John Fox defends Welker’s integrity after Belichick’s accusation


Broncos coach John Fox doesn’t want to get into a war of words with Patriots coach Bill Belichick. But Fox does want to defend the integrity of Wes Welker.

Hours after Belichick accused Welker of deliberately taking out Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, Fox said he hadn’t heard Belichick’s comments. But Fox added that Welker is a man of integrity.

“I haven’t even seen the tape and I haven’t seen his comment, so I don’t feel that I can comment on that, other than that I know that Wes Welker is a great player, high integrity,” Fox said, via the Denver Post. “I can say that we were not doing anything with intent. That’s the only comment I have.”

Asked why he thinks Belichick would accuse Welker of purposely taking a shot to knock an opponent out of the game, Fox said, “That’s a good question and I don’t have the answer to that.”

Although Belichick and Welker had a lot of success working together in New England for six years, they don’t seem to like each other very much. Fox doesn’t want to get in the middle of that, but he does want to defend his receiver.

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  1. Belichick is just bitter. Welker turned sideways and ducked just before he and Talib collided. It was a pick, and probably should have been flagged. But it wasn’t a deliberate blow to the knee like Belichick makes it out to be. New England and Denver run more pick plays than anyone. Both coaches know how to coach their defenders to play against it, and it sure wasn’t the first time Talib defended against it. Get over it Bill.

  2. Always been a Pats fan and a Wes fan. He would never intentionally try to take a player and former teammate out. It was a simple pick play where Talib unfortunately got injured. These plays are run every game.

  3. I hate Belichick and the Pats with a vengeance…

    But doesn’t EVERY coach and player now say they have to “go look at the tape” after every game…

    and the HEAD COACH says he has NOT looked at the tape the very next day after the AFC Championship Gane?


  4. Did he fully intend to block Talib? Absolutely, he braced for impact and put a solid hit to the chest! Did he intend to injure Talib? No, I’d imagine he would’ve went low if that was his intent.

  5. It is not clear to me Belichick really thought through this comment before he made it. The game is over and the damage is done. Any rule changes will hurt his team as much as any. Any fine on Welker will mean little or nothing. Should have kept his mouth shut.

  6. Why isn’t Coach Fox blaming Edleman for intentionally tring to injure DRC in the series before doing the exact same thing?

  7. Football is a weird game. On every play 5-7 guys are trying to rip the head off the opposing QB but they aren’t “trying” hurt them. The same is true with Wes. My only problem is his bs excuse about trying to get out the way. He was trying to land a brutal and violent block on Talib who happened to get hurt. Why the lie?

    Welker and Belichick definitely don’t like each other. Of course, as a Pats fan, that is why I thought it was the only poor personnel decision he made in years — and that’s because it was based on emotion, not objective analysis of Welker’s talents.

  8. As a Pats fan, I do not believe Welker tried to hurt Talib. It was a pick that under Goodell will probably result in a fine as Belichick made a point of it to the league office.

    And lets not let facts get in the way jagsfan1, Belichick said he watched the tape. Belichick based his comments on what he saw. John Fox had said he didn’t watch the tape.

    Why would a Jags fan have some much hatred toward the Patriots? Your franchise has never been relevant to the Patriots and always a speed bump during the playoffs

  9. “It is not clear to me Belichick really thought through this comment before he made it. The game is over and the damage is done. Any rule changes will hurt his team as much as any. Any fine on Welker will mean little or nothing. Should have kept his mouth shut.”

    This has more to do with Talib than Welker. He wants to resign him (and do it on the cheap) and he’s saying any positive thing he can say about Talib publicly. (He also doesn’t like Welker and I think he’s baiting the NFL to (a) either fine Welker legitimizing his complaint, or (b) not fine Welker and give his team a motivational chip for next year).

  10. The play is beyond any “pick” play that I have seen in a while. Teams run them all of the time, but the receiver usually tries to avoid the defensive player. Welker lowered the shoulder and laid him out. I don’t know whether he planned to hurt him or not only Welker knows that, but the play was the most obvious penalty of the day and it did not draw a flag.

    The NFL is so messed up right now with penalizing the defense for even breathing on qb’s, not touching receivers, defenseless receivers, but any offensive player can lay out a defenseless defender any play without penalty. Talib would have never seen or expected to be hit at that point in the play.

    Roger and the attorneys are really starting to mess up a beautiful thing and it really worries me.

  11. I’ll admit I’m a Pats fan, so might be biased. 1st – I don’t believe Welk was tryin to hurt him. But on replay it’s obvious he wasn’t trying to get open & was just tryin to “pick” Aqib.

