Before touchdown pass, Kaepernick may have gotten away with a kick

Getty Images

One play before 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick made a great play with his arm, he made a great — but potentially illegal — play with his feet.

The 26-yard touchdown pass from Kaepernick to receiver Anquan Boldin came one snap after Kaepernick fumbled the ball in the backfield.  Disaster was averted when center Jonathan Goodwin scooped up the loose ball and rumbled for a net gain of two yards.

But multiple replay angles show Kaepernick kicking the ball with his foot, as Kaepernick was on the ground.

Under Rule 12, Section 4, Article 3, it’s a violation only if it’s intentional.  And that’s a judgment call.

But judgment easily could have been exercised in the direction of a conclusion that Kaepernick was kicking the ball in the direction away from a possible Seahawks recovery.

The penalty would have been a 10 yards and a loss of down.  Which may have made it a little harder on second and 18 to throw a 36-yard touchdown pass.