Sherman goes off on Crabtree


Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman thinks he’s better at life than Skip Bayless.  Sherman also thinks he’s better at football than Michael Crabtree, and any other cornerback in the game.

From the field in Seattle moments after Sherman tipped to linebacker Malcolm Smith a would-be game-winning touchdown pass to Crabtree in the end zone, Sherman sounded off in an interview with Erin Andrews of FOX Sports.

“Richard, let me ask you, the final play,” Andrews said.  “Take me through it.”

“Well, I’m the best corner in the game!” Sherman shouted.  “When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree that’s the result you’re gonna get!  Don’t you ever talk about me!”

“Who was talking about you?” Andrews asked.

“Crabtree!  Don’t you open your mouth about the best!  Or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick!”

Crabtree and Sherman exchanged pleasantries after the play, with Sherman drawing a penalty for the two handed choke gesture.

It’s fitting that we all heard so loudly from Sherman right after the game ended.  Because we’re all going to be hearing from him over the next two weeks.

Whether we like it or not.

491 responses to “Sherman goes off on Crabtree

  1. Sherman showing class as usual. I’m reeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyy hoping that peyton manning shreds these clowns. The arrogance of them and their fans is disgusting.

  2. It really is too bad that he’s as talented as he is. It makes it a lot harder to ignore him when he tries to constantly remind us how wonderful he thinks he is.

    Shut up and play football, dude.

  3. Pretty much everyone is better at life than Skip Bayless, so that’s not a terribly impressive feat.

  4. We aren’t allowed to say what most fans thought of his actions running his mouth and the 15 yard penalty he got as he did his jive celebration.

  5. I loved the WWF promo there, makes me want to buy the PPV.

    Of course if that was Tebow and he thanks God then the same media would say how he’s a piece of crap for that as well.

    How about this, the media is garbage. I like when players are being players and not just saying boring PC crap. Bring it on Sherman, talk more trash, I for one love it.

  6. Classless move by Sherman. But this is one of the biggest rivalries in the NFL. I’m not surprised by his emotions afterwards and FOX got exactly what they wanted from his response.

    However, he can back up his trash talk and right now is the best cover man in the game. He has a chance to really prove it in 2 weeks. We shall see.

  7. Never seen such a one sided officiated 2nd half.

    The only calls that went against the 49ers were questionable calls.

    Only calls in the 2nd half for Seattle were obvious calls.

    Good job NFL. Way to rig the game for the classy Cheathawks

  8. It’s too bad everyone will be talking about this clown’s mouth instead of what a great game this was.

    Oh, and refs suck. Everyone got screwed six ways from Sunday.

  9. Wow just wow.
    God damn just beautiful!
    From punking Brady, to talking and doing the walk all the way to the superbowl.

    Tom Brady probably threw the game away cuz Sherman would have exposed him even harder if he played vs him in the SB!

  10. He is scum and if that is the face of your team then your in a world of trouble

    Can not wait till Payton takes the punk to school

  11. You can teach football but you can’t teach class. Great, you’re a dancing clown who performs for fans. Go celebrate yourself tonight and enjoy it before you go broke shortly after you retire.
    At least the Niners lost.

  12. There were confirmed reports that Seahawks fans threw food at Bowman as he was carted off the field.

    Classless fans with classless players.

    I hope Manning rips them to shreds.

  13. I don’t care that he’s one of the best in the game… this isn’t the WWF. At most, he’s one of the best CBs in the game that is a total tool. At worst, he’s had a few great seasons and is still a total tool. Karma will catch up with him eventually.

  14. Sherman is a sorry human being, and even Seahawks fans are embarrassed by the complete and utter lack of sportsmanship.

    And they wonder why everyone hates them. Newsflash: PEDs, classless players, and a stadium that has been designed to reverberate noise, even though no one ever acknowledges it.

  15. rooting for russell wilson and the seahawks (mainly because of wilson), but sherman makes it difficult for me…

  16. Nice call 49ers, ” let’s go to the leagues number 1 db in the entire nfl” Sherman was simply trying to shake Crabtree’s hand. Now we gotta hear every excuse in the book from the 49ers

  17. How embarrassing for this team. This guy lacks any kind of humility or sportsmanship. Sorry for him and his team. And – that’s what you get for interviewing this clown FOX Sports.

  18. The seahawks will only have 11 men against the sheriff in NY two weeks from now that wont be enough !

  19. Don’t like arrogance like this – but at least he can back it up. And when he does something to send home the 49-whiners – let him have his moment! GO Hawks!!!!

  20. Richard Sherman, what a classless disgusting scum. Wouldn’t expect much different which really says a lot about him. Typical of him and his thin skin to be so unhinged over a back and forth trash talk that is common in the nfl. To say this in an interview with a woman just proves how much of a gentleman he is. What is sad is that this is condoned and will only expect to see worse from him. Won’t be surprised to see him behind bars soon.

  21. Can’t wait until someone puts him place. Peterson, Johnson and the other top players I’m pretty sure wouldn’t act that classless after a good game. I can’t stand him. Go broncos

  22. He sounded angry and illiterate…certainly not doing much to dissuade any stereo types about African American athletes.

    Maybe he should get some personality lessons from Russell Wilson

  23. Screaming over the national anthem, throwing food at Bowman being carted off, and Sherman being the most pathetic excuse for a player…..this is the most classless organization in sports. It’s obvious you people haven’t had much success in your lives. SAD…..and this coming from a fan that cares nothing about the west coast….lol.

  24. Manning is gonna torch the Seahawks. Gonna be funny watching all that bravado go down the drain. Seattle’s good and all but there’s something really fishy about that team.

  25. Not a fan of either team, but Sherman is a classless idiot. Certainly not a Bronco fan either but will be in 2 weeks for 1 game just because of this idiot. Hope Manning torches him.

  26. Hate the man all you want. He plays a hi game and talks one too.

    Not everyone has to bottle up and play nice. Don’t like his mouth? Shut him up. Until then he’s gonna talk.

    Congrats to the Seahawks. They will beat the Broncos and the I leaky defense.

    That secondary is exactly what you need to stop Manning.

  27. It would be interesting to find out what if anything. Crabtree said to Sherman, after Sherman patted him on the backside immediately after the play. It kind of looks like Sherman was saying nice game, and then all of a sudden he went off. Kind of like the Brady issue. During the game Brady told Sherman to look at the scoreboard, the Pats were leading at the time, and told Sherman to see him after the game. We all remember what Sherman said to Brady, but not everyone knows what Brady said to Sherman during the game.

  28. No problem with this …

    Who knows what Crabtree said to him, not to mention he’s a holdout diva

    What do you think Crabtree says to Sherman if he makes that catch … Kaep harbaugh and Crabtree are all loud divas … Good for Sherman to shut them up

  29. Great SF drive & play at the end there by ‘no class’ Shermann, but I’m left with a bad stinking feeling of how the refs killed that critical missed roughing the punter call, killing the SF drive, giving possession to Seattle, which then spotted them 7 points, which turned out to be the difference in the game….

    Verdict = TAINTED RESULT. Sad Really…

    NFL Refs are horrid…. they were lucky Seattle bailed them out of that Bowman recovered fumble fiasco with another fumble….

  30. This guy single-handedly makes me dislike the seahawks. I was telling someone about how I cant stand the tem because theyre a bunch of loud-mouth jerks and then I realized its mostly just sherman.

  31. All these haters would love him on their team. Love him. He has swag and gives that defense a nasty confident identity. Ill take him on the Eagles every day of the week.

  32. Haha, we knew Florio was going to be all over this one. Never take up an opportunity to bash Sherman! Unfortunately everything Sherman said was right.

  33. If sherman is as good as he thinks he is, it all goes down the drain when he opens his mouth.

  34. The delusional, uneducated Seahawks fans are almost embarrassing to hear on TV, booing false start calls when they are correct… And screaming while the national anthem is being sung… What a pathetic fanbase.

    This whole team is based off of cheating: Pete Carroll has been a cheater his whole career, supplying this team with PEDs.

    Even the Refs are cheating for the Seahawks with multiple missed calls on the roughing the kicker that should have been a first down for the niners, and an obvious recovered fumble by Bowman that went to the Seahawks.

    Seattle is the most pathetic franchise in the league, that deserves to lose every single game.

    And the most pathetic thing of all, Seahawk fans threw food at Navarro Bowman while he was on a stretcher being taken out of the field….

    Those post game Richard Sherman comments was the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever heard, acting like the whole word revolves around him saying he’s the best. That just sums up how unclassy the Seattle organization really is…

    Cheaters never prosper, they will get destroyed by the Broncos & be completely embarrassed in the Super Bowl.

  35. It’s amazing how arrogant the Seahawks are without ever winning anything. 0 Superbowls. Here’s to hoping Denver keeps it that way. These guys are classless.

  36. As he should Crabtree said Sherman wasn’t very good and what’s most funny is that on that last play CRABTREE PUSHES OFF ON SHERMAN offensive PI … For all that calls for defensive pi and holds its Crabtree doing the pass interference …

    Beat part is Sherman played through the PI and tipped it to his teammate …

    Deserving ending with all the cries for penalties .. Great competitive game Kaep
    Just can’t pass against a good defense he scrambled and killed it but other than that their was nothing ..

    Great fight hope bowman can come back
    Healthy as soon possible …

  37. Sherman just made the play to send Seattle to the Super Bowl.

    All your trash talk and hate is so funny.
    All year, you talk Seahawks are overrated and they are the last team standing alone with the other top team. Shows how much some people know about football. Go Hawks!

  38. Great game. I am a Hawks fan, but am very impressed with the 49ers team. They are great. I hope Bowman is ok. What a fighter he is.

  39. How did the Hawks win when they were obliterated by the devastating cleverness of the minnysoda vikqueens trading Harvin to them.

