Seattle fumble helps NFL avoid major P.R. problem

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One season after the “Fail Mary” final act from the replacement officials tainted a regular-season game in Seattle, the much-heralded Gene Steratore all-star crew committed a colossal blunder — and replay review inexplicably wasn’t available to clean up their mess.

With the Seahawks facing third and goal from the 49ers’ 10 yard line in the fourth quarter, quarterback Russell Wilson threw a pass to Jermaine Kearse.  He caught it, carried it toward the goal line, and fumbled it.  49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman clearly recovered the ball while falling to the ground.  Bowman somehow held onto it even as his leg being contorted unnaturally.

When Bowman was on the ground, he clearly had possession.  A scrum then ensued, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch somehow ended up with the ball, and the officials gave possession to Seattle.

As FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira pointed out during the game broadcast, the outcome isn’t reviewable.  “Recovery of a loose ball that does not involve a boundary line or the end zone” falls within the scope of non-reviewable plays under Rule 15, Section 9, Article 5.

During the regular season, officials erroneously allowed the Jaguars to challenge a similar ruling.

But the football gods saved the NFL from an outcome that would have tainted the result.  Seattle opted to go for the touchdown on fourth down, Wilson and Lynch couldn’t connect on a handoff, the 49ers recovered, and San Fran obtained the possession that they should have had.

The league should be happy about that.  If the Seahawks had scored a touchdown, the dominant story line over the next few days would have been the failure of Steratore’s crew to realize that Bowman had the ball and was down and the inability of the replay rules to fix the situation.

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  1. About 2/3 of the regular season games this year were “tainted by the officials”, the replacement officials were no worse and sometimes better than the regular ones.

  2. Did anyone see the offensive Pass interference on Crabbtree that last play.. Soo fitting considering all the crying they did from the Super Bowl ..

    Crabtree clearly pushed off the defender and the defender tipped it to the lb .. GAME OVER AND ITS FITTING …

    My prayers are with bowman for a healthy test and or recovery …

  3. The entire 49ers season was killed in this play. Bowman had the toughness to make the play even with his leg being bent sideways and still isnt rewarded the fumble. Even if they advanced, losing Bowman would put the 9ers at a big disadvantage to Denver.

  4. Another blown call/bad league rule that someone will have to faux-apologize for tomorrow. Yawn. Just another NFL Sunday.

    Go ahead and keep thinking the league isn’t rigged. Goodell wanted Manning and the Seahawks from Day One.

  5. I don’t think I’ve every seen so many huge ref mistakes against one team ever as they called against San Fran. And I’m not a 49’ers fan.

  6. Hats off Seattle. You did great.

    Sherman keeping it classy my friend. Anger Management my friend.

  7. Can Hawks fans end their whining once and for all for SB 40. Not one call in that game was as crucial or gamechanging as wrongheaded as the fumble call . And this game was closer with SF losing by only 6 and they were in FG range. Seattle lost that by 11 and still whine 8 years later about 2 marginal holding/interference calls and one 15 yard wrong trippin call in a 11 point loss. Compare that with their luck in a close game today.

  8. Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin, the two ex-Stanford rejects just won the game for the Seahawks!

    Harblow will be sick!


  9. Irrelevant. Kaepernick is not an efficient passer. Look at his two INTs. The 49ers should have drafted Rodgers in 2005; they’d have a SB VICTORY by now. Randall Cunningham types are great for SportsCenter highlights but you have to work harder for a championship. The curse continues.

  10. We Dolphin fans know Steratore well. The Pittsburgh native was in the middle of the Rothelsberger fumble at the goal line in Miami years ago and botched that as well. No surprise here.

  11. Why harbaugh didn’t call time out before that dumb last pass by Kap is beyond me. He made some dumb mistakes. Seattle got lucky this game.

  12. Golfore, you were hiding all game in your basement. Keep it classy like the Shermanator.

    All the few classy Seahawk fans. Make the NFC west proud!

  13. Worst call in the history of the game, it’s either a fumble or a pick, his knee almost dislocated from his leg why? because he was down…..

  14. The NFL still has a major PR problem. You heard Sherman at the end of the game. Not rational nor ethical.

  15. I’m not one to piss and moan about calls, but this was a horribly officiated game. The NFL needs to do something about the fact that their officials have a worse grasp on the NFL rulebook than my 9 year old. Not just this game, but all year. They’re doing an abysmal job. Bring back the scabs. I’m done.

