Report: Browns willing to trade up for Manziel


Here’s one to write down and monitor.

The Browns reportedly want Johnny Manziel.  According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the Browns want Manziel badly enough that they would trade up for him, if they have to.

Here’s the specific language of the report:  “[T]hey are willing to trade up to land Johnny Manziel in the draft if need be, sources said.”  Read literally, it means that the Browns will do whatever they have to do to move up and get Manziel, if that’s what it takes to get him.

While limits surely will apply to the willingness of the Browns, who tried unsuccessfully (and possibly half-heartedly) two years ago to move up and get Robert Griffin III under different management, this report won’t help the Browns get the best possible deal, if it’s true.  And if it’s true, it’s more proof that the next coach of the Browns won’t be able to pick his own quarterback — which could scare away any candidates that aren’t already convinced as to the merits of Manziel.

The Browns currently draft fourth.  The first three picks belong to Houston, St. Louis (via Washington), and Jacksonville, respectively.

It’s also possible that “sources” are saying things they don’t believe.  It could be that the Browns covet another quarterback, and that they hope Manziel gets picked before Cleveland chooses.  Of course, if the report flows from a decision by the front office that Manziel isn’t the answer, the front office necessarily will have tied the hands of a head coach who decides that he wants Manziel.

Regardless, the strength of the report is intriguing.  Whether it’s true or it’s a smokescreen, it may not be a good luck for a Browns organization that currently is trying to make its job look more enticing.  If the front office is making firm decisions about the draft before even hiring a head coach, that could be a warning sign for a candidate who may be more inclined to wait a year or two for another opportunity.

123 responses to “Report: Browns willing to trade up for Manziel

  1. only the browns would trade up from #4 when manziel will still be there…..oh btw good luck with him – he’ll put butts in the seat but not as many as he’ll spend on his

  2. Johnny Footballs is way too smart to be duped into an extended stay in the Factory of Sadness. If push comes to shove he’ll pull an Elway with an Eli chaser

  3. geez, so no head coach, and they (if this is true of course), have already picked their QB?

    I am sure the coaches they are trying to hire would love to know this. maybe that is how it got out, frankly.

    otherwise you stick a HC with a QB he may not even want.

    just silly.

  4. Please let this be true and not disinformation.

    I’m scared to death the Raiders are going to take him at #5. Too much risk. I don’t want my team to be the one to experiment with him.

  5. Maybe they should wait until they’ve hired a football coach before Haslam makes drafting plans.

    Who would want to work here when ownership is already telegraphing who they want you to draft?

  6. Yeah, that’s probably not true, but they’re dumb enough to do it, so you never know.

    Manziel is an exciting player, but the history of QBs like him is clear:

    Randall Cunningham, broken leg
    Donovan McNabb, broken leg
    Michael Vick, broken leg
    Duante Culpepper, blown ACL, never the same
    Robert Griffin, blown ACL, so far not the same.

    Bottom line is, if you consistently leave the pocket, you will get hurt. And even if you *don’t* get hurt, what will happen once your legs start to go, say around 30? What kind of player are you going to be when they know you’re less likely to run?

  7. If there is in fact any truth to this then it only goes to show how clueless that front office is by totally removing any leverage they could possibly have during trade negotiations by announcing how badly they want the pick.

  8. Well, being a rams fan I’d be totally ok with taking the browns two first rounders this year.

  9. Please GOD get rid of those too clowns in the front office befor they destroy the browns even more then what it is now. Get the receiver from Clemson please then u would have two studs at receiver for the next 6-7 years

  10. Difficult to believe any team would broadcast their real choice of a first round pick. La Confora/CBS appear stupid with this “news”. Even Joe Banner without a head coach isn’t that ignorant.

  11. Paging Mr. Fisher, Mr. Lombardi on line two to enact on the same stupid trade Washington made two years ago!

  12. They don’t even have a HC to weigh in on it, and they want to pay to move up 1-3 spots? I don’t buy it at all. I just have a hard time believing that CLE is so in love with him that they want to go out of their way to make it known that they want him and would be happy to pay a premium to get him. It doesn’t make much sense that the Owner of the Browns is giving up valuable information on purpose. Although I guess it wouldn’t be the first time one of his organizations had a leak.