    Please Hawks win the SB just to embarrass the lavender Larry toads.

  40. Is football the greatest game on earth? The emotion exploding from these two teams is awesome. The Seahawks deserve to win and Sherman is the best CB in the NFL.

  41. Roid Rage much, scumbag!

    Most classless post game interview I ever seen or heard.

    Wanted to cheer for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, now I hope they get embarrassed in the game like no team has or will ever.

  42. That was pathetic and really exposed Sherman’s intelligence level. Payton Manning could beat Sherman with any WR using his brain. Glad the camera crew switched away from that joke. Really hard to cheer for the Sorehawks, Go Petyon

  43. Lol so much bitterness on this board tonight. Haters comes with winning so get use to it Seattle fans. Congrats On the big win

    Go ahead people vote down my comment. It just further proves my point

  44. Sherman has a Stanford Degree for Communications… LOL… A proud moment for the Stanford Communications Department. Stanford Community College?

  45. This guy is a clown. If he would shut his mouth maybe people would actually respect him. Go Broncos.

  46. Way to go Sherm! You should open an etiquette school, teach the clueless loudmouths from the Bay, some manners.

  47. What a collection of dullards this message forum is. As Mic Foley just said on Twitter, the guy cut a great promo and just turned the Seahawks heel. What a great way to go into a Super Bowl, a trash talking defensive team vs an All-American QB.

  48. Every person in the comments so far are being cry babies you have no idea what Crabtree said so just be quiet and go back to your closet and us seahawks fans will just keep watching football

  49. To think there were some people here who wondered why so many people were happy when Trent Williams slapped this guy last year.

    They should make a public service ad from today’s post-game exchange. “This is your brain. This is your brain on PEDs. Any questions?”

  50. I don’t understand why everyone is so butt hurt. It’s football, it’s adrenaline, it’s competition, it’s confidence and most of all you just beat your hated RIVALS FOR A TRIP TO THE SUPERBOWL. Get over it. I hate the Seahawks and Sherman more than the next person but will be the first to admit that was awesome. No buddy buddy stuff is good for the NFL.

  51. Let’s see how much lighter this punk’s wallet is next week after that no class act in Sunday Night prime time. “Mr. Sherman? Hello this is Commissioner Goodell…”

  52. I’ve never been so utterly repulsed before from a sideline interview until today. What horrible, classless retard of a player is this Sherman. A brain of a 16 year old talkn crap to a bunch of men

  53. Lol
    Classless comments? Next time don’t put a billboard in our town boasting previous sb wins. You’ll only fuel the fire

  54. The 9er winers are a dirty team and they proved it once again, no class fans with a HC that needs some serious therapy

  55. fantastic player but a total chump. i wonder if knows he can only cover one bronco, so pick your poison

  56. I saw this and just shook my head. Pathetic. Lady was just asking a question, doing her job. Felt sorry for her for having to talk to that meathead.

  57. Suddenly the Niners and their fans want to talk about class.

    Comedy. Extremely unsportsmanlike, but extremely deserved. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

    40-Whiner season is over. Alex Smith anyone?

  58. HEY ROGER GODELL!!! this is something you should look at….my kids are watching the game and this guy starts screaming and yelling like its the pre fight at the UFC>

    Is this family entertainment? Guy is a tool….newsflash if you were on the fence as to who to root for in the SB now you want Denver!

  59. Sherman is an incredible player but he comes across as very insecure and immature. Confident players don’t need tell the media they are the best corner in the NFL every five minutes. Reminds me of Tebow praising Jesus when asked about the outcome if a game.

  60. Fans of 31 teams in the NFL despise Richard Sherman. But that same number would love to have him wearing their colors. And this is coming from an Eagles fan who still cannot believe the Birds moved up in the draft, and then passed on Sherman for BRANDON freaking GRAHAM. Call him a DB (not Defensive Back) all you want, but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t love to have that passion and fire on your team. I know I would.

  61. Why couldn’t Bowman’s injury have happened to Sherman? But, that wouldn’t shut him up. So why couldn’t Bowman’s injury and a shattered jaw have happened to Sherman. Then we would all be graced with quiet.

  62. Sherman aside, the play at the QB position decided the game. Wilson is way better than kaepernick. Not that it matters, the Broncos have the game if they play at the level they have played this season.

    I am just happy to not have to hear about Harbaugh talking about how great his average players are while giving no credit to what got them most of their wins. the Niners D is what deserves praise, not players like crabtree and Kaepernick.

    Now we have to listen to Sherman, but he will be shut up real quick when he faces Manning. Manning is a good QB. Manning is not Kaepernick.

  63. Come on people do you think this animal ever did any class work at Standford? Something tells me if he didn’t have football there would be a prison uniform with his name on it.

  64. Kind of amusing, that in a “Protect the Shield” era of the NFL, if you’re not a 49ers or Seahawks fan, tonight’s game came down to rooting for the team with the fewest jerks. Was it the 49ers, with Coach Harbaugh looking like he was going to start crying even before he knew what the officials’ call would be? Well, I ended up rooting for the Seahawks, at least until watching Richard Sherman’s display. Now I guess I’ll be a Broncos fan. I love the anger of the NFL – it’s what makes rivalries great – but I don’t understand the need to be hated by the fans too.

  65. He needs to show more humility imop to be the best, I understand the game is about emotions and what not but you have to control yourself and until that happens your not the best

  66. Hey Richard-

    A wise man once said, “Say nothing and let people think you’re a fool, instead of opening your mouth and proving people’s thoughts true.”


    -All NFL fans-

  67. For those of you who don’t like this kind of attitude, you’re the problem the nfl has. You don’t want attitude. You don’t want swag. You want boring respect for one another. You want everybody love everybody. You are no better than Goodell taking defense out of the game. You are boring down games.

    Richard Sherman, you have a fan right here. Go Seahawks!

  68. I envision Peyton Manning throwing the winning touchdown in the waning seconds to Eric Decker with that nincompoop covering him. That would be poetic.

  69. Funny…it seems to me that the “sorry receiver” Crabtree beat Sherman and he was out of position on the play. He went from goat to hero only when Kap uinderthrew Crabtree. Regardless, you crfapped all over your team’s accomplishment. Smh.

    Oh, and stay classy 12th man. Way to throw food and beer on Bowman as he was being carted off with a mangled leg. Even Cleveland thinks that’s repugnant.

  70. Now everyone hates the Hawks and the NFL will make sure Seattle loses the S.B. Manning was flawless today and Seattle has dug a huge hole thanks to Sherman’s big mouth. I don’t see the Hawks being that effective against Manning.

  71. Congrats to the Seahawks from a Niner fan, but I’d rather lose than have Sherman on the 49ers.

  72. Sherman is a punk. But hands down, I put this loss in the hands of Carlos rogers. Dude got toasted all night.

  73. GO BRONCOS!!! I cannot wait to see Peyton and his ‘high effort – athletically limited’ receivers make a COMPLETE FOOL of Richard Sherman!

  74. In 30 seconds Richard Sherman inscribed himself into the history of the playoffs with his remarks. As jarring and arrogant as it may have been, tell me that interview won’t be replayed 1000 times in the years to come. He was passionate and confident and you can’t fault him for it.

    Go Denver.

  75. Take pride in that little outburst Commissioner Goodell. This is the future of the NFL. The game is more popular than ever, but in the quest for ratings, individualism has been promoted by talented egomaniacs rather than the spirit of sportsmanship.
    Don’t be shocked by Sherman’s comments, they were highly predictable and Goodell would be smiling about the TV ratings – makes for good TV (smile). The old fashioned concept of decent sportsmanship and respect for your competitor stand for very little today. This was a brief snapshot of the future.

  76. not everyone is like Peyton or Tom Brady in an interview .. Sherman plays with emotion.. I LOVE this in a football.. Sick of the “Keep it Classy.” what is classy about the game of football??? its rough and tough and an emotional game ..not saying everyone act like this all the time but in a game like this when 49ers talked all that trash .. let some emotion out.. he didn’t curse or say anything wrong.. He earned the right to talk trash ..

  77. Sherman just confirmed he is an idiot but that was awesome…..I think Erin Andrews wet her pants and for once she had nothing to say.

    Go Broncos…..burn that Sherman down.

  78. The dude just made the play to send his team to the super bowl. Pretty sure Crabtree is not a choir boy, they must have been jawing all game. Not everyone is trained for pc America. This should not become a huge story of how people should act. Time to talk about the game ahead…sure the ratings will he great. But let’s get to training camp, sure wish the nfl had a development league getting ready to start.

  79. Good play by Sherman. Great? No because the other guy caught it. Plus, the 49ers might just as easily have been ahead at that point if the refs didn’t blow the roughing the kicker call. Game changer blown ref call. Totaly out in the open and still the refs blow it.

  80. Richard Sherman, thank you for exercising your 1st amendment right! Dont listen to these fascists. You have every right as an American to speak your mind. Thats what makes this a free country despite what the Nazi NSA wants to do to us! GO SEA AND DONKEYS!!!!

  81. you meant he talked smack about the games greatest hands ever, not that the niners or should i say whiners ever talk nonsense

  82. Classless, cheating organization from top to bottom. Refs were horrible as well. Seaderall cheat hawks have shown the country how to win with no class, imagine when they lose in the Super Bowl.

  83. Not showing much class for a Stanford man. Man, why don’t guys like him just keep their yaps shut. That is what turns me off so much about the NFL nowadays as well as many college games. These guys have to prance and preen after a tackle or interception. They think they are cool but it turns off more people when they act like horse’s you-know-what and embarrass their city and fans. But, sadly, I’m sure Seattle fans love how he acts because he’s one of them, but if he played for SF, he’s be the devil incarnate.

