Broncos advance to Super Bowl XLVIII

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The Broncos brought quarterback Peyton Manning to Denver in hopes of winning a Super Bowl title and Manning is one win away from reaching that goal after a 26-16 victory over the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Manning guided an offense that picked up 507 yards of total offense and scored points on six straight drives after opening the game with a punt on their first drive. Manning completed 32-of-43 passes for 400 yards and two touchdowns to more than do his part in getting the Broncos to his brother Eli’s stomping grounds in two weeks time. It’s the second time that Manning has overcome a Tom Brady-led Patriots team in the conference title game and he’s now in position to win a Super Bowl ring with his second team — joining former Bronco Craig Morton as starters for two different Super Bowl teams — and put one more gigantic stamp on one of the best years by a quarterback in the history of the NFL.

The Patriots really missed cornerback Aqib Talib, who left with a knee injury in the first half, but the Broncos were having success before he left and they executed well on just about every snap. The offensive line kept Manning’s pocket clean, the running game picked up yards when called upon and the Patriots couldn’t find an answer when they needed one to climb back into the game in the second half.

Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio had never beaten a Brady-led Patriots team as a coach in either Jacksonville or Denver, but that changed on Sunday with a terrific performance by his unit. Robert Ayers and Terrance Knighton came up with huge sacks and Shaun Phillips stopped Shane Vereen short of the end zone on a late two-point conversion try that would have made it a one-score game late in the fourth quarter.

Two scoring drives late in the game left the Patriots looking a bit more respectable, but they struggled to pick up first downs for the first three quarters and Brady missed too many of the rare targets left wide open by the Broncos defense over the course of the game. Their last gasp effort was too little and much too late to derail the Broncos, which was a nice change for the Broncos after their first meeting with the Patriots this season.

Now they just need to find out who they’ll be playing in the seventh Super Bowl trip in franchise history.

218 responses to “Broncos advance to Super Bowl XLVIII

  1. BWWWAAAAAAhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Tom Brady 6-6 post Spygate post season record.

    Tom Brady Dirt ball after dirt ball, overthrown balls to wide open guys.
    WHAT a JOKE. YOUR joke of a cheat team just got dominated!!!!!!
    All Brady’s records go down and he chokes up another performance in an AFC Championship DOES IT get better than that?
    Manning just cemented his legacy of the best all time. NE just proved how they can’t win without their cameras at home THANK YOU MIA!
    Another 17 point performance in a big game BRADY = OVER REATED

  2. Patriot HATER here!!

    A few weeks ago a Patriot lover was claiming to compile a list of all of us haters and was going to post it when the Pats won the super bowl. Ahem. Post those names now and we’ll consider it a badge of honor. YOU’RE NOTHING!

    Another promising season ultimately ending in FAILURE for those Pats. Just because NE wins their weak division every year doesn’t make them great (GB wins theirs every year too – who cares). They haven’t won a title in 10 years… You Pats fan must be accustomed to this by now though, eh.

    Tom “pretty boy” Brady missed at least 3 wide open throws, and one of those was 15 yards or less. Yep, overrated. No excuses and his non-throwing hand was perfectly healed. Is anyone going to talk about that except me??

    Get over yourselves Pats fans, you’re not that great.

  3. Without an impenetrable phalanx protecting him, and a receiver able to come up with anything just thrown close, and Blount running the defense over, the eroding skills of Tom Brady were on full display. The magic is gone, and it isn’t coming back. In two years the Patriots will have a new QB. Even the legends don’t last forever. Unitas, Montana, and Manning played for more than one team.

  4. I can’t wait to hear more excuses from the Patriots fans about how they only lost the game because of injuries.

    When the real reason they lost is because they’re a mediocre team when they’re not allowed to cheat.

  5. Pats nation *cricket* *cricket* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Now go crawl back into your holes and lick your wounds !!!!!!!

  6. Oh thank the Lord.

    Patriots got schooled today, but if its any consolation they would’ve been smoked by either SEA or SF anyway.

    Looking forward to seeing you in the great state of NJ Peyton!

  7. This is why the Patriots will never win another superbowl.

    Without being able to use a video camera to tape a teams plays, they are worthless.

  8. Congrats to the Broncos one and all.

    Great game by their defense and the offense did what they were supposed to do as well.

    Good team win.

    Good luck in the Super Bowl and I hope the Broncos win.

  9. This was a surgical performance by Manning. The whole entire focus of the Pats defense was to stop Peyton, and that offense had only 1 punt the entire game.

    I know Brady is a great QB, but the Broncos defense focused on stopping the run. That was Brady’s opportunity to exploit Denvers D, but couldn’t get it done until the 4th when the Broncos went into prevent defense.

    Great game, hopefully it puts to rest the Brady is Clutch and Manning is a bum in the playoffs.

    last 16 post-season playoff games (when no one was cheating):

    Manning 9-7
    Brady 8-8

  10. With all the choker and clutch talk about the quarterbacks, sometimes we overlook the obvious. The Broncos were clearly the better team.

  11. Peyton can’t win in the cold? Or he can’t win a big game? He’ll be one and done?

    I hope people start to realize that my team the Colts just failed to surround him with a good enough defense most seasons.

