LSU leads the way with seven early entries in the draft


On Sunday, the NFL announced that 102 college football players have been accepted for early admission to the draft.

The most came from Louisiana State University, with seven:  receiver Odell Beckham, running back Alfred Blue, defensive tackle Ego Ferguson, running back Jeremy Hill (pictured), defensive tackle Anthony Johnson, receiver Jarvis Landry, and guard Trai Turner.

Surprisingly, Cal came in second with six.  Alabama and Stanford had five each, and three schools had four apiece:  Florida State, Notre Dame, South Carolina.

The full list organized by school can be seen right here.

9 responses to “LSU leads the way with seven early entries in the draft

  1. 11 last year. 7 this year. Miles has his work cut out for him And needs to have a top notch recruiting class. No doubt though that Louisiana churns out the most NFL players per capita.

  2. There will always be players coming out early. Why? Because they were never enrolled in course work to graduate. They take rinky dink courses, are steered into non-challenging courses, and when their eligibility runs out, they opt to try the NFL. The NC study showing 60% of players in football/basketball reading between 4th – 8th grade level explains it all. The real rip-off here is the colleges/universities that admit these clowns into their programs knowing full well that they will never graduate. They just use them to bring money into their school, then toss them away. They’re worse than the unqualified student-athletes who sign up knowing they skated through h.s. without working to prepare themselves for college. Instead of telling us which colleges they attended at the start of NFL games, perhaps only those who actually graduated should mention the school! It would be nice if the graduates could read their diplomas….

    Jim Hopkins, Illinois

  3. Jim Hopkins…you assume that kids go to college to graduate. Most kids go to college to improve their chances to get a nice paying job or to do something they enjoy doing. If you can go to college for 2 years and then be offered a job that is paying $500,000 a year, you will take it even if you are told that it will just be for 4-5 years. Why? You can go back to college and finish your degree if you want to, but you are not going to be offered the chance again to make $500,000 a year for the next 4-5 years.

  4. Saints need a big back like Hill. Maybe if he falls due to some character concerns. Wouldn’t surprise me if they took one of the Wrs either.

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