Belichick tees off on Welker for hitting Talib


In the first half of New England’s loss at Denver, Broncos receiver Wes Welker flattened Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib on an apparent pick play, knocking New England’s best defensive back out of the game.

Welker claimed that he didn’t intend to hit Talib.  Patriots coach Bill Belichick feels otherwise.  Strongly.

“It is a deliberate play by the receiver to take out Aqib,” Belichick told reporters Monday morning.  “No attempt to get open.  And I’ll let the league handle the discipline on that play.  It’s not for me to decide, but it’s one of the worst plays I’ve seen.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

He said plenty.  Belichick essentially accused his former star slot wideout of being dirty — of intentionally and deliberately delivering an illegal hit that caused injury.  It was so bad and so blatant in Belichick’s view that he expects discipline will be imposed by the league office.

Some will say it’s sour grapes from a coach who would have loved to have Welker this season.  Others will say Belichick was merely calling it like he sees it.

Either way, it’s surely not the last that will be said about the play, or about Belichick’s reaction to it.

168 responses to “Belichick tees off on Welker for hitting Talib

  1. Can’t disagree. It was a dirty, illegal hit. A clear attempt to injure. To me, it looks like the Broncos had a bounty on Talib. Are they taking advice from Sean Payton? Since Welker can’t catch anymore, he might as well play dirty. Guess he finally found a way to get back at the Patriots.

  2. So the Broncos send a guy with a history of concussions to take out another player? Come on Bill, you’re smarter than that.

    And umm, didn’t your team do the exact same thing earlier against Rodgers-Cromartie? Pretty sure that’s what I saw.

  3. Cromartie was dogging Collie all game and got away with a pass interference on him during the first drive. Also, that PI call on Hoomah was HORRIBLE!! C’mon man, no arguments here. We got called for a pick but Broncos were let off the hook all game.

  4. Ice up son. If a midget like Welker can knock this guy out of a game then he is not someone who should be paid as a cornerstone of a rebuilding Patriot defense.

  5. No comment on that wanna be Brady, Edelman, trying to take out DRC because DRC was out there man handling him?

  6. its a great day when the SF forty whinners and the NE Patriwhinners are out of the playoffs, the only bad thing is the whinning will be never ending.

  7. Wah wah, Bill… Go wash your hoodie and get ready for next season.. Maybe you shouldnt have gotten rid of your best receiver by being to cheap to pay him…

  8. Intentional or not, it was clearly a pick play and that draws a flag every single time……so why not on that play?

  9. Well, I guess he learned how to cheat from the best. BB should be proud. Actually I’m sure he and Brady are just upset that their window of opportunity for an un-tainted (percieved as un-tainted anyway, cheaters don’t get “cured”) Lomdardi has pretty much been slamed shut.

  10. Too bad baby Bill, you mean you didn’t have film on those techniques. It is always great to see you in pain after a loss. Nothing is more pleasing than to see a cheater lose.

  11. Belicheck was an ass in defeat and Richard Sherman was an ass in victory. Welcome to Goodell’s NFL.

  12. Belichick is one hundred percent right on this one. Go back and look at the replay. Welker was in no way looking to receive the ball. This went way beyond a pick.
    The league needs to take a serious look at this form of “pick”. This is the flip side of the defenseless receiver.

  13. This is ridiculous. On the previous possession, the Patriots put the same exact hit on Cromartie. The hit they put on him knocked him out of the game, but he did return a series or two later.

    I actually thought the Welker hit was retaliation for the Patriots cheap shot.

    Either way, playoff football. It gets rough out there.

  14. what he should have said is that i made a mistake letting that guy go and trying to replace him with two similar midgets.

    think bill’s outrage (if thats the right word) is a little disengenuous and a lot hypocritical. the pats do this all the time, and the injury was just something that happened. i also think it lessens him as a voice of respect. weak, bill.

    and to the pat fans who are crying in their beer about the calls, look at how your defensive secondary mugged teams all year.

  15. “Its a deliberate attempt to tape the other team practicing. No attempt to play fair and by the rules. Its not for me to decide, but its one of the worst things you could ever do. And thats all I’m going to say about that.”

  16. hit pot i’m kettle. you’re black.
    BOTH these teams get away with illegal picks every games. its ridiculous that they get away with so many
    and now you are going to complain when it happens to you? get outta here!

  17. mattlion says: Jan 20, 2014 9:21 AM

    I’d love to see Welker try that stunt against Sherman or Chancellor.
    I would too. Because he’ll light them up as well. Especially that little girl Sherman.