  84. Hawks dismantled the ponies 3rd game of the preseason I believe they will DESTROY that MARTIAN HEAD ONCE AND FOR ALL! Ponies play puusssyyyy football they will NEVER match up to the Hawks aggressive play. F the ponies and their garbage fan base. Go hawks and this is coming from a 9ers fan!

  85. Shaking my head over how many people think Manning will burn Sherm. First, there is no Defense in the AFC that comes remotely close to Seattle’s (or 49ers, Panthers, etc). I actually feel bad for Peyton since he must throw into this secondary. I am predicting 4 picks and one of the worst games in a great career. Shame.

  86. The best players in any sport do not have to go out of their way to tell the world they are the best, they just let their play do the talking. Not quite sure what Sherman is trying to accomplish here but it is not good…

  87. Hey Sherman. Remember when T.Y Hilton owned you when you and your Legion of Boom lost to the Colts…didn’t see you talking then. Stay classy

  88. I realize this sounds old fashion but I wonder how Sherman would have fared playing for Vince Lombardi. He wouldn’t have standed for that even for one second. There is a famous story of an All Pro Center who wanted a bigger contract and Lombardi told him to wait in an outer office so Lombardi could pick up the phone and trade him on the spot. For sure, Lombardi would have gotten rid of Sherman, either by trade or cutting his ass but he would have never put up with that crap.

  89. Crazy game can blame officials but at the end of the day we lost… Had a 10 point lead at one point… Didn’t do enough to hold on… Next year.. But nothing is promised.. Faithful always

  90. Sherman’s what’s wrong with sports these days. He couldn’t spell “class”…I hope Peyton Manning throws 2 TDs right over his earhole.

    The days of respect in the NFL are gone.

  91. I love the way people point out how smart he is as if that is some sort of defense for the way he acts in public. If anything, that makes it worse.

    If he was stupid, you could just say he didn’t know any better. But that that he does know better and still acts that way means he simply has no class.

    Congrats to the Seahawks. I just wish their win didn’t mean I was going to be forced to listen to this guy yap for two weeks.

  92. Sherman is the same guy who dodged a P.E.D. violation he was guilty of sin over — by “virtue” of a technicality. That’s like getting away with a felony because the arresting officer failed to read you your Miranda Rights.

    And he was as shameless and unapologetic as one familiar with Richard Sherman might imagine.

    Complete tool bag. Zero respect for him as far as it relates to him being a human being.

  93. Greg Roman makes a call like this when the game was there for the taking on the last drive? Really? You avoid Sherman all game but when the game is on the line you call a pass against him. The Superbowl with five yards to go and now this year’s NFC game with 30 yards to go. Maybe this is why he’s still not a head coach.

  94. Ahhhh, the ever classy Mr Sherman. He is better at life than Crabtree and he’s letting the whole world know about it.
    I am sure Seahawk fans are real proud of their little boy.

  95. Kap’s post game presser shows why he needs some serious coaching. He said he’ll take that matchup anytime. Sherman 1-1 with Crabtree. So why test him with the SB on the line. You might want to a little earlier in the game if you are so confident. Kap’s legs are good when a play breaks down, but if you can’t sling it with accuracy and read defenses you’ll never win the big one. Sherman smoked him.

  96. Hilton added that he didn’t hear anything all day from the normally voluble Richard Sherman, who “wouldn’t even look me in the eye.”

  97. I can’t hate on Richard Sherman because I seriously think he has a mental illness. See the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia:

    “paranoid delusions (believing everyone is out to cause you harm), anxiety, anger, emotional distance, violence, argumentativeness, self-important or condescending manner, and suicidal thoughts and behavior.”

    It’s really spot-on.

  98. If you’re wondering why Richard Sherman reacts so irrationally to whatever trash talk comes his way, it goes beyond immaturity. It is because he has a Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

    Google narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury and you will see they fit his behavior perfectly.

  99. Sherman is an excellent corner, but he was lucky on that play. It could have been a game winning TD for the Niners.
    But, he is ingorant, classless, and stupid. And those are his good points.
    I hope Peyton Manning throws 4 TD’s over him in the SB.

  100. Its nice that Sherman provides a clear cut example of of what not to be. Not a good sportsman, clearly full of himself & completely classless.

    Dads, play this clip for your kids & let them know the consequences of acting this way during or after a game.

  101. Sherman’s a great player. And a total punk. I get the heat of the moment. But that was classless.

  102. Peyton Manning is going to torch Richard Sherman all game long, He is going to be crying and begging it please make it stop by the 4th quarter starts..

  103. There were confirmed reports that Seahawks fans threw food at Bowman as he was carted off the field.

    Classless fans with classless players.

    I hope Manning rips them to shreds.

    Complete lie.

  104. Why is everybody is making such a big deal about this? He is a very “competitive athlete” unlike the very “competitive bloggers” that are calling him classless. I am by no means a Seahawk fan but a competitive person…Just Say’n.

  105. jasonculhane says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:18 PM

    I’ve never been so utterly repulsed before from a sideline interview until today. What horrible, classless retard of a player is this Sherman. A brain of a 16 year old talkn crap to a bunch of men
    Does your husband follow football?

  106. It’s just a little trash talk. A lot of sensitive people here. This is just going the make the next 2 weeks all the more interesting. And I’m not even a Sherman fan.

    It’s just football, a game played by testosterone-filled, muscled up, freaks of nature. Things are going to get testy out there.

    If you want dainty pleasantries after a game, watch golf.

    People complain about the “No Fun League,” yet when something interesting like this happens, people get up in arms.

  107. I am sure Stanford University is really proud of this graduate. Was that English? Then again Beast Mode got into Cal some how. What would these dudes be up to if they weren’t playing football? Scary to fathom that thought!

  108. People need to man up. Sherman said it exactly as he should. This is the NFL, there is no class on the field in this sport and never has been. The post season is about being hard hitting and brutal. The Raiders didn’t make a legacy on being nice. Vince Lombardi didn’t coach his teams to be ‘nice’. Chuck Bednarik’s hit on Frank Gifford was no where close to nice, in fact it was even more brutal as he stood over the man on that crucial stretcher inducing hit.

    When you’re on the gridiron THE OTHER GUY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! This age of politically correct bullcrap is nothing but a joke, Sherman sticks to his guns and that’s what the NFL needs as that is what it was founded on.


  109. Seahawks4evr

    Amen to that, 49ers coaches ” let’s go to the leagues best db in the entire nfl and chance our sb appearance on it” just face it people, all the 49ers had was Kaps scrambles, gore was completely shut down while Lynch puts up 100 + on you guys. Why not post about having Rogers trying to cover Kearse after just getting back from his injury or why the 49ers didn’t use their timeouts? They could a went to the end zone with like 1 min 45 secs instead of only 30 secs.

  110. “Every person in the comments so far are being cry babies you have no idea what Crabtree said…”


    We don’t need to know what Crabtree said. If Sherman can’t think of a better way to handle it than a 13-year-old girl, then he isn;t as smart as he thinks he is.

    Real men can handle it with class. Others without will act like Sherman or admire people like him.

  111. Nobody outside of Seattle likes the Seahawks. People will only watch the Super Bowl because of Manning.

  112. People need to calm down. He talked **** after making a game-winning play, that’s not the worst thing in the world. More entertaining than the usual stuff we get postgame. There’s so much trash talk in the NFL, if people are offended by this, they should probably stop watching entirely. And besides, he’s been saying he’s the best for like two years already! It’s not even new material, how can people be getting upset over it? Bottom line, he backed up his big mouth with his play. I’d love to have him on my team.

    All that aside, Seattle D might not be enough to stop the Manning machine. Should be fun to watch though.

  113. Wow. Lots of sad 49ers.


    Sorry. Manning is good but Seattle will run it down their throats.

    Whether you like it or don’t like it you better to learn to live with it…

    Because we’re the best thing going….


  114. That guy went to Stanford? What class on national tv! Hope somebody tells him what he looked like and hope Manning makes him articulate even harsher for his children/grand children to someday watch!

  115. The Whiners and haters are crawling out from under their rocks. Focus on RS all you want but what you can’t stand is Seattle blocking SFs road to the Super Bowl.

  116. 3meterhigh says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:10 PM

    Until that moment I was backing the Seahawks against the Broncos.

    Not any more, what piece of trash
    YES, 3meterhigh, certainly a Seahawks fan vs a Denver fan..

  117. Once again all the classless comments by the 9er fans prove the point that 9er fans are the worst and everything 9er is the same. Crabtree is a garbage talker and Sherman not only owned him but earned the right to gloat.

  118. Every player, even the good ones and the mouthy ones, go through hard times in the league eventually. See Revis and Baily for example at Sherman’s own position.

    Sherman is a great player, but eventually he’ll struggle and/or fade away and instead of remembering him as a great player he’ll be remembered as an idiot.

    The purpose of having class and respect is to honor those that have come before you, because that will be you soon. NFL careers don’t last long.

    Sherman doesn’t get it.

  119. Two questions: Couldn’t Fox have found somebody else to interview first, especially after watching Sherman’s antics after the play? Lastly, I wonder what Crabtree said to Sherman to get THAT kind of reaction from him? It could have been an epic remark, on the other hand, I suppose it doesn’t take ALL that much to get Sherman to SNAP!

  120. badmoonrison says: Jan 19, 2014 10:34 PM

    Richard Sherman, thank you for exercising your 1st amendment right! Dont listen to these fascists. You have every right as an American to speak your mind. Thats what makes this a free country despite what the Nazi NSA wants to do to us! GO SEA AND DONKEYS!!!!


    Who said he didn’t have the right to say it? He did have the right, but it won’t serve him well eventually to be a jackass. Maybe as soon as 2 weeks from now and maybe not for a few years, but it always catches up to you.

  121. Just think if AP, Brees, Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Gonzalez all talked like this donkey does. Then again if I had to lug those nostrils around Id be angry at the world too!!

    Shut him up Peyton!!

