Colin Kaepernick: “I cost us this game”

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San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick put the blame squarely on himself for the 49ers’ NFC Championship Game loss in Seattle.

“I didn’t play good enough to win. I turned the ball over three times. I cost us this game,” Kaepernick said.

Kaepernick is right that the three turnovers sealed the 49ers’ fate. San Francisco had three possessions in the fourth quarter, and those three possessions ended with a Kaepernick fumble and two Kaepernick interceptions.

But Kaepernick is wrong to blame himself for the loss as a whole. Kaepernick threw a great pass to Anquan Boldin for a 26-yard touchdown to give the 49ers a 17-10 lead in the third quarter. And Kaepernick was sensational running the ball, with 11 carries for 130 yards — the second-highest rushing total for a quarterback in NFL postseason history, second only to Kaepernick’s 181-yard game against the Packers last year.

So Kaepernick is being too hard on himself in his own assessment of the game. Which may be a good sign that Kaepernick is a young player who will look for ways to better himself this offseason.

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  1. Yes, Colin, you cost your team the Super Bowl. Now you and your coach can sit in a room and talk about how both of you are the best there is, while you’re watching the best there is, Peyton Manning, and the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks playing in the game both of you thought was your Manifest Destiny.


  2. CK needs to be more decisive and rely less on his athleticism to bail him out.

    He is fun to watch, but he needs to consistently get his other play makers involved to be a better QB. You don’t have to do it all yourself CK!

  3. Why does this guy always get a pass from the media? Yeah he ran for a lot of yards….but he is a QB and he did throw 2 INT’s (1 terrible one) and lost a fumble on his last 3 chances with the ball. If that was Romo who did that, all we would hear is how he played well for 3QTRS but blew it when it counted. He may turn out to be a great QB but you have to be more consistent throwing the ball if you want to win a superbowl

  4. but if it was Romo that had turned the ball over 3 times in the 4th quarter it would be all his fault!?!

  5. You gotta appreciate a man taking accountability and not making excuses and all – but Kaep should go easier on himself.

    Almost every turnover, except the Chancellor pick – was legitimately forced by the ‘Hawks. It wasn’t like he was regularly throwing into triple coverage or playing dumb football. He rushed for about 100 yards and made some plays. Unfortunately for the ‘Niners and fortunately for the ‘Hawks, Seattle just made a few more – and they march on.

  6. In the Superbowl he ignored, on back-to-back plays, an open Davis and an open Walker.

    On this play he ignored an open Boldin IN THE ENDZONE, an open Davis about 8-yards down and an open check-down receiver who had 15-yards of running room toward the endzone for a double-covered Crabtree.

    We are never going to win when it counts with Captain One-Read, Lock-On, Can’t Read Defenses…

  7. That is true, the Zebras cost you that game, Seattle should not have even had the ball for their second touchdown. There should have been a personal foul on the James muffed punt and Wilson was still inside the pocket on the intentional grounding and I don’t even like the 49ers.

  8. Wilson didn’t look so great running backwards and intentionally groundingb the ball several times. I’ll put my money on the accurate pocket passer in the SB. Look what the Eagles did with one of those and no defense.

  9. Fact is your not that good!!!!! You look for the hot read & if its not there, you dump it off to the RB or tuck & go.
    Colin Kapernik is a great athlete….but just a so-so QB with a great Defense behind him that wins ballgames.
    Man, Cincy got it right with the Dalton over Kapernik pick!

  10. And Kaepernick was sensational running the ball, with 11 carries for 130 yards — the second-highest rushing total for a quarterback in NFL postseason history, second only to Kaepernick’s 181-yard game against the Packers last year.


    There were a few missed holding calls during his “sensational runs”. I remember one important third down where offensive tackle had his arms fully extended away from his body while the DT was trying to turn outside to cut off Kaepernick before he got to the corner. It was plain as day that the DT was dragging the OT behind him and as soon as Kaep cleared the corner the OT released and there was no foul.

    The reffing was horrible both ways but to praise Kaep’s sensational running is to ignore the sensational missed holding calls which allowed some of it.

  11. Manning threw for 55 td’s and rushed for minus 11 this season. Here is a hint, maybe work on your passing game if you want to take your game to the next level. This whole post season you have flirted with disaster. If Mica Hyde catches what should have been a sure pick, you would’ve been having this presser 2 rounds ago. You’re a tremendous athlete, but an average at best QB. Instead of calling them haters, and using it as fuel, maybe take it as constructive criticism(like maybe listen to that guy who has 4 rings and is the gold standard for your franchise)

  12. Well, that’s the first time I have seen him act like the quarterback of a football team. Let’s see more if that and less kissing yourself and crooked baseball caps.

  13. Of course he did. He looked lost the whole game, turned the ball over and, as Troy Aikman said, made some terrible decisions and some terrible throws. And that TD to Boldin looked a lot more like a great catch than a great throw. Tossing the ball up for grabs in the middle of the field usually turn out poorly but Boldin saved his behind.

