Carroll says Harvin could practice by Wednesday

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Nine days ago, Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin suffered a concussion in the divisional round against the Saints.  Thirteen days from now, he’s expected to have received clearance to play in the Super Bowl.

But first he has to be cleared to practice.  On Monday, coach Pete Carroll told reporters that clearance could come by Wednesday.

Carroll nevertheless conceded that Harvin still must clear a couple more steps before being cleared to practice.  He’d then need to be cleared separately to play.

Anything the Seahawks get from Harvin will be a bonus.  They’ve gotten to the Super Bowl despite only two total appearances from Harvin all year.  They’re capable of winning the game without him.

They’ll be even more capable of winning the game with him.

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  1. The hope is to get five plays out of him before he suffers his next injury that will keep him out of all off season activities and training camp. They hope to get him back week 1, which means December of next season.

  2. Just one more guy with character issues to take the field for the Seahawks, but hey, he can help them win. So is the state of the NFL today.

    From the NCAA’s Miami U scandal report:
    “In 2008, Meyer told the press that Harvin and two other players missed four games due to injury. In reality, it appears that Harvin missed those games as a result of a failed drug test and the University required the four game suspension but Meyer made sure to cover for his players. Harvin also reportedly failed a drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine prior to the Vikings drafting him. The most troubling story is the one that tells of Harvin assaulting wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales by throwing him to the ground and putting his hands around his neck. Meyers never let the truth about that incident become public, saying only that “something did happen,” and Gonzales himself claims that the incident was blown out of proportion.”

  3. How happy Harvin must be to have been traded to the Hawks and going to a SB rather than wallowing in the sludge of the cesspool of NFL irrelevancy Minnysoda.

  4. Gonzales said that report of Harvin assaulting him was a total fabrication and that he loved coaching him. Keep hating, haters.

  5. Gonzales said that report of Harvin assaulting him was a total fabrication and that he loved coaching him. Keep hating, haters.

  6. Gonzales said that report of Harvin assaulting him was a total fabrication and that he loved coaching him. Keep hating, haters.

  7. Yes he has missed a lot of games. Those two head shots would have taken out most receivers, even Crabtree and Boldin.

  8. the niners great defense couldn’t stop lynch, how in the world is denver going to do it? plus add harvin to the mix. doesn’t seem fair

  9. russell needs to stop putting so much air under the ball when throwing to harvin. more balls to the flat, mixed in with a few end arounds should do it

  10. Seattle is in the superbowl with Harvin only playing a handful of snaps. If he will be able to play 60 min come 2/2/14, Seattle will be the NFL champs.

  11. Denver has a pretty pedestrian defense that the four letter network is obsessed with convincing everyone is good. They’re not. The Pats had nothing on offense outside of Brady and Blount and SD were just meh.

    We’ll see just how well Denver matches up. I wouldn’t be betting on the finesse passing in an outdoor stadium in February.

  12. Earlier today, NFL Network said Russell Wilson’s career record is 17-1. It’s really 16-2. Seattle didn’t beat my Packers, the refs did.

  13. Denver may not lose sleep, however…..
    It was Jacoby Jones that blew the lid off of denver’s
    defense for 6 to send the game into O.T. that Ravens
    eventually won (manning throws an int. Go figure)

    Harvin will get dangerous single coverage or draw the free which opens up Baldwin or Tate.

    Judt having Percy on the threat changes Denver’s game plan.
    Don’t forget a kickoff return, too.

    If you don’t think his presence makes an impact, then you
    are a football newbie.

  14. Honestly you non-Seahawk fans have been so fixated on whether Harvin is going to play for the Hawks or not. I have never seen anything like it before and its funny to me because really what do it matter to you? If I was a Viking fan, I would put a paper-bag on my head before I typed anything.

    Seahawk fans and players said last week if Harvin gets healthy for Super Bowl that we could still beat 49ers (a top 3 defense) with group of WRs that were playing. Manning may move the ball at times on Seattle’s defense because he’s that good. But Wilson/Lynch are going to move the ball on Broncos because they aren’t 49ers, Cardinals, Saints.

  15. He will be a non factor like he has been all season long. He will be lucky to make it through the game. Bronco’s 28 Seacowards 17

  16. Peyton Manning with surgically place Richard Sherman’s foot in his mouth. A Denver blow out couldn’t happen to a more deserving fanbase in Seattle.

  17. Seahawks and Broncos ONLY. We don’t need to hear from whiners anymore. Sherm shut you up remember? Classic game coming but in the end Seattle is just too good.

  18. It will be good to have Percy in the game in two weeks to take away some of the nauseous constant Manning talk we are about to be inundated with. Harvin (will) make a difference in this game.

    Manning is so over rated, he reminds me of Marino; as long as he can throw touchdown passes and pad his over inflated stats he’s personally happy ! I still think he’s selfish and anything the Seahawks can do to win by having Percy play will make me happy !