  16. This is the last time I want to hear big mouth Seahawks fans complain about the officiating in Super Bowl 40. They had enough freebies from the refs in this game to last them a lifetime.

  17. It’s annoying watching Carrol chomp on his gum. He looks like an idiot in the sideline.

  18. Seahawks super bowl bound. I love it, the whole year Seattle fans were saying we are the best team in NFC.

    Tonight they proved it after a rough start. What a defensive game. Go Hawks!

  19. LOL at the reffing in this entire game and post season for that matter.
    But besides that, a great game. Good Luck Seahawks, go beat The AFC.

  20. Sherman was ‘delivering’ a message to Michael Crabtree about what a wonderful time everyone had today at the Clink.


  21. Seattle fans and players are arrogant and I hope they lose the SB… Plain and simple. Just my opinion…

  22. Officiating once again was garbage… not a fan of either team but wow, that was just ridiculous.

    Hopefully the broncos win purely on the fact that Seattle was handed their tickets to the super bowl instead of earning them.

  23. that was the wrong call on the fumble recovery by Bowman, but Hawks got some tough calls early and some unlucky bounces too. that part evens out.

    you have two teams where their defenses are better than their offenses. our D did just enough to win. kind of in spite of our O.

    Great game – heart-attack inducing for this Hawks fan. You guys made it last year, it’s our turn to rep the NFC west this year. And like Harbaugh/Carroll, let’s have a SF/Seattle truce for a couple weeks, why not? we can go back to hating each other next year.

    Hope Bowman comes back at full strength – hate seeing an injury like that to anyone, but esp so when the player is so damn good.

  24. Happy too see the Seahawks get in but there were some missed calls for sure. The punter call coulda changed it all but Kaep still turned it over in the end. Glad the hawks didn’t score on the bowman fumble recovery*
    And post game Sherman, act like you been there before man wow. Keep it classy.

  25. The fact Lynch fumbled doesn’t erase the multitude of mistkes made by the officiating crew tonight.

    One can only hope that obviously incorrect calls will be able to be corrected in the future.

    And Richard Sherman is a roided out punk that should be banned from the league.

  26. The Niners wouldn’t be playing this week if not for the gift calls and non-calls last week.
    And Kap isn’t gonna win a big game with his passing. Ever.

  27. Wonder if all the fans of red and gold were yelling foul when it was 10-3 Niners? What a difference three quarters make.

    Props to the San Francisco Forty-Niners for a hard fought game.

    Harbaugh IS who I thought he was, a great coach.

  28. Say what you want about the officiating, for the most part I agree with the statements.
    However the referees didn’t have anything to do with Kaep’s 2 picks and fumble.
    Those 3 turnovers are what cost the game for SF.

  29. It’s commonplace nowadays to have everyone up in arms over nearly every single game.

    Either accept that this is part of the game, or stop watching. Whining and crying is getting really, really tiring…

  30. 49erstim says:
    Jan 19, 2014 9:59 PM
    I’m not one to piss and moan about calls, but this was a horribly officiated game. The NFL needs to do something about the fact that their officials have a worse grasp on the NFL rulebook than my 9 year old. Not just this game, but all year. They’re doing an abysmal job. Bring back the scabs. I’m done.

    I agree. The roughing the kicker penalty that was missed was a complete joke.

  31. Memo
    To: Micheal Crabtree
    From: Ray Sherman
    CC: NFL WR’s

    Don’t be opening your mouth about me. I am the best.


    BCC: Marketing

  32. You can’t whine about the call, as the call was correct, it’s the damn rule that doesn’t allow the play to be reviewed. Stop saying its a horrible call. If the ref wasn’t in position to see bowman with the ball, and all he sees is the scrum, then they have to go with recovery and then go by the rule book. I’m not a Seahawks fans, but too many fans blame the refs, when clearly it’s the over complicated rule book, and not allowing ANY turnover to be reviewed. We were always told that all turnovers are reviewed, but now we are finding out that’s not exactly true. Who can remember all of these rules??

  33. I can’t stand Hairbow and the Whiners, but anyone who thinks the NFL didn’t steer the post season results hasn’t been paying attention.
    The best story line for the Super Bowl was always going to be Manning against the Seattle secondary.
    A call here and a call there…. That’s what they’ve got.
    The result of every post season game has been influenced by the officials with an eye toward the matchup that can be most hyped for the next week.