  14. Chin up, Kap. Hanging your head isn’t going to inspire people to believe you can get back here and win it next season.

    People will only remember the bad, not the amazing plays he made because they happened at the end. Bottom line, Kap did to the Seahawks defense what no other QB has been able to do this season, and he damn near won them the game. If not for Sherman making such a great play on that pass to Crabtree, Kap would be a legend right now.

  15. I Bleed Silver N Black therefore I must hate the 49ners But the young QB played one hell of a game and Niners fans have a winning future ahead of them!

  16. No, Kaepernick is right. He did cost SF the game. Turnover differential is the King Daddy of ingame stats that correlate to winning. No other stat is even close. 3 T.O.s from your QB will earn you a lot of losses. Especially on the road in the playoffs.

    Everything else is just making excuses for Kaepernick. He did make some plays that helped. But the turnovers cancelled all that out and then some. The result is that SF is joining 29 other teams watching the SB as spectators.

  17. So Kaepernick is being too hard on himself in his own assessment of the game. Which may be a good sign that Kaepernick is a young player who will look for ways to better himself this offseason.
    Unlike one of the other “young guns” who was quick to throw his recievers under the bus when he threw a game losing interception.
    (cough cough….Robert Griffin…cough cough)

  18. As a passer…. Kaepernick isn’t great… but… his mobility combined with having Boldin/Vernon/Crab/Gore make him very dangerous.

  19. Well you were about 3 inches away a couple of weeks ago when you threw the same pass and the Packer DB missed it. When you start beating teams with you arm and not your legs, that’s when you’ll be a top 10 qb. Really it was almost 4 turnovers, but your center bailed you out.

  20. Yeah, Colin, but you also had some help from the refs.

    Honestly, I don’t care for either team, and didn’t care who won yesterday, but the officiating was atrocious, and mostly in favor of Seattle.

    The missed roughing the punter call was inexcusible, as was the missed fumble at the 49er goal line. And at some point, the refs are either going to have to start enforcing the rules against overly agressive DBs (which both teams have), or the rules become irrelevent.

    I certainly hope the crew officiating the Super Bowl does a better job than that crew in Seattle did yesterday. That was the kind of job that got the replacement refs fired.

  21. Something was definitely missing from The Niners offense yesterday. Run game was nonexistent and Kap struggled to find WRs. They need to look at Broncos game tape this offseason and figure out some ways to get their WRs open. Vernon Davis showing up would have helped too.

  22. Gore had no running room – that and the WRs dropping balls cost them the game. Of course, all of that is a direct reflection of Seattle’s Defense – so maybe Seattle’s defense cost them the game.

  23. Maybe it’s because you look like a idiot with that flat brim hat and your headphones. If you didn’t act like them, maybe you could think a little clearer

  24. Yeah pretty much. He has to learn how to be a qb. Being able to throw a ball through a brick wall and running like a gazzele does not make you a qb. It helps but You still have to be able to read a defense.

  25. Yes, it takes 11 guys (or 22, 24) to win but as Kaepernick showed us, it only takes one to lose. Three turnovers in three possessions cost them the game: there are no two ways about it; and each of those turnovers were Kaepernick’s fault. He played just good enough to lose.

  26. he sucked. in my opinion he isn’t a good qb. he can run but stop that and he is at the bottom of the league. glad he lost. kiss your arms again moron

  27. I believe with 30 something seconds left on that last interception they still had two timeouts in the bank…. I sensed watching it that he was rushing and the team was rushing to get the play off. At that point I felt like they should’ve perhaps stopped the clock, settled down and got themselves ready….I’m sure in the heat of the moment the thought process is going too fast. Coach maybe should have made that decision.( If I remember correctly about the timeouts)

  28. At least kaep is honest. It would’ve been 4 turnovers if hadn’t illegally killed another fumble that was booted to hisOL.

    That is why i don’t get all the referee excuses. The non fumble call
    benefited SF. Hawks fumbled on the next play giving the
    9ers the ball on the 15 yd line. The running into the punter was a graze not roughing.

    Where are all the , hawks hold or p.i. on every play.

    Way toooo many fan excuses. LOB >>> kaep.

  29. Yeah, but at least you have more time now to practice kissing your bicep and pretending you are Superman.

  30. Manifest destiny???? So Colin thought he was suppose to establish the fourty niners from coast to coast?

    “You keep saying that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”

  31. I would say 2 out of 3 turn overs were on you Colin. The strip fumble was a great play by the defense. The 2 interceptions were bad decisions by you. Do more of what you do better which is running instead of passing.

  32. Horrible play in the 4th quarter, you have to lay the loss at his feet. He gave it to Seattle. On a side note, Sherman’s a classless POS, but I suppose when you have fans who throw food at a player being carted off the field, that type of behavior is not only accepted, but encouraged. Stay classy Seattle.

