NFL Network suspends Darren Sharper without pay


With former NFL player Darren Sharper being charged with suspicion of rape, his current employer has moved swiftly.

“Darren has been suspended without pay until further notice, effective immediately,” NFL Network said in a statement issued to PFT.  “Regarding the charges, as a matter of policy, we don’t comment on pending legal action.”

Sharper, who spent 14 years with the Packers, Vikings, and Saints, has been working as an analyst for NFL Network.

Free on $200,000 bail, Sharper reportedly faces allegations involving two incidents — one in October 2013 and one in January 2014.

48 responses to “NFL Network suspends Darren Sharper without pay

  1. Innocent until proven guilty in this country, but none the less, this is still a disgusting, terrible charge against him. No excuse ever EVER for rape.

  2. He may be guilty, he may not. It’s important not to jump to unwarranted conclusions before the facts are in. Remember, anyone can be accused of a crime, and it’s not unusual for a well-known millionaire to have people try to extort them into a payday. Let’s actually get the facts before we’re ready to lock him up for life, folks.

  3. Sounds like he did this after he was out of football. So to everyone who is going to blame the Packer’s – Viking’s, and Saint’s because he played for them it is just BS. I wonder how many people have gotten in to trouble after they started working fot the NFL channel?

  4. With green bays Terrible defense u would think turd Thompson would be scooping him up faster than a packer fan finishing off a liter of whisky before noon!

  5. Though I may be an idiot this could just be someone trying to ruin his career and reputation. Innocent until proven guilty. Disgusting none the less but don’t pass judgement until details come out. Don’t want it to be like that falcon rookie who was held until late 20s for so etching he didn’t do. I hope to god this isn’t true.

  6. It’s amazing how many of you are already throwing this guy into the fire. Isn’t it innocent until proven guilty? I guess not anymore.. so sad!

  7. I’m surprised they aren’t calling darren sharper a Bengals player since he played one game in his career in Cincinnati while being employed by the New Orleans Saints.

  8. Seem to remember when Warren Sapp was accused of assault with a woman in his hotel room during a Super Bowl. They took him off the per game show and all was good within a few days. Back on the NFL Network being the fool he is. Double standards. Sharpers never had a black mark against his name and Sapp is full of them. Go figure

  9. So ESPN is already convicting the guy. Unless there is some eggregious & blatant evidence against him thats just wrong & should be illegal to take action on a pending charge of someone. What if the guy is innocent & it’s just some skank gold diggers? If he is guilty fine throw the book at him, but moves like this show lack of character in the corporate world. Saving their image is what they are most concerned with vs treating people fairly in accordance with the legal system… Guilty until proven innocent… It happens all the time.

  10. I would hope that NFL Network is taking this action because the physical evidence appears very strong against Darren Sharper. This response is quite rapid, and doesn’t afford Sharper the presumption of innocence.

  11. retired and current NFL players that time of year. Restart the clock and who will win The Dumbest Incident Award this off season.

  12. Guilty because he is charged ? 90+% of the time it is some poor thing out for pro athletes cash. Then there is some post where a clown takes a shot at the Packer’s D. If you look at the numbers, they were ranked 3rd in NFL before Rodgers got hurt. If you don’t think Rodgers helps out the defense indirectly, then you must not know much about football. Brady and Manning also do a good job of covering up for other side of ball by not going 3 and out every other possession.

  13. “Innocent untill proven guilty” haha what a fantasy. In this day an age at the rate at which info is spread. A simple accusation is a guilty sentence. Even if the courts assume him innocent. This will follow him to the grave.
    If he did do it he should rot. Either way this will define the rest of his life.

  14. Whats with these idiots that claim innocent until proven guilty?

    THATS ONLY IN A COURT OF LAW. Private employers, the public, etc. can do or say ANYTHING they want to/about him.

  15. I can’t believe I agree with a Steeler fan. Innocent until proven guilty is only in a court of law not in the court of public opinion. I can think anything I want to thank you

  16. Sharper has sealed his future as a “ring of honor” inductee in the new minnysoda “Monument to Their Stupidity Stadium.”

  17. If he’s guilty he should face the full brunt of the law. But at the same time…there is something wrong with our justice system and our society if all it takes… is a woman’s accusation to completely turn your life upside down and put you on sex offender status in the court of public opinion

    There are many things we can do to prevent/reduce rape but, just an accusation has way too much weight

  18. Actual rape is abhorrent. No argument there.

    But rape is one of the most readily manipulable big-time criminal charges there is. Duke LaCrosse anyone?

    DNA evidence is not a tell-tale sign. Every guy who’s ever had a consensual experience with a woman should know that — but how easy would it be twist that into a sexual assault charge? Duke LaCrosse anyone?

    Am I saying Sharper is innocent? No.

    Am I saying the alleged victim is manipulating the facts? No.

    But the key here is to not rush to judgment; get as accurate a read on the facts as possible (if and when they come to light); and then, try to make a well-reasoned conclusion without pre-conceived opinions one way or the other. This is some real serious business here – on many levels.

  19. Can’t stand the guy from what I’ve seen & heard from his mouth.
    That said, doesn’t mean he did it.
    Prosecute the “victim” if she turns out to be a liar.

  20. They are talking about two separate incidents in California within a few months of each other, not to mention two more sexual assault incidents that are currently being investigated by New Orleans police.

    Now I believe in innocence until proven guilty, but four separate incidents in barely a year??

    Where there is smoke there is usually fire.

  21. OMG an NFL player accused of a crime. That hasn’t happened in at least 2 days. National Felon League. He needs to get in contact with Ray Lewis, Leonard Little or Donte Stallworth and get lawyer recommendations. Wait a minute, my mistake. Those were lawyers for murder charges. He needs to find out who Ben Rothlisburger and Darell Russell used. He stopped them from even being charged on multiple counts of rape.

  22. I’m willing to wait until the facts come out, but I’ll remind everyone yet again that “innocent until proven guilty” is only applicable “in a court of law” and that free citizens of these United States of America can make up there own mind as to his guilt or innocence in their OPINION.

  23. All of you are so naive to think that the victim could only be a woman, I mean it could be a man, or some kind of he-she.
    Just when I thought I knew what was going on, I look around and a former star player is in county jail for allegedly murdering 3 civilians, another for killing a teammate, so to assume you know it all is foolish in this day in age.

  24. Innocent until proven guilty, but it doesn’t look good when multiple women are making accusations. Just ask Pig Ben.

  25. The court of public opinion and your employer does not have to abide by the innocent until proven guilty guideline. That’s for the criminal Courts, as it should be.

    Just like the court of public opinion and your employer doesn’t have to abide by the 1st Amendment Free Speech guideline. These are legal conditions for the courts, not public opinion or conditions of employment.

    You can’t do or say whatever the hell you want and not expect fallout from the public or your employer. You can expect not to go to jail for your behavior until proven guilty, but your employer has every right to fire your ass whether convicted or not.

  26. I’m going to throw him under the bus when he has 3 different charges in 2 different cities. When are athletes going to wake up and think about their actions? I know some people are looking for an easy payday, but when it’s more than once it makes one wonder. They need to be held accountable for their actions. They are not above the law.

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