Saints safety fined $21,000 for hit that knocked out Harvin

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Even if it’s less costly than what the Seahawks have to endure, last week’s hit on wide receiver Percy Harvin will still cost the guy who hit him.

The league office tells PFT that Saints safety Rafael Bush was fined $21,000 for his shot to a defenseless Harvin.

The hit, which led to Harvin leaving the field the first time, was also flagged during the game.

But that’s little consolation to the Seahawks, who now have to play for the NFC title without their biggest offseason acquisition, who was ruled out because of his concussion.

70 responses to “Saints safety fined $21,000 for hit that knocked out Harvin

  1. He didn’t get fined for the hit that knocked Harvin out of the game he got fined for the first hit on Harvin over the middle, Harvin got knocked out in the end zone by the turf. His head bounced off the ground.

  2. They havent had him all year. They will still be a force to be reckoned with. (Im a 49er fan)

    That said, That trade and contract is exactly what we all thought it was. BAD!! Porcelain Harvin barely plays. Over/Under for games played next year 3. Ill take the under.

  3. Yet the Cheattle Cheathawks are allowed to commit PI on every single play, their entire team is using PEDs, and their broken stadium pumps in false noise to gain illegal advantage.

    Sounds legit.

  4. The hit was with his shoulder, I watched the replay twice and there was nothing illegal about it.

  5. this is messed up because of Bounty

    wah wah wah!!!

    -the 12th man

    cuz Seattle’s DB’s never try and tattoo anyone when they come over the middle

  6. First play he caught the ball was out of bounds and got dragged head first into the turf by the defender pulling his shirt. (he was almost certainly concussed then)
    Then in the end zone on a pass he missed, the defender made sure to belly flop on his head and drive it into the ground again, with no ball even in play.

    Its the Saints.

    Very strange combination of a finess offence and a criminally dirty defense.
    You would think that the other teams would just hospitalize Brees or a receiver and end the whole issue. But it never happens, teams just take this crap from them.
    Maybe start ejecting the offensive counter part of the targeted player. They will adjust their behavior right away.

  7. Saints targeted all the Seattle receivers and were playing dirty the whole game. They were hitting late and clearly targeting receivers legs and heads.

    Sean Payton didn’t learn anything. That team is still the dirtiest in the NFL. I’m glad their window has closed. Classless losers.

  8. This was a bad call and fine. I slow-motioned it when it happened and Bush came at him on a horizontal trajectory aimed at his chest. Harvin dropped his head at the last minute as he struggled to get the ball. Players shouldn’t be penalized for last-minute moves by the opponent that alter the contact point. Had Bush aimed for and then hit the head, that would be different.

  9. Receiver ducks when the hit is coming and the safety is running full speed but is expected to pull up and not hit the receiver. That’s goes against all laws of physics. And the fragile lil guy came back In To get knocked out again Seems like Seattle should be fined for not following concussion protocol

  10. Saints fans who are trying to convince yourselves that the hit on Harvin was legit are delusional. They may use that hit next spring to show rookies of a great example of the kind of hit that will get your team penalized and the player fined.
    It wasn’t even close.
    Not surprising about Saints fans though, you talked yourselves out of your team’s responsibility for the bounty system, and the evidence for that was just as obvious.

  11. He was trying to disrupt the play.

    I don’t think he was head hunting… he lead with the shoulder and made contact to the head.

    Its a flag, and fine… because that’s todays NFL..

  12. 10 years ago this hit was perfectly fine. This is the new NFL though, where defense is going to play less and less of a factor in the game. The plan now is to get the best offense you can get.

    If the league was fair at all, maybe extend the contact distance on receivers to at least 10 yards.

  13. wannstache says:
    Jan 17, 2014 4:51 PM

    This was a bad call and fine. I slow-motioned it when it happened and Bush came at him on a horizontal trajectory aimed at his chest. Harvin dropped his head at the last minute as he struggled to get the ball. Players shouldn’t be penalized for last-minute moves by the opponent that alter the contact point. Had Bush aimed for and then hit the head, that would be different.
    This is the problem. I stopped reading after you’re “I slow-motioned it when it happened.”

    Players do not play in slow motion, so why are you reviewing it in slow motion?

    Whether you do or do not like Harvin, or whether you agree with the fine or not, review it at game speed.

    Then make your decision.

    Like I said, player don’t play in slow motion.