  33. Seattle’s center won them the game (possibly their coaching as well). At a critical point, 4th and 7 I think, and Seattle going for it, a 49er stepped into the neutral zone. The center instantly snapped the ball and everyone knew “we got a free play”. Wilson throws a ball he would never have thrown otherwise and they connect for the decisive touchdown.

    49er fan here. Disappointed but the 49ers had a chance. Down six, over 3 minutes on the clock and 80 yards to go. Can’t ask for more than that.

    I am tired of announcers saying the 49ers are old school running team. The team’s running game (outside of Kap) was non existent and really has been most of the year.

  34. Without a doubt the tattood wonder cost his team this game…Mike Vick never won a super bowl either, he ran around like a damn fool too, threw the ball really hard…but when winning the game required REAL QBing skills, he failed…just like Krapernik.

  35. Well, their terrible secondary play had a lot to do with it too, not to mention the unbelievably bad officiating. Every bit as bad as the replacement refs.

  36. The only thing about Kap that I don’t like is the bicep-kissing nonsense. Other than that, he’s a fantastic young player who’s only going to get better. He’s showing humility and shouldering this loss, and I think that says a lot about this guy. He’ll be good for a long time in the NFL.

  37. I can appreciate this young man taking the blame; but he can’t win by himself and he damn sure can’t lose by himself…
    With that said, this is the second game in the last 2 post seasons this team has come up short in the last few seconds of a game…

  38. You should have been studying game film instead of practicing kissing your bicep in the mirror. #yournotverygood

  39. Watch Russell Wilson’s postgame presser: Suit and tie, gracious, well spoken, sounds like a CEO. Watch Kaepernik’s postgame presser: Sweats and a backward ball cap, doesn’t use correct grammar.
    Now ask yourself what is the correlation b/w that, and the winner of the game? Wilson fumbled on the first play of the game, could’ve let that get in his head, but his maturity is such that he let it go and did his job. Once Kaepernik turned the ball over the first time, he didn’t have the maturity to deal with it and get over it. Just kept turning the ball over. At the end of the day, the ball is in his hands on every play, he’s got to be the leader. Russell Wilson was the leader yesterday.

  40. Kap, it’s 3 and 2, :50 seconds left, what ya gonna do? “I’m gonna go to the end zone and beat that nasty Richard Sherman!”
    No!!! You get the first down, spike the ball and reset for 3 more plays.
    That mistake did cost you guys the game, but the whole team got you in that position, in the first place. You should have given the ball to Frank Gore. Rookie mistake, but you didn’t cost them the game.

  41. Kaepernick is overrated. He can run and he has a strong arm. His decision making isn’t great and he doesn’t put a lot of touch on his passes.

    Anyway, kudos to him for acknowledging his poor play.

  42. I put the loss on Harbaugh. You’ve got a young QB there who has already turned it over twice in the 4th Q.
    You’ve got 50 seconds and you’re on the 25.
    Plenty of time….call one of your TWO remaining time outs. settle your guy down, get two or three plays called, and score!

  43. This was not entirely his fault.

    The OC refused to throw and take advantage of 1 on 1 wr/cb match ups the entire day.

    Instead he preferred to run it up the gut facing 10 men in the box

  44. With the way the 49ers defense was playing, I wonder if Jimbo had a few thoughts about how this game would have played out if Alex Smith had been under center.

    Kap did throw a nice TD pass and yes he ran great, but he threw some really risky passes and got lucky early. When that luck vanished, so did the 49ers season. Hec they barely even het him throw in the first half, what was it 5 or 6 attempts? You can’t win with that.

  45. At least he’s standing up and taking responsibility. That’s a sign of maturity and growth.

  46. The game is about adjustments. Kaep ran wild in the first half but, Frisco managed only a 7 pt lead at the end of the first half.

    Seattle made the necessary adjustments to contain Kaep, and make him throw the ball to beat them.

    It didn’t happen. Seattle outscored San Fran 20-7 in the second half.

  47. doctorrustbelt says: Jan 20, 2014 8:25 AM

    As a passer…. Kaepernick isn’t great… but… his mobility combined with having Boldin/Vernon/Crab/Gore make him very dangerous.

    That’s just it though, isn’t it? He’s one freak knee injury away from losing the “mobility” which he will lose soon anyway just with aging. What then?

    I think he can be a great QB, but he will have to improve his pocket skills to get there.

  48. Im not in anyway, shape or form a kaepernick fan but he played a valiant first half. We couldn’t stop him; he takes 5 yard strides when he runs and is exceptionally fast. The play that sunk the niners is the bowman play getting his leg bent awkwardly near the goal line in the 4th. Bowman stripped the ball on the two yard line and had it before he went down. Because of the rules, san fran couldnt challenge the play. Should have been san frans ball. the refs assumed we rightfully recovered the fumble. Better luck next year San Francisco. Heavyweight football classic, the greatest game of the year.

