Report: Vikings reach deal with Norv Turner


As expected, the Vikings have tabbed an experienced coordinator and former head coach to oversee their offense.

The Vikings will be adding Norv Turner as offensive coordinator, Jason La Canfora of reported on Saturday.

The 61-year-old Turner was the Browns’ offensive coordinator in 2013. He had spent the previous six seasons as the Chargers’ head coach. Turner was also the Redskins’ head coach from 1994 through 2000 and the Raiders’ head coach from 2004 through 2005.

Turner rose to NFL prominence as the Cowboys’ offensive coordinator from 1991-1993. He also served as offensive coordinator in San Diego (2001), Miami (2002-2003) and San Francisco (2006).

Turner’s departure leaves the Browns to replace both their offensive and defensive coordinators for 2014, as well as their head coach. Earlier Saturday, Ray Horton was named the Titans’ defensive coordinator.

The Browns fired head coach Rob Chudzinski on December 29.

81 responses to “Report: Vikings reach deal with Norv Turner

  1. As a Vikings fan I love this move. Finally getting some competent guys with a good track record in minny after years of frustration. Confident in the choices being made.

  2. I heard this guy has double digit plays on his play sheet. Not a real big vikings fan but I think they have gotten markedly better. Draft Kyle Rudolph in your fantasy league!

  3. I could see Cordarelle Patterson flourishing in this offense like Josh Gordon did last year.

    This upcoming year might be the most lethal offense the Vikings have had since 1998.

  4. As long as he’s not given another turn on the NFL ‘Failure Head Coach Merry-Go-Round’, no problem.

  5. IrishGary-
    Plenty of success as an OC. HC? Not so much. But he’s known as a top all time OC, which is what we hired him to do.

  6. Good for them… they got a new coaching staff in place.

    Before all the silly Vikings fans fill Gatorade buckets with tears of joy.

    Remember they still don’t have a clue who is going to be their starting QB

  7. Hey when you fire the head coach after a single season, why would anyone else on the staff not jump ship ?

    Turner is a good but not great coach. Probably an upgrade to what the Vikings had. Certainly no worse.

  8. @wadaz

    You really didn’t answer the question. I’ll assume you are talking about his years in Dallas, which would be ancient history. And the talent level was unbelievably higher that what is on the Vikings roster.

  9. I love this signing. Time to make a statement and prove the Packers are not entitled to championships.

  10. Defensive Master Zimmer…..Offensive Master Turner = Bad, Bad news for the rest of the North!!

    We HAVE talent, but HAD nobody to utilize it. Now the stars are aligning..we will get a shiny new QB and dominate the North for years!!!!!!

    Packers,Lions,Bears are about to get their world turned upside down!!

  11. Norv still living off his days surrounded by Hall of Famers. The Chargers offense was MUCH improved this season, after saying goodbye to Norv.

  12. A big improvement over Leslie Frasier and Bill Musgrave I must admit. Until they get a better QB though it won’t matter much.

  13. I’m liking everything the Vikings are doing so far, but I’m not about to claim us the new division leaders and Super Bowl Champs. That always comes back to haunt us and feeds into Packer trolls. I will say we will be very competitive and playing on a whole new surface out doors who knows how it will all go down. I’m very excited though.

  14. Anybody is better than Musgrave. Patterson should have a huge year…even though this team still doesn’t have a QB. Spielman, time for you to earn your paycheck, which so far you haven’t done.
    Minnesota sports franchises,….wasting HOF, once in a generation talents, like no other city. Except the Lions of course

  15. Bring back Freeman. Give a non guaranteed one year prove it contract. Offer to release him by end of June if he hasn’t established himself as the starter and if he isn’t happy with being the backup. That way if the team gets a rookie that appears ready to start, then Freeman can either stay as the backup, or try to hook on elsewhere before training camp starts.

  16. hahahahaha… You guys are doomed… well still doomed… Norv is NOT a good OC or HC. Besides his time with Jimmy Johnson what has he done? …. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

  17. Browns getting a late start on next year already. Unbelievable. Feel bad for their fans. They deserve better.

  18. “Whip ‘dem sheep into buying dem tickets before da trute hit dem fans in da face. ”

    -typical Viking fan, describing the tactics of the front office to convince fans these are good moves.

  19. thepftpoet says:
    Jan 18, 2014 6:40 PM

    I could see Cordarelle Patterson flourishing in this offense like Josh Gordon did last year.

    Gordon is a way better pure WR. Patterson has quite a ways to go to be that good.

  20. @irishgary
    Clearly you have no idea what Norv Turner has done in his career. Emmit Smith ran for more yards than anyone in NFL history while playing for Norv. LT ran for more yards than anyone in SD history playing for Norv. Ricky Williams ran wild in Miami playing for Norv. Steven Davis ran wild in DC playing for Norv. Trent Richardson had a 1,000 yard season playing for Norv. In Cleveland.

  21. Damn good move by the Vikings. Zimmer, a no nonsense defensive coach, needed a good offensive mind. Turner is one of the best. Those on this board being critical are clueless.

  22. As a Purple fan i didn’t really love Musgrave and his “length” challenged playsheet. But even with an assortnent of more than likely non starter talent at QB, there total offense still finished 13th in the entire league. That’s pretty surprising. Most these trollers on here that don’t really know anything about the Vikings assume they were bottom 5 offense, they were actually just out of top 10.

  23. Viking fans who think this is a good hire are in for a big surprise. This guy is awful he took a good offense in San Diego and made it awful. He took a good qb in Rivers and made him mediocre. And if you don’t think that’s true look at what McCoy did with pretty much the same guys. I understsnd your hoping he helps your team out but he’s not a good coach.

