Dolphins G.M. search won’t end soon


As Senior Bowl practice get rolling, the Dolphins still don’t have a G.M.  By the time they play the game this weekend, the Dolphins still likely won’t have a G.M.

And the Dolphins are fine with that.  Even if their fans and some members of the Miami media may not be.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that more interviews for new candidates are still coming, and that after the initial wave of interviews ends, the team will select a group of finalists and then select a successor to Jeff Ireland.

The good news for the Dolphins is that oft-times absentee landlord Stephen Ross reportedly is engaged in the process.  The bad news is that he’s reportedly out of the country, in the United Kingdom and then on his way to China.

The candidates include Browns assistant G.M. Ray Farmer, Titans V.P. of player personnel Lake Dawson, Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, Cardinals V.P. of player personnel Jason Licht, Lions senior personnel executive Brian Xanders, and Buccaneers director of player personnel Brian Hickey.

Other candidates have said “thank you” preceded by “no” to a chance to interview, including Ravens assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta, Seahawks personnel exec Scot McCloughan, and Vikings assistant G.M. George Paton.

23 responses to “Dolphins G.M. search won’t end soon

  1. There are probably a lot of people who don’t want to hear this , but I think they should kept Ireland.

  2. Well at least they can’t go wrong with picking any position to upgrade since they need help everywhere except Center. The new GM is going to have to be very creative in filling all of the spots opened up by a glut of FA departures. If they use all their cap space just to retain their own players then that doesn’t leave much money or draft material to fill holes or pick up new future stars. They need to be very shrewd about what they do next.

    I’m predicting they lose more games next year until they reveal a really good plan.

  3. The senior bowl through the draft is the most important and busiest time for the GM. It should be Ross’ #1 priority to get the best guy hired quickly. Send somebody else to Europe and China. This makes the team look bad and the media just loves ridiculing the Dolphins

  4. ah yes, one report comes out saying Ross is in England or is going to be in England this week… If only these media types would actually do a little HOMEWORK they’d see that he was ALREADY in England last week. For two days actually according to flightaware and his flight log.

  5. Ross is so far over his head, he needs a snorkel. This is beyond pathetic, first he let’s a failing coach chase off the GM, then he can’t come up with a GM.
    I don’t see how anyone will take the job if they are tied to Philbin and cannot replace him if he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is the problem.

  6. Ross needs to reorganize the company, start by re-doing the organizational chart. He needs to hire / construct a position description for a team president to oversee team operations and all staff since he is not in Miami. He would be The ONE guy as administrator / supervisor / CEO of the team presides over all three of them. He hires and fires GM’s and coaches. The GM, coach, and Aponte must work independently of each other and answer to the team president on all matters relating to players.

    They are in need to break the toxic GM, Coach, and Aponte triumpharate (Aponte’s role is overstated, more than it should be). Calling the boss to complain / tell on the others, that crap ends. It makes no sense whatsoever for Aponte to have ANY kind of influence over Philbin or even the GM. This is bush league office politics and Ross must end it.

    The GM can still be big man on campus, has football operations and all that, but both the GM and Coach are accountable for player acquisition and play on the field. The coach in all teams should have some say over draft and player acquisition. Fire the coach / Fire the GM if the situation calls for. Philbin didn’t play players Ireland drafted. There are only rumors why, nothing tangible. Spite? The players weren’t any good? When they go 6 and 10 then both duck were part of the hunt and both go.

  7. “It’s clear why Jeff Fisher wanted no part of this train wreck.”
    Yeah , because things are going oh , so well over in St. Louie — Fisher , who was never a strong personnel guy to begin with — but was nevertheless given virtually complete control over there — has already blown three of the four high picks from the RGIII trade and foolishly signed walking M.A.S.H. unit Jake Long , who cost owner Stan Kroenke a boatload of money , and probably won’t be ready at the start of next season. Maybe Ross wanted Fisher , but most Dolphins fans wanted no part of the train wreck that is Jeff Fisher , either. Only a trick play on special teams in 1999 enabled him to appear in a Superbowl ; other than that one year , he’s been very ordinary.

  8. Even if Ross was fed up with Ireland, he should never have encouraged the climate of news carrying and factionalism that apparently exists in the Dolphins disorganization. He should have fired all three, Philbin, Aponte and Ireland, or at least Aponte and Ireland.
    Then he should have made it known that he would give his new GM full control over the coaching staff, or made Philbin have full control and full culpability.
    Taking the job as GM with Philbin firmly entrenched, makes as much sense as taking a job as first mate on the Titanic for its maiden voyage.

  9. Snoopy Dog is overseas pretending to be elite. Aponte is the G M. Whoever they pretend to hire is Apontes gofer.

    What a great picture Mr. ears.

  10. I love how the media, fans and critics are criticizing one of the richest men in the world on how he sets up HIS organization. Considering he is making his first GM hire, I would rather him take his time and make the right hire that will shape the direction of this team the next 5 years, than rush and make the wrong one. I also like the OC hire. I would rather hire someone that turned Foles into a good QB rather than the new guys for the Giants and Lions that worked with Rodgers and Brees. Also, as far as the GM search, it is not like we are competing for a candidate so we should take our time.

  11. I’m sure St. Louis is glad they have Fisher who is rebuilding that team from the bottom up and has improved their record more in 2 seasons than in the past 8 combined. They had a mess to straighten out there, and even that looked better than the cluster in Miami. STL definitely got the better deal. Any coach can step in and manage an existing roster. Only ones with cojones will strip and rebuild knowing payoff won’t happen right away.

  12. Give the job to Gaine and lets get to the nitty gritty of finding talent. FA is a matter of throwing money at whoever you want and the draft isn’t a science it’s more opinion and gut feelings than anything else. So get Gaine going so he can pick some “O” linemen and at least one kick but running back!

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