  18. OMG!!!!!! Get over it. Pats were never in the game anyway. Please shut up about it. Whether its Brady or Belichick they’re always crying about something . You cant get ur way on everything so shut up already

  19. broncostevenp says: Jan 20, 2014 9:25 AM

    Thomas was already toasting Talib before he went down. Really would not have made any difference.

    He had 1 catch before Talib went down. Not sure how he was “toasting” him.

  20. Sounds like sour grapes from the sour puss.

    I hope this puts to bed who the better QB is/was… Manning OWNED the pats. Poor Brady could not even connect with wide open receivers.

  21. My humble opinion in this issue is that NE tried to do the same thing with DRC. BB knew that the comebackwas orchestaded when DRC was out, so Edelman tried to knock him out. Man up Bill, the best team won

  22. Sure looked like a pick play. I can’t go as far as to call it an intent to injure, though.

    If you’re going to allow defensive backs to manhandle receivers and let that slide (which I’m in favor of), you have to look the other way on some pick plays (which I’m also in favor of).

  23. Was it an illegal hit? Yes. Did it cause an injury? Yes.

    Those are just facts.

    Both teams do run trips sets and they cross recievers which causes picks and interference. That’s true. However, if the receiver is trying to get open and running a route it’s legal.

    In this case Welker put an illegal hit on Talib.

    Also, incase you were wondering: “Edelman’s block on Cromartie was not flagged, as it was not illegal.”

  24. I don’t like to see ANYONE play dirty football. Hard, clean hits are great.

    But if you look at the replay, it is clear that Welker had no intention of getting open and he hit the guy on purpose, with clear intent.

    I’m not a Pats fan or a Broncos fan, but that is the truth of that particular play.

  25. pick plays are illegal, and denver does it more often and more deliberately than anyone in the league. the sooner the NFL teaches their refs to realize this and enforce it, the better.

  26. I never knew that Belicheck was such a fan of Don Cherry! Talk about Grapes! What a tool. The Pats have been pushing the limits of the rules for years to dominate the league. Now that they finally get a taste of their own medicine from one of their former stars no less, they complain. Stay classy Patriots.

  27. edukator4 says:Jan 20, 2014 9:14 AM

    the pats had someone do the same thing to rodgers-cromartie on the previous series.


    The play on rodgers-cromartie was a legal block. Totally different.

  28. capegolfer says:
    Jan 20, 2014 9:19 AM
    It was cheap, so much so that he should be suspended for the Super Bowl. If you think other wise your just a Pats hater.

    STILL laughing at this one…. gotta be the dumbest post here so far…

  29. Now I know why BB’s pressers are so boring you can put amphetamine freaks to sleep with them – because when he actually says something, it’s a level of dumb that is so staggering it boggles the mind.

  30. Belichick is just saying what is true. He already said that isn’t why they lost. He said they were out played, which is also true.

    Did that play impact the outcome of the game, maybe, but Denver were the better team, and Brady didn’t play particularly well, so I doubt it would have changed things too much.

  31. you have 6 months to get Tom Brady a weapon at WR..

    too long have the Patriots given Brady nothing to work with..
    look at the years with Moss..
    Look at Manning with his awesome trio..

    talent won out on sunday.
    move on.

  32. Watched the replay 15x on a SI loop they are showing. It was a crossing route. Welker was going for the open space underneath Aqib. Welker turning at the last second and diving sideways looked like a player trying to get his helmet outta harms way.

    To say the hit was deliberate is to think the coaches wanted Welker in a collision? If they were gonna make such a call, wouldn’t Decker be the guy to use?

    Not intentional to collide but yes, getting the into defender’s route and his vision is pretty much how the pick play works in the NFL

    BB sounds bitter.

  33. posmoo says:Jan 20, 2014 9:40 AM

    BB didn’t want Weller. He tried to phase him out in 2012. BB has a personal issue with Welker and his view of him is distorted.


    It wasn’t such a bad decision. Welker didn’t have as good a season as Edelman this year and did suffer from injuries. His biggest contribution yesterday was this hit. Edelman actually had a pretty good game.

    Welker is a valuable part of the Denver team, but if he was on the Patriots, it wouldn’t have made them much better and it wouldn’t have made Denver much worse.

  34. Billycheat should retire, can’t win without the cameras taping other teams signals, sore loser … Did not even have the decency to mention welker by his name ” the receiver :(” .. Brady was at least gracious in defeat. Hoodie everyone other than the whiny NE fans hate you.

  35. hehateme2 says: Jan 20, 2014 9:36 AM

    Sounds like sour grapes from the sour puss.