  49. The only good thing out of this is that this will probably be Seattle’s only chance to the SB for a long time. Hope Manning wins it and retire so Alex Smith gets his reign that he deserved.
    Alex Smith should have taken the 49ers to the SB last year and this year cause he would have won the SB and thus they would have no choice but to let him keep his job and keep Krapernoob where he belongs, the bench. Alex was backstabbed by Harbaalke and Capt. Krapernoob Mr. Choke didn’t even earn the job but instead got handed the job with a SB caliber team and a SB caliber 9er defense while he belongs on the bench because he’s nothing more than a project and still is and has proven it (never made a pro bowl, lead one of the lowest passing offense in the league). Capt Krapernoob Mr. choke needed at least 3-4 years on the bench to develop and they rush him in and he took all the money he could doing commercials to over rate and over hype himself. This off season we better not be seeing any more Krapernoob commercials or publicity, until he proves he’s good enough to even get to a pro-bowl cause he has no chance for a SB run next season. No Chance (in a transition year from Gore to Lattimore, if Lattimore is even going to pan out, and Bowman’s recovery).
    Karma is a B1tch.

  50. Bottom line, KraperNoob is holding the 49er Offense back this season, his 3rd in the NFL.

    Wilson is not holding Seattle’s offense back.

    Therefore Wilson (3rd round pick, 2nd year) > KraperNoob (2nd round pick, 3rd year).

    SAD for ALL 49er fans, but face the reality, it’s the Truth.

    The 49er offense this season is ranked 32nd in passing. That proves it.

    This season, the 49ers offense has struggle to produce and win games vs/against every good winning team that are going to make the play-offs in good standing. Because as the 49er QB, KraperNoob has held the offense back.

    The 49er Defense is NOT in question here.

    But if ANYONE had to bet their own real money, they would bet it on the high ranked Seattle Defense rather than the 49er offense (32nd ranked passing) under QB KraperNoob, 49er fan or not. That’s the bottom line.

  51. Yes you did cost your team!!! Now you can make out with your arm for the rest of the off season.

  52. I am not a Kap fan, I think that he will have a really hard time being a good QB for a long time.

    That being said, he is showing great leadership. As the QB, it doesn’t matter if it is or isn’t his fault only that he takes the blame when it goes bad. That is a good leader.

    He has time to fine tune his craft, I hope he does, as the time winds down on Brady/Peyton’s careers we need to have new blood that can carry the mantle.

    Here’s hoping that he can do that.

  53. At least Kap is man enough to take some responsibility.

    Not like “that coach in New England”. Blaming “the receiver”!!! That was classic.

  54. Not sure why you would say it would be Seattle’s only chance for a long time.
    Youngest starting lineup in the league I believe.

  55. Kap is a good player but needs to shake the punk attitude he has otherwise he’ll never get the benefit of the doubt. Same goes to Richard Sherman……… learn how to be graceful in victory.

  56. That is called taking ownership. The whole 49ers team has handled defeat with dignity. That dumb question by the stupid FOX reporter to Harbaugh talking about the “team being devastated” was just idiotic.
    She made it sound like someone just died.

  57. Best part of him turning the ball over and losing is we didn’t have to watch him kiss his arms during the game and wear that stupid flat-brimmed hat sideways after the game…….

  58. This man has great attitude. He did well. He and the Niners need to improve their red zone offense to go all the way. I know he will work hard in the offseason.

  59. Another Super Bowl for the Seahawks, another chance to bellyache and whine about losing the bowl.

    Here’s to you feeling the pain again.

    – Steeler Nation

  60. Yes, you did cost your team the game. Without your running, you’re just a game manager.

    In fact, without the running, you are Alex Smith.

  61. All the “dude needs to learn to throw” stuff is just silly. The guy has a cannon arm and makes some big time throws. He’s now 3-1 on the road in the postseason and was 25 yards away from another Super Bowl, but he choked. Even the best choke sometimes. The kid will be fine. I think he will win at least 1 SB in his career, coming from an unbiased opinion.

  62. gsr1191 says:
    Jan 20, 2014 8:17 AM
    Why does this guy always get a pass from the media? Yeah he ran for a lot of yards….but he is a QB and he did throw 2 INT’s (1 terrible one) and lost a fumble on his last 3 chances with the ball. If that was Romo who did that, all we would hear is how he played well for 3QTRS but blew it when it counted. He may turn out to be a great QB but you have to be more consistent throwing the ball if you want to win a superbowl

    Young QB’s who are in their 2nd year get a pass at the beginning of their careers.

    An 11th year veteran who signs a big money deal has more expecations to deal with.

  63. Kaepernick threw a great pass to Anquan Boldin for a 26-yard touchdown
    No…no he didn’t. He threw a jump ball in the end zone and Chancellor mistimed his jump. That was an easy pick that CK got lucky on. Just like the Chancellor pick undercutting Boldins route- CK threw THE SAME BALL while staring down Crabtree the next drive and he got VERY lucky the jump was mistimed yet again or he’s looking at yet another pick. Very average QB who got lucky that this game wasn’t a blow out.