    On another thought how long until Archie Manning’s sperm makes it into the hall of fame?

  12. Sorry but the Broncos ain’t getting away with those illegal pick plays against the 49ers or Seahawks defenses.

  13. Dominating performance for Denver. It was fun to watch an episode of the ‘Revenge Tour’ to offset that loss to them several weeks back. Watch out for the patriot excuses rolling in… Denver prepared the D to take away the run and force brady to be accurate, not easy to make Brady miss, so props to Denver.

  14. To whoever picks the players for the Pats, get Tom Brady help! The man was on the field throwing to a couple dwarfs, don’t they remember when they gave him someone to throw to ( Randy Moss) the man threw 50 TDs, what a shame to see such a waste of talent, congrats Broncos, you deserved it today.

  15. Tom Brady + Bill Belichick will be thinking about the New York Giants on their death bed. Instead of 5 Super Bowls and the second perfect season of all time, they only have 3 with the last coming 9 years ago. Still two great HOF caliber careers, but not football immortality which that resume would be.

  16. As a pats fan I’m proud of the effort the pats put out this year but Denver deserved to win this game. Good luck to Denver in the SuperBowl and here’s to hoping for another Brady-manning AFC championship next year

  17. I’ma say it.
    As a raiders fan it pains me to see the donkeys advance. but also gives me joy.

    They still ain’t amounted to nothing ever since they got exposed by cheaters which also was founded on the tuck rule.

    Raiders all day, Broncos losing in the SB you can bet that!

  18. It’s been 10 years since The Patriots won a Super Bowl.

    The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since they got caught cheating.

    The Patriots will always make the playoffs because they’re in the same division as The Bills, Jets and Dolphins.

    Tom Brady is only good because of Bill Belichick.

    The Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel playing QB in 2008.

    Bill Belichick is not the GOAT.

    Bill Belichick lost to Tom Coughlin twice.

  19. And please can we not use the “Talib got knocked out of the game” excuse. The Broncos lost their best cover guy (Harris) last week too and no one says a word about it.

    Last I checked, Brady was passing against one of the worst pass defenses who also lost some key players as well. He just didn’t get it done. Period.

  20. Somewhere goodell and the refs in foxboro are crying on each others shoulders. Amazing 8 – 0 @ home but 4 – 5 on the road. I guess bs pi calls don’t travel well.

  21. This is just heartbroken but bittersweet at the same time. You never want to see your team lose, definitely against a rival; but after a whole season of perseverance and never giving up it’s hard to be upset. No other team could have made it to this far facing as much injuries as the Pats have, NO OTHER TEAM. Another year and no Super Bowl but not many teams can say they’ve been to 8 championship games, 5 Super Bowl and have had 11 straight winning seasons. Haters can run their mouth all day but in reality, it’s just hate, ignorance and ignoring the facts.

    All props to Manning of course. Gonna be interesting to see how he plays when goes up against a legit defense.

  22. Broncos deserved to win. PM played outstanding, TB did not. Also Pats D could not get off the field. What really stuck out to me was the difference in talent. Denver is loaded (offensively). NE is not.

  23. Pats fan here. Congratulations Denver. Manning played a great game. Good luck in the Super Bowl.
    P.S. I hope to hell the Browns take Josh McDaniels.

  24. Remember when the raiders put up close to 60 points against the broncos (in denver) not too long ago?

    Keep your heads up Browns/Bills/Dolphins/Jaguar/Viking/Jets/Bucs fans.

    The NFL landscape changes quickly these days.

  25. Where are the people (some Broncos fans included) that savagely ripped Elway apart (which included down playing his career) for getting rid of Tebow and picking up Manning? Please, show yourselves and expose yourselves that you know nothing about football whatsoever.

  26. Congrats Manning, Broncs and Bronc fans. Good luck in SB. Otherwise, bummer. Pats got smoked by a superior team today. The end.

  27. Da Bears still suck. What a weekend showcase of why the Bears will never make the playoffs again. Gotta have a QB. Congrats Denver!

  28. Good game NE, you guys played a tough game. Hopefully this game will put all of the manning choke artist crap to rest. Football is a team sport. Look what happens when an offense doesn’t turn the ball over and the defense plays well!! Today was a complete victory based on playing team football.

  29. Tip my hat to the Broncos. The better team won. Good luck in the SB.

    As a Pats fan I can stomach losing to Peyton Manning in Denver a lot better than I handled watching them gag away 14-2 to Mark Sanchez at home! lol

  30. If your team wasn’t one of the final four teams, you ALL SHOULD STAY QUIET. It’s just hate and arrogance at this point. Definitely Jets fans, yuck.

  31. With all the injuries that New England had, Manning should have won by 21. Again Peyton chokes in the playoffs . . . , aaah who am I kidding, I’m so happy. Broncos are going to the Super Bowl. Yeah Baby!!!

  32. Manning fans, let’s be better than those DBs who love to call Manning a choker. Please don’t say that Brady choked today. As we all know, a great QB can’t compensate for a defense that gets completely dominated. Just savor the well-earned victory and then it’s on to the Meadowlands.

  33. Yo Talib… ice up son.

    Way too fragile for me for an important piece of the defense. Pats should at least consider moving on without him.