    I hope this puts to bed who the better QB is/was… Manning OWNED the pats. Poor Brady could not even connect with wide open receivers.

    Yeah and if Manning cant deal the deal in 2 weeks the debate will continue.

  36. boltdaddy says:Jan 20, 2014 9:43 AM

    Bill absolutely no upside in going there, have others talk that talk not you while it may be true foolish of you to remark

    It’s a shame if an illegal hit takes your best defensive player out of the game. That’s what happened. He’s trying to make sure the league does something about it. Also, it will most certainly be called more fairly in the Super Bowl now.

  37. people dismiss it as just another pick play.

    On a pick play the WR tries to get in the way of the defender, make him go around, or “rub” him

    I don’t recall pick plays in which the WR dives at the knees of the DB, though

  38. It was a pick play, and Welker may have not been attempting to run a route, but that doesn’t mean he was intentionally trying to hurt Talib. Just trying to free Thomas. Denver runs pick plays all the time, so do a lot of other teams. It’s not a legal play, but it’s called so inconsistently that teams continue to run it. To say that Welker, a smaller guy than Talib who has had multiple concussions recently is going out there and trying to injure him seems like a big stretch.

  39. I couldn’t believe there was no penalty on the play. it was a blatant pick, aside from the fact it was a cheap shot.
    If I were that little runt Welker, I’d have my head on a swivel next time I play the Patriots.

  40. Tell you what?

    If Welker does that to Sherman while Sherman is covering D. Thomas, Sherman will sock Welker in the head and give him his third concussion of the season.

    I dare Welker to do that to Sherman.

  41. It was a called, well designed and illegal play aimed at eliminating the Patriot’s best cover player.

    It worked and the broadcast crew saw it, bite their tongues and only murmured about it being a pick play.

    The officials kept the league’s commitment to the continued commercial exploitation of their most commercial player – Manning.

    With all the money riding on this SB, how can anyone think that the league would want a ragtag team of no names with one reluctant star in their premier event? Of course the officials looked the other way.

  42. coltsfan2004 says:Jan 20, 2014 9:46 AM

    Billycheat should retire, can’t win without the cameras taping other teams signals, sore loser … Did not even have the decency to mention welker by his name ” the receiver :(” .. Brady was at least gracious in defeat. Hoodie everyone other than the whiny NE fans hate you.


    First of all, there are no good losers in the NFL (except maybe Jason Garrett). No one likes to lose. Second, listen to what Belichick said. He knows they were beat by the better team. He’s not saying that at all. He was asked about a play, and it was clearly illegal and it did cause an injury to his best defensive player. Those are just facts.

  43. coltsfan2004 says: Jan 20, 2014 9:46 AM

    Billycheat should retire, can’t win without the cameras taping other teams signals, sore loser … Did not even have the decency to mention welker by his name ” the receiver :(” .. Brady was at least gracious in defeat. Hoodie everyone other than the whiny NE fans hate you.

    Didn’t need to cheat to beat your Colts, again!

  44. edukator4 says:Jan 20, 2014 9:14 AM
    the pats had someone do the same thing to rodgers-cromartie on the previous series.
    dankinator says:Jan 20, 2014 9:17 AM
    And umm, didn’t your team do the exact same thing earlier against Rodgers-Cromartie? Pretty sure that’s what I saw.
    bigjdve says:Jan 20, 2014 9:15 AM
    Considering some of the things that Belichick has sanctioned and or done himself, that is pretty rich.

  45. This is shameful behavior by Belichick. Every team runs pick plays. Welker certainly didn’t learn how to run one just this season.

    There is a difference between intentionally hitting someone and trying to hurt them. Certainly, Welker’s claim that he didn’t mean to hit Talib is also ridiculous but that doesn’t mean he was trying to hurt him, just disrupt coverage.

    He won’t be fined and he shouldn’t be.

  46. thelastbesthope says:Jan 20, 2014 9:45 AM

    Watched the replay 15x on a SI loop they are showing. It was a crossing route. Welker was going for the open space underneath Aqib. Welker turning at the last second and diving sideways looked like a player trying to get his helmet outta harms way.

    To say the hit was deliberate is to think the coaches wanted Welker in a collision? If they were gonna make such a call, wouldn’t Decker be the guy to use?

    Not intentional to collide but yes, getting the into defender’s route and his vision is pretty much how the pick play works in the NFL

    BB sounds bitter.


    I haven’t rewatched it to that extent, but if he was trying to get open, it’s still illegal given the result of the play took Talib completely out. Good point on why would they let Welker run the hit. They probably wouldn’t, which makes it more a spontaneous play.