  34. I was at the Jaguars/Cardinals game the article mentions.
    The rule needs to be changed and these fumbles need to be reviewable plays. The referees could not have possibly seen the SF player touched down with possession without review. It’s impossible with a mass of bodies near the play. NFL get it right. Spend the money to have overhead cameras in place for each game!

  35. We Dolphin fans know Steratore well. The Pittsburgh native was in the middle of the Rothelsberger fumble at the goal line in Miami years ago and botched that as well. No surprise here.


    That’s a hilarious illustration of the state of affairs in Miami, still clinging to a blown call from a regular season game in a year where Miami was nowhere near in contention for anything but an early round draft pick. I was at that game, and there were FAR more Steelers fans in the house than Miami fans.

  36. Gene Steratore will probably get a ring from Seattle he was deep in their pockets. I wonder if he takes more bribes from the NFL or NBA. He was so blatant it wasn’t funny. How the NFL would allow a corrupt NBA official in their ranks is beyond me.

  37. For those who are saying the Hawks didn’t earn this trip to NJ, you know nothing about football, or the Seahawks organization. They worked their butts off this year and we’re going to the Super Bowl. Well earned I might add!!!

  38. The solution to this should be that every single action in an NFL game is reviewable. Period.

    That doesn’t mean you stop play after every call to see if the zebras got it right, but if the coaches feel there was a particularly egregious violation…they should be allowed to throw the flag and have it looked at.

    The idea of the rulebook literally having a section that says “Nope, these can’t ever be reviewed” is asinine in this day and age.

    If the NFL isn’t willing to do a better job of having competent referees, then the least they can do is allow a coach to challenge anything that happens in the field of play and have it looked at.

  39. The fumble was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen, watching live you can clearly see that Bowman has the ball when he hits the ground, he’s on the ground for half a second before the Seahawks jump on him and how none of the referees can see that is beyond me.

    Good thing is that the competition committee is reactive and plays like this will be reviewable in the future.

  40. LOVE to hear all these 9ers fans WHINE about the refs. Take you medicine for once. You got gifts last week in Charlotte over and over again. Last year against Atlanta was another one. You guys should be used to losing your last game of the year by now. Hahhaha

  41. Did anyone else notice the refs spot the ball wrong on multiple Seahawks runs and give them a first down when it was clearly short?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming it changed the outcome in ANY way or that the Seahawks didn’t deserve to win, but what was the deal with that?

  42. I was debating whether to post this, because I thinks the Seahawks were probably the better team and deserved to win.

    But that call on the punt play was outrageous. Even I know that it can’t be running into the kicker if the rusher hits the punter’s plant leg. It HAS to be a roughing call- personal foul, 15 yards, 1st down. THAT’S THE RULE.

    They scored on a possession they never should have had, at least not where it started. And they won by one score. So now, even though they played great, they get to be second guessed forever because of another instance of a referee who didn’t make an error on a judgement call, but actually DIDN’T KNOW THE RULES.

  43. The officiating was horrible and obviously bias. Not only were the 49ers playing against the 12th man, but realistically the 13th Referees also. Roughing the kicker, fumbleetc..all given to the home team. It kind of makes one wonder if the League gives the Refs their directive of who they want to win. Seems home field advantage includes the Refs also. It will be great whenever a 3rd party official from nutural location can make the reviews on replays and challenges without worrying about retaliation from the home crowd. This was the worst officiated game that I’ve every seen, and I’m a Raider fan.

  44. Is anyone more clutch than Navorro Bowman?
    2012 title game: forces the Ahmad Bradshaw fumble
    2013 title game: perfect coverage on all-world wr, Roddy White, sends them to SB
    2014: forces/recovers the goalline fumble ( hangs on to ball while getting his knee blown out no less)

    p.s. i haven’t seen a team lose two fumble in a row since toby gerhart did it against SF in their win vs. SF in ’12

  45. Niner fans before game “The Hawk fans better not whine about the refs”

    Niner fans after the game “We lost because of refs”

    Me “you lost because Kapernick is one dimensional and poops down his leg in Seattle.

  46. haha i been complaining about refs since the rob lytle fumble but im glad the 9ers got a taste of it…u mite as well stop whinning no one cares lost you choked again same corner of the endzone to end a big game..great call

  47. It does not bail them out. Although on the subsequent fumble the 49ers got better field position. The different field position would have required different play calling and no one knows what could have happened. Also as the retired Ref expert pointed out the officials messed up when the Ref called a running into the kicker that should have been roughing the kicker.

