Boldin hints that he plans to stay with the 49ers


49ers receiver Anquan Boldin will be a free agent in less than two months.  But it sounds like he plans to re-sign in San Francisco.

“Thank you @49ers fans for embracing my family and I during our first year in San Francisco,” Boldin said moments ago on Twitter.  “Your support this year was amazing.”

Key words:  “First year.”  Which implies there will be a second year.

“Your commitment to our team speaks volumes and I am very proud to call myself a 49er,” Boldin added.

While it sounds good, it’s important to remember one fairly important fact.  Last year, when Boldin was under contract with the Ravens and believed to be in danger of being cut if he didn’t take a pay cut, Boldin told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that he’d retire if the Ravens cut him.

Ultimately, Boldin refused a $2 million reduction, accepted a trade to San Francisco, and made his full $6 million salary.

Depending on the money the Niners offer for 2014 and beyond, Boldin could decide to move yet again.  Heck, maybe he’ll even move back to Baltimore.

70 responses to “Boldin hints that he plans to stay with the 49ers

  1. I hope he does, that way he’ll get blanketed by Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell again. You see him drop those passes yesterday?

  2. Kaepernick, Aldon Smith and Richard Sherman’s BFF are due extensions, right? That could cut into their cap space.

  3. The 49ers would be foolish not to resign him. He proven he’s still one of the toughest and most dependable receivers in the NFL, and while Crabtree was out rehabbing, put the team on his back and helped get them to the playoffs. He’s also a clutch player in the postseason, and was open on the final play of the NFC game v Seattle. Not sure how much he’s going to be asking for next contract, but hopefully, a deal can get done.

  4. He might be a niner next year (doubtful)….and he’ll be a non-niner the following year as the niners are figuring out how to pay their guys who have expired rookie contracts.

  5. Come to the Lions. You would be great opposite Megatron and you would cost less than what Burleson is due. Plus we are due for a super bowl win.

  6. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the disrespect. He would have restructured as part of an extension but that wasn’t offered. You can’t blame the guys that left or felt a bit jaded when they get a cut and Flacco gets a huge deal. Especially a guy like Boldin who was instrumemtal in it. Hope Baalke gets him a deal. Crabs when 100% is far more dynamic, but Crabs hasn’t shown yet that he can go year to year without getting dinged up. Give Anquan 2 more years and draft Benjamin out of FSU. They need a tall WR. Kap throws too flat of a trajectory to keep semding these 6′ wr’s up against Seattle’s 6’3″+ db’s

  7. Anquan…..please do the right thing and come up north to Title-town USA, Green Bay, Wisconsin and receive you second Super Bowl Championship Ring as a proud member of the team I am an owner of The Green Bay Packers!

  8. If starting a tattoo-festooned punk who can’t read a defense is your game plan, I hope you have a better one. Come with knuckles next time.

  9. Retire or get $6 million?

    I’d go with $6 million. Now lets see if the Ravens try to pick him up again.

  10. Boldin was one of my favorite Ravens ever even if he was only here for three years, but that ship has sailed. I want Eric Decker in a Ravens uniform.

  11. Make sure he puts a clause for getting paid for every head butt and crazy antic he makes after catching a pass for 9 yards.
    He will make a FORTUNE!

  12. Just come to the most loved/hated team, the Seahawks haha. That’s if you want 1 more ring, sf isn’t getting you 1. Maybe in like 15 years they will have a chance

  13. Interesting… I didn’t know the Ravens salary cap next year is $16M! I mean according to all of the trolls on here it must be since they say Joe is taking up all of the cap space….

  14. Boldin is still strong in many ways that a decrease in speed won’t affect. Boldin never was fast, or even quick. But Q has exceptional hands, strength, a lot of nasty – and a bean sack that could fill a standard-sized tea kettle.

  15. We miss him. That’s for sure.

    The Ravens turn on their players like day turns to night. But hey don’t tell them that ….the truth is not something they want 52.

  16. Crap I was hoping the Pats could steal him away. Sure wish Brady had had a receiver like Boldin yesterday.

  17. Hey come to the Jets. We got some cap space & need a standout skill receiver. It will be like the Lavereous Cole days! Big clutch receiver who caught everything!

  18. Hey Quan, how about you go to a team that’s won a Superbowl this century. Joe Montana ain’t walking across the golden gate but Reigning Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco would walk cross the bay bridge to welcome you back to Charm City!

  19. Pay him…. without him this year would have a disaster to go along with our OC’s lack of imagination and predictable play calling.

  20. Hopefully he takes a cap-friendly deal similar to the one Justin Smith signed to stay part of a great team and retire as a Niner.

  21. Poor seahawks… all that piss poor gm work gonna crash the team next year when they have to release everyone for rolling the cap over, and over.

    Im sure the raiders will enjoy those players.

  22. If he refused to take a paycut this season, what makes you think he will stay with the 49ers for less than another team offers?

    I guess it will come down to ‘how hot is the wide receiver market?’ He may give a little bit of a hometown discount, but not much.

  23. As a Ram fan I hate the 49ers, but I totally respect this guy. Never has anyone fit the description as well as he does: “Even when he’s covered, he’s open.”

  24. And… Seahawks fans are still posting sh*T on a Niners blog because???? Are you guys really so insecure that even winning the NFC Championship leaves you wondering if you’re going to be threatened by the Niners in the future?

  25. Fiesty competitor who plays with an O’Line’s aggressive mentality waiting to maul you. Good wideout.

  26. You Seattle fans are actually WORSE than Philly fans. That’s a hard thing to do. Your grunge, garbage band mentality has carried over into the real world.

  27. Boldin and Steve Smith (Carolina) are the two toughest receivers in the NFL. Both winners who are getting old.

  28. I’d re-sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal but at 5-6 million + incentives. Mario Manningham is coming off the books, Carlos Rogers will either take a huge paycut or get cut, since Brock signed the extension, they will let Brown leave and “Hitner” won’t be re-signed unless for lesser than his current contract. Anthony Dixon won’t be re-tained they’ll let him walk as well. I think they should trade LMJ as he’s just an okay kick/punt returner. I hope Lattimore is healthy next year, I’d love to see him get some carries next year and groom him to take over Gore’s spot so he can team up with Hunter. Niners should trade up for a CB/S/WR. I’d really consider re-signing Adam Snyder as he was a good backup when Iupati went down to injury.

  29. Wow all around, niner fans complaining of Seahawks trolls (I have never read a hawks thread without niner trolls”. That being said the hawks trolls on here thinking that calling Crabtree mediocre is funny and original is just as pathetic. To the moron who somehow has an overwhelming vote in the plus stating that seattles gm is clueless and thus the raiders will grab those said players, you and those who thought that was clever have no clue. As a hawks fan, I hope bold in comes back, he’s a badass which makes these conference games that more intense, 9er fans calm down you know you guys will be back just as strong even without him next year

  30. Boldin probably would come back to Baltimore. Unlike the James Harrison fiasco, Boldin was traded and didn’t have to take a humiliating pay cut with another team after his former team withdrew its offer and slammed the door in his face.

  31. Talk is cheap. Unless a player really wants to stay in the SF area, he isn’t going to take a significant pay cut. In the NFL, for the players, its all about “who is going to pay me the most”. For the teams, its all about getting the most bang for the buck. Boldin is also 33 so he isn’t a youngster anymore and knows he can’t play and make top money forever. I think he will leave.

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