  47. As a Past fan, Denver was clearly the better team yesterday. I don’t think anywhere in those comments is BB saying Denver didn’t deserve to win the game. It was a questionable play, but true enough the Pats do the same thing. I think this is BB just being a little sour towards Welker for sure, but this is great for the game – passion and competitiveness. People can say what they want about Bill, but I love having him as my teams coach because you can see how much he hates losing and how much it destroys him when he loses these big games. Hopefully sKraft decide to shell out some $$ and not waste Brady’s last few years by surrounding him with scraps.

  48. it was probably cheap and it was at least a penalty as he was blocking long before D.T. caught the ball but I am shocked little billy dignified it with a comment … it was obvious that the pats just did not have the tools . Perhaps bill should trade up and draft one of the top 3 wr in this years draft because brady continually over threw the slow white guys … A GUY A BIT TALLER AND FASTER mat have ran down those heaves

  49. I don’t want to hear they did the same thing to DRC on the series before, no that crap wasn’t even close to the same nor was it close to as many times as the broncos did that all game, they did it another time on that specific series and 11 times total. Go rewatch the game, after the one they threw on the Pats that cost them three points I started to count.

    Welker hopefully would get suspended for this but seeing how it won’t happen then fine him the max!

  50. Between the recent bitter departure of Welker, Welker’s comments to his teammates on Saturday and the pain Belichick feels after the Patriots season ending, I understand Belichick making the remarks.
    Welker’s inspiration in his speech to his team would be considered premeditation in a court of law. Looking closely at what film we have now, it appears to be an attempt at full contract, not just obstruction. Belichick also understands the mentality of Welker as well as anybody. That understanding of Wes is probably the main reason BB chose to go off on Welker.

  51. This has Zero impact on the Brady Manning debate.

    Brady played with drastically lower quality weapons all season.
    Manning had and still has an ALL STAR TEAM

    Don’t know why NE brass will not spring for a Josh Gordon -when they had a chance _ but they will never win another one with Amendola, Edelman and Collie as their 3 wide set.

    Dobson and rookie and Thompkins an undrafted FA.
    Compare that to Julius Thomas, Demaryius Thomas and Decker.

    Please, not even in he same stratosphere.

    2 Comparables: Vereen and Moreno…kinda and Edelman and Welker.
    Beyond that it is all stacked drastically in Manning’s favor

    If Manning doesn’t win a SB with THIS team?
    All time choker award, period

  52. Shermans next, they are already working on the play.hope he gets put out of the game,so he can shut his mouth.nothing serious just for this game
    he’s a real CHUMP!!!!

  53. myeaglescantwin says:Jan 20, 2014 9:45 AM

    you have 6 months to get Tom Brady a weapon at WR..

    too long have the Patriots given Brady nothing to work with..
    look at the years with Moss..
    Look at Manning with his awesome trio..

    talent won out on sunday.
    move on.


    I’m legitimately worried that Brady can’t throw the deepball with accuracy anymore. That was the complaint against him early on in his career, and then by 2004 he kind of had it figured out, and then had it mastered by 2007. Since he came back in 2009 he’s not been great and it’s getting worse year over year. Needs to work on it this offseason if he want’s to stay at QB for a few more years. It’s partially due to the WR staff, but it’s a lot to do with Brady. He still has the arm strength for sure, just not the touch it seems. He’s accurate with touch passes in the 20 yard range and mostly accurate with the laser beam passes, but he’s off on the looping long passes. Even against the colts, he didn’t hit Amendola in stride and if he wasn’t so open it would have been a bad pass. He has to improve or he’ll have trouble next year even with some better weapons.

  54. Flash1283 once a cheater always a cheater … If they were so great why did they not beat us here in 2006 and why did they lose most of their playoff games in the post spygate years. If they had played us here this year it would have been a different result, anyways Peyton and the Broncos D shoved it where the sun does not shine . Lol and some more lol 🙂

  55. Let’s Not Forget… 155 yards of tom brady’s 277 yards came in the final two series with the Broncos playing prevent with a 23-3 lead.

    Yeah…. blame it on Welker… AGAIN ! ! !


  56. Manning and Brady comparison is absolutely Crap

    Manning has never played without great WIde receivers and Brady never got any help..once he Got one WR, who was washed out..he broke every record set by GOAT..Brady is Miles better if given the same toys..

  57. Some of you just don’t understand football. Welker’s hit comes when the ball was in the air on a defender with his head following the ball. Edelman’s hit comes on Rogers-Cromarte 5 steps after the receiver caught a ball. Edelman is now a blocker and R-C is in pursuit attempting to make a tackle. If you think those are even remotely the same situation, you’re idiots.