  48. steelers fan here and all i can say is the 49’ers got jobbed really bad. can’t believe the nfl can’t do better with officials for all games, must more a playoff game. The hawks had the 12th man and the 13th with the officials. gotta believe anyone outside of seattle who watched this game will be cheering for the broncos in the SB.

  49. Regardless of the outcome- It was a blown call. Still no body saying a thing about the other game changer bad call. When kicker got his leg twisted -should have been a 15 yard and first down keeping niners alive instead of the 5 yard running into kicker call. That one call allowed hawks to score the go ahead points (never should have happen) Just another crooked call when refs are paid to throw a game.

  50. Worst officiating game and season all around. Its only fitting that the Broncos and Seattle are the only ones left standing on a season of bad calls.

    Super Bowl 47 the Worst Officiating Season!

  51. I am totally BAFFLED…
    The ball was NEVER loose, so why was this even treated like a fumble. why did a pack jump onto Bowman?

  52. I’m going to be voted down for this but here goes:

    Think bout this folks. How can things get so bad in officiating so fast? Most of these refs have a decade or more of experience. To see some of the long time vets screwing up in such unusual ways can’t be simple incompetence…and i refuse to attribute it to the rules complexity. Something else is going on. I think the league is being artificially shaped….for what purpose i can’t say. I don’t have any proof or evidence just a feeling. It kinda parallels the NBA officiating when it was finally discovered game fixing WAS going on using the nba refs. The weird things that has been going on with officiating isn’t incompetence…it can’t be…it’s just too strange to be that.

  53. I wonder how many of the posters on here complaining about the bad calls tonight are the same people who posted 3 weeks ago telling steeler fans to get over the bad SD KC calls? What goes around comes around, bad calls are made every game, and either you live with them, or you complain about them all, you can’t selectively choose which ones to be upset over. The calls in the SD KC game were bad just as these calls tonight were. So for those 49er fans complaining tonight, I sure hope you aren’t the same people saying big deal about the SD KC game. If you are, get over it, bad calls happen.

  54. What about the play when the Seahawks failed to convert a fourth-down, and SF committed a personal foul right at the end of the play or possibly during it. It doesn’t matter, every other time I have ever seen this occur it extends the drive of the offense.

    This was an eye-opener and I’m surprise no ones talking about it

    I know for a fact that I’ve seen personal fouls, shoving, fighting after the whistle count and extend the drive for the offense. This time they give the ball to the 49ers and penalize their offense. Ludicrous

  55. U seahawk fans are all the same as ur players arrogant and dumb
    Sherman is by far the worst player in history of nfl being the best doesn’t mean disrespecting ur opponent like a child
    Grow up buddy

  56. 49erstim says:Jan 19, 2014 9:59 PM

    I’m not one to piss and moan about calls, but this was a horribly officiated game.

    So what you are saying is, “I am not one to piss and moan about calls, but now I am going to piss and moan about calls.” lol

    Go Hawks

  57. Bring back the replacements. These refs were freaking horrible. The absolute worst ever. If I were a Frisco fan I’d be pissed.

  58. Proud Niners fan that will not blame the refs. What lost the game was giving up two ridiculous touchdowns, and a QB who turned it over three times in the fourth quarter, who failed to fix his obvious flaws over the offseason.

    However, I have never seen a team have as many lucky breaks in a season as Seattle. Maybe they are a team of destiny. Then again…I believe in karma. Sherman is the most classless player ever, Carroll is not much better, and the twelfth man’s treatment of Bowman is disgusting. This is why everyone else hates you guys. Go Broncos and c’mon karma.

  59. The refs gave Seattle a little overdue gift for that 06′ Super Bowl XL fiasco vs Pittsburgh.

  60. If those Officials at today’s Seattle 49er game are the best of the best then God help us all. About as bad an officiated playoff game as I have ever seen. Missed the roughing the kicker penalty. Missed Bowman’s recovery. Called Donte Whitner for unnecessary roughness on a shoulder to shoulder hit. Missed a crucial pass interference against Crabtree. It was a travesty….

  61. The same Seahawks fans telling people to man up and stop whining about refs are the same Seahawks fans who whined up a storm about the calls they claimed went against them in Super Bowl XL. So what have we learned?

    Seattle fans needed to man up and stop whining about the calls 8 years ago.

  62. The problem was kaepernecks passing.
    He threw 2 interceptions that were horrid and held the
    ball too long gor 1 fumble.

    Then, another fumble kaep kicked should’ve been

    Hawks made the big plays.