  12. I hate the Pats and especially Belichick because he talks out of both sides of his mouth!! Every NFL teams runs pick plays, most notably the Pats!! Get over it Bill!! NE hasn’t won SB since Spygate!! Hmmmmm!!

  13. Talib has at least 4 inches and 20 pounds on Welker. Bill is pissed because Welker came back to haunt him like 4th and 2.

  14. Mike Perreira, former head of officiating, says there was no foul on the play as the ball was hitting Thomas’ hands as Welker delivered the hit, which makes it 100% legal as a block. So while it was a big hit, it was totally clean. Belichek has employed several dirty players over the years like Harrison & Meriweather & now he’s calling out little Wes Welker for a dirty hit. Laughable.

    Some guy said Welker is the only questionable personnel move Belichek has made. Haha. He’s wasted more 2nd & 3rd round picks on guys who suck & get injured than anyone ever. He brought in Ocho Cinco & Haynesworth. How’d they work out? He gave a ton of money to Adalius Thomas also. Great move there! Lol idiot.

  15. I don’t care. A guy with bad Karma got layed out, it happens. I don’t think it was a “cheap shot”, but it wasn’t accidental either. He wanted to hit him, and hit him hard….that doesn’t mean he wanted to injure him (if you don’t know the difference in wanting to hurt a guy, and wanting to injure a guy, you’ve never played a sport, please don’t reply)

    That being said, the people saying “receivers normally don’t go after the defender”….in what league? As an Eagles fan, I watched our safeties get pinned game after game on pick plays. Was it our on player fault for never adjusting? Of course. But they didn’t “brush” our defenders, they blocked them. Some receivers are better blockers than others, Welker is one of the best….that is all

  16. Welker seems to have the blueprint for getting under Belichick’s skin. Ol’ Bill really does have it out for Wes, doesn’t he? Won’t even call him by his name (which I love, by the way).

    “One of the worst plays I’ve seen”? Really, Bill?

  17. Why is it every time that a big hit that result in an injury is automatically “dirty” or fineable by the league office? It’s a collision game in which injuries are a common part. Did that change just recently???

  18. You have to watch it from multiple angles. When you do, it becomes clear Welker changed direction in order to create the collision. It looks like he had a brain fart at the last second, and went in at a weird angle. He may have realized he needed to protect his head, or he may have been trying to make it look like an accident. He may not have been thinking long term injury here, but I believe he had to be thinking “well, what if Talib accidentally got hurt enough to not be able to cover well, or maybe just sit out the rest of the game?” Belichick has a point. However when you lose the game it just looks like sour grapes to those not looking closer. He should just let others dissect it because nothing is going to change now.

  19. Its funny to watch BB seeth more and more each year he doesn’t win the Superbowl. He is such a miserable person, and it gets worse every year that he fails to remove the spy gate taint by winning a postspygate superbowl, leaving the field before the game was over at the SB, now this.

  20. laughable that belichick said he will let the league handle it. strongly infers that he feels discipline should be meted out. i doubt the league does anything.

    fact of the matter is pats haven’t won it all since they got caught cheating. and now belichick and brady are starting to get old. pats have peaked and are on the downward slope. plus the afc east will get tougher with improving miami and ny jets. and buff may be better too.

    this may have been pats’ last hurrah. good riddance.

  21. It’s on the tape Fox. The tape doesn’t lie. Man up. Welker delivered a cheap shot, plain and simple, to get back at his old team. It’s about the only thing he did all day.

  22. Yeah yeah, Belichick is a jerk blah blah. We get it Pats Haters but ask yourself…

    When was the last time Belichick called out an opposing player personally in a press conference? The only two I can name were Anthony Smith (deserved it) and Freddie Mitchell (deserved it). He’s never whined about a post season loss on the podium. If you recall, sometimes he doesn’t even show up.

    Belichick doesn’t say something to the press unless he’s absolutely sure he wants it to be said. Go watch the footage. He’s absolutely right that Welker made no attempt to get open. Use your brain for once.

