Mark Duffner moves from one end of Florida to another


The Dolphins may be taking their time with other job searches, but have moved quickly to fill a role on their coaching staff.

After losing linebackers coach George Edwards to the Vikings last week, they filled the job with Jaguars linebackers coach Mark Duffner, according to Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

Duffner was a holdover when coach Gus Bradley took over a year ago, having worked for Mike Mularkey and Jack Del Rio as well.

Duffner worked on the Packers staff with Dolphins coach Joe Philbin in the mid-2000s, so there’s some famiiarity there.

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  1. Its obvious that Philbin is in charge of ALL the coaching hiring. Philbin is bringing in guys who are going to brown nose him and not going to question him. The new OC started brown nosing him in his 1st press conference saying that Philbin was one of the main reason he came to Miami. Its obvious that Philbin doesn’t want anyone around him that is going to question him…not players or coaches. That is the reason he got rid of all the veteran players on the leadership board a year earlier.

  2. It seems like the Dolphins got it wrong with Philbin. Im starting not to like the guy….He wants to be the boss of everything…He wants everything his way. He treats the Head coaching job as if he is a business executive. He reads his locker room speeches off q cards. The guy seems to be on a power high and doesn’t want anyone around him that will threaten that

  3. Tarniman, this will be the first time that Joe is not standing behind Ireland, and his last word.
    Let’s give Joe a year to do it all his way with his vision, and let’s see how it turns out.If he fails, he knows he’s gone. We all do.

  4. I for one could care less about this hiring. It means nothing in the big picture, but if you consider the way Edwards made Wheeler, Ellerbe, Misi and Trusnik totally mediocre and downright suck towards the end… anyone is an improvement. Even better if he is friendly or familiar with his Boss.

    @tarniman. Every Head Coach hires this way. What NFL are you watching? I also hate to break the bad news to you, but Corporate America’s CEO’s are even worse.

  5. @ tommynatorii and laxcoachy have you guys read the PFT article “Report suggests Dolphins players don’t respect their coaches”? Obviously some of the Dolphins players feel the same way about Philbin as I do and that’s very dangerous because I don’t have to produce for him on the field. The reason the team fell apart at the end of the season is because of lack of leadership. Philbin got rid of all the leaders on the team because they threaten his power of the team. The problem is that Philbin couldn’t fill that leadership void with his prewritten locker room speeches…and yes laxcoach37 I do realize that corporate America are worst because I have worked in the business world I have seen some pretty terrible things…so yes I know. My issue is a Head Coach shouldn’t treat his job that way because his job is to motivate and teach not to enter to enter into a business contract with them….that’s the job of a GM to do with the players

  6. The problem with letting Philbin “do it his way for a year,” is it’s costing the Dolphins the top GM candidates which puts the franchise even further behind the eight ball.

    Philbin does not appear to be anywhere close to quality NFL head coaching material, the talent base is not where it needs to be for him to win and the Dolphins schedule is brutal next year. If we all know he’s gone if he doesn’t win next year, then we all know his presence (along with Aponte) has caused the most talented GM prospects to decline interviews.

    That should tell you all you need to know about Stephen Ross and the dregs he puts in charge. Huizenga laid the groundwork and Ross has finished the job in destroying the franchise.

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