  34. Masterful performance by Manning on a side note Shannon Sharpe is a tool.. What was up with the gloves.

  35. Tip my hat to the pats and their fans. As an impartial Bronco fan it was obvious they were out gunned today. BOTH TEAMS were missing key players and I think our depth showed. Brady is still my second favorite QB.
    Lastly this win is nice but without one more win this means NOTHING! Lets get ready to rep the AFC and get this ring…

  36. Talib was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Gronk, Wilfork, Mayo, Kelly, Vollmer, Spikes…Talib. Season over. Congrats to the Broncos though and to Peyton. Worked us up all day. 400 yards and punted once. Nothing you can do but tip the cap. We’ll see if he can cap off the best offensive season ever. It can all come crashing down quick as I know all too well.

  37. Pats fan here, obviously disappointed, but you have to give props where they are due.

    Well done Broncos, the better team won, for sure.

    Denver fans deserve this, they are passionate about their Broncos, and it has been a long time coming.

    Go Peyton, beat the NFC team.

  38. As someone who likes watching both Brady and Manning play.

    Can we please cut the spygate crap. The was what, 7 years ago now? You guys can act like little kids, but I’ll be man enough to say that I am completely jealous of the success New England has had in the past 10-15 years. 5 Super Bowls, 3 Wins and 2 losses both on final drives in the 4th quarter? How many AFC Championship games? Playoffs every year. (This is the same with a Manning led team)

    And the fact that New England was even in the AFC Championship game just goes to show how good Brady/Bill are. They lost their top 5 leading receivers in the offseason, lost Gronk, lost Wilfork, lost Mayo. Their WR core was pretty much a joke. 2 rookies. Injury prone Collie/Amendola.

    If I was a Pats fan, I’d be upset we lost, but in reality they probably shouldn’t have been there anyway.

    Good luck to Manning and the Broncos. I’d rather see them win than any NFC team.

  39. A sidenote to the Spygate comments….

    …. the steelers haven’t won anything since steelers team doctor dr. richard rydze was investigated and indicted by federal authorities for illegal distribution of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids.

  40. Wow pats haters in heaven.. Get a life haters. Did Brady miss 2 deep balls ? Yes. Was Amendola for welker a good move ? No..
    But reason they lost.. Lost best tight end in football. Stud linebacker. Stud d lineman. And talib early.
    Come on haters. Pats 2014 AFc east champs already. Brady is still great. Hate to see him go but Emmanuel sanders will be a patriot. Pats will be fine. As a steelers fan. I would lose to lose 2 AFc champs games in a row as opposed to not making playoffs. Haters of patriots- get a life please

  41. At least its not a pats vs seahawks super bowl. If that were the case how are we supposed to justify the saying “cheaters never win” to the kids of today.

  42. Wonder what gracious words Gieselle will have for Tommy Boy after his performance today. Tommy didn’t even have the sportsmanship to look for Manning after the game.

  43. Congratulations Broncos!

    I cannot believe there are so many miserable people out there that feel they have to post negative comments.

    Time to grow up….

  44. Denver played a great game and deserved the win. To all the haters your jealousy is astounding. Your teams couldn’t was Brady’s jock supports. Even with all the injuries to our starters we still go all the way to the afc championship. Let’s face it we lost today but this time next year we will be playing again and your team will be golfing. Again.

  45. Since the morality police are out today, just out of curiosity, how many Super Bowls have the Broncos won without violating the salary cap?

  46. The Denver offensive and defensive lines were impressive. To beat that team you need to create turnovers, stop them on a high percentage of third downs, and score points on offense. The Patriots didn’t do any of those three things and never really threatened to turn the game in their favor.

  47. Brady looking old. Peyton looking young. Belicheat getting what he deserves for being a surly cheating miserable excuse for a person.


  49. doctorrustbelt | Jan 19, 2014, 6:40 PM EST
    A sidenote to the Spygate comments….

    …. the steelers haven’t won anything since steelers team doctor dr. richard rydze was investigated and indicted by federal authorities for illegal distribution of human growth hormone and anabolic steroids.

    Sssshhh Mr one and done. Prove it!

  50. tom brady and giselle will blame it all on Edelman, Amendola, Talib, and the referees.

  51. Disgraced Eagles fan here…not much to say…interesting to see the Patriots look pathetic for once…OHMAHA OHMAHA…you’re in Denver Peyton. I think he wants to take a trip to Nebraka or he wants some steaks…SPYGATE is real. 10 YEARS since a trophy. Boston has won enough anyway. Don’t they win a championship every year anyway?

  52. Justice has been served.
    Thank you peyotn manning.
    We owe you one from us colts fans.

    Lagarret blount=BUM
    Lets face it hey got really lucky against our run D but denvers D really showed who he is.

  53. I will say this, I used to take solace in the fact that in our down years we still are either fighting for a afc championship or losing in the Super Bowl, but the down years are starting to get old. It’s so hard to believe I can even say those words. From 1980, when I became a fan, thru 2000 were some awful awful years as a pats. I just need to look back on those years and be thankful for where we are now.

