Hernandez can’t watch Pats in jail

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As the Patriots prepare to finish their first season since 2010 without tight end Aaron Hernandez by playing in the AFC title game, the accused murderer (and suspect in two other killings) won’t be permitted to spectate.

He’s not allowed to watch any TV,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said Friday, via the Associated Press.  “As far as finding it out, if they hear an officer talking about it, they might find out that way.  He could probably hear about it if some other inmate were to call home and he were to yell out.”

Hernandez remains in a “special management” classification, which keeps him in his cell 21 hours per day.  When he’s not in his cell, Hernandez can’t interact with other inmates.

The Patriots have adapted very well to the absence of Hernandez, who was with the team throughout offseason workouts.  His arrest came in the middle of June, after the voluntary program ended.

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    Behind Door #1 was a trip to Denver with an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. Behind Door #2 was life imprisonment.

    Who would choose Door #2?


  2. Why is this even a story? An accused murderer not getting TV privilege has nothing to do with football. But since you brought it up…. If convicted, his name should be erased from the stats and just put ‘Other’ where the name would be for a law abiding player….

  3. Seems kind of silly. Who’s to say he would even want to watch and remind himself of what could have been?

  4. No prisons, jails should have tvs for prisoners to watch no pool tables nothing they need to go back to hard labor chain gangs etc & or execute the ones on death row in a speedy fashion.

  5. He had multiple hearings and was denied bail because there is enough evidence that he COULD be convicted. He is a potential flight risk as he has the means and he is a potential threat to the community. Thus he is in Jail and has to follow jail rules. If you want to watch football, do not give the law a chance to put you in jail.

  6. It’s a shame that the new england patriots organization put the community at risk by giving this loser a job.

  7. Well to be honest in jail they have more ways to do things then imaginable. If you know anyone who has been in jail for a period of time, they will tell you Mr. Hernandez will probably be getting a play by play update.

  8. Who cares about his TV privileges? He has a radio in there; that was brought up on the interview with the sheriff who runs in jail. Said it was the first thing he bought while in there.

  9. I know we all assume Hernandez is guilty given the overwhelming evidence but I still don’t get how someone can be thrown in jail without a conviction for this long. The trial isn’t even expected to begin until next summer! Let’s just say it turned out to be a complete setup and he was found not guilty…how does he get that year of his life back? Just curious.

  10. “No prisons, jails should have tvs for prisoners to watch no pool tables nothing they need to go back to hard labor chain gangs etc & or execute the ones on death row in a speedy fashion.”

    most people in jail are in there with no victim. It is a disgusting farce. The prison industrial complex is easily proven to be a money making scheme. statutory law is in total opposition to the constitution. Not that it applies for Aaron but it is a shame we are suckered into waiving common law rights that come from god and not government

  11. Prison should be about rehabilitation. Trying to transition criminals into productive members of society. That’s the way it is in every civilized country in the world. Except the United States, where the main emphasis is on punishment and revenge. And people wonder why there are so many repeat offenders.

    Again. The comments on this site cause me to lose faith in humanity.

  12. They instead gave him 2 jars of Vaseline® and told him to “change his clothes” while the SB game was on.

  13. I wonder what an All-Prison team would look like?

    At CB – Darryl Henley, charges: Drug traffic’g, attempted murder on a Federal Judge

    At RB – OJ Simpson, charges: felony robbery, beat a double-murder rap because “… if it don’t fit you must acquit…”

    At QB – Paul Crew… “CREW!…CREW!…CREW!”

    At WR – ?

  14. I read he is popular in jail. Bet you he will find a way to keep track of the pats game. If the charges is true, you know he is a leader and he has followers in there too. He can make offers–

  15. peterawrhatred says:

    How long has this guy been in jail already wit not trial? What happened to the right to a speedy trial?

    He’s remanded because he’s a millionaire who could just leave the country and never come back and also because he has

    – this murder charge and 5 gun charges with a ton of evidence
    – plus a possible attempted murder charge in Florida where he shot a guy in the face point blank
    – plus he’s a suspect in a double murder in Boston
    – plus he’s got a deferred prosecution for a bar assault at UF

    also, he didn’t even request bail at his arraignment because he knew there was no way it’s gonna happen

    The Defense typically waives speedy trial because they need a ton of time to develop a plan and get discovery done… if he demanded speedy trial he would be convicted almost certainly.

    Lastly, they’ve totally got him on the gun charges so he’s doing some real time no matter what, so why not start working the time off?

  16. Given that there’s a theory he killed Lloyd to prevent him from talking about a *different* set of murders (allegedly), there’s also the idea that he’s in jail to help prevent possible murders of other witnesses to the Lloyd killing (or anything else).

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