  64. Geeze, neither young QB played worth a damn yesterday. It was ugly at times.

    Oh and yes, the officiating was noticeably bad.

    And if your QB turns it over 3 drives in a row, you’ve got problems. The fact is; Kaepernick can’t read a defense.

  65. usdiveteam says:
    “but if it was Romo that had turned the ball over 3 times in the 4th quarter it would be all his fault!?!”

    exactly, but the problem with romo is he has the wrong skin color so it’s free game to make fun of him.

  66. bengalguy says:
    Jan 20, 2014 8:20 AM
    Fact is your not that good!!!!! You look for the hot read & if its not there, you dump it off to the RB or tuck & go.
    Colin Kapernik is a great athlete….but just a so-so QB with a great Defense behind him that wins ballgames.
    Man, Cincy got it right with the Dalton over Kapernik pick!
    THIS is comical. You do realize your ginger QB had 8 turnovers in his last 2 games of the season (Baltimore, San Diego, BOTH home games) and has never won a single playoff game, right?? I’ve said it a million times- you take Green away from Dalton and he’s a terrible QB. If it wasn’t for Green and the Cincy D, Dalton would be at a Sanchize level right now. You can chat with the big boys once you’ve won a playoff game. Cheers!

  67. remember that whole argument that if tebow was black he would have never lasted as long as he has….example, colin kaepernick. same terrible throwing motion, one read qb, can read defenses, makes plays with his legs and throws a good pass here and there, thats tebow’s game.

  68. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what he’s saying is this;

    “And you can tell everybody, I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the maaaaan.”


  70. It looked to me like Kaepernick saw an opportunity to redeem his Super Bowl final pass by making virtually the exact play….. and to the same receiver…. this game, and decided to try to do that. He still had half a minute and two time outs. Seattle was slightly rattled (he was moving the ball steadily on them, and they knew they were not getting it back…. you could see it in their faces). Throwing that pass against Sherman was much higher risk than say, a quick hitter to Boldin or Davis over the middle.

    But it is what is……. and both teams WILL be back in it again next year.

  71. He’s just not as good as most media want to believe. For that matter same for Wilson. Both teams are living off defense, in a weak QB NFC.
    Broncos by two TD’s running away.

  72. Kap is no Montana or Young. Hes Kaepernick..hes gotta develop into his own…hes gtta use these last 2seasons of not winning the big game n fuel himself for nxt season..He has to cement his own legacy..maybe some input from joe n steve could help him out n come into his own..Niner Strong! As for the SuperBowl. …superbowl special…Sherman seachicken sandwiches

  73. “THIS is comical. You do realize your ginger QB had 8 turnovers in his last 2 games of the season (Baltimore, San Diego, BOTH home games) and has never won a single playoff game, right?? I’ve said it a million times- you take Green away from Dalton and he’s a terrible QB. If it wasn’t for Green and the Cincy D, Dalton would be at a Sanchize level right now. You can chat with the big boys once you’ve won a playoff game. Cheers!”

    kap is a terrible qb that hides behind his defense, everyone knows the success of the niner’s is directly because of the d, if niners are an average defense, this is a 8-8 team. cheers!

  74. Kap isn’t the only one who did not play well. Gore did not play well and Vernon Davis did not play well. There were also a couple of defensive lapses, such as the Marshawn Lynch run and a couple of long passes that were completed. Dawson failed to kick the ball out of the end zone and the special teams allowed a long return by Baldwin. The loss was a team effort. You win as a team and you lose as a team.

  75. The problem for the 49ers now is they’ve had a great shot for 3 straight years. It will be hard to keep it going without having some things go badly. Bowman is the first thing to deal with. Keeping that team together will be hard now.

    The Patriots are in a similar boat, after being in the AFC championship for 3 years straight also, but they have the 2nd youngest team in the league, so they have a chance to be better again next year.

    You never know when a team will be back to this spot. Could be next year or it could be 50 years from now.

  76. The Zebra’s were Obviously paid to allow the Seahawks to get away with just about anything! The first non call touchdown was definitely holding and there was a ref standing right there!!! Another bad call that Jim harbaugh knew better than the whole Ref Staff was the 5 yard kicker call. It was his damn plant leg that an automatic 15 yarder which would have given the ball to SF. Over and over that Ref Staff showed they got paid!!!

  77. The two factors that decide every NFL game are the same, big plays and turnovers. CK7 played a part I’m both those factors. He’s a very good QB and i believe he has the personality to persevere in the face of adversity. So here’s to you CK7, get back to work and continue to develop yourself and come back a better player next season, that’s all you can do. Neither you nor your teammates should be ashamed for the effort put forth. It was a great game and the team just came up short. Congrats to the Seahawks, good luck in the SB.

  78. So let me get this straight…the media blames Peyton any time his team loses even if he has a good game and the defense blows it at the end while Kaep throws two brutal picks, one when they were driving to win (imagine Manning throwing that same pick!) and he shouldn’t get much blame because he had a lot of rush yards and threw a nice TD?