  14. It was obvious the Saints were trying to injure Percy Harvin. Payton convinced some loser(Bush) who won’t even be with the team next year to give up a huge portion of his paycheck (Take one for the team!) in order to have a chance against a clearly superior opponent. I hope Bush, Payton, ‘Jimmy’ and all their fans have fun watching the Seahawks from their couches this weekend. I will be at the NFC championship game watching my favorite team.

  15. Come on nfl this is just ridiculous, you have gotten this wrong twice the penalty and the fine, is he supposed to let the defender catch it? How the heck is he defenseless? That’s what the pads are for! He hit him with his shoulder, being physical has become being dirty. It’s ridiculous, football is a violent game, hence why they are paid so highly because of the risk you take on every snap. But Comi$$ioner Goodell is all about one thing and that’s the dollar sign, why is he trying to expand the regular season? More money. Did you ever see tagliabue(spell check haha) fining players. Answer is no. But no one can stop watching football because we all love it too darn much, but what it’s become is a shame.

  16. If I remember right, all the players get paid the same amount for playoff and the amount is $25,000. Not a fun way to have your paycheck basically negated.

  17. I sincerely apologize for the hard legal hit that was penalized and now fined. I did not realize at the time of the play that only Seattle defenders were allowed to play with physicality the way “real football” was meant to be played. I promise next time we play in Seattle, I will try to grab the flags on their hips instead of tackling them. I just hope I don’t accidentally grab their skirts and cause a wardrobe malfunction.

    Sincerely – Rafael Bush

  18. That is totally BS. That was a legal hit and should not even have drawn a flag. They are turning this into a game for pansies. That play along with a couple other ones was very costly for the Saints. That was a third down play and the Seahawks got a field goal. They would have punted if not for the so called penalty.

  19. Lol at seahawk fans crying about bounties. That hit was more legal than that Kam Chancellor hit on Vernon Davis they love to brag about so much.

  20. He hit him with his shoulder, but did hit him in the head, so no real suprise that there’s a fine. Will the Seahawks get fined for letting him go back and play after that hit?

    And regarding the bounty comments, people need to let that go. It’s the playoffs, teams are playing hard to win, and injuries happen — it’s football. Anyway, if the Saints are so dirty, then how come during the supposed bounty years (2009-2011), 30 other teams injured more opposing players than the Saints.

    Let me repeat that for the slow readers — during the supposed bounty years (2009-2011), 30 other teams injured more opposing players than the Saints. That means that unless you root for the Chargers, your team injured more opposing players than did the Saints during the years when Gregg Williams ran their defense.

    One last comment — the window is not closing for the Saints, it’s just opening back up! This was a rebuilding year, and they have either the third or fourth youngest roster in the league. They should continue to be right in the thick of things as long as Brees is still under center.

  21. Football is a contact sport there is know way of stopping hits. A lot of times it may not be the players that cause the concussion by hits it could be the turf after the hit. This why the NFL need to look at those hits over before fining players.

  22. I think we have witnessed the 1st NHL style goon hit in the NFL …. with the labor deal a player can only be fined only 25% of his game check … pretty sure so why not have a couple of guys on the roster whose job it is to enforce justice and the more well heeled players just pass the bucket to subsidize young thumper making minimum wage … lol at the commish fixing that.
    oh by the by please when this happens don’t let yourself get caught on camera saying gimme my money

  23. Doesn’t require a shot to the head when the receiver is considered defenseless…
    Both plays I saw the defense was clearly trying to knock him out of the game.
    They succeeded… nuff said.

  24. As a Seahawk fan, as much as it hurts our team, I still don’t think that was a dirty hit. Either one of them. Like I posted in an earlier thread this week, Dave Wyman the retired Hawk and Bronco linebacker who is on local sport radio here in Seattle, said as much on his show this week. Kinda paraphrasing what he said: “Defensive players aren’t out to injure guys, but they are out to hurt them.”

    Even without Harvin, this is gonna be a great game. Let the best team win, represent the NFC West in the Superbowl 🙂

  25. Sherman said the Seattle DBs like to play defense 80’s style and every Seahawk fan applauded him. Bush puts his shoulder into Harvin 80’s style and the same people cry bounty. Can’t have it both ways folks.

  26. The bigger issue is how did Harvin get back in the game? I’m not a doctor by I knew he had a concussion and was done for the day but then all of a sudden he was back in the game after being evaluated.

    Soeems like they need bea better evaluation process if they can’t catch obvious concussions like that right away.

