Bengals to raise some ticket prices

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Maybe the Bengals just like a challenge.

At a time when the team has had to periodically hustle to fill the stadium despite making it to the playoffs in three straight years, the Bengals will be raising prices on roughly half the seats in the stadium.

According to FOX 19, prices will rise by nearly $2.30 per seat.  Still, 45 percent of the tickets will remain the same price, with seats available for as low as $40.

We are sensitive to increasing prices and worked to limit the increases to those areas of the stadium in the most demand and for which tickets on the secondary market are re-sold well above the Bengals price,” Bengals ticket manager Andrew Brown said.  “For those areas where we have the most open inventory, we kept prices flat so that the seats will be attractive and accessible to fans, available at the right prices to help us to reach the goal of selling out our games.”

Sideline seats in the lower bowl of the venue will increase by $5, from $85 to $90.

“These are the most sought-after seats in the house, and our analysis of the market shows heightened demand, with fans paying well above face value on the secondary market for these seats,” Brown said.

FOX 19 has the full list of changes, with none being more than $5.

24 responses to “Bengals to raise some ticket prices

  1. Wow. Just wow.

    Honestly I feel bad for the Bengal fans out there. Mike brown has to be the cheapest owner in sports this side of Peter Angelos.

    It’s a shame really, if he had an tenth of the commitment to putting out a winning product as he did making money, you’d be in the Super Bowl.

  2. As a Bengals fan, let me get this straight.

    1 – Marvin Lewis is still there giggling all the way to the bank with his .500 record.
    2 – The Bengals havent won a playoff game in 23 years.
    3 – the tax payers pay for the stadium.
    4 – Mike Brown just let Mike Zimmer leave without promoting him to head coach.
    5 – the Bengals have NEVER won a Super Bowl
    6 – Again, Marvin Lewis is still there

    After all of this they shouldnt raise ticket prices a penny. I’m so sick of this franchise and really wish i could just pick another team to support but as you all know it’s not that easy. I never buy tickets or a stupid jersey and I really wish others would do the same so we could prove a point but I know that’s not going to happen.

  3. And let the outrage begin-slow down take a breath really read the article.

    As for the pisburgh and other trolls out there hammering on mike brown – hey how’s your all’s cap room. Lol

  4. Love my Bengals, and wish I lived in the Cincy area to go to more games… however, a $2.30 increase per ticket X 70,000 seats is only about $1.3 million in extra revenue. Seems like a lot of bad publicity to make an extra mil when the league brings in $9 BILLION per year.

  5. The Bengals should have used that 1st round pick from Oakland on Alshon Jeffrey instead of Dre Kirkpatrick… but… mike brown’s cheapness put the Bengals behind the eight ball by giving away All-Pro shutdown corner Jonathan Joseph to the Houston Texans (who beat the Bengals twice in the playoffs due to Jonathan Joseph’s play and mike brown’s cheapness when signing #2 and #3 wide receivers – jerome simpson/andre caldwell, ancient laveranues coles, brain damaged legal liability chris henry, etc.).

    Well… at least… the Bengals drafted Giovani Bernard with that other Oakland pick (not to say that Dre didn’t show improvement but he ain’t perfect).

  6. They are charging their fans an extra $69, 000? (40,000 tickets remain the same). The outrage, the humanity! I’ll bet your cable company does way better than that.

  7. Honestly this doesn’t faze me at all. The Bengals meltdown in the playoffs single handily sent any goodwill they had built up straight back to 2001

    I mean seriously a home game against a team you had already beaten on the road who barely snuck into the playoffs having to go to overtime against a team of mostly 2nd stringers and STILL needed officiating help to seal that win, and you STILL get blown out by them?


  8. This has been said before, The NFL is in trouble. Revenue intake has been in a steady decline. The ” NFL Experience ” is only for the elite. Unsold tickets, teams moving to Canada, Europe. expand the season, expand the playoffs, sell the rights for Thursday night games, ” no fun league “, and many more telling clues. The NFL is dying, they have killed the Golden Goose. Believe it !!!

  9. This is what happens when NFL considers lifting blackout rules, and TV revenue has taken over. Price of elasticity of demand is becoming skewed in the NFL.

    Bengals should have been blacked out for playoff game against Chargers.

    If you can’t fill the seats, charge more?

  10. As for the pisburgh and other trolls out there hammering on mike brown – hey how’s your all’s cap room. Lol

    Last time I checked you couldn’t trade cap space for Lombardi’s or the bloody Bungals would try.ssshhh The Bungals and Mike Brown deserve each other.

  11. I thought it was going to be difficult to sell out games next season with Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis coming back again to lose in the 1st rd of the playoffs for the 4th year in a row…Why not raise ticket prices? Just giving Cincy fans another reason not to go to games next season, thanks Mike Brown.

  12. I thought the Bengals negotiated some sort of deal for the city of Cincinnati to pay them for any unsold tickets anyways so why should the Bengals be ‘sensitive’ about it? He’s already fleecing the taxpayers on account of that stadium deal with the city. His only concern is a stadium full of empty seats, paid for by the city of Cincinnati taxpayers. Even if nobody shows up, he still gets his money. You should google “Bengals stadium deal.” I read an article a few months ago about how that deal is absolutely killing the city of Cincinnati taxpayers.

  13. The amount they raised the prices is probably the amount needed to offset the Cincy season ticket holders who let the team know last week they would not be renewing after yet another embarrassing playoff loss.

  14. El Pollo Loco says:
    Jan 18, 2014 10:12 AM
    How’s that Carson Palmer trade looking now?

    It’s looking great considering that Gio Bernard was a ROY candidate with 1200 yards from scrimmage and Hue Jackson is our new OC.

    As for the ticket prices, a $5 increase may not sound like much, but that’s a $50 increase for season ticket holders, and when you add all the increases over the last 5-10 years, that’s when you see what the problem is.

  15. “with fans paying well above face value on the secondary market for these seats”

    You mean the fans that don’t have to pay the full price “extortion” fee of preseason tickets, who never had to pay the thousands of dollars for seat licenses, and made no financial commitment whatsoever are willing to pay more for my tickets to a game of their choice than me? Sounds like a good enough reason to continue to bleed those that are still dumb enough to pay…

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