  13. This is exactly what is wrong with the Browns. Making decisions and putting things out there and they don’t even have a head coach. Who wants to work for an owner who thinks he knows what’s best all the time. Maybe get a coach first and see what’s right for the organization

  14. This is BS. Not even Cleveland is this dumb

    Why would you trade up to get a poor man’s RGIII? How did that work out for Washington, once he got injured?

    Manziel is a younger, slower, smaller, weaker armed, less accurate and not as smart or mature RGIII.

    What do you thing the over/under is on Manziel getting a DUI in his first year, or invovled a bar fight with a server or something…

    He’s a pipsqueak that runs around a lot. Got himself banged up pretty good this year playing against teenagers… No teenagers in the NFL, last time I checked.

  15. If this report is true, another moronic move by the Browns. I knew they would screw this up somehow. I mean this is the reason they are 86 games under .500 since 99. Dumb and awful drafting

  16. Browns also announce they’re ready to trade up for Manziel’s replacement in 2016 and that guy’s replacement in 2018. “With a bit of luck, we’d like to see 6 of our picks all in the NFL at the same time…most with other teams, course.”

  17. So, if this desire for Manziel has been in place for a while then that may explain the firing of Chud after one season.

    Chud is an offensive savant and he probably didn’t agree with the vision of Haslam. Chud doesn’t think Manziel has what it takes to be succesful in the NFL.

    Haslam only wants yes men.

  18. Never in the history of the NFL has there been a franchise with so little to offer. Nobody wants to go to Cleveland. No coaches, no players, and no college athletes.
    Don’t do it Johnny. Pull an Eli if it happens.

  19. I know its true becuz LaConfora and Lombardi are close from their time at NFL Network. LaConfora was the same one that reported earlier the current regime wouldnt even have taken Weeden in the 4th round. The “sources” are Lombardi and Banner. Just fire these clowns already

  20. the first of thousands of rumors have started, and the nfl moved the draft back 2 weeks. yah. 2 more weeks of bullcrap

  21. They need to find a coach first. I feel like I’ve seen better strategies for Madden franchises.

  22. i think its a smokescreen, although its a little early for draft smokescreens before the nfl season is over, i believe they want bortles and are hoping somebody jumps infront of them to get manziel (oakland?)

  23. 1. Letting the Browns go to Baltimore.

    2. The Former Browns have won two Super Bowls and countless playoff victories. The new Browns haven’t been over 500. in a decade.

    3. Eddie DeBartolo from Youngstown would of been a great owner, and is a proven winner, instead they have someone running the team that worships Duck Dynasty.

    5. Using Brown pants, that look like they have been working in a sewer.

    6. Tim Couch

    7. Johnny Manziel will be ruined if he goes to this disgrace and loser of a franchise.

    Hopefully Manziel pulls a John Elway or Eli Manning if they draft them.

  24. Good God, Johnny F. Football in Oakland would be entertaining. Maybe a train wreck but damn entertaining.

  25. It would be a stupid move since the O-Line is declining and the receiving corps sucks (except for Josh Gordon – you don’t win with one receiver and one tight end).

  26. I’m sure that report is absolutely true… Let the smoke and spin season begin… The tip of the iceburg has been breached…

  27. The Texans would be glad to trade down a few spots and get a bunch of high draft picks in return.

  28. I know I’m the odd man out but this team, player wise, isn’t far from contending. 5 Pro Bowlers. They have a talented D and an O line plus 2 playmakers on offense, Gordon and Cameron. If they pick the right qb, not Manziel, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull a KC. Well maybe not 11-5 but at least a winning record.

  29. Before the combine? Over four months til the draft? It’s not a smokescreen if everyone knows it’s a smokescreen, Cleveland.

  30. That O-Line has two good players who appear to be declining.

    Those two are still better than average but declining.

  31. Who in their right mind would leak that info out if it was true? Oh yeah, the Cleveland front office. Manziel is a reach at #4, and you’re willing to cough up your second rounder too? Total idiots. Tajh Boyd will be a better NFL QB than Manziel.

  32. Holy cow, the front office is playing fantasy football with a real NFL team. This saga gets more embarrassing by the day.