  24. I don’t know if the Vikings will be much better, but you have to admire a guy his age dedicated enough to pick up and move to work in the climate of Minnesota instead if retiring to SoCal.

  25. irishgary says:
    Jan 18, 2014 7:09 PM

    You really didn’t answer the question. I’ll assume you are talking about his years in Dallas, which would be ancient history. And the talent level was unbelievably higher that what is on the Vikings roster.

    With no QB or running game, he had a statistical top 5 WR in Gordon, and a top 5 TE in Jordan Cameron.

    In 2006, Alex Smith had his only good year as a QB until Harbaugh got to SF.

    In 2002-2003, Ricky Williams had over 3000 yards rushing across 2 seasons.

    In SanDiego, LT had his best years under Norv, and so did Rivers.

    Norv has had offensive success every place he’s been, period.

  26. So the browns just lost two of the best coordinators in the NFL?

    What a joke. Their fans deserve it. I went to that stadium and even for an NFL crowd they act like trash.

  27. Only time will tell. Turner has had his ups (mostly as an oc) and his downs (mostly as a head coach) but his track record with running backs has been pretty good. No, I don’t think he’s the savior but I like the move. If he wasn’t a good coach, he wouldn’t have a 30 yr nfl career under his belt. Vikes actually are pretty talented on offense. Need to sure up the defense and an upgrade at qb wouldn’t hurt.

  28. @bleedgreen

    And your point is?????

    He wins nothing, just a reminder, football is a team sport.

    Smith, LT, Rivers Williams have zero rings.

  29. Typical GB fans, trying to bash this hiring. Facts are facts, he had a top 5 offense while HC in SD, and he is very good at developing QB’s. Don’t worry about the Vikings, just worry about your team and what is about to come.

  30. irishgary says:
    Jan 18, 2014 7:09 PM

    With no QB or running game, he had a statistical top 5 WR in Gordon, and a top 5 TE in Jordan Cameron.

    Those guys very solid play makers.

    Gordon had as many receiving yards in two games, as Patterson had all season.

    I think they are solid signings, but I think these new coaches are on a short leash with the new stadium on the way. So they need to show some improvement fast.

  31. @shaggytoodle, bleedgreen,wadaz

    Norv will now have AP and the Queesn will still be without a ring.


    Dude you’re laughable, The Packers own the North, get real.

  32. As a Packer fan I am not liking the hire of the new staff in Minnesota. They needed the new coaching blood and all they are is a good quarterback away from being a good competitor team. I can not wait to see some good competitive games in the north again. Good luck to you and the rest of the division.

  33. sorry Minnesota fans, you are BUMMED. Take it from a Chargers fan. He’s unable to adjust the offense he wants to run to the players he has on the field, or to the game situation. He runs the plays Norv wants to run, thinking he can squeeze a square peg in a round hole quite often. For instance, running the ball up the middle three times at the end of the game with Sproles, right into the Ravens huge linebackers. For instance, having Philip Rivers throw deep every game two seasons ago without the right personnel/linemen/receivers to do so. You see he did that again this year for the Browns. Every year he complains about the personnel on the field, but McCoy showed the Chargers undermanned personnel could be successful with the right coaching and gameplen. Norv is stagnant, sorry Minnesota, but you can look forward to long pass plays that turn into interceptions ALLLL year.

  34. The Vikes just found a good football man and are bound to get better, as a result. Maybe they’re poised to return to greatness. I kinda miss those Purple People-Eaters.

  35. I like the fact that Zimmer knows him, having to face him the way he did. I like the signing. We still need to rebuild Def and get a solid QB. Hopefully, it happens in this draft.

  36. Granted, the Vikes may have two grumpy old men who get the senior discount at the movies; however, they have yet earn the frequent purchaser discount in the Green Bay Walmart husky section like MM and Dom.

  37. Geez, we usually have to wait until after the draft to start listening to the “Mini will win the next ten Super Bowls” stuff from the land of Purple Haze.
    Well, go ahead and hold your annual celebration before the season starts.
    After all, we know that the only time you’ve ever gotten to celebrate in January has been for coaching changes. Sad.

  38. I suppose the Vikes must have been impressed by him after the Browns beat them in Mini this season. But he wasn’t exactly the only OC to tear that “defense” apart.

  39. Good hire, IMO if the QB that the Vikes are spose to draft is not there, here’s what I think for 1st rnd. Draft a stud for defense 2nd rnd defense or BPA 3rd rnd QB AJ McCarron,Jimmy Garrapalo,Tom Savage,Brett Smith, 4th rnd OG, rest of draft fills as many holes as possible. With Zimmer and Turner the vikes should be OK with Cassel he wasn’t able to get any kind of rythm with qb circus. He earned the start after the London game that falls on Speilman and Frazier…that’s if he chooses to return.

  40. Oh you poor bastards. Get ready for the most predictable, frustrating, and totally inexplicable play calling you have ever seen. Take it from someone who watched Turner screw the pooch, and snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory in me easily winnable games than I care to remember. You will soon be longing for his departure. I only pray that, for your sales, they don’t let him hang around as long as the Chargers did. He single handedly turned Philip Rivers into a turnover machine with his seven step drop homerun plays. The second Norv left, PR it’s elite again. That is not a coincidence. Also, watch him sideline AP in favor of the passing attack. I actually like the Vikings, so I wish you lots of luck. You will need it.

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