  122. bert1913 says: Jan 19, 2014 10:30 PM

    to all of the whiner fans (now broncos bandwagon fans) we will have percy for the superbowl!


    Why do Seahawk fans care so much about Glass Jaw Harvin? Seattle is better without him. He’s a liability. There’s this notion that he’s going to be a great playmaker, but it’s never really transpired.

    Seattle is the better team in the Super Bowl. Who cares about Harvin.

  123. San Fran played great against the Punks, the 12th Woman, and Steratore’s usual nonsense. I’m an NFC guy, but prefer class and playing defense by the rules. Go Peyton!

  124. Erin Andrews’ face during that exchange was priceless. I loved when she said, “Who was talking about you?” Like she was saying, calm down dude, you’re going to the Super Bowl, lol.

  125. World class athlete but can’t put two intelligent words together just like an NBA player in the news this week. His future looks bright.

  126. I love hearing all the whiny Niner fans. You aren’t going to win a Super Bowl in the near future. Get used to it. I like that Sherman didn’t hold back, makes it more interesting.

  127. I loved the play. I thought for sure the 49ers were going to score. Then, the choke sign, getting in Crabtree’s face and then the rant with Erin Andrews. What a jackass! Have never been a Broncos fan, but I will be for this one. To bad, I do like Russell Wilson.

  128. threedeep1998 says: Jan 19, 2014 10:34 PM

    I didn’t hate the Seahawks until now. Their offense sucks and I don’t see them playing catch up with Manning’s Broncos


    This is how I would break it down. Manning isn’t scoring tons of points any more. He’s playing possession football. That’s because the defense can’t stand on it’s own against a good team if he plays the way he played at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately that plays right into Seattle’s hands, so he might have to ratchet up the attack again.

    If any team can stop or slow down Manning it’s Seattle. They have the best cover guys and the best all around defense.

    Wilson should be able to throw it better against Denver then he did against SF, and the Denver pass rush will struggle to get to him when he scrambles and there will be guys open.

    Both teams have significant home field advantages so that is a wash and probably favors the team with the better defense if it’s 16 and snowy as is currently predicted.

    I think Seattle wins by 10, Denver could win as they are a great team, but I think their defense will fail them.

  129. Forget Sherman. Chancellor was the star of that secondary tonight. I’m a die hard Saints fan but you have to give the NFC champs their due. What a defense. I don’t think Julious Thomas will be a factor in Super Bowl if Chancellor is covering him. 41 is also a very good CB for being a reserve. Great game and I’m just glad Harbaugh got his just deserts for being such an incredible whining little beotch. Go Hawks!

  130. See you later whiners. You lost. Boohoo. The officials did not cost you game. Bad calls went both ways. You suck as fans . That is why you are so easy to root against.

    Sherman’s rant rocked and was due to backlash to a franchise that exhibits weak sauce talk every week. You can dish it, but you can’t take it.

  131. I predict he doesn’t play in the Superbowl.

    Give him a week in NYC with the spotlight — he will find a way to get suspended.

  132. This is vintage Sherman. I actually felt bad for the reporter because he was so aggressive and looked like a complete idiot. He craves for attention which is why he behaves like this instead of letting his play speak for itself. I really think he needs to get some professional help because this behavior happens every year. He is not respected because of these types of antics, and really never be respected by his peers with the exception of his teammates. you would never see Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or any other white athlete behave this way. His attitude symbolizes his lineage.

  133. Its also awfully curious to me why people will judge Richard Sherman for talking about someone who had previously ran their mouth about him. Yet have no problem with Jim Harbaugh running up and down sidelines yelling, screaming, or otherwise lobbying the refs acting like a spoiled brat throwing a temper tantrum in every game since becoming a head coach in the league.

    Inconsistent much?

  134. Sherman is the same guy who dodged a P.E.D. violation he was guilty of sin over — by “virtue” of a technicality. That’s like getting away with a felony because the arresting officer failed to read you your Miranda Rights.

    And he was as shameless and unapologetic as one familiar with Richard Sherman might imagine.

    Complete tool bag. Zero respect for him as far as it relates to him being a human being.

  135. The Jerk store called Sherman, they’re all out of YOU! I used to like Seattle… GO BRONCOS!!!

  136. Could someone clarify for me did or did Richard Sherman make the comment MOB at the end of his interview. If he did then he admitted on national television that he is a gang member. If so nfl watch out before u have another Aaron Hernandez issue on your hands!

  137. He doesn’t want Crabtree to talk about him, but now he has everyone else in the world doing the talking about this clown.

  138. Crabtree had been trash talking Sherman all day. Kappy finally throws a pass Sherman’s way and he was totally stoked that his play had just clinched Seattle’s trip to the SB. His behavior was totally predictable and probably worth the penalty. If you ever listen to Sherman in an interview, it’s the Stanford education that comes shining through, not the fired up trash talker. Heat of the battle moment. AND…he is the best corner in the league!

  139. Regardless of which team you root for, you always expect a level of professionalism from the players. Anyone who defends the actions of Richard Sherman is not a real fan of football. Seahawk fans call this for what it is: a poor display by a player who showed no humility, class, or sportsmanship. You should embarrassed. I know the rest of us football fans are.

  140. Hate on haters. And btw, we don’t care if you root for us or not, especially since our motto has always been “we’re all we got, and we’re all we need.”

  141. Every team has classless fans and classless players. Pretending that the despicable fans who threw stuff at the injured 49er is representative of all Seahawk fans is also classless. Pretending that the jerk Sherman is representative of all Seahawk players…also classless. I personally think that Kapernick’s mocking of Newton last week was rather classless, that doing a fake punt with the game in question last week was classless of Harbough. Call out those who deserve to be called out, but don’t paint everybody with the same brush. Russell Wilson is a top notch person- not sure he is a top notch player, but as a person, you won’t find too many finer young men. People need to learn how to win with class ( talking to you, Sherman) and a good example of losing with class was Tom Brady today. Lots of haters here, pretending the only reason the Hawks won is due to the refs or to the steroids. Inability to acknowledge the ability of the other team– classless.

  142. Well it’s official: the nfl and it’s fanbase have gone soft. You would all rather be drowned in manning cliches of team wins and all sorts of lines about respect for your opponent. BORING. If you think nfl players are role models and need to show class, you’re a fool. If you’ve ever seen these guys out in clubs, you damn well know they are the most arrogant, selfish men in the land, outside of nba players. They are entertainers. That is all they are. Sherman has the balls to say what all other athletes are thinking in big games like that. It’s a very sad day for sports if fans prefer boring, canned answers instead of genuine honesty like Sherman displayed today.

  143. Bummed for Bowman & Iupati, two great players.
    Angry at “fans” from my town throwing garbage at him.

    Thrilled for the city as a whole.
    Incredible contest, incredible comeback.

    It’ll be fun next year 9er fans.

  144. No one likes Sherman except his mother and the Seahawks, BUT he is a another world better than other wannabe DBs like Patrick Peterson who has been owned by Crabtree ever since Crabtree has been in the NFL.

    Unfortunately, Sherman can walk the walk so he gets to talk the talk. That is, until some one catches lots of passes on him and I don’t see that happening soon. In that case, he gets to talk the talk until he gets schooled.

  145. People complain about players giving cliche answers and being too PC, but when they’re honest and say what they really feel, they bitch about it.

    I don’t get it. I’d really like to see someone shove a mic infront of you minutes after the biggest moment in your life and see how you’d act.

    And if you’re complaining about this, I don’t want to see you complain about the NFL being the No Fun League or complain that players don’t hate each other like they used to back in the day.

  146. Good job by Erin for bailing out of that interview that could have only gone downhill from there.

  147. Perfect heel for professional football, but total d-bag. His comment made Skip Bayless look like an angel.

  148. As a Patriots fan, let me please thank the Seahawk organization , PED Pete, and Large Mouth Sherman for taking the title away from the Patriots as most hated NFL franchise.

    Atleast we won 3 Super Bowls bfor we had the crown!

  149. Funny, how not many are questioning why Sherman went off, could Crabtree have said something to set him off? More than likely. PEDs no, Crabtree trash- talking Yes.
    I don’t see Manning burning Sherman at all in 2 weeks. I don’t see too many balls thrown Sherman’s way.
    Manning, for the Broncos sake is too smart to challenge him.


  150. I love how people automatically assume the trash talker is at fault. It looks quite likely that Crabtree was talkin trash on em earlier in the game too, so who knows? What do you expect Sherman to do, take pity on him and let bygone by bygones? No, hell with that. Besides, as someone else pointed out, Sherman has the “bragging rights” and its up to him if he wants to take pity and be humble and merciful. Even though its better for him to do so, I hate how its an expectation that has to do it.

    Keep in mind, almost every game up until now except the last one, the 9ers have been the leading pick. People only jump on the seahawks bandwagon when its super obvious they are unstoppable. Sherman wasn’t given his dues until now either and this is probably going to be the first time he is agreed upon to be a top 3 corner. But its too little too late and I’d be upset that people recognize me only when my time is packing to go to the Super Bowl.

  151. All this outrage over “class” is hilarious. A bunch of tards getting paid to run into each other at full speed are supposed to be classy or intelligent? We pay good money to watch these morons do this. In the P.C. world we live in it’s refreshing to see somebody show some actual real unscripted emotion. Oh, and by the way, this is football, so quit crying you Nancy boys. And for the record, I could give a s@#t about Seattle, being a Giants fan, obviously, but grow a set and quit crying about men talking like men.

  152. I just saw him call crabtree mediocre in his post game press conference! Hilarious! So degrading to crabtree!! However, I do think he was a bit out of line and am probably going to root for Denver now.

  153. Sherman walks the walk. He IS the best CB in the NFL. Kap did not throw his way all night until the final play and Sherman made him pay. Of course, he was excited.