    For the record, I don’t think Welker was trying to injure Talib, but I don’t think Welker was trying to get open either. Follow Welker’s eyes, it pretty obvious what his focus was.

  58. It is a very well designed play. New England uses this play quite often as well. The intent of the play is to slow down the defender and it amazes me that more collisions like these don’t happen more often. Unfortunate that Talib got hurt. I’m sure Bill is just pissed off that it was Welker who delivered the blow. For those who don’t think its sour grapes, it most definitely is.

  59. banlarson says:
    Jan 20, 2014 10:08 AM
    Hmm, I wonder what coach taught Welker how to “block” like that?

    Can’t have it both ways.

    Its new thing for Welker so it looks Like Manning and FOX have taught him answered your own question buddy…Dont worry hawks will leave some of your donkeys crying on the field come SB.

  60. On Friday John Fox asked Welker to make a speech to the Broncos. Welker’s theme in his speech was “on how the game needed to be played.” The backdrop for his speech was a film compiling all of the big, physical hits the Broncos had delivered. Welker was dead on, that is how the game needed to be played, as shown by the Broncos O-line and D-line domination of the Patriots. For his part, Welker carried it too far. Forget his recent concussion history, you have to understand how tough Welker is. His remarks on Saturday as far as his hit on Talib goes – premeditation.

  61. Does Wes call the plays? Perhaps Belichick should stop whining and criticize Fox or Manning! What is Welker supposed to do? Oh , its a pick play, I better not run the play the correct way so Belichick doesn’t get his panties in a bunch!

  62. to people saying belichick was just stating facts, that dog won’t hunt… is not a fact that welker tried to injure talib. it may be an opinion, but it is not a fact. lets look at what he said: “to take out Aquib”. if he just said that, one could conclude he meant take out of the play, rather than take out of the game. but by following that with “one of the worst plays i’ve seen”, his clear implication was that “take out” was referring to an intent to injure. this isn’t a fact, and the league has nothing to respond to.

    bill isn’t stupid, and knows if denver was aiming to run a crossing route to take out talib, they would send julius thomas or someone larger than welker, even ignoring the likelihood that welker gets hurt rather than talib.

    as has been noted, bb never speaks without careful consideration. in that light, it really does seem personal between him and welker. he is clearly trying to color the officiating in the next game, and also attempting creating a distraction for the broncs. can’t see him changing the press conference menu from the usual mashed potatoes to five alarm chili unless something (someone) was stuck in his craw…… ive always respected him up to now, but this is petty and unbecoming.

  63. This is typical Pats style whining. Heaven forbid they lose as there ALWAYS has to be some reason for it rather than they simply got outplayed.

    I also like all the media idiots acting like Talib getting injured was the sole reason why Denver won…did they say the same thing in November when the Pats offense went crazy after Cromartie was knocked out of the game? Doubt it.

    What about if the Pats had won yesterday and Brady had a big game…would the talk have been about Chris Harris being knocked out of the playoffs last week? Doubt it.

    Nope, instead the talk would have been about how Manning “choked.” Where are all the articles criticizing Brady for having a mediocre game? Oh that’s right. …he had no run game. His defense was poor. His receivers may didn’t get open enough. So the very same things Manning has dealt with for most of his playoff career were factors and keep Brady from any criticism while Peyton is deemed a “choker” for losing with the same issues in the past. Nice double standard.

    Oh another is how the Pats have had so many injuries. True but so has Denver. Denver is out 5 starters on D and 2 starting OL.

    The media and the Pats and Pats fans just refuse to accept their team isn’t the greatest thing ever. You’d think the previous 8 years of not winning a superbowl would have been enough but nah, it still goes on with those people and it’s always something they sue to rationalize the lack of championship success. Oh wait, make that 9 years now!

  64. Manning and Brady comparison is absolutely Crap

    Manning has never played without great WIde receivers and Brady never got any help..once he Got one WR, who was washed out..he broke every record set by GOAT..Brady is Miles better if given the same toys..

    Yeah you’re right, it is crap, because Brady and Manning don’t play against each other, the teams do. Manning has had better weapons for the most part sure, but Brady had the better team for a long time with a better defense. The Pats won their SBs when they had a great defense and Brady was more of a game manager. Since their defense declined
    and the team centered around Brady, they haven’t won. Doesn’t mean Brady isn’t great, just means teams win SBs not players.

  65. Denver has gotten away with the blatant rub routes all season. Most other teams get several flags for that crap, but no, not the 5-heads.