  27. I think larry james is on to something albeit accidently… since the commish fines layers for concussing other players … if the turf concusses players then scotts or monsanto or perhaps the team owners or municipalities that own the stadiums get fined . But my suggestion is very simple why does the league keep the money from players fines for vicious contact and then jerk the players around for pennies on the injury settlement .
    My solution is when a player gets jacked up instead of the league greedily keeping the money … just give to the concussed player as an advance payment for his post career trauma – the money instead of going to the player directly goes into a trust account that the player can access when medical expenses hit or use as a retirement account when he reaches retirement age.

  28. Definitely, Peyton had his team head-hunting once again. The article states the Saints defensive player (Bush) was fined for the first shot at a defenseless player, because the ball was already out of play-out of bounds, and Bush summoned and targeted the receiver’s head, which is why his mouth-piece went flying out.

    The dirty play that took Percy Harvin out of the game was another late hit, with the ball out of play-out of bounds, by #27 Jenkins, of the Saints.

    Harvin made a play for the ball in the end zone, which was defended perfectly by a Saints player; as the ball is flying well out of bounds and Harvin was hitting the deck, Jenkins comes in late; playing his elbowing Harvin’s upper back-neck spine and back off head, with all of his weight and sn asking and twisting his head into the turf.

    Anyone who has ever PLAYED football, knows that was dirty and could have caused paralysis. This was the dirty cheap shot that should have had him ejected from the game, fined and banned for a period of time, because this guy simply wanted to take him out, not prevent a score. If you don’t know that, you don’t know football.

    There was a review, with no penalty and no NFL addressing this obvious intentional concussion.

    Peyton has now shown a pattern of directing his players to commit this type of behavior and therefore, should be banned for life. Instead, with no penalty, he has been empowered, to one day have a player killed on the field. That’s what’s at stake!

  29. Some of these comments show how Goodell used the media to witch hunt the Saints. During the 2-3 year period the “bounty program” was in use, the Saints were one of the fewest penalized teams for personal fouls. There’s no weight to any argument that the Saints are dirty on defense. But the Bounty stigma has people thinking they were dirty. Goodell threw you guys scraps & you dogs ate them.
    But the truth is, you just don’t like the Saints for being one of the top teams every year. That’s a win for me.

  30. It was a “bounty,” because he offered a BOUNTY, for taking out players. This was a premeditated act, in which one would be rewarded money after its successful completion. That is the difference.

    If anyone has watched Seattle play, they will note that the players are not dirty players. They play hard and tuff, with oversized safeties and linebackers who are fast, to hit harder, but not in illegal areas. Instead of reading someone else’s biased option, watch them play and you’ll be impressed.

    They change nothing and have no gimmicks, they simply play hard-nosed football and may the better team win.

  31. Bro ^^ did you even watch the game? Bush hit him and dislodged the ball. If jenkins hit was so dirty why wasn’t he fined? You sir are a biased idiot. You probably played in the band and never put on the pads

  32. dukeearl says: Both plays I saw the defense was clearly trying to knock him out of the game.

    So, you saw his intent, in his head? Interesting.

  33. So by taking out one of their best players his profit for an easier victory is still $20,000 for the Conference Championship – plus the $40,000 he gets even if they lose the Super Bowl or $90,000 extra if they win.

    So basically his “penalty” for taking out Harvin is a MUCH easier path to get AT LEAST $60,000 and as much as $110,000 (should they win the Super Bowl)


    Can Goodell “punish” me a bit too?

  34. Look at the film. I have it ps used and I’m looking at it right now. It was the second hit I’m referring too…when he left the game for good, not the first hit.

    Call me idiot again punk?

  35. All of you armchair tough guys who are calling Harvin soft must have never watched him during his four years with the Vikings. I did, and he was a beast; he ran the ball like Adrian Peterson does–looking to punish people–except without the imposing size. The coaches had to keep his touches down to keep him healthy (although it didn’t always work).

    I dunno about his work ethic off the field, but he was and still is a helluva a player when he gets in the game. In my opinion, the Saints were out to injure him from the start; it’s lame that the 49ers are going to benefit from New Orleans’ dirty play.

  36. Too bad the Saints didn’t have a bounty on Golden Tate.

    Tate: [swaying side to side, struggling to talk] I know I had the ball.
    ESPN reporter: Did you push off?
    Tate: I don’t know what you’re talking about (reduced to “Iona chombow”).

    Go steal some donuts, Golden.