  154. “Crabtree! Don’t you open your mouth about the best! Or I’m gonna shut

    Pretty sure you left out a word that starts with N and ends in R before “Crabtree”. For Shermans sake, luckily Fox caught it.

  155. While I will agree that Sherman should have used some tact after just winning the NFC championship. All this bashing of Seattle fans is bit overboard. We love our team and show it. That was a gruesome injury to bowman and hopefully he recovers, he’s a damn good player. California fans have been inciting fights for years and generally been miserable to anyone coming into there fields, San Francisco is no exception. Be mad but there’s no need to bash a fanbase a whole over a few drunk idiots cause your team got beat. GO HAWKS!!

  156. Your all losers….the guy didn’t say anything obscene, didn’t curse ..Crabtree was running his mouth too ..Sherman is the best corner in the league he can run his mouth all day coz he backs it up. 49ers ain’t no classy organization either. You all need to get over yourselves and stop whining coz you don’t win any medals for whining. #ShermanIsTheMan

  157. As a Seahwak fan, that was embarrassing. A fantastic game has been overshadowed by Sherman’s bizarre outburst. Fox got what they wanted, though. Erin went right for him. It was an emotional moment immediately after that play and I’m sure he (or at least his teammates) wish he wouldn’t have opened his mouth.

    As far as the refs go, I’m not quite sure you folks can blame the outcome of the game on them. That’s a pretty common and overused excuse. The 49ers got some calls (and overlooked holds) go their way in the first half, and the Hawks caught a few breaks in the second half.

    This will be a great Super Bowl.

  158. Your all a bunch of losers and whiners. Sherman is the best corner in the league he can run his mouth all day coz he back it up on the field. Dude didn’t curse or anything he was just talking smack. If you can’t stand smash mouth football then next time turn your TVs off. #ShermanIsTheMan

  159. Look at all these butthurt whiner fans complaining because Sherman spoke his 1st Amendment rights. Get over it. Its a free country. Next time win the game if you want to shut him up. Tell your big nosed terrorist looking QB to throw less dirtballs. We dont want to hear your crying crap.

  160. Sherman is just a mouthpiece for the cheat former USC coach. Wilson will now try to emulate him,reducing RG3 to normal status,

  161. Every good rivalry ever had smack talk to go along with it.

    Ive always been a sherman fan. I never felt what hes done so far has been too over the top. I always felt like people are usually just a little too sensitive and opinionated. Theres no doubt people are too quick to judge.

    Sherman was bat **** crazy tonight though. I honestly feel he is just on the sane side of titus young.

    About the dude that threw food on bowman… that was weak. Theres mostly decent Seattle fans and that makes us all look trashy. Hope he has a quick recovery.

    9ers are a tough team. Our rivalry is one of the best in sports the last couple years. Every batman has a joker. Thats us. Great season. Great games to yall. I wouldve been rooting for the 9ers had my hawks not won. Hopefully we can get the lombardi to the best coast.

  162. Wow, Sherman is by far the biggest and most arrogant jerk in the league. I can’t stand the Broncos, but I hope Peyton stomps all over the classless and cheating Searats.

  163. Hated this guy for years. Now I’m wondering how I ever lived without being his biggest fan. Straight up, I’m doing steroids tomorrow. Go Hawks. Kill Denver. Steroids.

  164. Funny!!! I didn’t hear 49er fans talk about the classy anquan boldin taking cheap shots and talking smack against the panthers last week. The bully’s got bullied and hit with clean shots, get over it. What comes around goes around.

  165. Sherman on Wednesday: “Everybody has a switch that they turn on on game day. You can’t be these intense, super aggressive, super physical guys off the field, or you’d go to jail.”


  166. Sherman went to shake hands after the play – sportsmanship, the game was basically over

    Crabtree shoves Sherman in the face and says something

    Sherman responds by telling people Crabtree shouldn’t say things

  167. Gotta luv you guys. 🙂 Much rather be headed to the Super Bowl with Richard Sherman (Best Corner in the game) than sitting home crying about the press conference. Puh flippin leeze!

  168. Look,

    Did any of you ladies listen to what Sherman said?? Did you?? He said Crabtree was talking smack to him and that he responded.

    Everybody in here knows how much smack the 49ers have been talking the last few years so please don’t think the 49ers are some angels or something.

    The 49ers have been talking smack and now their getting their butts kicked in grand fashion by a team they’ve been talking smack too.

    Everyone in this room knows how Harbaugh has been; please don’t pretend that now the 49ers are poor victims.

    And everyone knows what Harbaugh did to Sherman personally in college. So this is fair and just treatment for the 49ers.

  169. Wow, how many id’s does that DB pft poet have on this blog? And no, there was no “food thrown at Bowman”. That’s just made up BS by clowns who think posting here makes them somebody.

  170. Sherman is a bumbling fool. Dude can play ball but he is a vial disgusting idiot. Was going to root for Seattle but now hoping the Broncos smoke ’em. (Plus Seattle fans threw food at Bowman when he was leaving on a stretcher. No class.)

  171. Sherman is a clown Can’t stand the Broncos but now have to root for them. I am sure the Seahawks organization really lives you now Cliwn

  172. larry321 says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:15 PM
    Is it true that fans were throwing garbage at Navarro bowman as he was being carted off the field?

    When you see the replay of Bowman on the cart heading in to the locker room you can see food and popcorn laying on the cart with him. He didn’t buy that on the way back. Stay classy Seattle.

  173. Sherman is the biggest piece of trash in the league. That was the most classless thing that I have ever heard.

    Here is the thing nobody is bringing up. Who honestly doesn’t think Sherman was talking sh*t to Crabtree all game too? Sherman is notorious for trash talking. Every WR in the league hates him for it. I don’t hear them hating Haden or Revis.

    Stay classy twelfth man, throwing food and trash at Bowman! Carroll, Sherman and the fans…pure class.

  174. When the 49ers where cheating and illegally hitting WR’s the last two years, you 49ers fans had nothing to say.

    Now your team is taking the same @ss whippings you were giving and you cry like a little girl.

    Take what you’ve been dishing out 49er fans. Take it with some class for a change and stop all this whining.

    Your window of chance has closed. There’s a new king of the NFC West..they whipped you to win the division..they whipped you in the playoffs. Complete whipping.

  175. This is absolutely hilarious! Enough with the antiquated ‘he’s a role model!’ And ‘think of the children!’ Type rhetoric. He’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER. Just because he isn’t tame and doesn’t take crap from guys like Crabtree doesn’t make him a bad person. He gets paid to do a job, and he does it VERY well. No one can deny that. It’s amazing how when a guy doesn’t do the cookie cutter good guy routine, it’s somehow supposed to take away from their talent or likability. People need to lighten up. I’ll be the first to admit Sherm is a loudmouth…but he backs up his talk, and that’s all that matters in the end. No one on this site will ever know what it feels like to end the season of a rival on a pick you set up, so to judge him because you don’t like his volume is absolutely ridiculous.

  176. There isn’t one person that has posted here that would complain if their team were able to land Sherman on their team. So quit being bitter losers. Sherman was emotional – what player wasn’t? Your little twiggy legged QB was way more disrespectful last week in Carolina mocking Newton in the end zone. Home town fans are always going to boo a call against their team – DUH!! As far as the refs go, that was a pretty good game as far as calls go. The fumble was the worst call and ended up being better field position for the 9ers on the very next play. SF has been the beneficiary of many calls along they way so buck up buttercup, there is always next year.

  177. Now that all the 12 year olds have gone to bed, I’ll comment.
    richeisennflnetwork says:
    Jan 19, 2014 10:02 PM
    Sherman is a loser!!!!!!!

    Since you obviously didn’t notice, the Seahawks WON 23 – 17 so that makes him a WINNER! Go to bed.


  178. Love to see a crack back block that separates that mouth from its torso…

    Normally an NFC guy. Go Peyton!

  179. Highly misunderstood!!! Sherman is awesome!!!
    So he talks….. Big whoop… He told Crabtree good job nice try and bowmen shoves his head— screw that – GO SHERMAN!!! GO HAWKS!!! Two Sherman INT. Against manning!!!!!

  180. Don’t forget these guys get paid to run into each other at full speed for a living. He just got done doing that for three hours, then you stick a mic in his face after an emotional game. You shouldn’t be surprised when interviews like this happen, and to be honest, I hope they happen more in the future. These guys don’t owe us anything. I like seeing something other than the same old vanilla after-game interviews, and seeing some personality. Entertain meee!!

  181. Listen to all you losers.

    His former college coach talks sh*t all week saying Crabtree has the best hands ever.

    He shies away from Sherman all game, takes one shot at the end…and Crabtree’s amazing hands fail him and Harbaugh…because Sherman makes a great play on the ball and shuts them up.

    You expect him to act like a choir boy after that? He showed passion and fire at the end…exactly what should be expected.

    And I’m not a fan of him or his team.

  182. Sherman when you are a professional athlete you are the CEO of your own company. You need to act like one. You are now 25 and went to Stanford. You come across like your 14 and a high school dropout.

  183. It was classless, sure, but it was a great play that punched his team’s ticket to the Meadowlands, so emotion was to be expected. Everyone knows he runs his mouth so if anyone is at fault for your kids hearing/seeing that blame Fox. They went to him and got exactly what they wanted.

    The Seahawks are a very good team that earned their way to the Super Bowl, props to them and Coach Carroll. They have a great defense, good offense and solid special teams along with good coaching. Even if they knocked my saints out I have no issues with saying they are about the most compleat team I have seen in a long time.

    Now, their fans are without doubt the worst in sports. Throwing food at an injured player should be the story, not what Sherman said. The Seahawks are a classy squad and their players are very likable and outside the defensive holding they pull on every play, they play the game clean. I will be rooting for them against the Broncos but their fans are trash-bags just like the gangbanger scum that roots for the 49ers.