  54. Lol every one of you people laughing at the Pats had your team already knocked out before this round. Pats are still one of the 4 best teams in the league and better than whichever one you whiners are fans of

  55. “Sorry, folks, but we remain very skeptical about this. Elway is getting the job without paying the dues. Watching film with his father and running an AFL franchise isn’t the kind of experience necessary to run an NFL team, and it’s sort of an insult to the men who have earned their stripes by grinding for years, learning the business from the bottom up and earning each next rung on the ladder.

    It’s almost as if Bowlen and Ellis don’t know what else to do, so they’ll give the keys to a guy whose only real qualifications are his ability to throw a ball and the fact that his presence will sell tickets and/or restore hope, false as it may be.”

    – Mike Florio

  56. doctorrustbelt | Jan 19, 2014, 7:11 PM EST
    tom and giselle will blame it all on Edelman, Amendola, Talib, and the referees.

    Nah, they will blame it on the one and dones who showed them how to lose.

  57. It’s a beautiful day as a Bronco fan in New Jersey and only a hour away from the festivities. Other posts we’re complaining about no calls against Denver for picks and holding but hey there we’re no calls on thePats as well. McPherson golfing Julius in end zone and the illegal pick by them when DRC went down. But get I guess DRC is just man enough to get back up.

  58. Peyton played lights out and the Pats D only had one stop all night. No way a team can win when they don’t stop the Offense from scoring every drive. Only so much duct tape and BB can do before the team finally starts to break down. Getting to the AFCCG was gravy for the Pats this year. I was expecting to lose out on the first game. Hoping to go on, of course, but realistically wasn’t expecting much.

    The run game never started, Brady deep throw accuracy was terrible, and the D couldn’t stop anything.

    Well done Broncos. The best team definitely won that game today. I’ll be cheering for the Seahawks if they go through, otherwise I’ll be cheering for the Broncos. Really don’t like Kaepernick and the 49ers version of Harbaugh, lol.

    I may not like the Ravens, but at least I can respect their coach. No can do for the 49ers whiner.

  59. Sick game from the Broncos. They outplayed us in pretty much every aspect of this game. Manning is a beast and no one can say differently.

    On a different note, anyone outside of Broncos fans can really shut their holes. Talk all you want about cheating, but the Pats have the highest winning percentage in the NFL since Spygate. 4 AFC title games and 2 Bowl appearances. I guess cheating was the reason for that as well. A total of 5 QBs have won a Super Bowl since then trolls…. I’m assuming that most of you hate out of jealousy, but please stop pretending that the Pats are not one of best teams ever.

    Fun stat…. Brady has made the AFC title game in 8 of his 12 seasons. Must be the cheating!!!

  60. Both Belichick and Brady congratulated Manning on the field and praised him in their post game interviews.

  61. Hey pats fans.
    i was as mad as you are now when we lost badly to you.
    Now the only thing left is to see what went wrong and fix it.

    Like us.
    We need a good OLINE

  62. Rustbelt:

    Rydze left the Steelers in the summer of 2007. Appparently, Pittsburgh won Super Bowl 43.

    You are dismissed, fool. And stop your lies. They won’t magically become true.

  63. Alright, Stop! You people are relentless. I’m not a pats fan but, am a fan of Brady and how does take from Brady? You think Manning would have done what Brady did this year with that team. Honestly, Manning has had a supporting cast around him his whole career. If you don’t think Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon count as weapons. Lets not forget about That line either and that coaching staff. Then he goes to the Broncos and has Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Julius Thomas, and Wes Welker. When Brady won his super bowls he had Deion Branch as his best target. He does one of the best coaches of all time even if you consider him a “cheater” and a better than average defense. Whats Manning’s playoff record? how many super bowls does he have?that’s right keep bashing him, he is still Brady and always has been Brady.

  64. CA anyone name any team in NFL history that lost 3 All_Pro players and 3 more Pro bowl players ad still ended up in the Conference Championship game?? And that’s with the refs taking 2 wins away from the Pats!

    This was probly Belichick’s best coaching job with the Pats and should be coach of the year! And Brady carried this team on his back all year!

    Now, being an AFC rooter, Go Broncos!!!

  65. Buggin at all these Bronoco fans that just came out the wood work.. lol Most of yall aint even Bronocos fan, Yall are Peyton Manning fans and i think its funny how yall was quiet all week leading up to the game but wanna talk now…smh. as always i give props when they are due, congrats to denver and the fans (the real ones who werent previous colts fans) on a well fought well earned victory.

    -Pats fan!


    Greg Rosenthal says:
    “Wes Welker’s most impactful play in Sunday’s AFC Championship might not come on a reception. New England Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib was sent to the locker room after taking a big hit from Welker.

    Talib didn’t return after suffering a knee injury. It was surprise that Welker was not called for pass interference on the play, as it appeared he hit Talib after Peyton Manning threw the ball to Demaryius Thomas.”


    Google “Wes Welker Knocked Aqib Talib Out of the Game on This Pick Play” and you will see Welker come off his route and head straight for Talib’s hip. It was a planned play. Talib’s injury led to numerous plays later in the game where the Pats were short DB’s and couldn’t cover everyone.

