Bills want to add a quarterbacks coach to staff

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The Bills are still waiting to see if they’ll need a new defensive coordinator, after Mike Pettine interviewed for the head coaching job in Cleveland.

But Bills coach Doug Marrone definitely wants to add to his staff soon, as he hopes to hire a quarterbacks coach soon.

Marrone didn’t have one last year, as the rookie NFL head coach had offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett doubling in the role.

“We’re looking at quarterback coaches,” Marrone said, via Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News. “One of the things that happened when we had those injuries was trying to get three quarterbacks ready. And having just Nathaniel was a very difficult situation, one that we didn’t foresee, but it was the situation we were in. We have a young stable of quarterbacks right now. We want to make sure we add people.”

“Not that Nathaniel can’t handle it. But we want to make sure his role as a leader and coordinator is to make sure everything’s going right. When you put three quarterbacks that are playing only one game of experience between the three, that’s not a situation you would wish on even your enemies in this profession.”

Injuries were a staple of the year for the Bills, with Kevin Kolb not able to make it to the season, and with rookie E.J. Manuel missing six games because of knee injuries. Thad Lewis (five) and Jeff Tuel (one) filled in then.

Most of the focus should and will be on getting Manuel better, as he showed flashes of being capable or better. And giving him more help can only help.

14 responses to “Bills want to add a quarterbacks coach to staff

  1. So… you spend a high draft pick on a QB but you don’t have a dedicated coach for him his rookie season? Brilliant.

  2. He really means that it’s bad for the senior bowl. They would rather put money in their own pockets instead of the colleges. Better getting paid than playing for free.

  3. Rookie QB, rookie OC and rookie HC. And you don’t need a coach for the most important position in all of sports? Amazing!

  4. Look at the Syracuse coaching staff and who was there when he was there and its a safe bet he will grab someone from there.

  5. Should be a talent rich pool… coaches always line up for guys who show “flashes of being capable.”

  6. On the other end of the spectrum, I found out yesterday that the Redskins have separate coaches for the inside linebackers and the outside linebackers. Appears to be a little bit of overkill to me.

    But yeah, if you are going to draft a QB in the first round to hopefully be your franchise guy, having someone dedicated to his development on your staff is probably a good idea.

  7. So they never had a QB coach for their rookie QB? Woooooow.

    Once again. The organization their drafted too matters just as much as the player, maybe more.

  8. Love the venom always directed at the Bills here. Guess it’s easy to post mindless junk about teams you really know nothing about.

    As far as a QB coach. Bet we’re not the only NFL team not to have a QB coach. Hackett took a marginal kid in Nassib and turned him into a better QB at ‘cuse, considered by some to have been a 1st round pick.

  9. There is a great idea! We don’t need a new QB. EJ is awesome and just needs guidance in the ways of NFL quarterbacking. The great QB’s had QB coaches. Buffalo is on the edge of becoming DOMINANT! Believe it or not. Look at this last season and how close they lost games. Ya got to finish… SO close… Let’s get all the pieces working ont he same page and finish. DO your job and play 60 minutes and winning will come easy!

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