  33. When Banner is under fire, it never fails…he runs to his favorites in the media, like Jason La Canfora and leaks a story that Banner believes will pain him in a more favorable light.

    Moving up to get Manziel wasting both of the Browns first round picks on him, would be just another example of why Haslam needs to fire Banner before the draft…not after.

    Don’t let Banner drag the Browns down any further than he already has. The Devone Bess deal should have been a warning for Haslam…but of coarse, Banner is gonna blame the Dolphins for not telling him about Bess.

    …it never dawned on Banner to do the necessary work to insure he wasn’t getting stuck by the Dolphins. With Banner, it always someone else’s fault.

    …and Haslam just doesn’t get the fact that Banner is nothing more than a con man.

  34. Saban sang his praises calling him one of the best he has coached against…Lombardi and Saban were on the same staff with the Browns…this wouldn’t surprise me to be true…but can’t see him being unavailable at 4…no matter who they select I have this feeling it just won’t work out

  35. Johnny Manziel needs to go to a place where he can develop for a few years with veteran leaders and a strong head coach. I’d feel bad for the guy if he gets drafted there. Does anyone have confidence that the next coach or Lombardi will even be there in three years?

  36. I would love it if browns got Johnny football (but not trade up) and Carlos Hyde with 2nd first rounder. Manziel has the swagger that Cleveland needs. He will be a combination of Favre and Russell Wilson

  37. It’s just bizarre that this team keeps stepping on its own throat year after year, making horrible first round choices. A monkey with darts would do better statistically.

    As a Ravens fan though, I welcome another act in this freak show.

  38. They could probably get Christian Ponder for a lot less and get to the Super Bowl just as quickly.

  39. I think hes overrated as far as his game translating to the Pros, kind of Reggie Bush like.

    Don’t Roget he also had to other projected top 15 picks on his team.

    That’s going to help make him look good.

  40. I’m thinking the rams swap 2 for 4 and a first next year. But will settle for swapping 2 for 4 and give the rams the Cleveland second pick of the first round (from Indi April 25 overall) with the rams pick at 45 overall (2nd rd)

  41. I have not read this much negativity from home team fans ever. You should pray you get “Johnny Football”. I know you have seen him play. This Kid is Money, but he will give you his all. Pair him with Gordon and a good tightens. Please pray you get Mike Evans too! Johnny would be great for your fan base. He would bring life to your city. I am a Cowboy’s fan and sure wish Jerry could pull off getting Manziel to Dallas.

  42. La Canfora is a hack. He is publishing absolutely every name he hears, all from “a source.” I think “Source” is his dog’s name.

  43. This wouldn’t be the first time the Browns unnecessarily traded up for a player. They did with Trent Richardson. And there were rumors to this effect before the trade was made.

  44. Are Browns fans actually complaining about drafting Manziel? God forbid we finally draft a talented and exciting player.

    These comments are ridiculous. First thing I thought when I read this was “Finally some good news.” Have you guys not watched this kid play?

    The person who called him “a poor mans RG3” clearly hasn’t watched him play because they are absolutely nothing alike besides the fact that they are athletic QBs. And Manziel had a better college career than RG3 against better competition, so that makes no sense.

    Unfortunately this once great fan base has turned sour and delusional. Reading comments from “Browns fans” the last few weeks has has been depressing.

    These people who don’t want Manziel are probably the delusional fans who think BRIAN HOYER is our franchise QB.

    Go and watch this kids tape from this past season. And if you still don’t want him on the Browns then do the rest of the coherent Browns fans a favor and quit making us look so terrible.

  45. Josh Gordon is a receiver, Cordarelle could be a receiver. Minnesota, we beat you with our backup QB in your house… Please don’t rip any other team than your own…

  46. Doug Fluty, Brady Quinn, Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinert, Pat Ramsey, JaMarcus Russel, Tim Tebow, Akili Smith, Colt McCoy…………

    Johnny Manziel

  47. I don’t know why the morons out there think that Cleveland will trade with the Rams. The Texans need a QB, not the Rams. The Texans have the #1 Draft Pick, not the Rams. The Browns need to be worried about the Texans taking Manziel, not the Rams.

