Report suggests Dolphins players don’t respect their coaches

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The trouble in Miami may go beyond the departed General Manager Jeff Ireland and offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

A report from Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald suggests that there are deep problems within the team, and that the locker room doesn’t think highly of the coaches.

There’s not great respect for the coaching staff there,” one person described as “a close associate of several Dolphins players” told Jackson.

Two other unnamed sources told Jackson similar things.

“Criticism of the coaches is consistent with everyone I talk to on the team,” one source said. “You have some assistants who weren’t experienced or comfortable in their jobs. Some players said they didn’t learn much. It’s pretty disconcerting.”

Added another source, “There’s not a lot of great teaching there.”

In fairness to Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin and his staff, we have no idea which players these unnamed sources are talking to, and we have no idea whether that’s a majority opinion within the locker room — it could just be a few disgruntled Dolphins who are grousing about their coaches.

Or, it could be a sign of a significant problem in Miami. At the end of the season, with the playoffs on the line, the Dolphins looked like a team that had quit. These comments don’t do anything to change the perception that the coaches aren’t getting through to the players in Miami.

58 responses to “Report suggests Dolphins players don’t respect their coaches

  1. I don’t think it’s Philbin, he was able to keep his team in playoff contention while dealing with the Jonathan Martin/ Richie Incognito situation.

  2. Well that’s why they should keep interviewing people for the GM position until they find one that can explain how they will build a respectable football team that only knows how to focus on winning. They don’t have a person like that nor have they interviewed one yet. So they are going to continue to suffer with the mess they have until they can find somebody that knows how to clean it up. Hopefully they do that sometime soon. Or next season could be worse than this past season was.

    Now is the time to subtract the losers and add some winners.

  3. As a Packers fan, I like Philbin as a coordinator and as a person, but nothing about him sparks great leader or one who could control a locker room to me.

  4. Doesn’t anyone else find it interesting that tons of reports of dysfunction are coming out as the interviewing process for a GM is going on? All seems a bit too timely for me. I would be interested to see the names of the sources…

  5. “A close associate of several Dolphin’s players?” So if this was a story about Hernandez the source could be Bo Fish??

  6. Can we stop pretending Philbin did an admirable job? He let the Incognito thing happen in the first place and they lost winnable games badly when they were still in contention.

  7. There was time weeks ago when Ross should have cleaned house including Philbin. That was the time to look for a GM that can build his unit.
    This lake is fished out, all the talented ones have been caught, so what are we left with. A emotionless coach who lost control of his team when it counted the most. So I don’t expect much to change this season. I just hope I’m all wrong.

  8. maybe they miss davone.

    maybe they miss incognito. or believe management (was directed to) mishandle the situation after it went public.

    maybe it has somethingto do with all the increased early entries in the draft (102 this year?).

    these arent grownups yet.

    they still get paid a lot for playing a kid’s game.

    and they were still in the driver’s seat for the playoffs after a crappy game week 16…

    and failed to show up at all against THE JESTS.

    i am sure there is someone in every locker room who hates the coach. or gm. or owner.

    a coach may not do a good job preparing a tea for an important game.

    but the players quit. what does that say about them? why should anyone listen to a bunch of quitters?

  9. Even though these are unnamed associate of unnamed players, it should not be a surprise if a new GM makes a coaching change. Ross hasn’t come right out and said there’s not going to be any further coaching staff changes while keeping Philbin on the payroll at at this time. He’s probably going to allow the GM to make those determinations.

  10. Man as a Dolphin fan this is frustrating because we all know that we are going to be going through this again next offseason when the new GM decides to replace the current coaching staff. Why not get it over with now and get a new coach now? Philbin reminds me too much of Jim Caldwell. In my opinion he is too quite and too reserved to be a HC in the NFL.

  11. I heard from 10 unnamed sources they have respected for their coaches…..I win by a 5 to 1 margin. Why does anyone believe someone who doesn’t want to identify themselves? It could be the guy changing the toilet paper in the locker room.

  12. Compare that to two stories out of New England this week. First, second-year defensive tackle Sealver Siliga has emerged from a practice squad player to a starter based on one-on-one tutoring with head coach Bill Belichick. Belichick would meet with Siliga at the hotel the night before games and go over film with him when he was still on the practice squad. Second, Blount credits an adjustment advised by Belichick, lowering his torso at the point of attack, with making a big difference in his ability to break tackles and pick up YAC. Belichick is a great coach all week, not just on game day.

  13. I just never ends with these clowns.

    Ross’ ownership has been a failure from day one and every move he makes (or his people make) is negatively perceived or blows up in their face. It’s one stupid thing after another.

    Why would anyone in their right mind think things are just miraculously going to get better?

    Ross must sell the team, an exorcism needs to happen on that organization and Dolphins fans can only hope that someone with a clue will buy the team at some point.

  14. I am sure that there are members of the coaching staff that don’t respect and or think highly of some of the players. The players, not the coaches were the ones on the field for the last 2 games of the season and absolutely s_ _ t the bed. The players, not the coaches missed wide open receivers, missed blocks, dropped passes, missed assignments, held opposing players, committed costly penalties, missed tackles and got trounced 39-7 in the last 2 games. The majority of the blame for the ending to the season lies with the players, not the coaches.

  15. Here is what I don ‘t get: In NO, he didn’t do it, but Sean Payton was suspended because it was felt he should’ve known what his coach was doing. Same with their GM.

    Why has this not been the case with Philbin and the Dolphins?