  66. Neatz can only laugh at your lack of knowledge, what about the trio of Gronk, Welker and the guy who is in Jail. I guess they were better than what Manning had in Indy since 2006 and Manning made players like Garçon (who nobody even knew at that time), Collie and even Dallas Clark look like the best at their positions

  67. I think it is simple:

    Broncos Fans: Play was clean, shut up everyone

    Pats Fans: Dirty play

    Everyone else: Should have been a penalty/karma for Pats running this type of play as well.

  68. Based on the comments here I see some Pats fans still refuse to give Manning any credit for his success (Brady never had the weapons Manning had, etc.). They refuse to even consider the possibility that Manning just might be the GOAT.

    Given that Manning’s individual stats are better than Brady’s (including 5 MVP awards against 2 MVP awards), the best argument Brady supporters had for him being the GOAT was that Brady was a winner while Manning was a choker. Unfortunately, after yesterday Brady’s supporters are afraid that Manning will shake the choker label. The only thing left for them to do is to dismiss Manning’s success as the product of luck.

    It’s kind of pathetic.

  69. There are 3 inevitabilites in life: death, taxes, and Aqib Talib getting hurt in the AFC championship game.

  70. It’s very uncharacteristically of BB to Go off on a player (Wes Welker) after a losing game that is on the opposite team, if anything he compliments them on a well played game. I’m sure Bill is a professional at watching game film a and knows a dirty play when he sees one.

  71. Some off the wall comments, as usual. The one I liked most was the reference to BB blaming Welker for the incomplete pass from Brady. If anyone thinks that Welker was responsible, you should watch hockey or basketball. That pass was thrown very, very poorly by a very, very great quarterback. It happens!

  72. The decker pick play when they called new england for pass interference was probably the worst call of the game. I feel like Welkers hit was more of a personal foul than a penalty.

  73. When Welker was on the Patriots, they used pick plays galore. They’d do it all the time against the Jets. They’d line Welker up in the slot, next to the outside receiver, and then they’d have the outside receiver run a diagonal “route” right into the corner lined up opposite Welker, so that Welker could break off underneath.

    Happened over and over and over.

  74. There has been bad blood between these two for a few years. Belichick is a great coach but he can be really petty at times, and he treated Welker like a little kid when it was totally unnecessary. Welker is a grownup and should be treated like one. it goes back to The jets’ coach’s foot thing a few years back, maybe further.

  75. The league will look into this at the end of the season. Nobody sets more picks in the middle of the field and hurt more defensive players than the Broncos. I see them do a cross over pick in the middle of the field at least once a game.

  76. BB knows football and he measures his words carefully. If he say things like this, there is weight to it. Contrary to what pats haters say, BB and TB do not blame anybody for their loss but themselves. They do not whine. They praise their opponents. Do you haters ever read the credit they give to their opponents or are you blinded by your hate? I’m a pats fan but I think the broncos is the better team this year. They deserve to go the sb. We tried hard but in the end it’s not enough. We need to get a complete team next year. — I myself thought there should be a call on that hit. But what do I know? But BB knows.

  77. I love Belichick. He does not have a political bone in his body and he refrained from comment until he reviewed the tape. On a thumbnail he tells the truth and shames the devil. Of course he is right about this play and he’s man enough to call “the receiver” out and challenge the league to do the right thing (they won’t).

  78. If BB says its a deliberate play by one player to take out another player, then we should take his word for it, he is an expert at the subject.

    I guess when the officials were obviously ignoring the Pats bear hug PI on the first Broncos TD attempt the Broncos offensive players noticed and saw that this was physical game and that they were going to have to play hard ball or hand the game to the Pats.

    That they did so is just a credit to them.

  79. The obvious point that missed by most, the N.F.L competition committee needs to refine or tighten down on it’s rules on picks,it is illegal in the literal sense but teams have push the envelope year after year to the point that the officials have turn a blind eye.

  80. Disappointing because he saw this, and no one gave it back to Welker. They don’t have the equivalent of a hockey goon to go out there and just level Welker when he goes over the middle?

  81. Bounty gate 2 has begun! Cleveland be forewarned. If you hire Gase as your head coach, you may be looking at a lengthy suspension.

  82. not the place for this argument, but exactly who were decker and the 2 thomases before manning threw to them? just ordinary receivers. for the record, i would pick brady as my qb in a big game before manning, just sometimes perspective is needed

  83. This coming from the cheating troll who invented that pick play. Karma is just so juicy.

    Just another post spygate whiff by the patsies, go cry in your chowder bandwagon patsie fans.