    The 9ers BENEFITED from the non-call. Get it at the 1 yd line or at the 15?

    Sf got it at the 15. Way too much whining.
    Get a real QB niners and then talk..

  63. NFL really has an officiating problem on there hands. This year I have witnessed some of the worst officiating all year that effected many games. They need to retrain and fire a lot of these refs this year. As blatant as some where they could probably prosecute a few of them for throwing games also

  64. Since the NFL has resorted to fixing games and blaming it on “bad officiating” I am done putting money in their pockets. Cancelled NFL ticket, and will never go to game again.
    The NFL has zero credibility now and that taints every team record and all accomplishments.

    die goodell

  65. Kaepernick’s 58 yard run involved two holds and a cutback block…none called.

    Both teams got calls, both missed some.

  66. saneman66 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 9:56 PM
    Can Hawks fans end their whining once and for all for SB 40. Not one call in that game was as crucial or gamechanging as wrongheaded as the fumble call . And this game was closer with SF losing by only 6 and they were in FG range. Seattle lost that by 11 and still whine 8 years later about 2 marginal holding/interference calls and one 15 yard wrong trippin call in a 11 point loss. Compare that with their luck in a close game today.

    I hate to tell you insaneman but Hawk fans no longer talk about SB40. The only time we see it mentioned is when some assclown brings it up thinking we still care. The Seahawks gave that game away. End of story. They live to fight another day. And that day is in two weeks.

  67. Kaepernick handed this game to Seattle, but even neutral fans on here saw the brutal officiating that was heavily in the Hawks favour. How the hell was Russell not called for intentional grounding time after time?

    Are Hawks fans seriously on here talking smack after this victory? Deep down you know your team didn’t deserve it.

  68. achap39 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 9:53 PM
    Another blown call/bad league rule that someone will have to faux-apologize for tomorrow. Yawn. Just another NFL Sunday.

    Go ahead and keep thinking the league isn’t rigged. Goodell wanted Manning and the Seahawks from Day One.
    Not sure how you came up with this. No one outside Washington and parts of the PNW cares about Seattle/Washington and it’s sports. It’s a fact.

    Why would a commish want a Seattle team in it’s respective sports championship then?

    It’s well established by posters on here that many would rather have the ebola virus than watch a Seattle/Washington team in any type of sport championship.

  69. As a person living in Seattle, is it possible to now never hear about how the refs have it out for the Sehawks?

  70. Wow when do you so called football fans tears stop. I’m a hawks fan, that play was an obvious recovery by bowman (worse yet his injury) but every Seahawks thread follows with trolls of cheating and peds, quit thinking you are in the know by reciting someone else’s stupid comments, every fan base has classless fans, but good god. Seriously the whining over the missed roughing the passer (I get it that they missed it) but falling face down and sliding into a falling punters leg. Remember how much all of you cried when Seattle won against Green Bay with replacement refs? But now some of you are crying to get them back, seriously I thought this was a mans game, enough crying…

  71. Best-case scenario is Sherman gets beat by Welker or Decker for the game winner… You know, somebody that Sherman would label as “sorry”.

  72. emmac13 says: Jan 19, 2014 9:58 PM

    To: Micheal Crabtree
    From: Ray Sherman
    CC: NFL WR’s

    Don’t be opening your mouth about me. I am the best.

    Why would the Rams’ current wide receivers coach, Ray Sherman, write a memo to Crabtree? I could see Richard Sherman of the Seahawks writing one, however.

  73. @pdway:

    Thank you for being one of the few Seahawks fans posting here to show some class and intelligence.

    The call on the fumble was wrong, but thankfully did not affect the final score.

  74. 49ers didn’t help themselves with the fourth-quarter turnovers. But the most important take-away from this game: Win the division next year so they don’t have to contend with the 12th man … and 13th if you count the officials.

  75. The officiating crew were a disgrace. However, I wouldn’t blame the crew in the end, as there was plenty of time, good field position and a 1st down to win this game. I thought Kap would learn from the SB to not throw the ball to Crabtree.

    If the 49ers reach the NFC or SB again, Kap should not repeat this act a third time. Just run. Nobody can’t stop Kap from running. You have to be greedy under these circumstances to win.

    Davis couldn’t even hold onto the ball. Crabtree is too passive.
    Even though most analysts and fans didn’t give 49ers a shot, they were extremely competitive and deserved to win. The 49ers beat themselves. It was their game to win.