  184. Zero class, scum, etc. — you people saying that are making clown comments, bro. Dude just made the biggest play of his career and has consistently backed up his swag. Sherman was probably just pointing out a prior play where Crabtree pulled up bc he heard footsteps and missed the pass. As a Viking fan, I wish we had guys with fire in their bellies like Sherman.

  185. Keep on hating, haters! Richard Sherman said in the post-game press conference that all the hate from the fans on Twitter, Facebook and the internet fueled them this week. We’ll take all our your hatred and use it to win the SuperBowl.

    You only hate us because you want to be us.


  186. Sherman is the biggest coward. Fool got hit in the Jaw by Trent Williams and did nothing about it.

    I’m definitely not watching anything Super Bowl related this year.

    You got SeaAderall who nobody outside of Russia and Canada cares about, and then you have Peyton Manning and Denver where even if Manning wins it does little for his legacy because he beat QBs like Rex Grossman and Russell Wilson to win his rings.

    This is a wasted NFL year…. Catch y’all in. 2014

  187. Between this and all the ugly Patriots bashing Broncos fans have been spouting the last few hours, this is shaping up to be the most classless Super Bowl of all time. Don’t think I’ll be watching this year.

  188. And thats why Trent Williams punched that fool in the face. There is an old celtic saying for this scenario “Many a time a man’s mouth has broken his own jaw”
    It is not a good thing when your #1 fan is yourself.

  189. Sherman was still pumped that soon after the game, cut him some slack. Crabtree has as much to blame for this tirade as Sherman. Don’t know what the Crab said but it certainly focused Sherman that little bit extra. Don’t know why players want to give extra incentive to their opponents especially the good ones. If Sherman is still this angry say Tuesday we’ll he has got bigger problems than facing Manning in a couple of weeks. Don’t like the Seahawks but Sherman does normally seem to have a brain when he is under the mike.

  190. Niner fans want to talk about class? Look at your coach, and the 3 amigos in Kaep, Crabtree, and boldin. Neither of them show any class, but since they lost today they’re the model franchise.

  191. “Sherman is a loser!!!!!!!”

    Yeah the fact that he’s going to playing in the Super Bowl after making the game winning play in the NFC championship game makes that look kinda dumb…

    “Manning will torch him!”

    Not in this lifetime dude. Manning and the Broncos will be child’s play compared to the 49ers.

  192. Can anyone say sour grapes? I’m not a 49er fan, but it’s clear, the 49ers & Seahawks are the best teams in the league. For the Broncos it doesn’t matter who won in seattle, they don’t match up well with the 49ers or the Seahawks & they would lose to either team in the Super bowl. Today’s NFC championship game was a much better game than the Super bowl will be. And why do you care what Richard Sherman said & do you really think anyone cares you’ll be cheering for the Broncos? You were never a Seahawk fan to begin with, any more than I’ve ever been a 49er fan. So quit pretending the stupid things Richard Sherman said changed who you root for…

  193. How to tell a sore loser:
    1. Claims the other team was cheating.
    2. Blames it on the refs.
    3. Starts talking about their team’s success back before Nam.
    4. Thinks anybody cares who they route for.

    Don’t hate us because we are beautiful.

    Go Hawks!

  194. Lmao it’s so funny how people assume that Sherman is classless for talking trash. He doesn’t talk trash before games. Players like Brady and Crabtree talk trash during the game then Richard shuts them up, talks trash AFTER the game and he is the classless one? At least he has a reason to talk trash not like Crabtree who isn’t even a top 10 receiver.

  195. Sherman was firing back at skip bayless calling aqib talib a better shut down corner….skip…you’re an idiot. Sherman is the best in the business, and proved it today. All these people saying Denver will roll seattle…yeah right. We have 4 corners that are better than 90% of the corners in the league. Good luck Peyton.

    Pft…you are a Vikings fan. Your team sucks. Your city sucks. You have no stadium. Seriously go away…you are an idiot. We take the players your sorry a**franchise can’t afford and win a conference title with them out injured. Did I mention Minneapolis is the biggest toilet on earth?

    Big ups to Navarro bowman. That’s a bad man, and I hope he gets well soon.


  196. Why would you be critical of Sherman? He was simply responding to disrespectful statements made by Crabtree to Sherman. Since when does simply defending yourself deserve such condemnation by fans. p.s. where are all the 49’er whiners?

  197. You guys are idiots. All the garbage about class and sportsmanship. Have you ever heard a game mic’d up? Read some of the articles about Incognito and the Miami Dolphins. The league is an intimidating, physical, uber-competitive modern version of gladiators.

    Let’s review the facts:
    1. He just won the game on a tipped ball + interception in man coverage
    2. After slapping Crabtrees ass and telling him ‘good game’ got shoved in the face mask
    3. Just had a defining moment of his career, against a bitter rival
    4. Is going to the superbowl

    I don’t know what y’all expect, but I appreciate the raw emotion and intensity. When you compete at this level and make a play like that – it’s incredible. It’s not PEDs you morons. It’s called competitive intensity.

    I am sorry you live in a bubble where you actually believe the complete and utter BS most players spout to the media, but the entire game these guys are talking about eachothers mothers, taking cheaps shots, and doing whatever they can to intimidate each other.

  198. They won’t have the same ref’s to help the seachickens out this time. They should have lost as the whole tv audience and announcers noted. Sherm is a d-bag and doesn’t like to give respect. I’ll be rooting for the Broncos and Manning to light them up!

  199. Amazing so many people being classless on this thread about Sherman being classless – its the old rafter in eye analogy.

    Hate the Seahawks all you want, when we win the Superbowl its only for us 12th man anyways.

  200. Sherman is so typical of many NFL players today. They are nothing more than gang members who’ve joined a different gang.
    He is ignorant, stupid, and classless.
    But I’m sure his comments tonight will get him hired by ESPN or the NFL Network when his career is over, just like other classless former players like Warren Sapp, Michael Irvin, Shannon Sharpe, and Mike Ditka.

  201. Sherman needs to cut back on the cycles. His roid rage is showing up a little too much.

  202. You guys shouldn’t get all too excited about how Sherman will act if the Broncos win the Super Bowl. All that will happen is Sherman will blame the refs. It’s happened before.

  203. Guess I’ll be boycotting this Super Bowl. When does baseball start? If the NFL is fine with punks like Sherman representing the game, then they have real issues. Aholes like Sherman have no place in the Super Bowl. What an embarrassment.

  204. On the one hand, cant’ stand Seahawks and will be rooting for Peyton to humiliate them in the SB.

    On the other hand, standing over the corpse of your defeated foe and and thumping your chest like Tarzan is as macho manly as macho manly gets, so I can’t fault him for it 😀

  205. Ummmmm ya so I know the whole thing about “smack talking” and being able to back it up………which theoretically Richard Sherman does………but still doesn’t make it right. You won, your team is going to the SB, you beat your rival. Be the bigger man, athlete & person; which obviously RS is incapable of doing. It’s despicable. It’s what I would NEVER want my own son to grow up to be. Normally I root for the NFC after my team is out……..but definitely NOT anymore!!! I hope P. Manning destroys his sorry excuse of an “athlete!”

  206. My advice to Sherman was going to be, ‘Act like you’ve been there before’. Oops, I guess he never has so the next best thing is to act like an unprofessional jack$ss. Can’t wait to see Manning pick them apart.

  207. Pride puffs up. Just wait for the fall that will either bring him down or make him more evil.

  208. Sounds like a lot of 4twhiners are upset about calls, I didn’t hear you 9ers fans crying when the Refs were robbing Carolina blind. Wah wah suck it up. I am starting to think the 9ers fan base is one of the most annoying fan base, they are up there with the Eagles fan base for most annoying.

    Yes Sherman is a moron but it is the heat of the moment.

  209. As a Packer fan, I don’t have any dogs in this hunt. I’m glad the ‘Hawks beat the 49ers, though. For the Superbowl, I hope Payton Manning (and Co.) gets his second Lombardi Trophy.

  210. I love how seattle fans think they’re so great. Every niners fan has no class in their opinion, get a life 12th man had nothing to do with this game, stop acting like your a part of the team. If it’s true fans were throwing food at bowman as he was carted off the field……that’s low class no class

  211. Hey now! First of all I want to know all the Seattle “haters” NFL teams they vote for all year? I’m guessing San Fran, New Orleans or some other team Seattle crushed and isn’t playing in the Super Bowl.

    You all are calling him “punk, loser, adderal whatever, stanford sucks, pete carrol sucks, Seattle Sucks etc…

    WAKE UP AND STOP BEING SO CLASSLESS LOL ….so funny to see people ranting and raving all over the internet and doing the same thing that they are saying is so horrible! SHUT IT! Who wants to hear from a bunch of sorry losers? You and your team can’t back anything y’all are saying up. Sherman can! His team can! Now all of a sudden you are Bronco fans? LOL like you were ever going to be Seahawk fans??!!

    Did you NOT listen to Crabtree’s interview after the game? He was doing the same thing to Sherman and calling him out. Every team that gets crushed by the Seahawks blames the refs! Don’t feel bad you’re not alone! You can hate and win or lose the Superbowl Seattle Seahawks (and Sherman) will be the best team in the NFC! Get used to it! Soak that in and go back home to San Fran and cry there about losing yet again to Seattle. Seattle fans SHOULD make every other team jealous. They are the best in the best in the NFL. The loudest and it’s a nightmare to play in Seattle. Seriously you all sound pathetic. Football has always been about so and so said what ..that’s why there are so many NFL shows’s yack fest and I love it! Now that Sherman says how he feels its WAY funner to listen to!

    Please stop commenting on these sites and being just as bad as you “claim” Richard Sherman is! He is the best corner in the league right now. Get over it!

