John Fox: Just standing here feels pretty good


It’s been an eventful year for Broncos coach John Fox.

He entered the year with heavy expectations after the Broncos lost their playoff opener last year and they only rose as the Broncos earned the top seed in the AFC. Fox missed some of the games that got them that seed after having aortic valve replacement surgery during the season and then rehabbed in time to guide the team to the Super Bowl. Reaching that goal naturally makes Fox feel pretty good, although he said Sunday that he’s been feeling that way a lot since his surgery.

“Just standing here feels pretty good because I almost wasn’t,” Fox said, via the Denver Post.

Win or lose against the Seahawks, Fox will probably be feeling pretty good at some point this offseason as well. Fox’s contract expires after the 2014 season and it is hard to imagine that the Broncos won’t be rewarding his three straight division titles and AFC championship with an extension that keeps him in Denver for several more years.

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  1. He did well with Tebow, for sure. But the previous 2 seasons have been a product of good receivers + PFM. To get a true indication, you have to give him 2-3 years WITHOUT Manning.

  2. bleedgreen says:
    Jan 20, 2014 11:58 AM
    He did well with Tebow, for sure. But the previous 2 seasons have been a product of good receivers + PFM. To get a true indication, you have to give him 2-3 years WITHOUT Manning.


    I agree a bit with you on that but Fox is not the only coach that Manning gave a name too see Dungy, Tony most overatted HC in the last decade.

  3. As a Steelers fan, I cringe every time someone says we were “Tebowed” a couple of years ago–not because I resent losing, but because it’s not true. We were “outFoxed.” It was John Fox, not Tim Tebow, who engineered our defeat and he should have gotten credit for devising a game plan that played to the strengths of a QB who couldn’t find a team three years later.

    Now Fox–and Elway–have built a team on genuine talent led by a future HoF quarterback. They gambled on Manning and the gamble has paid off. It’s their time. I’ll be rooting for them on Super Sunday.

  4. I think Fox deserves the extension, but I wonder if they win the SB, will he retire? This season had to be more than a little scary for the family, and he’s not that young anymore. It will have to cross his mind.

  5. John Fox also coached a Jake Delhomme led team to the Super Bowl.

    He’s a good personality fit for a team like the Broncos with good veteran leadership, and he sets a tone of class for the organization. He also surrounds himself with good assistants and lets them do their job.

  6. And for those who say Fox is riding PM’s coattails, there are plenty of coaches who had great coattails to ride and couldn’t get it done. Denny Green with Carter and Moss for starters. Detroit with Barry Sanders. Any Dan Marino team. If Denver wins it, Fox deserves some credit.

  7. Also…being one of only 5 other coaches (Shula, Parcells, Vermeil, Reeves, and Holmgren) to take two teams to the Super Bowl is a pretty big achievement.

  8. “Seahawks belong in this game.”

    Seahawks made it to this game with considerable help from the officials. Now if I were anything like the Seahawks fans, I’d be ranting that your owner–the wealthiest owner in the NFL–must have paid them off. I’d be blaming the Seahawks for calls that went their way even though they had nothing to do with it. I’d spend the next eight years screaming that they robbed the 49ers and should have asterisks beside their names on the list of NFC conference champions.

    But I’m nothing like a Seahawks fan. I understand that bad calls happen. I understand that your team worked long and hard to make the Super Bowl and deserves its show. I’m intelligent enough to know that the Seahawks themselves had nothing to do with any bad calls on the field.

    No … I’m nothing like a Seahawks fan. And no one on my Steelers team ever behaved toward the Seahawks after SBXL the way Richard Sherman behaved last night.

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