    Wow…no media bias or double standard there!

    Note that I don’t think he was the sole reason they lost since it’s a team sport. I’m merely pointing out the idiotic media bias.

  79. seatownballers says:
    Jan 20, 2014 8:35 AM
    @cornerstone 2001

    Little brother owns you

    That’s the thing. When you cheat by taking PEDS, play dirty and try to take out a punter, throw food and beer on injured players and scream like a 13 year old with daddy issues. Even when you win you’re still the loser little brother.

  80. “But Kaepernick is wrong to blame himself for the loss as a whole.”…..

    If he gets all the credit for winning, he can expect to get the blame for losing… especially when he turns the ball over 3 times.

    Reality is Kaepernick has been really lucky since he started playing full time.He has thrown a lot of bad passes that defenders drop. He has put the ball on the ground a lot, only to have one of his team mates or himself be able to recover it.

    No one wants to be critical of Kaepernick’s play. He gets a free pass for whateve reason. He needs to be better at throwing the ball or he will not be around long. QBs who thow to a 54% completion rate are not starters in the NFL. Sure, they start, but that doesn’t mean they are bonifide starters.

    When Kaepernick can no longer take the abuse of running the ball, he is done. Bottom line is that Kaepernick has been given far more credit than he deserves. If the 49ers had the 25th ranked defense in the NFL, the 49ers are sub-par and non-contenders.

  81. @kaperchoke …Kap still has work to do, but getting to the NFC championship game and losing by one score at Seattle with all that took place in that game was not bad at all. He is a hard worker (first to show up/last to leave) and his teammates respect him. Judging by you screen name, you’re not interested in facts. He’s still one of the best in the world at what he does…can you say that about yourself?

  82. First step for him is taking ownership. Now don’t lock onto receivers. Get a suit and look like a pro. He’ll grow. Andy Dalton west? You’re an idiot dude. Kap has 4 playoff wins under his belt which includes 3 on the road, one a championship game. His two loses the team was one play away from winning. Let’s not like he’s some scrub quarterback. Get real. One play away.

  83. yes, go to Men’s Warehouse and buy a suit so you will be a better qb Colin, what is wrong with you.

  84. Dear Kap,

    It sucks to be around the goal line and can’t score a TD to win the game.


    Matt Ryan

  85. This game was lost when the 9ers traded the wrong QB to KC.


    but the qb they traded to KC lost in the 1st round

  86. How many years are you going to have to read plays off your forearm? You should be known for kissing your forearm instead of your bicep!

    After a time out he was reading his arm as he ran back on the field. Then he had to read it again in the huddle. If he can’t remember the play after running back into the huddle, how is he going to remember it after he snaps the ball? He must be dumb as a rock.

  87. At least he accepts blame even if not entirely deserved instead of other QBs who blame everyone else for their failures. *cough* RG3 *cough*

  88. Let’s just call it like it is….Wilson and Colin are 2 mediocre QBs who are blessed with good RBs and great defenses. Put 25 other QBs on those teams and you get the same results. So stop acting like these guys are special.

  89. Anyone who watched this game in it’s entirety saw how the refs took what was on its way to becoming a 49ers win and gave it instead to the Seattle Seahawks by blowing call after call. The officiating in this game was worse than in any game during the infamous NFL ref labor strike for the first part of last season and in an NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME for that matter!! True, Kaepernick’s turnovers were are major factor but Seattle doesn’t score at least 7 points if the refs don’t make those horrible personal foul calls. They cost the 9ers not just some much needed 3rd down stops, but the game entirely and a trip to the Super Bowl for the 2nd year in a row! And for any of you who are thinking of criticizing me of being a bitter 49er fan or a “hater”, know that I am not a 49er fan and actually live in Seattle (not that I’m a Seahawks fan either). I’m simply calling it as it is and what it is is that plain and simple, the Seahawks did not deserve to win that game. Hard fought, yes, but fair? No. With that said, I wonder if Richard Sherman thinks Peyton Manning is just another “mediocre” player? It will be very interesting and exciting to see Peyton feast on that Seattle secondary, particularly Sherman. I placed Sherman in the highest regard coming into yesterdays game but after his post game savagery and classless sore winner attitude, he’s now the scum of the NFL and as low as A-Fraud, Alex Rodriguez, in terms of sportsmanship. I cant wait to see Demarius Thomas pull balls down above his head so much that Sherman thinks he’s been teabagged all game. Manning is going to make a mockery of this “big bad” Seattle D, no question about it. Most likely to a tune of something around, say, 42-24. Don’t believe me? Oh, you will in 2 weeks.

  90. He annoys me. He reeks of punkness. Standing over a defensive player and taunting after a big play, the way he wears his cap, he looks like wannabe drug dealer from the hood. He needs to grow up and act like the leader of his team.

  91. I thought that cap was a 1 read then run QB, boy was I wrong. Cap is a 1 read then throw it anyway QB.

    I betcha we made a lot of packer and panther fans happy yesterday.