    This was a game changer. However, second on the list is the total lack of recognition by the officials not only of the pick plays run by Denver (they all do it) but the hits (like Welkers) that came while the ball was in the air. It went on all game long. Then, The Patriots did it and got flagged for it and it pushed them out of scoring range when things were still close. I lost count of the pick plays Denver ran, and noted numerous times Linebackers and DB’s being hit well before the ball arrived. For me, this Pick Play Issue and Welker’s cheap shot are all I have to complain about an otherwise good game. These things allowed Denver to get rolling. But NE still had chances. They left plays out there for sure. But Denver had it all in their favor today and they took advantage. I think second to Welker their D line played well and made a big difference. Had the game been closer it would have been interesting to see if they would have spit the bit again.

    It’s amazing the number of absolute losers that come out at times like this. I understand many of them have deep psychological wounds from repeatedly watching their team lose to NE. One thing I know is that unlike the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Redskins, Dolphins, etc., New England will be right there again next season competing for a Championship, as they always do, regardless of the circumstances. They are an amazing organization and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. They are a few players away. It will be interesting to see what they do with their off season.

  67. How were those former Bucs players the Pats allegedly fleeced from Tampa? Talib standing on the sidelines, again, when he was needed the most. Blount had what, six yards on the ground? What a steal. Welcome to the NFL, Talib, you’ll be an overpaid Redskin in a few months. And the Pats shop better cancel that batch of Blount jerseys, he is what he was while in Tampa; inconsistent, exciting, but does not play like a bruising RB. He has always had a difficult time breaking through the line of scrimmage. Scoreboard, son. Brady 8-8 in the playoffs since 2006 and 0-4 against the Manning brothers over the last six years.

  68. r8dernation says: Jan 19, 2014 7:23 PM

    Broncos prepare to set record 5th Superbowl loss.

    and the raiders prepare for their 12th season in a row without a winning record… “Commitment to Mediocrity”

  69. What a cesspool. How old are you people, really? And I’d like to know, how does the Patriots losing in the AFCCG and going to 3 straight prove that they can’t win without spygate?

  70. Well I’m a bronco fan that is very happy right now! But to all my fellow Broncos fans that are putting Brady down, saying he is done, and all that crap, you should really stay classy. Remember what game was just played, you have to be pretty good to get that far! And he did it with a lesser team than normal! So I say, good game Pats, see y’all somewhere close to the AFC championship game next year, providing Manning don’t win the Super Bowl, and walk away…

  71. To all of Pats fans out there…..Good game and u have nothing to hang your heads about. As usual Brady made mediocre talent play at another level they would have never achieved anywhere else. I look forward to rematch in future hopefully in Denver again. To everyone else out there especially the haters and AFC West fans of your irrelevant teams say anything u want if makes you sleep better cause Bronco Nation is going to the Super Bowl again and you are not AGAIN

  72. @ R8dernation: when the broncos win their third ring …. All you will have over us is a bunch of preening grandpas on the Nfl network talking about how great they were 40 years ago!

  73. Well maybe if Wes Welker hadn’t taken Talib out with a cheap shot, it would have been a different story. Throw him out of football. I guess he found a way to get back at the Patriots.

    And throw TJ Ward of the Browns out of football as well. If it weren’t for his cheap shot taking out Gronk last month, it could have been a different story. But it seems like Patriots players have been targets this year for all sorts of cheap shots. Everyone wants to take illegal hits at you when you’re #1.

  74. Belichick is a great coach but one has to wonder if he has not done enough as a GM to take advantage of Brady’s talent and competitive fire, both of which seemed to be at less than their peak in the last two AFC championship games, while he is still good enough to win a championship. Surely Atlanta would have traded Gonzalez and a seventh round pick to the Patriots for a fourth rounder after Gronk went down for the second time. Also, hard to believe they couldn’t get any pressure on Peyton.

  75. Hey Ernie, what happened? Did the 2nd earpiece in Brady’s helmet malfunction? Cheaters never prosper. We are sick of the NFL overlooking your breaking of the rules. Goodell never should have ordered those tapes destroyed before a legit investigation could take place. This is what you get, Hoodieman. How old is Brady again??? LOL

  76. Craig Morton isn’t the only QB to take 2 different teams to the Super Bowl.

    Kurt Warner achieved this just a few years ago when he guided the Arizona Cardinals to the Super Bowl after having taking the Rams there twice.

    So Peyton will be the 3rd QB to accomplish this feat.

  77. Dang. So close. One more touchdown pass, and Manning would have broken Tebow’s franchise record for passer rating in a playoff game.

  78. amoses74 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 7:30 PM
    This comment thread proves there are some real morons in Denver.


    The classics are the ones who throw out the cheating claims but forget about the salary cap violations of both Bronco SB winning teams.

  79. It’s amazing the number of absolute losers that come out at times like this. I understand many of them have deep psychological wounds from repeatedly watching their team lose to NE. One thing I know is that unlike the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, Redskins, Dolphins, etc., New England will be right there again next season competing for a Championship, as they always do, regardless of the circumstances. They are an amazing organization and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. They are a few players away. It will be interesting to see what they do with their off season.

    You haven’t won since you got caught….hhhmmmm? The end is here Brady looks old…get your crying rag out the end is here.

  80. melikefootball

    Tom DID shake hands with Peyton after the game. I saw it and Bill hugged Fox. I guess you weren’t paying attention.