  84. Earlier in the game one of the Pats did the exact same thing to one of the Broncos. It’s called “retaliation.”

    Bill Belichick is one of the dirtiest coaches in NFL history, and that’s not just because of Spygate (for which he received a slap on the wrist). He’s guilty of sideline antics and dirty hits and if you believe what’s written in the book “League of Denial,” he’s guilty of sending concussed players back on the field.

  85. To paraphrase Henry David Thoreau, the mass of men (NFL fans) live lives of quiet desperation until they post inane banter to threads that allow them to tear down modern day gods who they pale in comparison to in real life. How any fool can degrade Manning, Brady or Belichick just amazes me.

  86. You guys act like bill went out of his way to cry about this. He was asked a question and he answered. The funny thing is this is Denver’s one shot, the pats will be right back here next year.

  87. Bill, the player you “ran off” because of some personal beef “got ya” admit it. All Wes Welker does is play football, gets open and does his job. You can “man up” and say I was wrong, I wish I still had him. The guy went out and made his point on the field…talk about motivation?

  88. I’m sure it’s been said….

    The Pats do this on every single passing play. EVERY one so take your medicine Bill.

  89. rfmist8 says:
    Jan 20, 2014 9:20 AM
    If Bill had the chance to secretly film a Denver practice, he could have warned Talib.


    Pats don’t film practices, never have. If you have proof, give it to the press.

  90. that hit changed the game. if you think Talib going out was no big deal, you have no idea how valuable a shut down corner is. manning destroyed the pats hitting thomas after talib went out.

    watch the replay. welker aimed for the knees by sliding his lower body into Talib lower legs, who was going in the opposite direction. that = knee injury, and it worked. it was dirty. it was cheap. it was planned. it was part of the game plan because the broncos knew they would have lots of problems if Talib shuts down a receiver.

    i cannot believe how the NFL advocates taking out defenders like that. you can’t touch a receiver or quarterback, but you are more than allowed to cheap shot defenders. fewer defenders= more scoring. thats the goodell way.

  91. Class as always Bill Bellichick. Sad that. Such a tremendous coach is such a jerk, and now a sore loser and classless. Maybe if you would have showed walker more appreciation you wouldn’t have played against him.

    Welker even said Bellichick’s personality and overall demeanor swayed his decision.

    Should have kept this under the hoody with him and the League. Still he is he pot calling the kettle…

  92. Quarterbacks that are better than Brady in no particular order. JIm Kelley, Bob Griese, Bernie Kosar, Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkington, Sammy Baugh, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Ken Stabler, Steve Young, Payton Manning, Joe Namath, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino. These are just a few off the cuff and probably several more. Some of these Quarterbacks have won Superbowls some have not. My point is it takes a team to win and Denver clearly has the better team than NE this year. BB should have acknowledged that fact and left the rest alone. BB is a darn good coach and he never needed to spy back in the day and he didn’t need to go after Welker either. The only thing he did is tarnish his own name and legacy!!
    Instead of being remembered as a great coach he will be remembered as a great whinning cheater who loved a good hoodie!!!

  93. All I can say after reading all of these difference comments is, depending on which team you like seems to be the way to think on this subject. For example, if you like the Broncos, there was nothing wrong with what happened. But if you are a N E fan then you have a different point of view. IMHO, I truly believe that if things were reversed you would hear all sorts of Denver fans complaining about it being a cheap shot. I made the comment over a week ago, why was Denver even letting Wes Welker practice or even play in this game knowing that he is suffering from a concussion and one other thing, Just why didn’t the NFL main office enforce the concussion rule and stop Welker from even playing if they are really concerned about a player health as the league and team owners claim they are. But then again I should have realized this isn’t a sport any more but is a business and a business is all ways about one thing “making money”. Whether you agree or not that is your right, but just stop for a minute and think about all of the thing that just happened.

  94. While we are on the subject of the Pats/Broncos explain to me once again why it is we have to play the Pats, once again, in NE in 2014? Seems to me its a whole different ballgame when we get the sea level guys at altitude. Seems like years since we played them here in Denver.

  95. To me it looked like welker took the worst of that hit, the difference is he’s not fragile like talib. And, finally, he’s not a shut down corner. He’s the best on a weak secondary that gets picked on that’s why they don’t throw at him a lot. But he’s not even a top ten cb. Enough excuses they lost.

