Bill Belichick: I’m proud of everything we did this year


Patriots coach Bill Belichick has received a lot of praise for the job he did guiding the Patriots to the AFC Championship Game this season in spite of injuries to several key players, but he saved the plaudits for his players after Sunday’s loss to the Broncos.

Belichick said he wished the team could have done better on Sunday, “especially me,” but that he had great respect for the work done over the course of the entire season. Belichick said he appreciated how hard the team worked every week and that he thought they showed improvement throughout the year.

“I’m proud of our football team. I’m proud of everything we did this year,” Belichick said, via “We’ve got a lot of guys in that locker room that played hard, played well, gave everything they had all season long. I’m proud to be their coach.”

Belichick found answers all season long, but the loss of cornerback Aqib Talib proved to be a backbreaker for a defense already missing so much talent. Even when they held the Broncos to field goals, the Patriots ate up clock and the offense couldn’t get going until the game was firmly in Denver’s control. That makes the 17 games that came before thin comfort even if the Patriots and Belichick should all be proud of what they did during them.

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  1. Brady looking old. Peyton looking young. Belicheat getting what he deserves for being a surly cheating miserable excuse for a person.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. When you lose 8 starters to injury and another one of your best players for being a serial killer/murdering 3+ people, and you make the AFCCG, then the season was a success.

  3. I’m tired of seeing excuses about Talib. The Patriots only scored 3 points for the first 53 minutes. That is why they lost.

  4. Hey coach, now that the season is over maybe you can finally repay Schiano for those awful trades by giving him a job. I’m pretty sure he’s open to doing just about anything at this point.

  5. As you should be. 28 other teams couldn’t even make it with an even healthier team than ours. Love this guy as our coach, wouldn’t want anybody else.

    Pftpoet – you’re a Vikings fan, man. What do ya celebrate or acknowledge besides AP??


  6. Pat – we lost MAINLY because our defense couldn’t get Manning off the field. You can say Brady played well once they went into “prevent” defense but that’s on the broncos. Brady only has slot receivers to throw to and they still scored the ball twice, what’s up with that?

  7. Yep great job. Surely a swan song season to hang your hat on Bill. You should probably go ahead and retire now. Happy trails!

    Ps. Take Pricess Brady with ya

  8. The genius BB couldn’t coach his team to victory? And he had future HOFer Brady as QB? And a standout receiving corps? The End must be near.

    Brady looked like Ponder today. Who the heck was he throwing to half the time? Talk about over-throwing and misfires. Maybe he and Giselle are fighting over the mirror too much.

  9. “I’m proud of the bogus last second pass interference call against Cleveland that ensured a first round bye and home field advantage”

    – billy belichick

  10. New England fan here. Good game Denver- win it for the AFC this year. They were just flat out better than us this year- for everything we went through with Hernz and Amendola being a bust we fought and fought and over achieved. Tom is 37 and is fading as all athletes do. We need some offensive firepower to get us to the next level. Hate it for Tom- but theres always next year. Good game Denver, Im happy for Peyton. Nothing gold can stay.

  11. Great year from a great owner, coach and QB. What a fantastic franchise.

    Next year! Go Patriots!

    Hey haters, what was your team doing today? If it was playing you haven’t won a Super Bowl since New England has. If it wasn’t, well….shut up.

  12. Great season Bill, but it wasn’t meant to be. I think most Pats fans would agree that we’re all very proud of what this team accomplished, too. The Broncos were awesome today; represent the AFC well.

  13. Remarkable year by the pats. Never seen a team have as many big name, jersey names go down as this team, and yet, they still go to this game. Then suffer another huge injury, talib.

  14. I’m wondering if Brady’s shoulder is worse than they are letting on. He seems to have lost his touch with downfield throws. Just an observation.

  15. absolutely despise the patriots & anything boston/NE. with that being said, hands down, bar none the best coaching job belechick has ever done. between one TE in a wheelchair & the other that will get the electric chair & all of the other injuries, he did the best he could

  16. rustybelowthebeltRN…fan of the laughingstock of the NFL…how did your Bungles handle THEIR home field advantage…there are four teams in the AFC North and only one hasn’t won a Super Bowl or NFL title…even the brain dead offspring of the rustybroad herself know who the odd man out is again, and again, and again…

  17. The only reason the Patriots were even on the field today is they play in the AFC East. If that team was in the AFC West they would have the same record as the Raiders.