  23. First of all there is nothing “dirty” about that hit. IT’S FOOTBALL! People do get hit. Why would a guy with concussion problems go out there and and try to take out a guy way biggger than him.
    Blicheat just hates Welker, thats been well established , Hell lot’s of people don’t even know that Bill told Brady “make Welker the last resort” Bill pretty much took Welker out of the playbook and Welker even said as much on a pst game show for COOMCAST.
    But the reason why Bill the cheater in football and cheater in his personal life(cheated on wife) hates Welker so much is exactly what a guy who not many people know on twitter reported awhile back @TheRaidersDaily which Welker then came out and said “I can’t come on and lie so I won;t say anything about it”
    Welker confronted Bill about cheating saying “we don’t even need to cheat, we can beat this team without even cheating (they were playing the Bills at home) Bill got upset and from there took Welker out of the game plan for the rest of the season last year.. That’s the truth, This website knows the story, ESPN knows the story and every writer on NFL network knows the story but they will never confirm it or even talk about it since NFL pays their companies and will lose their jobs for the mere mention of it.. Patriots been cheating since Kraft arrived on the scene

  24. It is interesting that the one head coach who has made a career at cheating would question someone else’s integrity. I know it hurts for the bully cheater to lose to a team that was better prepared and more skilled. But, that is what happens when your career has used cheating to advance yourself rather than actually having a superior coaching ability than others.

  25. I will be cheering my ass off when Welker gets his knees taken out for payback. He knew exactly what he was doing and I hope he gets what he deserves…….

  26. Belichick is just bitter that Talib’s injury exposed how his lame drafting had left the Patriots so painfully thin in the secondary that they had no one to replace him.

  27. I don’t know what Welker’s intention was. But, with a concussion problem and a concussion helmet on, I do not believe he would have been stupid enough to be a “hit man” on that play. Or, any other. The Broncos needed him in the game and for sure Welker wanted to be in there to play against Belichick and the Patriots. There is no way he would have risked his chance to play just to take out Talib.

    As for Belichick’s accusation, it was stupid and classless, as I see it. The game was over. The Broncos won. The Pats lost. And now Bellichick is implying that it was all Welker’s fault; that Welker made a dirty hit to purposely knock Talib out of the game. He said nothing about the superior play of Manning or the Broncos. Nothing about the better coaching of Fox and his crew. Nothing about Brady being erratic in the game.

    Belichick went public about Welker on national TV to make excuses for the Pat’s loss and to set up Welker for a fine, in my opinion.

    Belichick’s comment smacked of the same infantile reasons he got rid of Welker; BB likes to belittle and shame his players as a way inciting them to play better. Welker would not accept it. He knew there was no earthly reason for the coach to put him down so he would not bow to it. (Bullies don’t like a person who won’t fall apart under their abuse.) So, Belichick built up a grudge and forced Welker out.

    But it didn’t end there. Welker’s team beat Belichick last Sunday That stirred up the bad blood he had toward Welker. The player who wouldn’t bow to him,the player he got rid of, it turns out, helped to defeat him and his team. The outrage of it!

    So what did Belichick do at the end of the game? He publicly insinuated that “the player” (Welker) was a dirty player. He sought to take all light off himself and off the Patriot’s loss and set Wes up for a NFL fine.

    Talk about integrity. Mr. Kraft needs to have a talk with Belichick about how to develop some. Belichick sure didn’t demonstrate any last Sunday. While he’s at it, Mr. Kraft needs talk with the coach about how to lose with grace and dignity. BB sure doesn’t know how. It puts the Patriots in an even worse light than Spygate “Poor losers” can now be added to the Patriots’ brand.

  28. Obvious block, not attempt to get open. Those who say the ball hit Thomas before the Welker hit are seeing what they want to believe. Funny how your brain will do that to you when you are not objective. This play has been in slow-mo all over the internet, and Welker hit Taliban before the ball arrived. As a fan of the game, this one was clear. It was at minimum an illegal block.

    Ever notice how the home teams get the ref calls? Pats got screwed on calls yesterday. That Hooman offense PI was a ridiculous mo-killer. Shame on the league for letting this nonsense happen unchecked. On the other hand, Pats get lots of calls at home. That is the way of the league. If you bet on the games, you understand precisely of what I speak. Home team is worth 3 points before they say go, regardless of who is playing. Some of this is due to the refs. Pitt is the worst offender here.

  29. This is Belichick courting Talib. Same for the “GM” comments about recommending Blount. Trying to get a nice guy discount on a contract. That’s it.

  30. Facts:
    1. Belichick almost never calls out any player
    2. Belichick was very deliberate and succinct in his statement
    3. Everything Belichick said is consistent with the tape of the play
    4. The night before the game Welker spoke to the Broncos about the need to play physical against the Patriots and showed a tape of hard hits from prior games as an example of how they needed to play (this play was the second of the 2nd quarter with the score 3-0 and the Broncos backed up inside their 20)
    5. Thomas told Simms and Nance the day before the game that Talib won the prior match-up and he was apprehensive about playing injured against a physical corner
    5. Pick plays are designed to move a guy off his route to create space for your teammate, not to to take the defender out which is what Welker did
    6. Belichick watched two star players (Gronkowski and Talib) go down to cheap shots this year

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