  92. @rho1953 you’re obviously a typical ignorant prejudice moron. Go back to your Beaver Cleaver household and suck off your brother Wally. That “wannabe drug dealer” will make more $ in one season of football (or even in a single game for that matter) than you will make in your entire miserable, pathetic life. It’s exactly the scum like you who help make this country the shame of the earth. Do us all a favor already and stick a gun in your mouth and squeeze off a bullet through your head like your ‘ol pal, Bud Dwyer did.

  93. I only hope CK gets a long term contract that pays him what he Thinks He is worth, then the 49ers will be stuck with a payroll like other teams that are paying the price for true Franchise QB’s and have to suffer with lesser supporting casts due to the real “Kap” that guides success in the modern NFL.

  94. Another running QB who was supposed to revolutionize the position. He is a creation of the ESPN hype machine. Hopefully he realizes it and will work to get better. He has all the tools, but he is the weak link on a very good team.

  95. I bet I am not the only person who is relieved to not have either Harbaugh coaching in the Super Bowl. What a self absorbed miserable pair.

  96. There was one bad call in this game. The botched fumble recovery. As it turns out, it ended up helping the Niners…so that was good.

    Other than that, the two other calls, the roughing the passer and the intentional grounding. Those mistakes happen in every game…and it’s due to the speed of the game and the refs only get one chance to see it. Not shown over and over on instant replay. Seattle left SO many points on the field that those 2 calls should never have mattered. The NFL needs to make ANYTHING reviewable. But then everyone bitches about the length of the game. Can’t have it both ways.

    And besides, ever single bounce went the Niner’s way and there were some missed calls going the other direction too. In the Dec 8 game in SF, Seattle was on the short end on calls. It’s the human factor.

    However, Kaepernick is too one dimensional. He can run. Contain him…make him look past his primary read…and he sucks.

    Also, Wilson deserves a little more credit. He was facing a tough defense for the 5th time in 6 weeks. He was 64% ,8.6 YPA and had a 104 passer rating vs one of the best defenses in the league. All this while running for his life. Typically…70% and 7 YPA is considered stellar. Good job Wilson!!!!

  97. Looking deeper at Wilson yesterday. 64% would rank him 6th in the league this year. 8.6 ypa would rank him 3rd in the league. Against a great defense with ZERO ints. I’ll take it every Sunday!!

  98. Kaep may be Green Bay’s achilles….but Seattle is his. He is 1-3 against Seattle.

    The 9ers lost to Seattle by a total of 61 points in their last three trips north with Kaep as the QB.

    In Frisco….he has a 2 pt win, on a last second FG.

    Also, if AZ plays next year like they did the second half of this year, whomever wins the division will be very battle tested.

    Heal well Mr. Bowman. See ya on the field next year!

  99. I think it’s high time people started giving Seattle some credit. The Seahawks and Broncos have been the best teams in the NFL from week 1 of this season. Seattle’s defense and toughness were tremendous on Sunday. They took some serious body blows from the 49ers but managed to pull out the win. Russell Wilson showed yesterday that he is a great warrior in addition to being a great football talent. The Seahawks met a very stiff challenge and responded well. Kudos to Pete Carroll and kudos to Jim Harbaugh for doing a great job with the 49ers. These teams could very well meet again next year for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

  100. People who are all over Kaepernick need to grow up. It’s only his second year in the league. He has a lot to learn, but he is also a great talent. John Elway was horrendous his first few seasons. Colin is much further along at this stage of his career than even some of the all-time greats. Give him a chance. It looks like he is willing to own up to his responsibilities and work to improve himself. You really can’t ask anymore of a young QB in a league as tough as the NFL.

  101. I would love to see a national poll which team was better on Sunday, Seattle or San Francisco? Yes, the Seahawks won but they were not the better team. Scoring a TD on 2 4th down tries is incredibly good luck. 49’ers experienced very bad luck. 1 play. 1 tip. Or it would have been a different outcome.

  102. So C.K. didn’t have his best game. H’es washed up, damn. His second full year as a qb and he hasn’t won a super bowl. Hang em!! Christ…Anyone who bad mouths this kids performance to date is a moron— period..

  103. Sad thing is that people don’t understand why Alex was so good in this offense. Every player on the team knew what to expect, there was no guesswork. With kap you just never know which QB will show up. Consistency is a HUGE part of being a QB, and if you look at Smith’s stats his last couple of years, he’s the definition of consistency.
    I’m sorry, but running ability does not make up for smart playing. Kap has shown he has no pocket presence and has some bad habits. It also shows he didn’t learn from the guy that came before him the way he should have. Alex got the shaft, and I’m way excited for the Chiefs next season (they were basically a new team this year, and look how good they did). Alex put up 60% passing for 3,313 yards 23TDs 7INT, while Kap 58% passing for 21TDs 8INT.
    They key difference is that Alex allowed his players to play their roles. With Kap, he gives the team inconsistency and that takes away from what the other players know they need to do. The Yo-Yo effect that Kap has on the offense is not good for the team. He needs to learn to be more of a pocket passer and rely on his legs as his third or fourth option. let the rest of the team do their jobs.