  76. Those 40-whiners complaining about the referring, will it goes both ways. Look at the offensive holding/grabbing by Crabtree that Sherman got called for which gave you a first down. That was a terrible call on 3rd and nine, it should have been forth and 9.

    The roughing the kicker rant is without merit. It is not roughing the kicker if the defender slides under the punter and the punter can’t get both feet down. Look at the replay, the punter lands on the hand of the defender and wobbles into the defender who is under the punter.

    The 15-yard penalty for hitting the Seahawk receiver was a good call as he was in a defenseless posture. Read the rules, they may have described the penalty inaccurately but none the less it is still a 15 yrd penalty for launching forward .

    Also, look at 49rs third Q touchdown drive. When Kaepernick fumbled the ball and it was loose he deliberately kicked the ball forward which is a 10-yrd penalty and loss of down, the ball should have been placed on the 48 yard line with a loss of down.

    The bad call on the fumble recovery ended up benefiting the 49rs since they got the ball on the next play on the 16 yard line versus at the half yard line.

    As far as Sherman, what he said was stupid, but Crabtree was running his mouth, he tried to shake Crabtrees hand and got punched in the head…Stupid comments but Crabtree is also just as at fault.

    Bottom line is that it was a good game, the bad calls went both ways. None of them resulted in Seahawks points but the 49rs got 10 points off of the missed and bad calls.

  77. I meant SF got 14 points not 10 from missed and bad calls. Really, if anything 40 whiner fans should be happy to have even been in the game, as those bad and missed calls are what kept them in the game.

  78. Seattle for help. This kept the 49ers defense on the field longer. I didn’t see any calls that gave Seattle a disadvantage. Waiting until Harbaugh complained to make those intentional grounding calls against Seattle showed SF would need a miracle to win. That miracle was possible with 30+ seconds remaining and 1st down. Niners were the better team, but just unraveled after things went south with turnovers.

  79. To say the Hawks had help and it was a one-sided reffed game is ridiculous. The calls went both ways for sure. The one terrible call of the game was the goal line fumble the bad call ended up benefiting the 49rs in the end. Seattle should have just kicked a FG after the bad call. In the end it did not make a difference since two plays later Kap through a pick.

    If you look at the summary stats for the game you will see it was an even of a game as possible. The only difference in the game was the final score and the Sherman tipped pass and Hawks pic in the end zone.

    This was one of the best games in a long while, to say that SF should have one, is just wrong, they could have won but they made the mistake of throwing to Sherman’s corner.

  80. Sherman didn’t intercept the pass. How is this a great play? Another Seahawks defender just happened to be catch the tip. Many defenders tip balls. In this case, the tip ended up getting intercepted and resulted in a loss for the Niners. Sherman didn’t do anything spectacular that we haven’t seen before. Niners beat themselves. Wilson wasn’t that great. Just an ordinary QB that has a good defender and running back.

  81. Refs are human. Use technology to its utmost to get the call right. What kills me though is the obvious fear to make a call. Look at them. They’ll partially raise their arms them hesitate, look at the other ref, nod, then make the call. Happens every game.
    It’s as if they are afraid of making the other ref look bad.
    Call the darn play as you see fit. If refs each call something different, sort it out after.
    The supreme goal, which the NFL and their refs have seem to forgotten, is GET THE CALL RIGHT!
    feelings be damned. Don’t freaking tell me that call is non reviewable!!
    And if me, as a viewer from home can see an obvious replay and decide the call in 10 seconds, the game can be managed to allow that to happen instead of an unneeded and protracted game delay. The video information is 100% obvious oftentimes so just have the ref in the booth make the call.

  82. In the end the bad call ended up putting in SF in better field position than on the half yard line. It ended up being beneficial. As far as saying Wilson is an ordinary QB, you have to be high on crack. Passed for more yards than Kaepernick. He is avoiding the running but he do exactly the as Kaepernick when it comes to running. The only QB in the history of the NFL to have a 100+ QB rating in his first two years. Also, a two time pro-bowler on top…While not the best he is far from ordinary.

    In terms Sherman, leads the NFL in picks, SF was afraid to even through the ball around him, two passes on his defense and zero complete with a game saving tip and pick for Seattle.

  83. I see all kinds of remarks of how the refs called in favor of Seattle. Not so, but you would also have had to watch the last 49er- Seahawk game that was played on the 49er turf to understand how “things are now a bit more even”.

    But, even as a Seahawk fan, I have to admit that even my blind 103 year old aunt could have known that call when Bowman got injured – that Bowman DID recover the fumble.

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