  48. The same Lacanfora who said weedon would start week 4 and they started hoyer? He is a stiff

  49. This is more fustrating than trying to win an argument with my wife! And, just like with my wife, I’m in a no-win position. I guess I’ll have to just “roll” with it. GD Haslam!

  50. I’m thinking all draft info pertaining to the Browns this year is a promo for the movie “Draft Day.”

  51. The front office in Cleveland seems like they have been drinking or something.. Making stupid decisions. You guys have a pretty decent coaching staff and fire them after one yr? I mean the team was starting to make progress.. They wait and are not aggressive in getting a new coach, and will now have to get the bottom of the barrel. McDanials said hell no, Denver’s OC said hell no, I mean hell who really wants to coach there?!?

  52. So happy the Browns have geekboy Joe Banner. Do yourselves a favor Cleveland and have somebody pull Banner out from his Limo and beat the hell out of him.

  53. As much as I hate the Browns,I am a big Johnny Football fan and would hate to see his NFL career ruined by going to a mismanaged circus like Cleveland.Much of this pre draft hype is just that, but they do need a quarterback.They are better off trading 4 #1’s 4#2’s and their whole defense to New England for Brady.Leave the kid alone .Bilicheck will do it.

  54. It could be worse at least the Browns were smart enough not to hire Vinny Cerrato to be their GM.He would be signing washed up 35 year old former All Pros to 7 year 100 million contracts.

  55. If this is true, the draft is too far away for them to be making this decision right now. They need to be active in F A and fill some spots, then make a draft plan. If Hoyer comes back healthy, I would fill the other positions first. I am hearing the 2015 draft will offer some good qb’s as well. Picking Manziel worries me.

  56. Yes the Browns need a franchise QB, they also have 17 other needs. To trade up and give up draft picks to move up 3 spots is absurd. to draft Manziel would be the typical stupid move that have the Browns in the mess they are. Manziel isnt big enough to be a franchise QB and his game wont translate to the NFL.

    The only QB in this draft that will be a good Pro is AJ MCCarron, and you can get him in the 2nd or 3rd. Bridgewater is too small and has no arm, Derek Carr, please, Bortles has size n good arm, but so does Brandon Weeden.

    McCarron reminds me of Tom Brady, overlooked, strong enough arm and smart.

    Its typical to taut these scrub QBs to create hype for the NFL Draft, see Blaine Gabbert and Christian Ponder as 1st round picked QBs that blow, that had no business being selected in the 1st round

    Draft Sammy Watkins at 4, WR Clemson, Jeremy Hill RB from LSU, not sure if Odell Beckham WR from LSU will make it to the 2Nd round or not, if he does take him, then they need OL that can run block. Their run blocking is horrible. They also need another CB, LBs, and a beast Safety

    Getting Manziel wont cure all the teams problems

  57. as a ram fan the more smokescreens the merrier and if the Texans take teddy then what?? we may only be getting better in a division on the rise with 3 teams at 10+ wins, but a bidding war for the 2nd overall pick would be welcomed.

  58. Sorry Rams fans, they would have to trade with the Texans to guarantee Manziel…too much risk not getting him with the Texans at #1.