  81. badmoonrison says:
    Jan 19, 2014 7:53 PM
    Hey Ernie, what happened? Did the 2nd earpiece in Brady’s helmet malfunction?


    Before you have this post (calling you out) deleted again, provide your evidence of all your claims about Ernie Adams’ high tech electronic espionage.

  82. To all the Patriots fans whining about the injuries sustained or players lost please consider the following lost starters from the Denver team:

    Ryan Clady – left tackle
    Von Miller – outside linebacker
    Kevin Vickerson – Defensive Tackle
    Derek Wolfe – Defensive End
    Raheem Moore – Safety
    Chris Harris – Corner

    Among other players missing time this season include:

    Champ Bailey – Corner
    Wes Welker – Receiver
    Julluis Thomas – Tight end
    Kayvon Webster – corner

    Football is a game marked by attrition and the team that is best built to be standing at the end regardless of the players on the field. Unfortunately for the Patriots, this is not their year.

  83. No wounds to New England here: Giants fan. Brady is my second fav Super Bowl QB, hahahahahaha!

    Truth: Patsies usually in playoffs due to their notoriously terrible Division. Sick of their yearly undeserved hype.

  84. No one cares what you Pats fans have to say ok? Your team and QB choked another AFC championship to Manning and the Broncos. I love how you chirp about Welker purposely taking Talib out of the game. Hahahahaha it’s true he did purposely take out Talib but only after NE attempt to do the exact same thing to DRC bbwwwwahahahaah. I’m sorry Welker did a better job than Edelman at taking cheap shots. I’m sure Talib sitting on the bench was tough to swallow when your team failed to take out our star CB. 1-9 away from home in the playoffs. Spygate is alive and well. I feel bad for the colts as they actually were the best AFC team left and got robbed by having to play in NE and have to deal with their secret cameras and radio frequencies in Foxboro. The truth is your team cheats at home, that’s why you were 9-0 at home and 4-5 away this year. Your owner is cheap and decides that Tom Brady doesn’t need talent around him because the cheating system that is Spygate is so effective even with bums in the game why bother bringing in talent? READ SPYGATE The Untold Story PEOPLE !!! It’s free on iBooks. Learn to chirp the Pats fans you all hate properly by educating yourselves with what the NFL doesn’t want you to know.

  85. denver vs seattle. just like the good old days

    Being the doormat of the AFC West is the “good old days”? Interesting.

  86. The Broncos were the best team in the AFC all season long while the Patriots barely won most of their 12 wins by 3 points or less.

    Tom Brady was frankly, awful the entire game. His stats were padded at the end when Denver’s defense started playing soft, but for 3 1/2 quarters he was just bad.

    Credit to the Patriots for winning 12 games when they literally had everything go bad for them, but Denver is the better team and Peyton Manning has just been at a totally different level this year.

  87. cervetta12 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 7:31 PM
    Did any else catch the refusal of Brady and Belichick to shake hands with Welker? CLASSLESS BUMS.
    Really? What channel were you watching?

  88. I bet Pats haters love this. Do you all actually believe all the stuff you say anymore. It gets more and more ridiculous every year. I mean how do you even consider yourselves educated and still make comments like that. Not to mention none of you have any class and are very immature.

    The Patriots DID NOT CHEAT like you claim. They were within the rules of filming on the side of the stadium when they won. That DID NOT become a rule until 2006.

    Also, the article claiming they taped walkthroughs was false and retracted, as well as an article publicly apologizing for saying that so they don’t get sued for libel.

    Plus, the Broncos actually cheated the salary cap when they won their Super Bowl, that was PROVEN. So why don’t you all claim they haven’t won since they cheated the cap. Why is it just the Pats?

    If you hate the Patriots that’s find but don’t make up all this crap about how that’s the only reason they’re successful. It is ignorant and just a poor excuse to hate them. It shows no class and desperation. If it’s because your jealous just admit it.

    The FACT is they had A LOT of injuries this year that even the great Brady and Belichick couldn’t overcome. But, the fact that they even made it this far is amazing, why can’t you all just admit that. Also, next year they WILL be healthy and very dangerous. So stay classy haters, those are the facts.

  89. To those of you who claim that Welker intentionally took out Talib and that’s what cost the Pats the game:

    Really? That’s the best excuse you can come up with as the reason why Peyton smoked your D?

    As may old man used to say, I got news for you. The Pats weren’t going to stop Manning today.

  90. The better QB won the game, even though he does have better weapons the man is a machine out there reading a defense. Now will the dolphins, bills, and jets stop letting the pats go 6-0 and 5-1 against the division every damn year!!

  91. Remember when Partriots fans told us Amendola was better than Welker and would be a good replacement??

    haha that was funny

  92. Common denominator to all people gloating on this post? Their team has been out of it for weeks. Sad and pathetic. Pats got to the AFC championship game again. They lost. Won’t take their usual trip to the Super Bowl. Yet the pathetic trolls that root against the Pats, because they’re consistantly better than your team, think they won something. Take stock in yourself. Believe me, the hate and the spygate stuff make most(95%) of us laugh at you.

  93. I am not one of those people who believe the Pats success was due to Spygate. They are a great organization with the best head coach I have seen.

