can’t continue being great fans and towards that end here are some suggestions to assist you during game time.

    1. Not all scores are equal. If the 49ers score a touchdown or field goal you should cheer. That’s good. When the Seahawks score a touchdown or field goal you shouldn’t cheer. That’s bad.

    2. When the 49ers have to punt, that’s bad even though it can be a good punt. If Seattle has to punt, that’s a good thing.

    3. When Seattle has the ball (you can tell as they will be hiking it) long gains and pass completions are bad, even if they are amazing. When the 49ers have the ball (see above to make the determination) any gains or completions are good, no matter how trivial.

    There is more but we don’t want to confuse you so close to game day.

    One last thing to note, we want to score more than them so pay attention to the score, especially late in the game.

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