  59. I love How all of you nobodies seem to know more than the Cleveland Front office. Lets face it they could very easially be a great team very soon. They overhauled the defense lsst year and are planning to do the same with the offense this year. With all we went thru last year we were in every game late. Winning in the 4th qtr in several games and if we had any run game at all could have won those games. With all of our draft picks and cap space we will be a significantly better team next year. Look at the year Gordon had with no true run game or #2 recievrr. The opposing Defenses knew we were passing to him and they still couldnt stop him. Imagine when we have a real run attack and a true #2 wr. The front office is doing this the right way. Why rush when this is a big investment. The defense is good and only going to improve. The fact that they couldn’t get off the field due to poor offense is responsible for the lack of production at end of year. They are better than stats show. Even with Hoyer starting we will be a top 5 offense once we add to the o-line, add another stud WR to compliment Gordon and Cameron, and add a trur #1RB. I love the Manziel talk he will be a good qb at next level. Look how much he improved as a qb in each catagory after his freshman campaign. With Hoyer we don’t have to throw him to the wolves before he is ready. We need some run blocking help. Move schwartz to guard and sign or draft a top tier guard or tackle. We still have Chris Faulk wjo is a beast and finally healthy after injuries at LSU. Also garret gilkey who wr drafted last year. If we can sign a ben tate or draft a carlos hyde our run game will be fine in addition to a promising dion lewis. Gordon is a freak and not even close to reaching his ceiling, we have one of the best TE in the game as well. Benjamin is a solid 3 or 4 wr and there are several big physical recievers in this, draft. On defense we need another middle LB to replace craig robertson who was burned all year long and some depth at corner and safety and we will have top 10 d. We are not thst far away from playoff footbal and a good offseason away from being very good. We can go from worst to first easier than the chiefs did this year. Finally afterv14 years of sucking ee are getting there and it’s due to the owner and front office everyoneis bitching about. Most of you are jusyt trolling haters so piss off. You will be jumping on the cleveland bandwaggon next year. You may have played highschiol football but u have no clue how to run a team so stop acting like u know more than the browns. A true has to believe and hope and this owner won’t settle for not being great and they are doing a fine job. Can’t do it overnigjt but look how much we will have improved in just 2 years aftrr tbis offseason. Lsdt year was thr D tn is yesr is the O and we have a different team eith tons of young talent. Only 3 teams had more probowlers than the browns and wr are very young. To the true fans hang in there its gonna be fun soon. Thanks and God bless go brownies

  60. If i’m the Browns and can’t get Bortles (not that HE or any of these QBs are a slam-dunk) , then I’m taking Watkins or maybe Mathews at 4, unless they throw us a curveball and move up to get Clowney if he doesn’t fall to us.

    I’d then wait until the later rounds and grab a QB then, maybe guys like… McCarron, Garoppolo, Fales or even Murray.

    I’m sorry! but I see bust written all over Manziel and I only see Carr as an average at best at the next level unless he sits a couple three years and learns from either Hoyer or whomever they choose our next Quarterback will be in 2014.

  61. They can trade their future to the Rams to move up into the number two slot to draft a running QB. Maybe history will repeat itself. Not often you get a second chance to make the same mistake someone saved you from two years ago.

  62. I like manziel but I wouldn’t be upset at all if we grab a sammy watkins in rd. #1 and a qb later in 1st thru 3rd. Boyd, Garoppolo, Murray, or mccarrom or don’t laugh even OSU back up Kenny Guiton to sit behind a capable Brian Hoyer. Who imo will do just fine specially with the talent around him. Gordon and Watkins with jordan cameron and a true running game we won’t need an elite qb just someone to manage the game and not, give the ball up. We would have the best wr grpup in the nfl if we drafted watkins. A big difference from just a few years ago when we was depending on massaqui and robiskie haha. We Will keep defensive coordinators up all week long. Specially with a healthy dion lewis out of the backfield and a carlos hyde from the draft and a free agent. If we can’t get ben tate who they are high on I would settle for a darren mcfadden and a rookie. I really like Carlos hyde. Being a buckeye fan I seen him grow and improve each year and dude is a beast with underrated speed. Never gets tackled in backfield and carried defenders past the 1st down markers regularly

  63. clebrowns216 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 4:35 PM
    Are Browns fans actually complaining about drafting Manziel? God forbid we finally draft a talented and exciting player.

    You know something the rest of us don’t about the Browns building a dome over the stadium this summer? Because come December in Cleveland, this kid will have zero game. Let him go someplace where his style of play will have a fighting chance.

  64. Mike, your premise is wonderful. You were just stirring the pot, right? Look at all the responses. It is not in any way conceivable that the Browns have decided on any player when they don’t have a coach. Even if the GM retains final say, there isn’t anyone in the Browns corporation who would come to a final decision on qb without at least some input from new HC. You insult them beyond what they deserve. But, …………

  65. IMO, Go with Bridgewater, Bortles, Watkins, Clowney if they are there. I do not think picking Matthews to play right tackle (?) is the right move. However, blowing the pick on Johnny Football seems even less appealing.

