Ron Prince joins Lions’ staff as assistant head coach

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Ron Prince has joined the Lions’ staff as the assistant head coach and tight ends coach.

Prince, best known as the former head coach at Kansas State, is being reunited with Lions head coach Jim Caldwell, who was also Prince’s boss in Indianapolis in 2010 and 2011.

There had been some talk that Prince might become the Lions’ offensive coordinator, but that job is still vacant.

Prince spent last season as the offensive coordinator at Rutgers. He has also been an assistant offensive line coach in Jacksonville, and an assistant for several college programs.

13 responses to “Ron Prince joins Lions’ staff as assistant head coach

  1. The owl say WHO? Obviously they want an all black staff to give them the opportunity to test the head coaching waters in a year or two at the epense of the Lions.
    Why do I think the Lions are going to suck even worse next year?

  2. So because they are black, they aren’t going to be as good? You guys sound like idiots. They have all paid there dues and deserve said positions. There has been all white coaching staffs since the game of football has become prominent , so why the big deal when there is more than one Black coach in a staff. maybe Caldwell is just giving opportunities to those who deserve the chance but haven’t had it yet.

  3. I’d like to know what “Assistant Head Coach” really means. We hear it used in conjunction with other position coach titles but it’s never clear what it entails. I imagine there are differences from each team but in general what are the typical expectations and RAA’s for an Assistant Head Coach?

  4. The good thing about people being mad at these coaching hires is all the bandwagon fans from two years ago until now might get off the wagon, leaving us REAL fans.

  5. Good Hire, Caldwell is going to surprise a lot of people, Detroit has enough talent to win now and he will get them there…

  6. This isn’t a bad hire because Ron Prince is black. It’s a bad hire because Ron Prince is an idiot. Being from Big 12 country, I watched his three years at Kansas State, and he’s terrible. Look at his numbers from Rutgers last year too, that’s not really something that warrants this kind of promotion.

  7. Wow, what a terrible hire. He’s the laughing stock of college football, so now he goes to the NFL. The only decent thing he’s done is had some signature wins with Kansas, and that had more to do with James Franklin as OC and Raheem Morris as DC.

    Nothing to do with black or white, just a bad coach with an enormous and unjustified ego

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