  16. If you are going to get rid of all the strong personalities on your team then your coach better have a strong personality. Philbin has no fire and anyone can see that….no wonder they were so flat the last two games.

    You can clearly see that young players aren’t being taught since none seem to be growing.

  17. So they did well learning nothing and winning their first 3 games in December to put themselves in the playoff race. And then not learning took over and they list their last two?

    They went 5-2 between weeks 9-15. That is the meat of your season and when you peak. I fail to see how a team that doesn’t learn and advance can do that…

  18. What if Philbin could squeeze open a can of spinach like Popeye the sailor man, chug it down, and then instantly have amazing forearms and a fierce demeanor that made all of the Brutus’s in the NFL quiver in their boots?

    Would you like him better then?

  19. Anyone not in the playoffs at this time of the year should be disgruntled with the coach’s….AND themselves!

  20. I’ll bet some of this has come from an Ex-dolphin who is on 560 wqam. He shouldn’t be on there he sucks on the radio, and I am sick of him criticizing the Dolphins when he stunk the place out his last season.
    Jonathon Martin doesn’t need to be in the conversation. He sucked last year, and shouldn’t be in the NFL.

  21. I’m on a borderline playoff team. I can go all out to make the playoffs and my reward will be more weeks of practice, workouts, film study, and games.

    Or, if we miss it, I have plenty of money and can start my six month vacation now.

    There will always be guys who choose option B

  22. This is a growing trend… lack luster teams are making playoffs. Superbowl teams can’t make playoffs. Troubled souls partying and spending millions and ending up tweeting their naked body or masterbating with lotion.

    Its the players… their are all pre-madonnas

  23. Man up and put your name on it or shut up. Every team probably has a few disgruntled players. Throughout the season the players lauded Philbin and now some are talking smack and hiding behind anonymity. Those are the guys holding the team back and they should be sought out and removed from the team. Buy in and give 100% or get out.

  24. There are about 2,000 people in Miami who attend sporting events. It is usually during Heat playoffs. The rest of the venues are empty. Sorry to break it to you South America err…Florida but the Dolphins will be leaving for the West Coast soon. When a swimming pool in the outfield and a nightclub in your stadium draws more attendance than the game itself, it is time to head for the exits.

  25. Philbin isn’t a good head coach at all. This report doesn’t surprise me.

    It’s a good thing that Ross insists on hiring a GM that will stick with Philbin for at least another year.

  26. Don’t really know how effective the coaches are, but no one can deny that the Dolphins dumping the last two games of the year – with the playoffs clearly within grasp – was one of the more embarrassing failures of the season….If I was a player involved in that fiasco, maybe I’d try and cover my butt by blaming the coaches too.

  27. Said this immediately after the season, Philbin should have been amongst the first coaches fired with Jim Schwartz. They both let playoff berths fall apart with no explicable reason why it did, plus Philbin had the whole Incognito/Martin fiasco festering in his locker room. How do you lose to Buffalo with a playoff berth on the line?

  28. That is why Philbin has been chopping heads since he was hired.

    jeff ireland’s poor signings of low character players (like incognito) meant that Philbin has to wait or mess up the salary cap (by cutting players instead of playing their contracts out).

  29. Miami was 8-8 without Dustin Keller and while under the microscope during a giant investigation.

  30. Professional ballplayers blaming coaches for their play on the field?Was it the coaches fault when Tampa beat them or buffalo twice? All teams have players that don’t get what they want and complain. All teams have players that under perform and then point fingers. To those players I say put up or shut up.

  31. There doesn’t seem to be any problems with the Dolphins considering they hired Philbin who won’t talk to the local press. Excepting one word answers. Player suspended for harassing another player and harassed player being paid for quitting team. Suspended player also being paid. Owner more interested in red carpet (orange in Miami) service than football while trying his best to mimic Snoopy Dog look alike. Firing GM and refusing to admit he fired him. Telling any future GM he has to go with the present loser coach.

    To top this off, having his squeeze ( her name Amonte) run his pro football franchise. No, the Dolphins are fine. Unbelievable Stephen Ross has been allowed an NFL franchise. IMO.

  32. Not surprising to hear the excuses from a group who can’t get it done when it matters. You don’t have to respect your coach, but it shouldn’t stop you from doing your job.

  33. I hate when these sort of reports come out because it makes it appears most players tune coaches out. I do know that winning cures all and players are seldom willing to accept blame. Having said that, it is hard to argue against coaching contributing to some of the porous rushing stats. Perhaps it was scheme but Mike Sherman’s offense ran fine with Brett Favre at the helm. Seems to me player make the plays work.

  34. Fortunately, the report speaks to assistants more than the head coach, and I imagine Bill Lazor is going to be making significant changes in that area (on the offensive side).

  35. How else would one explain the last two, very winnable games, the Dolphins lost to end a playoff run. During those two games the Dolphin offense scored a whopping (1) one TD. And now during the hunt for a, cough, cough, GM Ross has gone on vacation to China or parts unknown, attempting to sale the Dolphin franchise no dought. Ross may be a billionaire, I don’t know, but I do know he is not an NFL owner, he simply knows nothing about football or the NFL,,,

  36. Nothing like living in a world of speculation where you can plug in your choice of how it happened and what is going on? Who knows? Sherman was terrible. He is gone. Ireland hired all these guys; Jmartin..Incognito,ochocinco,passed on brees, passed on long and/or albert for a left tackle, picked ted ginn jr, and on and on it goes. Terrible results/picks. Got to give a coach a chance to have players that will conform to his vision. No company could work if the ceo couldn’t make sure people that fit his needs were hired.

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