  18. The defense was the biggest problem today. Cannot get off the field, defense should dictate where the opposing offense should go… Matt Patricia should not be the DC for this team, or any team. Also the secondary coaches have no or very little experience. BB is the head coach, he can’t do everything. Look at coaches for San Fran and Seattle, all experienced coaches and great defenses. Until the defensive coaching changes, our defense will never change.

  19. Before the game I figured the Patriots couldn’t win if they didn’t force any turnovers. That’s how it turned out. Brady didn’t play well and Talib went down, but ultimately they just lost to the better team.

    The Patriots only forced one punt and couldn’t get close to Manning, even when he was bobbling the ball. Brady missed on a few big play opportunities and kind of did nothing.

    Congrats to Denver and good luck in the Super Bowl. I’ll be cheering for Manning. I certainly used to hate him, but he’s grown on me over the years and I’d like to see him win one more and cement his legacy (Although Seattle looks very good).

    The Patriots will be better next year with some of the veterans back from injury and the young players getting better and let’s hope Brady still has enough in the tank to get back here again at least one more time in the next 2 or 3 years.

    The team provided great moments for the fans this year. Thank you to the Patriots for a great season.

  20. I’m really proud of this Pats team too. Now Tom Brady finally has as many post season victories in the last 6 seasons as Mark Sanchez has…

    Enjoy your tenth anniversary Pats fans…

  21. I TOTALY AGREE ! One more year goes by that this Oganization filled with cheaters goes home after choking another big game. Another terrible 1st round draft pick. 1 more year proving that as long as the Pats have to play away from Foxoboro they are WEAK rarely ever scoring more than 17 points in a big game. 1-9 road record in the playoffs HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. TOM BRADY CANT WIN IN GOOD WEATHER HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Tom Brady and BIll Bilicheat 1 more year closer to retirement. I’D CONSIDER THAT A GOOD YEAR TOO. BWWWWWWAHAHAHAHAHHAH.

  22. Hats off to Belichek & the Pats organization

    In September, it looked like Brady might not get to 20 TDs.

    There team rallied thru adversity & youth.

    Great year. No shame

  23. Pats fan here….while I am sad tonight I am also proud we made it this far in a tough year. We have so much work to do this offseason however. Tom isn’t throwing well, and has declined in the playoffs last 3 years. He cost us last year with the overthrow to Wes. Three more errant passes today again.
    Ryan has shown poise in camp, and it’s time to start preparing him and draft a competent new QB.
    I am also tired of the cheap approach Mr Kraft has under Bills leadership in not acquiring real skilled talent for the team. No WR’s, no star on D, this old song is worn out.
    And Bill, stop with the ridiculous 4th and 7 calls and odd plays….you are a D guru, not an offensive mind.

  24. H8ers gonna H8. I’d love for this guy to coach my team, and truth be told no true NFL fan can deny Belichick is a great coach.
    Pats are the 2nd youngest team in the league and missed a bunch of key players this year. Get used to it h8ers: they’ll be back.

  25. Big Pats fan here…….while the team showed unparalleled resiliency throughout the season, the ending reveals a crack that I began to see three seasons ago. It has not closed, in fact, the crack has lengthened and widened.

    Few in the northeast wish to discuss it, but when Coach dissects the game tape….it should become obvious. Tom Brady’s time has passed.

    If he had been just “average” today, the result could’ve been different and we very well could’ve had a last possession “heart stopping” finish….one way or the other.

    With the second youngest team in the league is it fair to attempt to bring along a young crop of receivers who can not depend on a catchable ball when they go deep….not to mention the countless low balls that Brady has missed on over the past three seasons? (Ask Wes…he took the blame on a couple in particular.)

    Perhaps it’s time for Tom to walk away….and just like he took the reins from Drew….maybe now is the time for Ryan Mallet to take his turn.

  26. Hey Bostonian, why don’t you get that elitist eastern mentality the hell outta here. If you think the pats are the only team dealing with injuries, you’re a horrible fan of football. Denver has been missing an all pro lt, an all pro linebacker, and a hall of fame cb, amongst many others for most of the year. Keep running your mouth though. There’s always next year.

