Colin Kaepernick running wild as 49ers go up 10-0


The 49ers haven’t been consistent throwing the ball, but they might not need to.

With quarterback Colin Kaepernick already rushing for 101 yards (including a 58-yard scamper), the 49ers are out to a 10-0 lead on the Seahawks.

Anthony Dixon just dove in for a fourth-down score (after Frank Gore’s dive for a ruled touchdown was overturned on review), but it was Kaepernick’s legs that moved them into position.

His stats aren’t an accident, as they’ve called runs for him on a pair of third downs so far.

So at the moment, the fact he’s passed for 15 yards isn’t a big deal, considering the Seahawks have managed just 34 yards of their own.

But the 49ers do have issues, as left guard Mike Iupati just went down on the touchdown run, and was helped off the field.