Boldin hints that he plans to stay with the 49ers


49ers receiver Anquan Boldin will be a free agent in less than two months.  But it sounds like he plans to re-sign in San Francisco.

“Thank you @49ers fans for embracing my family and I during our first year in San Francisco,” Boldin said moments ago on Twitter.  “Your support this year was amazing.”

Key words:  “First year.”  Which implies there will be a second year.

“Your commitment to our team speaks volumes and I am very proud to call myself a 49er,” Boldin added.

While it sounds good, it’s important to remember one fairly important fact.  Last year, when Boldin was under contract with the Ravens and believed to be in danger of being cut if he didn’t take a pay cut, Boldin told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN that he’d retire if the Ravens cut him.

Ultimately, Boldin refused a $2 million reduction, accepted a trade to San Francisco, and made his full $6 million salary.

Depending on the money the Niners offer for 2014 and beyond, Boldin could decide to move yet again.  Heck, maybe he’ll even move back to Baltimore.