Big injuries for Iupati and Bowman in 49ers loss

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The 49ers came up just short of a Super Bowl trip, but they’d have been short two of their best players if they had made it.

Coach Jim Harbaugh said 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman suffered a torn ACL in his left knee, according to Matt Maiocco of

Coupled with a broken ankle for left guard Mike Iupati, that’s a pair of dramatic injuries from a physical game.

That will clear two more spots in next week’s Pro Bowl, in addition to the guys who will replace all the Broncos and Seahawks in the all-star game.

45 responses to “Big injuries for Iupati and Bowman in 49ers loss

  1. All these guys do is spear each other. It’s no wonder this doesn’t happen more often. You would think these guys would suffer from concussions…oh

  2. Two hard injuries to swallow this deep into the offseason. Way too early to guess, but it wouldn’t be shocking if both these players aren’t ready for camp. I think it’s even safer to guess that Bowman is destined for PUP.

  3. the playcalling was to conservative until the final drive. but we’ll be back here next year. our def will still be good and kaep will get better entering only his 2nd full season.

    seahawks are gonna get blown out in the superbowl. they will be facing an elite qb with elite wr’s.

    broncos 34
    seahawks 20

  4. have to say i think the niners d is great, but their coach, and their fans are a bunch of whiners….i mean whining about the refs, and then whining about sherman rant, after we all had to hear about crabtree having the greatest hands ever…bottom line the better team won tonight, and benefited a lot from the 12th man.

  5. Any other neutral observer think it’s karma for their whiny coach and horrible bandwagon fans?

  6. Seattle fans threw food and trash and hooted at Bowman as he was being carted off the field. There’s no excuse, justification, or explanation for that. They just showed their asses to the world as the most classless punks following football. That won’t be forgotten.

  7. Y’all gotta take this Sherman outrage down a notch. Boo hoo, did he offend your precious sensibilities? Get over yourselves. I’m willing to put money on the fact that most of the people who have a problem with what he said are of white pigmentation or just hate the Seahawks. Try a little objectivity, it’ll go a long ways in helping you cope with the unthinkable and abhorrent things Sherman said. We’re a resilient nation, if we all work hard and love one another, we might be able to pull through this travesty.

    To the few respectful Niners fans. Sorry your team lost, it sucks when your team goes down.

    To all the meatheaded psychopaths, I’d hate to be you right now.

  8. It’s hard to believe that Bowman is only an ACL… that much of an angle with a twist like that, some sort of fracture and MCL damage wouldn’t be surprising at all… it was a gruesome injury and made most ACL=MCLs look like nothing.

  9. Hope these two can get healthy as soon as possible . I didn’t see any fans throwing anything but cheering him as a respect to his game . Don’t have to make things classless that don’t happen ..

    Most of if not all Seahawks have respect especially for these two .two or the best at their respective position ..bowman is my fav lb period … And I’m a huge hawks fan .it took the best to beat the best .

    Have to take it from the previous winner (sf) and it wasn’t easy but the hawks are battle teated and have dealt with major injuries all year . Mad respect to the niners but not neccessarily the fans trying to call foul where there was not one ..

  10. I don’t believe for a second that Adrien Peterson didn’t use some kind of roids to come back and do what he did. It takes two years for these players to come back from serious knee injury’s. Just look at Ginn. Having said that it’s sucks to lose Bowman. He’s just so good.

  11. 49ers had a chance on the last drive. They were moving the ball and had 2 time outs left. Crabs looked to be double covered in the end zone so why Kap threw to him is beyond me. Would have been better to throw the ball away. I told my friends Kap would throw at least one INT and he throws 2. Sherman is a great player but he ought to look at the closeup of his face when he comes down off whatever he is on. He looks like a crazy man on drugs.

  12. Not to mention Bowman was injured on that play where he recovered a fumble but didn’t get to keep the ball because…oh wait, they were playing the Seahags.

    I am so sick of the officiating in this league. And no I’m not a Niner fan.

  13. To judge the city of Seattle on a couple of rude fans? I don’t think 49er fans want us to compare rude fans. I don’t remember hearing about stabbing s at Hawk games. San Fran, you have a great team, don’t lower yourself down to the Bay Area rep. Maybe Sherman has a mouth, but he gives credit to his team and coaches. Mr bicep kisser is much more arrogant than Sherman

  14. Bowmen is one tough dude. Geeze, that injury looked so nasty in slow motion, AND he held onto the ball! Wow
    I do hope for Iupati and Bowmen to recover completely as they are the type of players you WANT to see play this game, they are tough mentally and physically.

    Seahawk fan

  15. I’m glad the Seahawks won, but that sucks about Bowman and Iupati and James.

    It was every bit as tough and physical a game as everyone thought it would be, and guys were getting banged up on both sides of the line.

    I hope Bowman’s surgery is as big a success as Crabtree’s, and he can be back by next season.

    When we can start this competition all over again.

  16. No one should ever wish injury on anyone and though I wish both players a speedy recovery, karma is a bitch. The 9ers are by far the dirtiest team with all the cheap shots they dispense. In the 2nd period when the Seahawk punt returner was forced went out of bounds on the 9er sidelines, one of the 9er players standing behind other 9er personnel gave the returner an arm shot knocking the seahawk returner off balance. Nothing was made of it but the NFL should investigate.