  19. It’s very funny listening to Seahawk fans talk about not needing Percy all year and now act like he is a God among his peers. I think your receivers were just complaining about not getting credit…

  20. The game between the two best teams in the NFL yesterday in Seattle gave us the next SuperBowl champion. As a Seahawk fan sad to see Bowwman and Iuapati get injured, actually only two players on the Niners that I like 🙁

  21. I’m being dead serious..When the he’ll did one of the least popular teams in the NFL get so many fans?Sea hawks bandwagon is full…Guess what you had a great year and your still gonna start next year with ZERO rings

  22. Seahawks fans are delusional, have you watched your offense? It’s not “unstoppable” in fact it’s middle of the road at best. DRC will cover Harvin (when he’s in) Bailey on Tate and Carter on Baldwin. The problem will Seattle’s pass O is their QB, Wilson makes some plays but as has been proven all year he’s not a QB who will sit back and pick you apart (the first game against NO being the one exception). He has more games below 200 yards passing than he does more than 300 yards, make him beat you from the pocket with his arm and the Broncos are in great shape. And adding a receiver who has very few game reps (games are much faster than practices, playoff games faster than regular season games and Super Bowls fastest of all) and has taken very few hits this year and who doesn’t have a rhythm with Wilson and the O won’t change all of that overnight.

    Lynch is tough but Denver has allowed 1 100 yard rusher all year, their run defense is their strength, they’ll hope to limit any potential damage.

    Finally no the Broncos D isn’t the 49ers D but the Broncos offense isn’t the 49ers O either, the Seahawks haven’t faced an offense like this, they’ll have a battle on their hands.

  23. I am happy for what the vikes got for harvin. But, he has the ability to completely take over the Super Bowl as a returner, receiver and runner.

  24. You Broncos fans are amusing, but delusional. You will be physically beaten down just like you were in the pre-season when your #1’s went against ours. And that was with pure vanilla schemes. Imagine how much worse it’s going to be when we game plan.

  25. drug test the moohawks and there will have 5 players left to play there losers for life andother sb loss but you have a db with huge lips and even bigger love me just like some of the other members count it flyingmoohAWKS will lose count on it losers

  26. I can’t wait for the Seahawks to destroy Denver! I hate Denver ever since Elway. They have been a AFC rival of Seattle. (when Seattle was in the AFC for those who don’t know)

    I’m really excited to see how Denver does against a top notch Defense. Both Seattle and Denver lost to Indi this year. Should be an epic Super Bowl.

    I think you should all be Seahawk fans. But if you want to ride the Bronco train get ready for the “BOOM”!

  27. Before the trade, viking people loved Harvin and outrageously claimed he was MVP material.

    Then he demanded a trade from the vikings and suddenly they said he wasn’t good anymore.

    Yet he is on a team that just won the George Halas trophy (the vikings have zero trophies).

    Now that Harvin could be wearing a Super Bowl ring it is causing that viking jealousy to burn more than usual.

    Demanding a trade from the vikings as expected has been very good for Harvin.

  28. Wow comedy comes as easy to half of you as ripping not funny puns and or jokes, I only read half of these quality insight comments, I’m sad that Vikings fan who keeps talking about winning trades didn’t show up, but getting hit with a skittle funny guy did, at least the “America became broncos fans for one day” hasn’t spoken yet, ugh seriously I’m back in 3rd grade with these clever comments…

  29. … And Harvin’s college career has exactly what relevance to him coming back from a concussion?

  30. Not a Seahawks fan, actually a Vikings fan and when Harvin is healthy he too dangerous for lots of defenses and considering the Seahawks did fine without him against the 49ers really can be something to think about. We all know he injury prone but, that hit that bush delivered to his head isn’t easy to shrug off. If Harvin is ready, he can change the game in a heartbeat and we all have seen it before. I really despise the Seahawks but, I can’t hate them and hopefully this is an interesting game.

  31. nah, the Donkeys arent worried, with or without Harving they are still in big trouble, they know its not seattles offense thats insurmountable, its the defense that will stop them, they can both prevent the Donks from scoring and take the ball away and score on the very same down..

    and theres not a whole lot they can do about it, want to run? go ahead Seattle forces a fummel, want to pass? yea theres a brain stormer, can you say, pick six?

    fact of the matter is the seahawks are about 6 miles higher than the Donks in terms of talent, dont buy that you might wanna rewind the NFC title game, Clutch? has to be abetter word for it.. look what they did to the #2 team in the NFL..

    hard hitting?



    all of that and more, Hawks aren’t no dog and pony show by a long shot, they are the REAL DEAL, you need to prep for the water boy, HE’S BETTER THAN YOUR WATER BOY!!

    yup, logic says I’m looking for something like the preseason matchup result, 40-10 Hawks

    GO HAWKS!!!

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