Down goes the Metrodome (roof)


As stadium implosions go, this one wasn’t all that memorable.  Still, it’s always fun to watch stuff getting torn down, and on Saturday the roof at the Metrodome was deflated for good. has time-lapse video of the next step toward dismantling the Metrodome.  Fittingly, the development comes one day after the 15th anniversary of one of the most deflating losses the Vikings ever suffered there, 30-27 in overtime of the 1998 NFC title game against the Falcons.

And, yes, the unintended wrecking of the roof in late 2010 remains far more interesting than the deliberate one.

That wasn’t the only time the roof came down.  It also happened in late 1982, only a couple days before Cowboys running back Tony Dorsett deflated the Vikings defense with a 99-yard touchdown run on Monday Night Football.