  96. the question that should be asked is, why does denver get away with such blatant offensive pi/ and or pic plays (just watch Decker, he is the master of it)while all teams are guilty of a pick to some degree. the Broncos have taken it to a new level.they don’t even try to hide it.
    Is it because it makes Manning look better? I don’t know. the nfl high archey are the only ones who can answer that

  97. Losers always crying about the refs..

    That blatant PI/holding on julius thomas down in the endzone wasn’t called. And guess what….PI/holding is illegal…

    The Broncos should have won by more

  98. Maybe Belichick should stop and take stock of the dirty play by his team before going off on Wes Welker. In the game, another one of his offensive linemen did a leg whip that almost got the defensive player for the Broncos the same way another offensive player took out Charles Johnson of the Panthers when they played in Charlotte.

    Johnson was out for a few weeks and barely made it back in time for the NO game and was not up to full speed. He was not the same player in the 49er game either. So Mr. Belichick, is this a case of pot and kettle or are you 10 feet tall and bulletproof when it comes to getting some of the same in return?

    Anyway, how can Belichick know what was in the mind of Welker considering the fact that Welker is much shorter and outweighed by Talib by a considerable margin. It looked as if Welker could have been just as seriously hurt as Talib. Another consideration, Welker stayed upright and didn’t go for Talib’s knee, did he?

    Belichick is simply ticked off because he lost so much production when he didn’t keep Welker and as is his usual habit, when someone leaves the organization, he takes it personally and will do everything he can to exact revenge.

  99. League needs to fine and censure Bellichick. If any player questioned a coach’s integrity in that way, the league would throw the book at them. It should not allow Bellichick to get away with groundless accusations like this.

  100. His point is excellent. There was NO ATTEMPT to get open, AND he changed direction to make sure he initiated the hit, AND it was delivered while the ball was in the air. It’s stunning so many of you can’t see it, or refuse to see it. You have to watch it from multiple angles. There is a sideline elevated view that shows enough of the field and the entire play, and you can see Welker eyeing up Talib then making the decision to change directions. The receiver kind of influences Welker to stay to the left, but Welker then crosses over to the right to ensure the hit.

    I think Welker should be suspended for at least one game.

  101. This is great whats worse, the fact that you stabbed welker in the back, or a hit that may or may not have been meant to remove the guy from the game.

    I would want to see the previous footage of the game prior to the hit to see what contact was going on with welker and the other guy. For all we know they both could have been going at each other all game. Or, it was an honest shot at a block that accidentally hurt the guy.

  102. Belichick is a whiner. I always praise the way his teams were run but really to call walker out on this. What a sore loser all respect gone what a clown . He should blame Brady he blew that game all by himself with Over throws in the 1st quarter, game would have been totally different. NE time to move Brady out the door

  103. The man has done it all in the league if welker is not with the pats anymore trust and believe there’s a reason other than money. And how many times does he ever make a public statement. The only reason you all are dogging Bill or the Pats is because they have whooped the league for a decade now so blow your nose wipe your tears and change your pad cause there is no stopping this any time soon

  104. Looked to me like the contact between Welker and Talib was at real close to the exact time that the ball came in contact with the receivers body. Maybe Welker gets there a hundredth of a second before the ball. At any rate, in real time, it’s impossible to discern whether Welker hit Talib before the ball got there. Therefore, it’s a block that is either perfectly timed or just a hair premature. The contact didn’t happen below the knees or above the neck. Additionally, I don’t see Denver sending Welker to do dirty work given the size of their other receivers.

    I think Belicheck just got a batch of overly tart grapes.

  105. Belicheck was not gracious.

    The play was a blatant pick and should be a penalty. You have to be way more subtle than that.

    Rodgers-Cromartie wasn’t even the same type of play at all. That was a post-catch block. Equating the two is stupid.

    Welker probably didn’t mean to injure him, but he definitely meant to hit him. Stop with the, ‘we wouldn’t put our little guy in harm’s way’ garbage. If they wouldn’t, then why is he on a FOOTBALL FIELD!

  106. You refer to a guy that worked for your team for years as “the receiver”? Seriously, grow up Beli-prick.

    Pettiness is an ugly thing, Bill, and so are you in those hoodies.

  107. Two points : Welker hit Talib, it was not a collision. He lined him up, made no attempt to get open or look for the ball, and he hit him when the ball was still in the air.
    Also, if the opposite happened, had Talib hit Welker, it would have been illegal contact. Welker was blocking when the ball was in the air. Obvious penalty, cowardly play, should get a fine.

  108. packergator says:
    Jan 21, 2014 11:50 AM
    You refer to a guy that worked for your team for years as “the receiver”? Seriously, grow up Beli-prick.

    Pettiness is an ugly thing, Bill, and so are you in those hoodies.


    you tell em, prickergator!

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