  212. The dude won the game for his team….plain and simple and then has an incredible “adrenaline dump” afterwards. This is what happens when you stick a mic in someones face who has been antagonized by the Punk Crabtree.

    Go eat some cheese whiner fans. This is the best!

    Go Hawks!

  213. From NFL today, evidently this goes back to last summer, at an event Crabtree was talking trash to Sherman about how he was going to burn Sherman all day long. Crabtree would not shut up. (sounds accurate)
    So hate all you want, but Sherman backed up his talk and it isn’t bragging, it is boasting.

  214. Regardless of what you say about Sherman and the Seahawks, they denied the 49’ers the Super Bowl and that is a thing of beauty.

  215. Haters going to hate, not matter what. All you whiners go home and watch the SB on your couch, just like the teams you root for. Bottom line: Seattle is going to the SB and your team is not

  216. Not a fan of either team and reaaly despises “sore loser” Harbaugh, but I can understand why he said the things that he did. NFC championship, his team just won the game, he just made the play of his life, there were things said by both teams against each other, adrenaline, etc. At the same time, and this is just my opinion, of course, his classless acts, and there have been quite a few of them, is what would separate him from being a great player to just a really good and talented one who is a lot like a few of them, just could not keep his ego in check.

    Yes, public opinion doesn’t really matter, what does is that of owners and coaches when your applying for your next job on another team.

    I wonder how he would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot?

    Hey, congrats to him and his team, and good luck in two weeks.

  217. Sherman is right about the Skip Bayless thing. Under the criteria used until the 1970s, those who have an IQ between 0 and 25 are idiots; IQs between 26 and 50 are considered imbeciles; and those who have an IQ between 51 and 70 are considered morons. Skip is an imbecile, Richard is merely a moron. Any bets on whether or not he gets busted for beating on a woman or arrested in a high speed chase during the next two weeks?

  218. Sherman is a very good CB, probably #2 in my book.. I would still take Revis over Sherman, the guy pitched a shutout on Megatron with the Jets, and was pitching another shutout of him at Tampa before he left with injury.. Megatron gets double/triple coverage, except when he plays Revis.. The problem with Revis this past year, is you had a idiot who didn’t know how to call a defense in Tampa, and put him in zone more often then he should have been..

  219. Geez, it’s ENTERTAINMENT you bunch of whiny little mooks. The Fox production team popped wood when that went live. Erin Andrews probably wins an Emmy for it.

    No animals were armed in Sherman’s rant……

  220. Insecure people like Richard Sherman always feel the need to draw attention to themselves.

  221. I liked it.

    In an era of overpowered, over-refereed, over-sensitive Offensive play, a Defensive player got his due.

    And all those calling Sherman classless, what about the 30 minutes of Harbaugh’s crybaby antics and screaming DURING the game??

  222. Man, you guys need to hit up Amazon and see if they have any SENSE OF HUMOR on sale. I’m not a fan of either team, and I thought the Sherman thing was hilarious. The guy was pumped up after playing what was probably the biggest game of his life to that point.

    He made a great play to finish a truly excellent football game. Was he over the top? Yeah, of course he was, but c’mon….it was funny. This isn’t brain surgery, its entertainment. Learn to relax!

  223. How is Sherman supposed to know how to win with class? He plays for a team that hasn’t had to construct a trophy case and a coach that handed out PED’s to college kids. And he lives in a city that is half hipster d-bags and half outcasts from society that off themselves at the highest rate in the country.

    Winning and class are two things Seattle knows nothing about.

  224. If he is not on your team then you are a hater. So happy he is on my team. Denver has no chance. They haven’t played a real defense all year. GO HAWKS

  225. lol at the city of Seattle remarks. you are very wrong about Seattle dude! Seattle isn’t even the top 15 cities for suicides. Most the people in the world have jobs today because of a business that was started in Seattle. You should thank Seattle for all that we have done for this country and world. LOL jk…but seriously get your facts straight at least.

    I suppose you think Seattle is the rainiest city in the world too? ….please Bing the above to find the truth.

    Go Hawks! You rock! The legion of doom will kick the crap out of manning Super Bowl day. Then you can all go whine about the refs and the bad calls again lol

  226. How can someone call Sherman classless when Harbaugh (in the first game of the season) told Clay Matthews after the Green Bay game that Clay better learn to “knuckle up”????

    And Sherman is classless?? Really? Harbaugh got what he deserved. And now he has to hear it for the next 7 months from Sherman. That’s called justice.

  227. raiderlyfe510 says: Jan 20, 2014 2:20 AM

    Sherman is the biggest coward. Fool got hit in the Jaw by Trent Williams and did nothing about it.

    Maybe that’s because Trent Williams was wearing a helmet when he took a swing at a helmetless Sherman. Where I’m from, it’s generally the guy taking a cheap shot and hiding that’s considered the coward.

    Doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just one more poor loser watching the Seahawks from their couch. Waaaaahhhhh!!!

  228. I love how the majority of the national media overlooked Colin Kaepernick’s mock Superman TD celebration (an uncalled for gesture clearly directed at Cam Newton) — in Cam’s house — last week, while looking at the Panthers fans.

    That’s classy, right?

    That’s ok, right?

    Oh the 49ers, they do things the right way. Like when Bowman, Whitner, A. Smith, and Boldin start the smack talking just about every game.

    But, “oh that’s just football.”

    Such the double standard.

    Hey man, what goes around comes around. What Richard Sherman did… “that’s just football.”

    SF was well-deserving of what Sherman did to end the game.

    And I’m not even a fan of either team.

  229. h2ftw says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:14 AM

    I love how the majority of the national media overlooked Colin Kaepernick’s mock Superman TD celebration (an uncalled for gesture clearly directed at Cam Newton) — in Cam’s house — last week, while looking at the Panthers fans.

    All celebrations, are for fun… So I don’t really care who does what. I am a Packer fan, and if someone puts on “the belt” who cares?

    If Kaep did that AFTER the game… I could see people getting upset.

    Its not like he berated someone, on the losing team.

    Seattle needs to learn to win with class.

    Wilson is one of the few guys worth cheering for there, cuz he handles himself in a professional matter.

  230. shaggytoodle says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:35 AM
    h2ftw says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:14 AM

    I love how the majority of the national media overlooked Colin Kaepernick’s mock Superman TD celebration (an uncalled for gesture clearly directed at Cam Newton) — in Cam’s house — last week, while looking at the Panthers fans.

    All celebrations, are for fun… So I don’t really care who does what. I am a Packer fan, and if someone puts on “the belt” who cares?

    If Kaep did that AFTER the game… I could see people getting upset.

    Its not like he berated someone, on the losing team.

    Seattle needs to learn to win with class.

    Wilson is one of the few guys worth cheering for there, cuz he handles himself in a professional matter.


    Uh, Kaepernick did berate someone on the losing team. He disrespected Newton — in an attempt to belittle him. Kaep instigated it.

    It doesn’t matter when you do it.

    I’m not condoning what Sherman did, but I’m just saying that it’s funny that all of a sudden the Niners are the “victims,” when Kaepernick and his team had it coming.

    Do you also remember Arizona’s Michael Floyd laying on the ground after a vicious hit and San Francisco’s Donte’ Whitner jawing at him while Floyd was concussed?

    I guess that’s okay too, huh?

  231. For those Seahawks and Niners fans pissing and moaning about who started it and who is getting unfairly labelled as classless when the other team does similar things:

    The rest of the country had a very hard time rooting for either team going into this game. Are Kap, Crabtree and his coach acting like jerks? Of course! Is Sherman the most selfish, least team-oriented jerk in the league? Of course!

    So when you point fingers accusing the other team of being jerks, you are correct. If you think that somehow excuses your own boorish behavior, I can see why you’re surprised others think so little of you.

  232. Shaggytoodle,
    players have been penalized for a lot less than kaep did.
    The penalty is called taunting.
    However, don’t let facts get in your way.
    Really if it doesn’t involve physical contact the refs should let these type of fouls go.
    They are grown men getting paid more money than I will ever see in my lifetime.
    They should be able to handle taunting.

  233. Wow, what a shock. Classless punka$$ does his job and then acts like a complete moron. This asshat playing for a crooked coach with the most penalized team in the NFL.

    Yo Shermie, Manning is going to show you how a real QB can make you look stupid. Trouble’s comin, punk, be somewhere else.

  234. You are going to compare, mocking a silly TD or sack celebration to the classess actions from Sherman. I don’t like the 9ers at all ,nor did I say they were the victims.

    I am saying that there are quite a few people in Seattle that could learn to win with class. Starting with Carroll and Sherman.

  235. To me, whats more than sportsmanship is being fair and being real and honest. And to me Sherman’s comments were all of those things for reasons pointed out by earlier comments, as he was more than likely just returning the disrespect given to him earlier in a career moment of exhilaration and euphoria. I think most people would feel similarly to him, only they would keep their mouth shut. He was just being more real than the rest of us. (Of course there are those genuinely sportsmanlike people who really do let bygones be bygones, but in a rivalry like this I doubt you can expect there to be many).

  236. All of you jack wagons that are supporting this clown should be ashamed of yourselves! If he didn’t play for “your” team, you would be furious!!! This is so far out of line. Unbelievable that some of you actually think his actions were ok.
    Stay classy sea chickens, stay classy!

  237. Sherman provides us a great example of how to be a bad winner. As far as fining him? Probably not, though his mother should slap him upside his head for being a jerk on national tv.

  238. The talk around Sherman & Wilson in fact the Seahawks team is unbelievable. This is on of the best teams and organizations in the NFL! Pete Carol and the 12th man got them their. Oh and by the way the Seahawks have bragging rights just as the Broncos do. These are professionals on the field and their is so much trash talk on the field we don’t here, but off the field these are some of the best individuals out their working for their God, Family’s and Community! Do your research don’t Judge!