    That having been said, Pats supporters should stop claiming that the Pats did nothing wrong. Belichick and the Pats organization were fined close to $500,000 and they had to forfeit a draft pick. Why would they have to do this if they did nothing wrong?

  94. Wow, l never read so many sore Patriot fans posts. Its OK, I’m sure they’ll find another way of spying soon. They just gotta really lay low this time. Hang in there. As far as saying at least our teams always competing, says a lot about how loyal others r to thier teams. Like 99% of NFL fans besides Patriot fans, they did cheat whether u wanna accept or not. If my team was caught that way, id admit as a man that our titles are tainted. We respect the men who r man enough to admit than to deny.

  95. thesteelskirt says:
    Jan 19, 2014 8:28 PM
    The better QB won the game, even though he does have better weapons the man is a machine out there reading a defense. Now will the dolphins, bills, and jets stop letting the pats go 6-0 and 5-1 against the division every damn year!!

    1 0

    The patriots went 4-2 in the division
    And 8-2 outside there division

  96. Well I guess all the tebownites can now shut hell up with all that nonsense that tebow has more playoff wins as a bronco qb ,,, sheesh , still think the broncos made a bad move trading tebow and getting manning ??

  97. From a Colts fan…good for you, Peyton. Hated to see you go, and hindsight is always 20/20, but you couldn’t have stayed in Indy and won. Polian failed you in your final years with his terrible drafts and refusal to go into free agency. And no one knew at the time if you’d ever be 100% again. Tough decision, but both teams have benefited. Colts are a young team on the rise with a franchise QB, and Peyton and the Broncos get one last shot at another SB ring (I think he retires, like Elway, if he wins, especially if his neck exam comes back with bad news). Congrats, and we won’t forget you here in Indy. Now go get your ring!!

  98. Common denominator to all people gloating on this post? Their team has been out of it for weeks. Sad and pathetic. Pats got to the AFC championship game again. They lost. Won’t take their usual trip to the Super Bowl. Yet the pathetic trolls that root against the Pats, because they’re consistantly better than your team, think they won something. Take stock in yourself. Believe me, the hate and the spygate stuff make most(95%) of us laugh at you.

    Be a man for a change and suck it up by saying the better team won. You like to talk it but don’t like to take….such a typical arrogant poor sport Patsies fan.hahahahahaahahaha.


  100. All the spygate people just SHUT UP ALREADY. Denver beat New England because they have a better team. Anyone ripping Belichick is an idiot, best coach ever but he cannot draft offense at all. He can mold any 11 guys into Somewhat adequate defense but the offense is on mcDaniels and TB. Until he can draft a playmaker on offense in this day and age he wont win another super bowl. BB you cannot replace TB so go all in now his arm only has limited yards on it. Go nfc

  101. Wow so many Pats fans whining about the hate. How would u feel if the jets or bills cheated for years and years and then Goodell told them to destroy the tapes? I’m glad you pats haven’t won a sb in years. Stop whining like a bunch of big bbabies and suck it up! You’re cheating era is OVER!!!!

  102. Wow so many Pats fans whining about the hate. How would u feel if the jets or bills cheated for years and years and then Goodell told them to destroy the tapes? I’m glad you pats haven’t won a sb in years. Stop whining like a bunch of big bbabies and suck it up! You’re cheating era is OVER!!!!

    This from a fan of a team that invented the slogan “Cheating is encouraged”.

    I bet deep down Al wished he thought of spygate first.

  103. You people have NO IDEA what you’re talking about with “spygate”. Truly ignorant of the facts. As Jimmy Johnson said: EVERYBODY was doing it”!!

    As for Welker, there was NO WAY he was going back to the Pats. Belichick disciplined him for violating a direct order NOT to discuss the foot fetish of Rex Ryan and Welker thought he’s be cute with it. After that, Welker soured on Belichick, the guy who gave him the big chance to become an multi-time Pro Bowler and earned a LOT of money! he even dissed Belichick. And he took LESS MONEY to go to the Broncos.

    So STOP the hating and deal with reality! Since my Pats lost… GO BRONCOS!

  104. This Patriot roster as it was today would have no shot against either of the NFC teams so it’s best they lose now than in two weeks.

    I think Broncos match up well with Seattle. SF will be tough.

  105. This game was as I predicted. New England has a bunch of smurfs playing WR that can only run shallow crossing routes. New England’s offense is played within 10 yards of the line. No deep threat at all. The media and everyone got all excited over Blount and the running game last weak against a terrible Colts defense.

    New England will be a playoff team again next year playing in AFC East against garbage but until they get a WR over 6 feet they won’t win another title.

  106. Fact: The Pats did cheat and were caught.
    Fact: They play in a consistently Weak Division.
    Fact: They didn’t belong in that game versus Broncos.

  107. I hope the cameraman with the GoPro taped to his TV camera will work the Super Bowl!

    I’d like to see his GoPro footage, too!

  108. Broncos fan here. Just checked out all the comments and cannot believe how so many of you people were pecking away at the keyboard as we were driving home from the game or watching our next opponent. To the NE fans who attended the game, enjoy the long flight home. To the Manning haters, crow tastes horrible; we all ate some some last year. Fact is, the old guy with four neck surgeries will go down as the best to ever play. Mile High rocked today, the D played great against a great one, and my voice is long gone. Go Broncos!