  17. Sherman is gonna choke on the big stage! Ddnt do anything the whole game..and one tip..and he thinks hes the Man…Good luck Manning n co. Niner Strong!

  18. As a non impacted fan that hates the seashizzits, good god what a classless team and fan base! Bowman an Iupati are two key players and to disrespect them just shows that Peyton and the rest of the Broncos deserve this title. I hope they get some decent refs though – the refs tonight should be ashamed of themselves – however they probably have a lifetime of skittles coming their way. Eff-tards!!

  19. What a blow to the 49ers. Hope they recover for next year. The NFL’s best current rivalry is always better when the teams are at full strength.

    I didn’t see the food throwing, but if they did, embarrassing for my fellow Seahawk fans that did it. We pride ourselves on being respectful. Loud and annoying – but respectful. If true, we deserve the shame.

    See you next year 49ers, hopefully 3 times again!

  20. I am a seahawk fan. I also agree that if a fan of ours threw food at injured 49ers as they were carted off the field, that was worse certainly disrespectful behavior and unsportsmanlike. When all is said and done football is a game. We need our opponent to play this game. The idea of an opponent being an enemy is only a tool often used as a motivator. It is not truth. In most cases, you will see the players talking and laughing together once the game is over. This is model behavior, expect behavior, for us all.

  21. This guys makes an amazing play potentially sacrificing his career while holding on to the ball even while his leg is being bent and contorted in a painful way, has a bunch of 300 pound players jump on him all for the love of the game and his commitment to his teammates. In return he gets crap thrown at him from the classy Seattle fans, has a blind officiating crew determine it was a non-review play and has to see a fellow professional in Sherman, disrespect the game that he too put blood, sweat, and tears into. This man is 49ers football and I’m proud to have had my sons watch a true professional at work.

  22. Hate to see Bowman injured …. EASILY the best LB in the NFL. Get well soon.

    Good game 9er fans, respect for every player on that team. #GoHawks

  23. Show me one frame of video that shows Bowman being pelted by food as he was being carted off. There was not one single shot showing that in the game broadcast.

  24. Seahawk fan here. I could have gone all day without seeing Bowman’s leg do what it did! I was actually hoping it was a broken bone rather than an ACL. The bone would have healed faster and with a lot less residual pain and therapy. I sure hope it doesn’t end his career. sorry for that one…horrid. Really horrid.

    Iupati’s injury was bad too, but he should be ready a lot sooner. I think he’ll be ready for camp…maybe even some of the pre-camp stuff.

    As for comments about food throwing, IF that happened, then it was from some small-minded people who are sadly probably band-wagoners. I know of NO Seahawk fan who wants to see either of those injuries…to anyone, home team or opponents. Not good…not at all. Far from being the most trashy franchise in the NFL. I can think of others real easy. Batteries and rocks being thrown at players common behavior at both sites.

    Re: Richard Sherman…you don’t like him because he runs his mouth…BUT he also backs up what he says. And were he to wind up at some point playing for ‘Frisco, you’d love him…so let it go already.
    And there is nothing wrong about tossing in one sentence about the Pro Bowl, it just keeps people informed. Lighten up.

    Crackheads? LOL!!! Childish comment. Really…it is.

  25. That was my worst moment of the game seeing Bowman get hurt, not to mention that was a complete fumble recovery. I’m a Seahawks fan too. Great fought game, that roughing the punter call was blown too, but admit falling face down and barely hitting Lee was weak too. I hope this rivalry continues strong as both teams are the most physical in the league, I think kaepernick is going to be unstoppable once his passing matches his running, hope for bowman to return full strength as well…

  26. Richard Sherman came off as the,most classless individual I have ever seen in an interview.
    What a frickin maniac.
    I hope The head coach reads the riot act to that idiot.
    A real embarrassment tongue respectful people in Seattle.

  27. Roger Sherman epitomizes the hostility, hubris, and classlessness of the Seahawks. Sad that they represent the NFC but maybe that is just the way today’s generation is. Go Broncos.

  28. My hat goes off to Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers for a well played game. I know the best game would have resulted in a win for the 49ers, but it’s bad when you have to play the 12th man and the referees. Poor officiating gave Seattle to scores and alternately cost 49ers again, sounds familiar, sounds like last year’s Super Bowl when the 49ers receiver was held in the end zone, that would have given them first in 10 on the 3 yard line or 5 yard line whichever line they were on. But in most cases, that is water under the bridge. I don’t believe that Sherman represents the franchise in Seattle, but he really makes you hate that team. Good luck to Denver as Peyton Manning continue to make history, by winning a second Super Bowl with another team. I guess class is not something that one can learn in college. Sherman, sounds like that quarterback from Florida State, very ignorant.

  29. Well fought game. Sherman is an uneducated, self centered, classless, fool! He should never get any air time again! I always root for the NFC in the Super Bowl! Not this year!

  30. No one there food. Complete BS.

    Watch the video of him leaving and NOTHING is thrown. When he enters the tunnel some popcorn (appears it was) falls straight down from above as if spilled.

    It didn’t hit him nor was there any on his cart.

    A San Fran fan said on Facebook that it happened and now all these whiners are following suit.

  31. 49ers had to stay away from Richard Sherman because he mugs the receivers, and the officials don’t call anything. You can’t throw to a receiver if he is not open and you cannot get open if you are mugged.

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