  66. @Brownsmakemecrazy
    Good stuff I agree with a lot of what you had to say but I still like Johnny football. I just think he’s the kind of player that will put it all on the line come sunday. He’s a winner. However we Don’t need to trade up. If he’s gone I love the idea of taking sammy watkins. Could you imagine those weapons for whoever is qb. Even Hoyer can win withthose guys and you know we will adress RB as well. Gordon and Watkins could be the best 1-2 WR combo in the history of the game plus we already have a stud TE. Just grab a good RB in FA and add one in the, draft and a guard or 2 to protect the qb and we will have an awesome O
    Good stuff!!

  67. And if the Rams wind up being the team that trades down so the Browns can get “Johnny Football” at #2 and they get a ransom of picks for moving down two notches, then RG III will REALLY be “the gift that keeps on giving” for the Rams!

  68. While I’m a Browns fan, I’m not exactly optimistic about the 3 Stooges handling the draft. Here’s how I see draft day:

    Whomever the Browns draft at #4, standing on stage, at Rockefeller Center, CRYING! Goodell, with his plastic smile, will have to hold up the Browns jersey for him, while the draftee pulls the cap as low as possible. The draftee walks off stage and then fires his agent.

    Welcome to Haslam Bros. Circus.

    (Gawd, it’s hard to be a Browns fan!)

  69. Even though some yahoos think that Manziel will last until the second round (wonder what they have been smoking), he would most likely not be around when the Browns’ turn comes up. Houston and Jacksonville both need a quarterback. The Rams would be smart to pick a quarterback too instead of gambling their future on Sam Bradford. Most likely Houston will take Manziel. If they don’t, then many teams will be trying to swap picks with St. Louis to pick Manziel. The Browns may be one of those teams.

  70. Manziel will play wherever Manziel wants to play. His Daddy’s money and influence have already taken care of that – the teams he doesn’t want to play for have already been paid off and the team he does want to play for has already been negotiated by his Father. That’s why he said he needed to talk to his family before he decided to go into the draft! DUH

  71. LaConfora is Lombardi’s and Banner’s mouthpiece and conduit to leak their thoughts and opinions. laConfora was right on the current regime’s thoughts on Weeden. That came to light. They sent their top scouts to watch Manziel play v Bama.

    They could be the 2 biggest morons in the NFL. Their draft last year was awful. They totally botched all their picks. Seattle has a 6th round CB playing better than Mingo. This is why the Browns are bad every year. They make dumb decisions on their draft, their free agents, their coaches. Its a circus and thats why they have lost at least 10 games in 12 out of 15 yrs since they have been back

  72. I want Watkins at 4, Jeremy Hill RB from LSU at 26, 2 beast Run blocking OL in 2nd round and/or McCarron, Murray or Metzenberger. Wherever those 3 QBs are projected to go.

    They need a CB, since they wasted a pick last year on McFadden, instead of drafting Mathieu. They need beast LBs, DQ Jackson doesnt cut it.

    They have a ton of needs. There is no reason to give away draft picks to move up to take Johnny Manziel. They have too many holes to fill

  73. Just another stupid endzone dance coming to the NFL. Breaking News 2015, the Browns trade Manziel to Seattle for a number 1 pick to throw the ball to Percy who they wasted a number 1 pick on. Oh yeah, Russell Wilson goes to the Dolphins because the Seahawks won’t pay him!!!!!!

  74. Really? Another year, another high QB pick for the Browns? REALLY? What happened with Brian Hoyer? I love how the Browns find a QB on their roster (who was 3rd on the depth chart, due to Browns coaches being clueless about the talent already in the building) who seems to be straight up, legit baller, but… no…. we need to waste a high draft pick on yet another QB.

    They say the definition of insanity is…

  75. Manziel should start his own league if he is drafted by Cleveland. He’d be better off competing for a second string opportunity with a perennial playoff team than have to play for the Browns. His agent should do everything in his power to make that possibility remote.

  76. The 3 stooges in Cle. front office have turned off many fans this past season, and have about one more chance to get this right before the whole thing implodes on them. Most fans would be happy, if the pick , Manziel, Carr, Bridgewater, Bortles, at the QB., then if they pick up Carlos Hyde, it would be a good step in the right direction to earning the fans trust and interest back. First they need to hire a solid coaching staff, which is another big crossroads with the fanbase! Could take turn for the better, or really ugly in a short time!!, THe adventure of being a browns fan continues!!!

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