  109. The Denver defense won this game because they produced the unexpected- controlling the Patriot offense. Manning did his thing-now can he move it up and down the field against Seattle? That should be interesting. Seattle’s defense is the best since the 2002 Tampa Bucs and the 2000 Ravens. Seattle has to keep the faith that defense wins championships. They will need it. It should be a good game.

  110. Thank God. At least we can finally put to rest all that “Tebow has more playoff wins than Manning” twaddle. Hmmm …. come to think of it, Tebow has now been cut by as many teams as Manning has playoff wins with Denver.

  111. To the Denver Broncos and their fans:

    First, I want to congratulate to all of you on winning the AFC Championship. Second, this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for me. Your welcome!!!

    -Jim Irsay

  112. gunnybunny31 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 6:19 PM
    Congrats Denver.

    Pats did not deserve to be in this game. Get out. Mediocre team in weak division = almost automatic bid to Championship game.
    AGREED!!! I hate the fact everybody clowns on the Colts by saying they are in a weak division. (In which they are in some seasons) but come on the AFC East has got to be one of the worst divisions as well. The Jets are a joke, Dolphins always find a way to blow it, and the Bills, well they are also a factory of sadness right along with Cleveland.

  113. kash71 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 6:17 PM
    If Manning gets another ring does Isray go into rehab?
    Lay off of Irsay. If it wasn’t for him to make the most difficult decision of his professional career, Peyton would probably be sitting on the couch right now watching football instead of gettting ready for the Super Bowl. He did Manning a favor by letting him go and be on a team that was primed to make a Super Bowl run. The Broncos should have been in it last year. Here’s hoping that Peyton and the Broncos win it. And no I’m not a Broncos fan but a Colts fan first and a Peyton fan second.

  114. Pats Fan, here:

    Pats got beat. Good luck in SB Broncos.

    To the rest of you clown NE haters, maybe take up a new hobby. We get it, you all got chubbs cause NE lost. Whoopdedo. Usual idiots whining about NE.

    If Manning/Denver didn’t get to the SB with ALL THOSE WEAPONS, THAT would have been a story

  115. FYI – I am a Pats fan.

    Congratulations to the Broncos. They outplayed us from start to finish and when we managed to get receivers in the clear Brady missed them.

    No excuses – the Broncos are a better team and I will be rooting for them against Seattle but I think they’re going to get clobbered.

  116. As a Lions fan I didn’t care who won but it seems the refs let the Broncos get away with a lot of holding today. With that said go Broncos after Sherman ran his big mouth.

  117. ravensfan410 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:14 PM

    the patriots win in a weak division. If the patriots played in the afc north, they don’t stand a chance.

    The Patriots were 3-1 vs the AFC North this season and since 2001 they are 24-7 vs that division.

    Again the lame excuse that “they only win because of there division” is pretty stupid.

    They only win 4 games in there division this season and 8 outside the division.

  118. I think the Patriots have never felt they need to pay the money to get the best players because they have the easiest schedule in the NFL. They get to coast through 6 games each year in their weak division and figure they can get by with players who are good enough to win them a few more games on top of that. It backfired on them yesterday. If they think they had injuries this year with their easy schedule, imagine if they had to play a full schedule of smash mouth teams like most other divisions do.

  119. Remember people, Tbrady is a 6th Rd talent (or lack of) do not be surprised at his performance….. It’s a lot harder to win games when you’re not able to cheat…..

    Thank god PManning and TBrady we’re not meeting in the SBowl, I’m not sure I could have stomached JGruden’s a$$ kissing of these guys…

    I think if Gruden had half the chance, he would kiss these guys on the mouth! with tongue…….

    GO broncos!!!!!!!

  120. grabgrabgrab – here I am as promised.

    As I said – we got beat by a better team and I congratulate them.

    As I said last week – You have to identify what team you root for. ‘Whoever is playing the Patriots’ is not good enough.

    As I also said – you have to display a modicum of intelligence.

    So far you are deficient in both categories.

  121. Broncos fans – Congratulations. You beat us fair and square and your team is going to the Super Bowl. Yours is the best offensive team in history and you will be going up against the best defense in the league – #1 against #1.

    #1 seed against #1 seed – that doesn’t happen often.

    I’ll be rooting for you.

    One favor – don’t just beat them – run it up a little.

  122. Funny how all these Bronco fans talk like Peyton has been there for years!
    Broncos deserved the win. No presser on Manning was the key in my opinion.
    And enough with the cheating crap. The Colts, Broncos and every other team did the same thing as the Pats.

  123. People say the patriots can’t win without cheating. How does a team go to three straight AFC championship games ? They are winning games just not the biggest of them. They were out played in every facet of the game yesterday. Can’t take away what Denver did but the Pats win and do it every year.

  124. Why Pats should be applauded:
    Considering their roster, it was amazing they won as much as they did and made it to the AFC Championship Game. A not-great team having a great season.

    Why Broncos should be applauded:
    They proved they are the best team in the AFC–no doubt.

    Should be a great Super Bowl.

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