  27. melikefootball says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:06 PM
    What is the record after being caught cheating?
    The best record in the NFL over the past 10 years, thats what.

    What is your teams record over the past decade?
    Nobody hates a loser, so hate away everyone.

    The Pats are THE model franchise that every other team emulates.

    See you next year in the playoffs. Again. And healthy, winning it all.

  28. Holy Cow are you Patriots fans defensive… Your team absolutely laid an egg on the field! You are a spoiled bunch of whining babies. The general consensus is we agree Brady and Belichick are great, but nothing lasts forever. The Dolphins and Jets are on your heels and the decade of “gimme AFC East title” is over. You are not a good balanced team because of a regular season easy schedule and Ref calls always going your way. Every team has injuries… deal with it. It will be fun to see the Patriots go back to the 80’s & 9o’s Steve Grogan Football Follies Blooper reel days. You realize most fans hate the Patriots because of the arrogant fanbase. You got what you deserve…. A genuine Beatdown!

  29. So lets hear from a former Steelers coach:

    Cowher seems to absolve the Patriots for any wrongdoing.

    “Listen, there’s people stealing signals all the time before that,” Cowher said. “You have ways to hide those things. We had wristbands for our defense. I remember trying to get offensive plays and see what the formations were. Everybody knows.

    Or Coach Cowher’s comments last week:

    We didn’t lose the game because of any Spygate, because of them having any additional things,” Cowher said of New England’s 41-27 win over the Steelers in the 2004 AFC Championship game. “I think if they’re guilty of anything, they’re guilty of arrogance, because they were told not to do something. But it was something that everybody does. The only thing they got caught [was] doing it with a camera. We had people that always tried to steal signals. Stealing someone’s signals was a part of the game, and everybody attempted to do that.”

  30. Brady’s career is starting to look a lot like Troy Aikman’s did minus the concussions.

    Both QB’s won 3 rings in 4 years then after that couldn’t seem to play consistently well in the playoffs….

  31. What hes really saying “im thankful for the refs giving us bs pi calls at home that made us 9 – 0 @ home but im pissed at the away refs that couldnt do that and thats why we were 4 – 5 on the road”

  32. With the situation the pats had this year, they don’t have any business going this far. Only BB and TB can carry this rag tag pats this far. We are proud of our pats esp.this year. The duct tape and bailing wire gave out finally. The broncos is the better team this year. Good luck, broncos and feed Sherman a knuckle or elbow sandwich while your at it.

  33. The only reason the Patriots were even on the field today is they play in the AFC East. If that team was in the AFC West they would have the same record as the Raiders.

    Yes because they had all 12 of there wins in the division!

    4-2 in the division
    8-2 out side the division

    When are people going to stop using that lame excuse.
    “They only win because of there division”

    You do realize the weakest division in the AFC since 2001 based on W-L and playoff appearances is the AFC south!

  34. Tom Brady is missing more and more throw as time goes on, why they don’t help him by giving him some weapons in his old age is beyond me.

  35. I thought he was a genius Its funny when he didn’t have tom Brady or when Brady doesn’t play well Belichick doesn’t look like a genius so much

  36. Why are we all still talking spygate ? Ridiculous! You know Pats fans are the most loyal! Also any team who can overcome the loss of so many players throughout the year and make it to the AFC championship game I am very proud to be a part of that fan base and most of all New England!! To all of you haters we wouldn’t want you part of our fanbase anyway!

  37. The Pats just lost too many key players to get there this year. Every team has to contend with injuries, but the Pats just lost too many difference makers this year. Despite that they got deep into the playoffs, hard to be unhappy with that result as a fan. It might be disappointing, but anytime you’re team is still playing in mid January it is a good season.

    In the end it doesn’t matter who you are playing without, you still have to go play. Yesterday Denver outplayed the Pats, plain and simple. Congrats to the Broncos.

  38. I do not like the Patriots as I am a Broncos fan. I enjoy reading most of your posts but I am frankly sick of seeing all of the threads on the Patriots being cheaters. LET IT GO AND MOVE ON. It is a waste of my time as well as many others since we have to see this crap article after article.

    It is kind of creepy that so many of you focus on bashing Brady and Belicheck, obsessed much?

    I feel that the Broncos will win the Superbowl easily but I have to admit that I am amazed that the Patriots made it this far and did not get blown out.

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