Report: Josh McCown plans to return in 2014

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Late in the 2013 regular season, not long after Josh McCown had been benched despite being the reigning NFC offensive player of the week for a healthy Jay Cutler, McCown suggested he may call it quits after 2013.  Now, someone close to McCown says the veteran will be back next season.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the 34-year-old McCown plans to return.

It’s unclear whether McCown will return to Chicago.  Because he signed a one-year deal under the minimum-salary benefit in 2013, the Bears can’t sign him until he actually becomes a free agent on March 11.  That now follows a three-day period during which McCown’s agent can engage in discussions with other teams.

With the Bears devoting $22.5 million in cap space to Cutler for the coming year, the Bears likely won’t have much in the budget for McCown.  Any team that views him as a potential starter would surely outbid the Bears.

For teams looking to acquire a veteran quarterback via free agency, the options aren’t plentiful.  Beyond McCown, the looming free agents include Michael Vick, Josh Freeman, Chad Henne, and Josh’s brother, Luke.  Other veteran quarterbacks (like Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden) could be available via trade, or could be released.

Perhaps the most intriguing option for Josh McCown would be the Vikings.  Barely a decade ago, McCown knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs with a last-gasp throw to the end zone in Arizona.  Under current rules, which no longer acknowledge the “force-out” call, the throw to Nate Poole would have been ruled incomplete.

Unfortunately for the Vikings, they know all too much about incomplete passes in recent years.

14 responses to “Report: Josh McCown plans to return in 2014

  1. Seen this before as a Viking fan and not sold on signing him to be a stopgap starter. Crossed my mind, but no.

  2. Josh McCown minus:
    A top 5 offensive line
    a top 5 running back
    2 top 5 receivers
    an upper-tier tight end
    and upper tier offensive playcaller = ?????

  3. If you’re going after a veteran qb why not keep cassel? He’s probably the most accomplished aside from Vick and he’d end up hurt anyway.

  4. Not sure why the Vikings are being mentioned here and not the Titans?

    He said in December that he was considering leaving football to go back to his 4 kids and wife in NC. Obviously not getting a starting gig in NC. The Titans on the other hand have a new coach who needs a veteran QB (Warner/Rivers) to run his offense effectively. Jake Locker is constantly hurt and has only shown flashes of anything, he needs time, especially learning a new system again. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t a real option either. If Whisenhunt doesn’t want a repeat of his post-Warner times with the Cardinals, he needs a veteran QB.

    It makes sense for both the Titans and McCown, who will only be a couple hours from his family instead of states away.

  5. McCown is lined up for a really nice pay day. I think he can win for a team with some talent around him. Cleveland, Tennessee, Arizona should all consider him. Even Minnesota could have enough to make the playoffs next year.

  6. I doubt if a team would want him to be a week to week starter and expect him to take you into the playoffs.

    But McCown really is a solid veteran back up who can manage a games.

    Hope he would come back to the Bears for a couple more years.

  7. Before coming in to replace Cutler in 2013, McCown’s stats were average at best. While I agree that he did a great job in his role as a back-up, I do not think that he will have game-for-game success as a starter anywhere in the NFL.

  8. Love him in a Bears Uniform… He and Cutler are boys and both clearly know their role. Trestman is a wizard with quarterbacks and I am glad Cutler is back but I would have liked to see him take a little less money so they could bring back McCown without question, but let’s be real, money talks…

    If they don’t figure something out on the other side of the ball none of this will matter. Worst Bears Defense I have Ever Watched.

    God Bless

  9. I hope he resigns with the Bears, that is where he will be best. But he’s never had a big payday, he’s close to the end of his career and there are teams with a lot of good tape to make him offers. I think any veteran backup will be effective in the Bears offense but…who might that be? I can’t see the Bears spending a lot on the backup QB.
    Speaking of money, you should be aware that all the Bears have to do is change most of his salary to a bonus and that money gets spread over 7 years. The Bears have the money they need.

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