  239. Larry Fitzgerald, one of the classiest players to ever play the game, is good friends with Sherman. If you’ve got class, Richard will be your bud. If you’re Crabtree, he won’t. Keep in mind who you’re feeling sorry for here. You stay classy, PFT comment reader.

  240. Totally disagree, though I am happy for Seattle area fans on their pending shot at the title.

    Sherman has shown his colors quite clearly the last two seasons. He is like a schoolroom on Sunday. No class.

    He is immature, insecure, rude and self-centered. His showboating and delight in drawing attention to himself is the anti-thesis of a professional and he is certainly no role model worthy of esteem or adulation.

    Is he worthy of respect? Yes, but only that one could extend to him as a player. As a person he is as repelling and repugnant as anyone I’ve seen in the game.

    I love good football. And Sherman is very capable of playing it. But I cannot stand him anymore.

    After that last outburst, when he should have been celebrating his team’s advancement to the Superbowl, he instead made it all about himself. And this is too clear a pattern at this point to call it anything but typical for Sherman.

    If there’s beef between him and the 49er’s coach over what Harbaugh had to say about him prior to his draft class, I can see why his collegiate coach would have had reservations to express about him.

    It’s amazing he went to Stanford as he is currently among the most immature and thoughtless personalities out there in the game.

    And that’s him in a nutshell, focused on being a “personality;” not a player, and certainly not a professional.

    Ugh. Someone please tell me there’s a way he won’t end up as one of those talking head analysts after his career.

    I’d be quite happy watching him play only if they keep him away from all microphones and keyboards for the rest of his life.

    Otherwise, please let him leave the game. I don’t care why. He takes the fun out of football and adds dismay regarding the sport into every aspect of it he touches.

  241. Still
    Rooting for ANY Team
    that has not won the NFL Championship when they are vs Teams already been NFL champions.


    and may I remind you that Gore and Kaepr both have crossed the line on more than one occasion, in fact, quite frequently.

    Sorry I won’t buy into your “outrage” sorry the media darlings S.F. were eliminated. All that money and influence that is the bay area and their media zombies are disappointed yet another year. Hopefully that drought will continue until their window is exhausted and they fade again to irreverence.

  242. I think the outrage here is a little out of proportion. Have you ever talked to your football teammates to get them fired up??? This is normal talk. YES, it was not classy or professional, but this type of speech is common in places and in the mind especially. This act alone doesn’t make him the antichrist.

  243. Always the bridesmaid but never the bride shall continue for the Seahawks. It was going to happen anyway, but Sherman just guaranteed it.

  244. SeaHawks Have the best Defense in the league, however Manning and the Broncos have the best offense. If manning can avoid getting sacked more then 3 times. I can see Manning carving up the SeaHawks D….27-17. Broncos.

  245. Reality Check:
    Been to a Broncos Game Lately? ALL NFL stadiums are filled with classless, loud-mouthed fools in the stands who say stuff ten times worse than what Sherman said. Can’t take my kid for that reason alone.

    It was ONE classless fan who spilled popcorn on Bowman. Everyone else should pray for a quick recovery for a great football player.

    Nancy Wilson is a ROCK ICON singing the national anthem. This was a rock concert, not a night at the philharmonic.

    Tip for Fans:
    Stop painting the picture of other fans with broad brushstrokes.

  246. Those of you that think what he said defines him, haven’t read any of the countless articles that have come from many different reporters from all over the country that know he is a great person. Every single article supports him for being a great person. You guys that judge a player for making a comment 15 seconds after making the play of his career and sending his team to the superbowl are pathetic really, or need to slow down and do some research. Crabtree talked trash about Shermans MOTHER while at a camp with Larry Fitzgerald in the offseason. That is why when asked, Sherman says “Go ahead and ask him what he said” because he knows, Crabtree, if honest would look like the biggest bafoon of all time. Glass Houses people

  247. You all can thank Sherman for making the Superbowl just a bit more fun once you’ve climbed off Mount Pious. You know you secretly love it and if I’m wrong then give up football now. This is how at least 50% of the league and probably 80% of the elites in the league look in raw game time mode. Get off your High Broncos and just enjoy the game that Sherman made much more fun to watch.

  248. All these people defending Sherman’s rant are the same people who’d go nuts if someone elses’ kid won a game by hitting a home run off their little kid, or making a basketball shot over their kid, or something like that and then proceeded to diss their precious little kid in a similar fashion because he thought what Sherman did was great.
    And that’s the whole point of those who are criticizing him. He’s supposed to be a professional, not a refugee from the WWE.
    Kids watch these games and the last thing they need to see is a supposedly grown professional acting like that.
    Trust me, I know — I drive a school bus.
    So memo to Sherman — shut up, play, collect your paycheck and go home.

  249. Are you suggesting that that Aldon Smith did or do you not have your facts straight? Stop with the lame efforts in trying to justify RS’s poor behavior.
    1. He says there is a history of bad blood between the two.
    2. Moments after he gets the better of his nemesis he chooses to go smack him on the butt and say “great game”? Was he really trying to be nice to a guy who he claims tried to pick a fight with him 6 mos ago? Or was he trying to rub it in? Is your Stanford boy too stupid to foresee the outcome?
    3. After his humble and magnanimous efforts towards Crabtree he exhibits more contrite behavior by doing the choking sign to the opposing QB? Bipolar much?
    4. Entertaining but childish post game interview where he made an ass of himself on national TV shows what a tool he is.
    5. The intellectual dishonesty here by SEA fans who decried the Handshake is on full display.
    6. SEA fans through Skittles and other rubbish at an injured player and feign indignance at their rival fans poor judgement by doing the wave while a player lay injured on the field. Now THAT was the height of low class, right?

    To the SEA fans with a clue, congrats your team is in the SB. It was an intense game. Too bad that clown’s post game behavior will overshadow SEA’s accomplishment.

  250. Theres much bigger fish to fry in the sports world than some athlete yelling about the other player being mediocre n the sideline interview.

    Ya sherm went a little crazy. It was one of the biggest games these guys will ever play. He just made a game winning play. Just saw about 5-7 injuries in a game that was full of adrenaline. Just patted someone on the butt and they told them good game and got shoved in the face for it.

    And you bunch of sissies act like hes a murderer.

    Do something better with your life besides over react.

    Even erin andrews said it was the best interview shes ever done because there was raw emotion. Sherm didnt say anything bad… he just yelled it.

    Why dont you all go get upset about something that really matters and make the world a better place.

    And if youre concerned about your kids seeing Richards emotions, maybe you shouldnt let them watch a game that is predicated on violence and emotion. Played by a league full of players with criminal histories and violations of law.

  251. After reading alot of these comments, theres clearly alot of people who are putting sherm down.

    Whats ironic is that half of their comments are using names, stereotyping a whole city and team, and just as repugnant or more than Shermans statements when he was full of adrenaline.

    Good job to you pft commenters. Richard Sherman has brought the Sherman out of you.

  252. Soon America will see Sherman for the fraud he really is. He is NOT the best corner in the game. He acts like he dominated that game with 10 tackles, 2 ints, and a sack. LOL. In reality he had ONE LUCKY TIP. That’s it!

    Holding, Adderall, and trash talk don’t make you a great player.

    Has there ever been another organization in the history of team sports that shows less class or sportsmenship than the Seahawks?

    Superbowl XLVIII = Class vs Trash


  253. “Crabtree and Sherman exchanged pleasantries after the play, with Sherman drawing a penalty for the two handed choke gesture.”

    I have to laugh at that. The niners did pull a two-handed choke.

  254. I remember 2 other highly skilled players with big mouths. One almost “accidentally” OD’d and the other spends most of his free time in court for beating his wife. If you keep needing to remind people about how good and confident you are it’s over compensation for how unhappy you are with yourself as a person. Hope he enjoys his mid thirties in court, broke , and doing reality shows for money.

  255. tgrannison0 says:Jan 19, 2014 11:19 PM

    This is vintage Sherman… would never see Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or any other white athlete behave this way. His attitude symbolizes his lineage.


    Ya youre so much better than Sherman bro. Pfffff. Just one of the 100+ comments on here that make people look absolutely more.foolish than Sherman.

    During Sherman’s rant, the worst thing he said was “Crabtree is mediocre”… other than that he didnt say anything that could be considered an attack on anyone. The thing that offends so many people is that he yelled his whole interview.

    Now read some of these self righteous comments from people here on this site. Most of the people putting Sherman down are far worse than what hes done.

  256. You know Navarro Bowman got something thrown at him… but theres more to that story just like the Sherman/Crabtree story.

    YouTube it. Navarro Bowman took a kids sign during the warm ups, ripped it, and threw it on the ground.

    Not gonna say that throwing popcorn at an injured player is right even after you ripped a sign, but theres alot more going on behind these stories than what the public sees at a glance.

  257. @rukkus1

    I did YouTube it. you said “theres alot” more going on behind these stories. Is there anythig other than Bowman ripping the sign? If so, what is it?

    It’s not clear that it’s a “kids” sign that Bowman ripped. And even if it was, what are you trying to say? Just say it! What else is going on? Is there anything going on that would make throwing items at an injured player as he’s carted off the field, a classy move?

    btw, I heard part of Sherman’s interview with Rachel Nichols. I agree 100% that any racial comments are WAY out of bounds, and only show the ignorance of those who made them. But for Sherman to say that he’s shocked or surprised (I forget exactly how he expressed it) that there’s still a problem with race in this country, is simply playing to the media. Yes, be upset about it, but to pretend that this country is anywhere near getting past the ignorance that fuel racial hatred is simply naïve. And one thing I know about Dick Sherman is that he’s not naïve. He’s one of the sharpest, most manipulative (media-wise) players in the NFL.

  258. I like Sherman.

    All you babies who think he shouldn’t have acted that way should go watch croquet or Cricket…

    Football needs raw hatred like this.



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