  37. All these saints fans need to hold to something since they said they would pull off the upset… go ahead keep telling yourself all off – season what kind of hit it was. It pretty obvious, but you guys hate the seahawks so much that you convince yourself different

  38. They’ve never had to fight or can’t comprehend what a concussion feels like. They’re little boys who have never been in any type of life threatening situation. One hit and they’d be crying for their mommies.

    Harvin came back in the game and was awesome, then this coward lays a cheap cowardly shot on him.

    They think they can hide behind these false names, but being around technology, so you can drop in and get out of a hostile environment with no technology, they don’t even realize this sitting ducks they are.

    Harvin has more courage than all of them combined will ever have.

  39. It’s amazing how many foolish people out there still believe in the bountysham. I bought the only bountysham “believers” left were the handful of Vikings fans that still believe they deserved to win a game after giving up five turnovers.

  40. I see bounties are still continuing. Ballsy of them to do that on the road and after getting busted for that conduct before.

  41. Dontae Whitner sphered Pierce Thomas head to head and gave him temporary paralysis and a concussion and gets no call in 2011. Meanwhile Bush hits a receiver legally with a shoulder and gets a penalty. The sea hawks are soft. The only dirty team in football is the forty whiners. The Sea hawks are cheaters. They are spying just like the Patriots did in 2001. All of their corners play like revis BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE ROUTES AHEAD OF TIME.

  42. “Yet the Cheattle Cheathawks are allowed to commit PI on every single play, their entire team is using PEDs, and their broken stadium pumps in false noise to gain illegal advantage.”

    I imagine you’re a very angry 14 year old. Your intelligence betrays you. You’re name says arrow, you’d think Chiefs fan, but you’re unintelligent screaming has Jets written all over it.

  43. I think an intentional take out should be called what it is. It is criminal, and should not be punished with NFL fines, but should be turned over to law enforcement for prosecution. This is no different, then in the past, when priests and ministers selected the punishments for sexual violations. By the same logic, the NFL has no business placing penalties on cases of willful assault. That is how you put a stop to it. The NFL should have no room for on purpose take outs, and vendetta’s. It is a game.

  44. Harvins tough, he can take it.

    It was priceless to see the face underneath the helmet after those 2 hits though..

    Fear not Hawks fans, he will be back next year, making 11 million dollars, and you will see the healthy Harvin. Wondering publicly about Wilson’s 77.9 passer rating, saying he wants the ball more…and God don’t let him and the coach together in the weight room

  45. Its interesting how all of those who dislike the Hawks, can find variations of “he didn’t do it on purpose”, or “it was an accident”, or “Harvin’s soft”, etc. But what you are missing here is, that it wasn’t the Seahawks that fined Bush, but the League. There was clearly no favoritism involved nor is it likely that those in the league office responsible for the determination are Hawks fans. The NFL is mostly located in New York City and suburban New Jersey. But wherever else they might be, it isn’t Seattle.

    I saw the hit and the slo-mo, and whatever Bush’s intentions his helmet did drill Harvin’s and THAT is the infraction. If partisan loyalty blinds you to reality, that’s your problem. Fortunately, the League office has no such myopias.

  46. bert1913 says:
    Jan 18, 2014 10:27 AM

    when percy plays in this years superbowl and the seahawks win it all, and that is the last game percy ever plays. it will be sll worth it


    Both Baldwin and Tate will have big lays vs San Fran and then Harvin will have several in the SB including at least one long KO return.


  47. Saints targeted all the Seattle receivers and were playing dirty the whole game. They were hitting late and clearly targeting receivers legs and heads.

    Sean Payton didn’t learn anything. That team is still the dirtiest in the NFL. I’m glad their window has closed. Classless losers.


    That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

    Saints ARE NOT the team with the most penalty yards in the NFL…Seattle is.

    So perhaps you need to look up stats first before you start spouting off.

    P.S. Seattle also leads the league with the most PED suspensions….9.

  48. Says the Cheattle Cheathawks. They interfere on every pass. They know the refs will not and can not call them all. Also what about that hit by Bennett on Matt Ryan in the legs. Take the QB out right? How about Tate and Sherman’s hits on defenseless players. Fined! Oh I guess the PED did it. Can not wait for them all to go down.
    But thanks to Sherman at least Cheathawks will have their 12th man to root for them bc the rest of the Nation is cheering on Broncos. Cheaters never win! Or lets just say so far they have won by cheating. Not for long!

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