  104. I think that should end all the talk about how he is soooo much better than Smith.
    9ers kept the wrong QB, and I am glad they did.

  105. I think HE should have run more in the second half, thats why they were ahead in the first place. The Niners didnt have much of a running game other than him, it obviously wasnt Gores day . I also think the last clutch play should have gone to Boldin. When its “do or die… hes proven what he can do against the broncs, pats and niners last year. If the Ravens wouldnt have made their biggest blunder in franchise history, and kept him.. Im confident they would have been in the playoffs this year.

  106. This is not a humble expression by Kap. Every time this kid kisses his arms makes me sick to my stomach….

    Kap will never be a good solid passer. His muscles make him throw in a very odd way where he heaves the ball, or side-arms. Notice he has very little quality motion in his arms. That said, I do think he will win many games with the 49ers – as he can run well.

  107. Even as a Seahawks fan, I felt bad for Kap at the press conference. I think he’s a solid dude, and Sunday showed that he, too, will develop into a great player. But he just looked so broken up at the press conference, and I hated to see that as another human being. Anyways, he will use these two nailbiter playoff losses as fuel to win the big one at a later time as his career proceeds, or maybe he will just become Dan Marino. Either way, he handled defeat with class and took ownership. Go Hawks!

  108. Long standing Niner fan. There is a reason consistent, smart QB’s able to read a defense and make adjustments win (Montana, Brady, Favre, Aikman, Manning bros). Bill Walsh would have called a TO on the 19 on 1st down with 45 seconds to go like they did in SB 23 with 39 seconds left. They would have reviewed at least two design plays and Montana would have made sure not to throw into double coverage. Instead they wasted 15 seconds getting up the line. Then Kap should have gone to a secondary receiver instead of throwing into double coverage (against Sherman who picked on the wrong guy afterwards) as good as Crabtree is. It looked to me on replay that a couple other guys were open. They had marched down the field beautifully and I thought they could now easily win it if they just stick with what had worked up til then, but they did not think smartly at all. I knew that when the Niners did not get a TD on the first series of downs (after taking over on the 15 yard line) in the game that it might come back to bite them. It did. Would Smith have done better? Maybe. Would Smith have taken the Niners to the SB last year? Doubtful. Does Kap need to improve? Yes, Montana said so before the game.

  109. Well Kap, does that mean you will work for the same salary you made in 2013? If so then I forgive you! Seriously, before the game I said the game would come down to turnovers and maybe that was a lucky guess but that turned out to be a major factor. Also SF had lots of trouble running the ball with the sole exception of that great run by Kap. Seattle had a more balanced offense and was good enough to overcome their mistakes. SF nearly did it in spite of too many mistakes. That last drive is a mystery to me. 2 time outs left and ample time to get into the end zone. It looked like they were going to pull it out and win. Guess it was not to be. Would have been better to throw it out of the end zone and try again. Better luck next time Kap and make sure you don’t throw it into double coverage. Crabs may be good but he isn’t that good.

  110. People, I don’t think any of you understand Peyton Manning had a total of 24 interceptions and only throwing 11 touchdowns his rookie year. If you ask me kap is so far doing way better than Manning and look where manning is today. he just needs to learn how to read the defense better when he drops back instead of having a play already planned out before you even snap the ball. If you ask me that’s a offseason fix if you ask me……not that big of a deal then most of you are making it to be. Remember he is young and hasn’t even played a full two years worth of snaps and has gotten to two NFC champion chips and a Superbowl….if you ask me he is going to be the best QB in his draft class

  111. Glad to see Kapernick take the blame for losing the game, this might have been the most mature thing he has did since putting on a jersey. The game was lost because he does not know how to be a leader. He is too immature to be a leader of a whole team, he needs to stop treating his receivers like they are his buddies and treat them like receivers. His immaturity shows everytime he heckles fans whenever the winers touchdown. Had he been more mature he would know how to compose himself after the first fumble or interception he caused. Based on the way he was dressed after the game in the press conference you can tell he is not ready to be an elite quarterback. Never have I seen either Mannings, Brees, Wilson or even Andrew Luck taunt fans after they throw a touchdown, or dress so poorly and so disrespectful when representing their team. All these guys know what it means to be a leader and they know what it means to represent a team and a community. Kapernick makes his team and community look like fools. Glad to see them out of the Superbowl, and as a Rams fan it hurts to say that I think Seattle was the more deserving of the two teams to go in. I consider Russell a great quarterback and it bugs me that we have to face him twice a year but I would much rather take a loss to Seattle than the niners any day.

  112. I’m not sure what this reporter is trying to say. Kap is right. He did cost them the game. The bad part is that he committed 3 TO’s. The worst part is that they all happened in the last quarter. I would figure that is the time where you try your hardest not to commit TO’s.

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